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    from pierre on Oct 02, 2010 12:47 PM
    *Message from chris  *
    *with some first comments  in >>*
    'Hello, We would like to schedule our workshop for 29/10/10 15:30 en
    There is a Palestine student (Raed) with us in Adelaide, and he has helped
    contacts in the Teacher Creativity Centre.  As TCC has an event at 12:00,
    it be feasible to schedule our workshop to follow on from their's, in the
    We will work with Elena and/or Intesar on this.  I have suggested to Elena
    we connect via Skype on 22 October, so that Palestine and Adelaide speakers
    meet, and finalise the workshop program.*
    *>>  Intesar is included in this **anglophonia list
    *so she can follow on *
    *>> your request is noted in the wef expanded tentative schedule here  *
    Raed is speaking to Nablus, Jenin and Bethlehem, if they wish to connect to
    workshop.  They do not need to travel to Ramallah to participate by
     I will also work with Pierre (from World Social
    Forum) with other Extended locations that seek to join our workshop.
    *>> this means that simultqneously to having a skype distance encounter
    between adelaide and ramallah, you want to have distance participation to
    the discussion  from other  areas
    it can be done  in several ways  skype +ustream.tv , or considering use of
    *we  in the wefexpanded group  need to assess  on skype the needs vs
    possibilities together with you*
    We await your advice on testing to confirm the connections.'
     * * * * * *
    Also, one of our Bangladeshi members asked to confirm the date for the
    of drop-out in primary level education in Bangladesh' discussion group.  The
    wef-P website shows 2010-09-30.  Should it be 2010-10-30?
    *>>  probably so    trying to get reach of angikar /hilal  telephone is not
    getting through*