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    from attacjpkit on Oct 20, 2010 08:53 AM
    Thank you for your cooperation.
    We are planing an "Extended" activity on "Solidarity for Peace and Justice" 
    on Oct. 30 in Osaka. (http://wef-palestine.org/node/478)
    Here is the announcement (in Japanese),
    The topic is rather general because we want the event to be open for many 
    The Palestine issues are not familier for most of the people in Japan in 
    comparison with European countries.  BDS campaigh has just begun with very 
    small number of activists.
    But it is an important starting point.
    We organized Osaka Social Forum (OSF) last march in Osaka.  The organizing 
    Committee of OSF decided to continue the efforts for organizing social 
    forums.  This committee sponsors the Oct. 30 activity.
    Our emphasis is to make people experience a direct encounter with the 
    realiry of Gaza and Palestine so that they can join the solidarity work on a 
    continuous basis.
    It will also be an good opportunity to think and discuss about the 
    responsibility of the international society on the issues of the rights of 
    Palestinian people.
    We expect 30-50 participants including solidarity activists, trade 
    unionists, teachers, lawyer and so on.
    We are planing to use usteam and skype to communicate with counterparts in 
    Gaza and Ramaller (or Bethlehem).
    As for the details, it will depend on the availability of the "counterparts" 
    in Gaza and Ramaller (or Bethlehem).
    We want to discuss the current situation and the concrete actions (BDS and 
    other activities).
    I will call on you on Skype later.
    Y. Kitahata