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logo-activextension16.jpg ACCOMPANIMENT OF ZINDUKA FESTIVAL act239 November 27th 30th Uganda

WHO is convening ? Zinduka Festival Organizing Council through the Coalition for Constiution Implementation Kenya

With the placing of this festival in WSF 2016 extension dynamics,   the convener confirm they consider themselves, as per their own internal decision processes  to be a  participating instance in the world social forum process, as both described in the  Charter of principles of world social forum  

WHAT  http://www.zindukafestival.com/

Under the theme Africans Rising; Change from below, the 2016 Zinduka Festival will bring together representatives from the grassroots social movements and communities, national and regional CSOs, artists and activists, public intellectuals and policy-makers and the media into a space for intense reflection, celebrations and contribution to the emerging new Africa. xx


remote participation !

HOW?  remote participation https://join.skype.com/bhKPi80rb9Qz  with photos and live text chat  and more inasmuch possible


Zinduka: The East African Festival

Our goal is to gather thousands of East Africans every year drawn from the grassroots social movements, CSOs, artists, policy makers and media into a space for intense reflection, celebrations and contribution to the emerging new Africa. We strengthen bonds of solidarity between East Africans and catalyze our engagement in the East African integration.


Zinduka East Africa Academy

The Zinduka Festival Academy formerly the Arusha Academy is an annual platform that acts as a reference point for interrogating ideas around regional integration and best practice with respect to rights; with a particular emphasis on the active pursuit of second-generation rights.


Thematic Convenings

Zinduka Festival Convenings are self-organized spaces where people and organizations from the East African Region host various convenings on diverse topics. The convenings take place at an open air space mostly in tents with a capacity of 50 to 100 persons.


The core of the Zinduka Festival is the Self-organized Convenings. This embodies the spirit and philosophy of this space – that any interested parties are free to organize around issues that are of greatest interest or concern to them; and that they will freely meet and run their Convenings as they deem fit.

Side Events

The festival is anchored on arts, culture, technology and conversations offering participants opportunity to engage on multiple platforms. On the margins of the main events, participants engage in solidarity marches, music, cultural expressions, sports, film screenings and bonfires.



 Zinduka  27 november

zinduka1.0.jpg zinduka 

[25/11/2016 09:32:34] *** prep WSF extension a invité sdowllar ***

hello there http://openfsm.net/projects/uganda-and-wsf/ugandaandwsf-accompaniment-zinduka-festival-november-act239  this is an invitation  about either remotely participating or helping cidi to convey the zinduka  festival on line

[27/11/2016 12:28:01] prep WSF extension: hello is there a connection with zinduka festival?

[28/11/2016 10:55:49] Cidi Kenya : Hi team we are having serious internet connection problem

[28/11/2016 10:56:52] Mike Davies EN Zimbabwe: Hi Cidi sorry to hear but I am sure Zinduka will be fantastic

East Africa Cooperation

[28/11/2016 11:13:19] *** Cidi Kenya a invité irene a, Kepta, Musa, wilfred ***

 [28/11/2016 10:58:23] Cidi Kenya :

Most Somalis who travel through east Africa face a lot of problems on claims that they are terrorists. The East African Anthem should be taught in schools so that the process of integration can be hastened

[28/11/2016 11:25:59] Cidi Kenya : The Youth in Uganda and Tanzania are taking matters of EAC to the schools level where they are organizing sports competition.. Alice - The raising the flag project is there to bring the EAC to the people by targeting the young people. The project in collaboration with EAC is being spearheaded by Sauti ya Jamii and Vision Youth in Tanzania

[28/11/2016 11:35:12] Musa Kenya : there is a missing link on matters youth bracket in East Africa The aim of EAC YOUTH AMBASSADOR is to ensure that the youth are fully engaged in the process of integration

[28/11/2016 11:35:22] Cidi Kenya : The aim of EA Youth Ambassador is to make the young people at the center of the process of integration - Uganda Youth ambassador

[28/11/2016 11:35:39] Musa Kenya : The youth make up to 63% of the entire population of East Africa. the Youth ambassadors work closely with the EAC and the Civil society organization

[28/11/2016 11:36:02] Cidi Kenya : The EAYAP works with EAC to front the youth agenda in the EAC. Patrick - EAYA Uganda - The role is to create coherence between now and the future. The youths have the numbers and need to use this to foster change. The youth are 63% of the EA population and how they use this power matters a lot. 85% of Uganda Universities fly all the flags of EA states and EAC flag . Uganda Universities have chopped fees for students from EA so that to advance integration

[28/11/2016 11:39:45] Musa Kenya : every single year during June and July, the Youth do write the essay competitions where the best two are awarded. So many people at the grassroots level known little about the EAC

[28/11/2016 11:39:55] Cidi Kenya : EA youths write essays and six best are picked and they all go to a specific country where one is rewarded. EAYAP mirrors the image of the main EAC and tries to push for the implementation of EAC process.. Majority of the policies are not being implemented but it is work in progress - Patrick

Patrick - EAC anthem is sung in each primary schoold. Minister of education in Uganda provides schools with EAC anthem and flags this makes the young people to have love for the EAC. Thanks Zinduka for inviting them to Zinduka Festival

Naluwiyima - Uganda Youth Ambassador - main role is sensitization. The youths can be part of integration if they understand the EAC well. Naluyima - They give flags to all schools and have also organized competitions

[28/11/2016 11:44:32] Musa Kenya : The main role of the youth ambassador is to bring about the understanding of the EAC integration by working with the institutions such as schools. One of the aim of the youth ambassador this year 2016 is ton have the debate about the EAC integration

[28/11/2016 11:45:51] Cidi Kenya : Naluyima - one day our children willl ask us what we did for them or if we enjoyed making love to their mothers. Alice - We need to own the protocols and the treaty so that it can sink and become part of them

[28/11/2016 11:48:18] Mike Zimbabwe: I just saw a notification of a 2016 Nairobi Civil Society Forum starting tomorrow (NAYO/CPDE) - are you participating?

[28/11/2016 11:48:39] *** Cidi Kenya a invité Alice, Cesare, pearl, Arukol, Malte, Jagoda, Flozy  ***

[28/11/2016 11:49:05] Musa Kenya : Hi Mike....we did not participate The meeting is about the Donors, the NGOs and their allies

[28/11/2016 11:51:46] Cidi Kenya : It is organized by some civil society and it is called High Level Meeting bringing CSOs and Government and private sector. I have been invited to the CSO forum on 2 and 3 December

[28/11/2016 11:57:52] Cidi Kenya : People have broken for lunch

[28/11/2016 11:58:53] Mike Zimbabwe: tx





[28/11/2016 14:56:40] Cidi Kenya : Youth, Education and Youth Mainstreaming

Education is one of the ways to instill the integration process. This can be done by combating the heart and the mind and to provide an education system that is pro Africa and that which instill African values into the young people. 

The EA secretariat has placed EA youth policy but the level of implementation is wanting. The youth policy needs to be driven by youth and not having the youth as the beneficiaries. 

Zinduka should have a secretariat that has a research arm that is capable of establishing the needs of the youths 

The young people need to take up the EALA posts as most of the youths are capable of occupying the space. 


Pele was mocked for his height and that he played football in a different way. This happened until he led Brazil to take the world cup. Is a member of 78 whatsapp groups and is an admin of 68 groups. There is need to have a belonging because it helps one in coping in life. 

EA is well integrated in extending political terms and also to beg for foreign aid. EA governments understand how to suppress voices 

Many people who have not been identified by the governments are called stateless people. Should their land be taken, they can’t move to court because they are stateless.

The stateless do not exists because after independence issues of tribalism and racism that creates the thinking of superiority

There are so many people who are just shadows and they could be women, Asians and everybody 

In Kenya there is a community called Makonde who are also in Kenya and are not recognized yet we can accept whites

[28/11/2016 16:02:39] Cidi Kenya : Claire 

Started with a video presentation on what statelessness means (Ask for the Video)

With free movement there is a more diverse people and culture, society economy and culture 

How can a person from Tanzanian come to Uganda to study, get married to a Zambian and they move to SA to stay there

It is very hard to travel around especially given the fact that the Burundi delegation had to move through Tanzania instead of passing through Rwanda which is closer 

Questions time

What is the meaning of COMESA?

How many treaties do EAC and COMESA have in common in free movement? There are two treaties namely Visa Protocol and Freedom of Movement 

If our governments allow immigrants there shall be more job opportunities as when a student goes to another country they can get job and send money to their countries growing the economy 

Visa Free Movement 

Governments have proposed issues of visa free but there is no implementation 

Only South Sudan and Tanzania are not members of COMESA 

Visa Protocol – only Burundi have ratified 

Rwanda has 100% in allowing people Africans to get into Rwanda 

Ethiopia is very difficult as they amended their law such that apart from Kenya and they have to seek permission through a person who lives in Ethiopia then they send it to you

Only 13 of African countries allow Africans to apply for visa at the point of entry

Only 10 African countries have provision for e-visa. Uganda has recently implemented e-visa 

Over 60% do not allow for visa on arrival. This greatly affects trade as if someone from Italy and a trader from Uganda want to go to Ethiopia; the person from Italy will get faster and trade before the person from Uganda. 

Restricting movements promotes human trafficking and illegal movement as some people have to find other ways to cross for example some swim through crocodile infested rivers 

Labour migrations allows trade and promotes knowledge sharing 

Peace and Security 

A few hours ago, so many Ugandans have died in Kasese. What action can we take to stop the issue? M7 ordered bombing of the palace of the King and the arrest of the King killing 60 persons  

Rachael – The Dorine who was Ugandan, what can we do about Joy Doreen Mbira and her family  

What can we do to support the minorities? Most HRDs don’t talk about issues of minorities and don’t give them support. Sexual violence, crime, exploitation are prevalent where there is conflict or no rule if law 

Vitali Maembe – there is need for evidence based research on the issues so that Zinduka Festival becomes just a place of reporting 

Should we organize and keep talking or we have to say enough is enough? 

What is the reason behind all these discriminations? 

Chekai – what is the problem with Busia Border? Security and securitization  Terrorism and relationship to free movement  

Kepta – conquering us through Hollywood movies that promote militarization 

Minorities emerge because a majority who have power dominate over others  

Freedom of Movement

[28/11/2016 21:37:48] prep WSF extension: thanks for the account Cidi - looking forward to other such accounts tomorrow?



 [28/11/2016  00:18:29] Cidi Kenya : Tomorrow we shall be having self organizing convenings We hope there shall be strong network [00:19:26] prep WSF extension: we hope too...

[11:16:40] *** Mike invited Soha ***

 [29/11/2016 10:02:59] Cidi Kenya : The convenings have began. Nine Convenings taking place. 

There is overbudgeting on Arms to meet the corruption appetite

The intelligence and Immigration Needs to up their game so that they don't harass innocent citizens passing the Border

 [11:37:22] Cidi Kenya : The Treaties related to Security Should be recalled and brought to the People for voting by people in a referendum

The East Africans need to take lead in Developing an East African constitution

Women Should be involved as mediators as they understand the security dynamics. Women know when their husbands and sons perpetrate violence

When Women speak against Violence they are more likely to be heard than men

Women do not take part in planning violence therefore they are not having interests and will solve it very fast

[19:50:43] prep WSF extension: thanks Cidi (bow)