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    from pierre on Oct 22, 2010 11:44 PM
    hello Chris  and all
    About half of expanded  activity organizers, have ticked "yes we want our
    activity to be streamed ")
    Streaming an actvitiy  consisting in a  video encounter between two group so
    is possible
     it has been done in mexico ...
    (see the young woman filming with the laptop )
    Maklng the streaming participatoryr requires prior notice to some mailing
    list users if possible -each day counts n now
    "Extending " an activity ,allows  more people to nparticipate  and it nad
    keeps a memoruy
    there are two options for streaming what is happening in an  activty   (
    providing equipment and internet are procured  )
    The new   Interlink  option is  explained here , at the botoom of the page
    Is interlink streaming  usable / accessible  from Adelaide,?
      Iguess some test  can allow to discover, or Mallory can tell
    Tthe basic default option is :  www.ustream.tv which is heavely burdened
    with commercials, but remains at hand
    see the palestine seminar in march
    Let us know your intentions regarding streaming
    Meena and Aditi are on this list as you can see here :
    2010/10/22 chris williams <will0447@...>
    > Hello all
    > We have updated Activity #505 details on the WEF-P website, and are now
    > investigating ustream.tv or Mallory's options.
    > Is anyone in contact with Focus on the Global South (Meena or Aditi)?  We
    > would like to link up, if they can get the visas
    > chris
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    from zarel on Oct 23, 2010 06:09 AM
    Hello to all
    Hope you're all fine
    happy if it's possible
    Activities in México will be disponible in streaming
    in: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wef-palestina-mexico
    with *Skype* contact: wef-mexico-user
    we didn't know it will be a WEF channel disponible
    and already we maked our advertising with this directions.
    But it sounds great!!
    i can't wait to prove it, i'm make a intented right now, while writing
    But Mallory
    .... this is the url, with the name i put as instructions said, but
    i never can't see anything in url page, the window show that it was
    charging, but we wait (2 peoples in differents places) 2 minutes or little
    more, and video (or streming) never charge
    Think i follow intructions, and in main page, it looks like i was live
    maybe you can explain a little more?