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    from chris on Oct 28, 2010 12:30 PM
    Attached note may be helpful for those Extended sites seeking May First/People Link flash video publisher instructions.  They are not applicable if you are streaming by other methods (eg ustream.tv).
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    Aide memoire for video streaming – 28 October 2010
    These instructions are for WEF-Palestine 2010 extended activities, where the extended location wants to stream live to Palestine. 
    * Other Instructions - software *
    1.	The main instructions for May First/People Link flash video publisher are at http (colon) //publish.mayfirst.org/red5
    a.	These instructions (in English) are straight-forward; 8 steps to Publish a streaming connection.
    b.	One step to connect to a streamed site; ie
    ‘View.  To view what you are creating, go to http (colon) //live.mayfirst.org/view/flash/NAME-GIVEN-TO-CONNECTION (for example: plenary-wef).’  No special software, only a browser.
    These instructions are in English, and other-languages-versions of software will have other boxes.  For example Settings is Configuration (Spanish).  Also, Allow-Radio button is a Screen-with-an-Eye (sometimes global background)
    2.	also  here http (colon) //www.wef-palestine.org/print/144
    * Other Instructions – Hardware*
    3. Ensure the webcam, or streaming digital camera is connected, and that Steps 5 and 6 are successful.
    Disclaimer:  These instructions worked for a first-time test, without any specialist IT assistance. The main instructions are clear, the answer is normally on the screen (somewhere), but some computer configurations and device drivers may not work.  Be patient and, if it isn’t working, ask the person next to you for a second opinion.
    POAD9998 9999