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  the page is a copy of what is visible in wef-palestine.org site  , and with some questions designed to support preparation of the activity  in edinburgh and possibly in palestine in case of interlink

exchange can be on the mailing list of this internet space

Community Development & Peace Building

Collaborating organizations: 
International Association for Community Development
Short description of the activity: 
This Scottish gathering will discuss the role of Community Development approaches in building peace and resolving as well as sometimes creating conflict.

Activity type

so this is a local activity associated to wef in palestine ? (see activity  type 1 here ) 

Indicate the languages used by speakers/facilitators in your activity: 
Local time zone: 
At what time will your activity take place (local time where the activity is taking place): 
Thu, 2010-10-28 10:00 - 13:30
Do you wish your activity to be transmitted as live streaming with a chat room on the WEF website: 


( so it means you organizers have to take care of organizing this extension? ( see the point 3 in this page describing expanded activities)