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Dear Left Forum 2018 workshop organizers,

A significant part of participants in Left forum also feel they are participant in the world social forum (1) process, and that is why the following WSF Extension dynamics Support team Invitation is circulated to you.


WSF Extension dynamics (2) is a zero budget scheme, started 2016, on occasion of Montreal WSF event. Its goal is making WSF process more permanent, visible, accessible, decentralized, with remote participation in activities being possible in complement to face to face participation in WSF process events.

Concretely, it is about inviting you to “place” your workshop in Left Forum as an “activity” in “World Social Forum extension dynamics”, next to over 450 other activities placed in more than 50 countries (3)

The goal of this “placement” is making your workshop visible and accessible to other WSF process participants, who will not be in New York during Left Forum days, using distance participation techniques based on simple internet tools (chat notes photos and live video on cell phones), in contact with the “DYNEW1WSF extension dynamics support team”.

Conversely you will be stepping in this WSF extension dynamics and can participate more easily  in other upcoming activities placed in this dynamics by other participants  in the USA and across the world (3)

So you are part of a kind of "slow and worldwide forum process",  somehow  active on a day to day basis; and at the same time related to bigger events placed in this WSF calendar of events

Interested to read further?

Your possible contribution to WSF extension dynamics requires a little time and attention from one or two members of your workshop organiziting team
It amounts to:  

if your are willing to take part in wsf extension dynamics  fill the form here :



WSF extension dynamics support team
Contact mail :  extension at fsm2016.org and  facebook :  "vaillant efessem"



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