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Some tips to register on the official website of the WEF-P:


  • See registered organizations http://wef-palestine.org/organizations
  • See  registered activities under   http://wef-palestine.org/soa-list  note the expanded ones
  • GETTING A USER NAME You can register with a personal name or organization name here http://wef-palestine.org/user/register
    • if you intend to organize activities it is advised to create a user name related with your organisation name , and tick the "organization " box,
    • if you want to be a user able to contact other user or organisation create your personal user name
  • You will be receiving a message  at email you declared when registering
    Enter the site, following a link received in the mail
  • Click on change your password and create your password - you may be sharing with others if you are a organisation user
  • Then leave the site ("logout"  from the menu on your right)
  • Enter the site again with your username and password at the bottom of front page
  • Accept the charter of principles of the World Social Forum
  • CREATING ACTIVITIES Then, if you are registered as an organization (and not as a simple person), you can create activities
  • CONTACTING OTHERS When you are registered user and entered the site, you can contact the other organizations  and other users via email 
  • Once registered, an activity sheet can be edited many times, adding more organizations in one activity, specify the time options, content etc ...
  • SEPARATIONS FOR CLARITY It is recommended to clearly separate, at the time of recording, local expanded activities in local language (which can be focused on local educational issues and an occasion to foster linkages between local organizations), and the moments of video encounters with groups  in Palestine , or moments of remote participation in activities  held  in Palestine extended via instant video & messaging
  • EXTENDING YOUR ACTIVITY When you register an activity there is a line that asks 
    "Do you wish your activity to be transmitted as streaming live with a chat room on the WEF website: Yes / No" 
    Specifically, this means asking whether your  local activities  will be extended via instant video site as www.ustream.tv . and instant  messaging as ww;skype.com. 
    by their  organizers (i-e ....you!) ...
  • ACCUMULATED EXPERIENCE Both distance encounters  (with www.skype.com) and extension via instant video  and messaging, experience os social forum expanded since 2008 will be a great help   for expanded activities