• Qoutes on who started the fire 2 May 2014 in the trade union house in Odessa

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Ministry of Interior Affairs:

“The fire did not start at the bottom, and the self-defense or the ‘Right Sector’ are not to blame for the fire,”

Deputy Interior Minister Serhiy Chebotar 

Chebotar told media "that the fire at the Trade Union building definitely began on the upper floors. Moreover, according to police, it started as a result of actions taken by those inside — possibly 'a Molotov cocktail in a cage fell down and the fire started,' Chebotar explained. According to Chebotar, "none of those who surrounded the Trade Union building came inside and no fighting took place between the Maidan supporters and the anti-Maidan (pro-Russian) group inside the building." 


"An organized terrorist act was committed in Odesa on May 2"

"Today, in closed session of Parliament, we obtained additional evidence that what happened, the events that took place in the Trade Union building, was a terrorist act. Toxic substance was used." 


"The Trade Union building that the separatists made into their base was set on fire by unknowns. The fire started from the third floor. Euromaidan activists rescued the separatists felling from the fire and gave them medical assistance." 

Carl Bildt:

"Horrible with at least 38 dead in Odessa. Seems to have started with Pro-Russian attempt to get control of buildings. Violence must stop!"

Yulia Tymoshenko  

"The brave sons of Ukraine who lost their lives defending Ukraine today are in our hearts and souls. They have become the standard bearers of my struggle to defend Ukraine from now and into the future. They will be in my thoughts as I carry on the struggle for the unity, peace and independence of our beloved country. The invasion will be stopped. Violence will be defeated." 

Zachar Popovych, Pro Euromaidan activists from Left opposition:

"Then 'pro-Russians' holed up in the “House of Trade Unions”. The building was burned by “Molotov cocktails” thrown from outside of the building (the theory that the fire began inside the building is very questionable)."

Kiev May 8 2014

This is what observers with their moral compass in order from any side of the conflict could state from the very beginning and is still the only critical assessment possible from the further investigations made. Popovych did not in 2014 exclude other possibilities: "But of course we cannot exclude the possible role of provocateurs whoever they could be." Such provocateurs inside the building that started the fire from inside has been shown to be conspiracy theories from the highest level of government and people like Bildt and not substantiated. Claims there were Russians inside the building were false and so were claims by the 2 May group that Profederalist leaders tried to get as many people into the building as possible. 

Boris Kagarlitski

"Nevertheless, spontaneous violence during street clashes is one thing, while acts of vengeance, permitted and approved by the authorities and justified through propaganda, are something very different. Such phenomena are a distinctive mark of a totalitarian political movement and of its ideology. While a democratic movement condemns such excesses and strives to overcome them, fascism elevates them to the heroic, justifying and even institutionalising them. This is what we saw in Odessa on May 2 and 3." 

2 May group July 18 2014

"Despite the obvious danger, certain leaders of the Kulikovo Pole protest (Albu, Artem Davydenko and others) used deception or open calls to entice around 380 people into the building. There were calls to people from the very first clashes, with people being told, for example, that they were gathering medical and other aid. According to witnesses, some of the people at the last stop of Tram No 18 were openly tricked. They were told that there was a bomb in the tram, and that they should hide in the Trade Union building. This meant that a small group of around 50 turned into a crowd of around 400 people in the building."

"The crowd coming to attack Kulikovo Pole were met with shots from firearms, flares and Molotov cocktails from the sources of fire in the Trade Union building, including from the roof. The pro-unity activists did not know that there were other, unarmed, people in the building and responded with aggressive acts of their own. This led first to the barricades at the entrance going up in flames and then to the fire inside the Trade Union building." 


The more odd different versions of what happened published by Euromaidan:

Robert van Voren 6.5 2014

"For me the most suspicious are the photos of the victims inside. What do you do when a building is on fire? You race to the escapes, right, you race to the windows to get out. In this case we have the horrible photo of a pregnant woman bent over backwards over a desk, who died basically “on the spot” clearly not from fire or smoke and with a window almost within reach. We have bodies strewn around in the most unusual places, with their faces burnt and the lower parts of their body not, clearly the result of individual fires put artificially on each and every of the victims, and you have plenty of victims who have been shot dead with a bullet straight into their face.

In addition, we have videos that clearly show fire inside the building that cannot be the cause of Molotov cocktails from outside. It is not big fire – but it is clearly visible. Is this the fire that was created on each and every individual body inside?

I would not be surprised – rather, I am pretty convinced – this was a special operation of the FSB, a provocation aimed at getting a large number of victims, and unfortunately for them the fire did not spread enough and as a result the fact that it was artificial, man-made and deliberate could not be concealed."


This toxic claim has been shown is a conspiracy theory which was not substantiated by any technical study and now not mentioned any more.