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    from pierre on Oct 05, 2010 08:04 AM
    Hello Mezna
    It is great that you participate !  in chicago.... and in this list !
    could you tell the exact hours of your WEF event t ? -
    And also do you intend to have a "distance encounter " session of about 2
    hours with a place in palestine on that day ( through skype video ) - you
    probably have counterpart group in west bank  that would help you from that
    Maybe those counterparts rooted in Palestine would be also  agreeable to
    interact with and  help other distant participant such as Mexico which as a
    big program and no counterpart so far !!  that would be very very helpful
    see here  the program proposed by mexican friends
    <http://openfsm.net/projects/fsmmexx/fotos-comentadas-de-mexx>who have
    started "expansion"  in may  and seem to appreciate the possibilities it
    Looking forward to interacting in the coming days
    Pierre - wef expanded team -   wef-expanded-team@...
    The US Palestinian Community Network (popular.palestineconference.org) will
    be holding its conference from Oct 29-31 in Chicago.
    As part of the conference, we will be organizing a WEF event that will bring
    Palestinians in the diaspora in the US together to discuss ways forward in
    supporting education ON Palestine amongst Palestinians in the diaspora, as
    well as supporting education for Palestinians IN Palestine.
    The WEF event will be on October 30, 2010.
    Please add this event to the calendar, thank you!