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Welcome to the help in the preparation of extensive activities *

* Extent = Legend-local.1.jpg local - or outside Tunis logodistencounter2.JPGlogdistencounterlocal2.JPG tele-meetings - or legend-enlarged.0.jpg Internet has expanded from tunis

The aim is to facilitate the emergence of "communities by roles" and thus bring participants dispersed in an internet lists common grace the pages of magazines and information you find on the LINKS LIST and "journals" ( online questionnaire) for operation reticular and decentralized between roles, OVDP with group facilitation TUNES (tunis extension support) that can support online



see stepwise presentation

see PICTOlexique

Views WSF website
Legend-local.1.jpg Local Activities
legend-enlarged.0.jpg Enlarged from Tunis

PROGRAM EXTENDED 42% to 300 activities are extended

Three preparatory activities

participant outside Tunis role P list TUNEP

local program activities 13

local organizing role

role O list TUNEO

Legend-local.1.jpg to review local

2 télérencontres

logodistencounter2.JPG local-tunis

logdistencounterlocal2.JPG local-local

110 activities expanded tunis

V role expander

legend-enlarged.0.jpg to review videochattunis

To review roles

Post invitation has teleparticipation or telerencontre

Post application support to prepare
Post exchange notes

see roles

view requests

see invitations

see help

see notes

S Support role outside Tunis

TUNES list

HELP to review


A delegate role tunis

A list role TUNED

Support role CT
HELP to review


1 - Prepare to participate

  • read the documentation / site that WSF http://www.fsm2013.org/fr/node/454 and also browse the documentation on the icon on the space they tunis extension IMPORTANT / these two documents are being consolidated and evolving on the bottom and on the form - there is also documentation in the top journals parties LOCAL HELP SUPPORT ROLES VIDEOCHAT TUNIS
2 Register and Log in the process fsm2013
  • register in person at the site fsm2013.org / create or join his organization Advertise your business in the FSM has expanded tunis tunis or off, here are instructions to make

    • note the number of user: for example in 1053 is the number of http://www.fsm2013.org/fr/user/1053
      note the number of organization: eg 1741 is the number http://www.fsm2013.org/en/organisation_info/1741
      note the number of node: example 1276 is the number of http://www.fsm2013.org/fr/node/1276

3-Choose your / your role (s) in extension and register on the corresponding list

Thanks to further prepare 3a can be reviewed by the REVIEW ROLE   MY ROLE IN THE EXTENSION OF FSM2013

  • A role of the local organizing activities outside Tunis (local and remote meeting) is on the list TUNEO . Having announced in the WSF website activity outside Tunis can be the LOCAL REVIEW for the preparation of local activity announced in the site can publish INVITATION AND REQUESTS can search for contacts meeting local tv local
  • A role of future delegate my local organization in Tunis during the WSF is on the list TUNED - can seek contact between delegates for télérencontre local tunis
  • V role expander video invitations and business activities on the internet or off tunis tunis register on the list TUNEV to search for TV participants. Having announced in the WSF website activity expanded tunis can make VIDEOCHATTUNIS REVIEW
  • role P activity involved in local or remote participant expanded activities on the Internet since tunis register on the list TUNEP
  • S role supporting roles OVDP tools on intercom and the interpretation and methods are on the list TUNES . Read APPLICATIONS SUPPORT can fill the journal HELP
  • C role in supporting the expansion boards (from list TUNES)
  • role T has the extension support from tunis before or during the WSF (from list TUNES)
  • F facilitation role of the overall (from list TUNES)

3 - As a measure of your preparation

  • Offer to more people around you are included in the lists TUNEO TUNEV TUNED AND to the review roles
  • Ask the group Support TUNES (REVIEW is by S and by email at contact.tunes gmail.com) the making available collaborative tools (web space, email list Tunea specific group to connect your preparation, pad, room chat ..) - These tools are both useful for a distance relationship (TV partners meeting, participation TV) and to keep in touch collective group of related ODVP a same activity
  • In parallel with the preparation of your business outside of Tunis you can participate in committees TELE Tunis in French and Arabic
  • register http://www.fsm2013.org/commissions and receive notices of meetings and participate on the lists tv participate with the tools http://www.fsm2013.org/fr/node/725 is a good training for technical intercommunication internet - see video http://bambuser.com/channel/fsm2013
  • You can also talk about the extension in commissions

4 - inter-communicate off the list

a / e have a role in OV D activity, AND YOU want to invite other groups to inter-communicate with this? make a REVIEW INVITATION
  • example: find contacts for remote meeting contact with flares of activity, offering TV interests .... Your invitation will be posted on a site page fsm2013.org (with the node of your proposed activity and public contacts)

b / - You have a role OVD and need support? making a SUPPORT REVIEW

  • ie the topics on which you would like to be helped-understanding, technical internet, reading your application will be published on a page SUPPORT site fsm2013.org with "node" of your business and those with a role S may contact you to offer you one online dating support training consulting help on these questions ....

c / - You have a role S are available to help you and other OVDP S? made a brief REVIEW HELP

  • say on how you can help - advice, contacts, interpretation, internet tools. y our proposal will be visible here in the open group TUNES and all of these proposals will help the group to organize TUNES to provide support to the various application you will be contacted and can write a "contact.tunes at gmail.com" if it does not react quickly enough

d / - y ou have a role OVDPS and are on the verge of completing a trade? all made ​​a brief REVIEW NOTES

    • to say who was and what you did during this contact and suites - these notes will be published in a règlulièrement JOURNAL page on your mail without fsm2013.org to show news contacts in TUNEX spaces and show what which is to prepare the extended forum

8 -

the first column of the table here; http://www.fsm2013.org/fr/node/497 (497 is the page number in this link). if it is a local activity outside of Tunis as local organizer can make LOCAL REVIEW preparation if it is an activity extended from tunis can opener as to the preparation VIDEOCHATTUNIS REVIEW