• extension of march seminar

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ideas sobre como peude ser una "participation a distancia" a una actividad

ideas on how a "distance participation" to an activity  can proceed

idées sur comment se passe une participation a distance à une activité

  • See here about  March WEF preparation seminar which was "extended through internet "

 march-wef-3.JPG    march-wef-2.JPG

this is the room of the seminar in ramallah seen from the webcam of a laptop that has filmed live most of the two days meeting

This "extension" allowed "distance participation" of about 15 people from italy france brasil palestine mostly

Distance participation is one of the three main modalities for expanded activities

it can be

  • individual : one person follwoing the video on her compûter,  and chatting with others distance partiicpant in the associated chatroom , and with the connectant person
  • or collective  a group of people watching together the video on a large screen and discssiung feedbacks and inputs in the assocaited chatroom ,  exchanging with the "connectant" person who is in the actual meeting room 

here are links to

  • Hours of video march sem video ( written transcription not done but would be useful)  using simple commercial sites as www.ustream.tv
  • log of what was said and exchanged in distance participation chat room  on skype  on first march sem log1 and second day  march sem log2 - of course this log needs to be refined discussed published