United For Peace
Statehood Safeguards the Right of Return
To All freedom fighter :
We’ve known you as fierce fighters, facing injustice that humans are subjected to anywhere. We’ve known you as supporters of the Palestinian people and their rights. Today, your Palestinian friends call upon you to support their demands of justice in their current diplomatic struggle. This struggle is lead by the Palestinian Liberation Organization by approaching the United Nations to attain full recognition of the State of Palestine over 1967 borders, with Jerusalem as its capital, and committed to international law regulations and the charter and resolutions of the United Nations.
You’re invited today to stand by the Palestinian people in their battle to gather all possible energies, resources, recruit peace-loving international parties and those who believe in the Palestinian rights to seek full recognition of their state, supported by friends, nations, and states that believe in the just Palestinian cause.
This step is in continuation for the multi-facet Palestinian national struggle, in order for the Palestinian people to acquire the legitimate inalienable rights they were deprived off by the Israeli occupation, without any regard or respect to international conventions and charters. Israel is deliberately continuing, on daily basis, its crimes against the Palestinian land and people in the Gaza Strip, the West Bank, and Jerusalem, disregarding international conventions, justice, and law. 
From our trust and belief in the rights of the Palestinian people, we ask you to sign this “United for Peace” petition for full recognition of the State of Palestine in the United Nations and the Security Council. We also ask you to participate in advocating activities in your countries in the upcoming period, and carry our message that we as Palestinian have a right to a state, like all other nations around the world. It is disgraceful on the international conscious to stand observing the crimes of the Israeli occupation against a nation who are only demanding their legitimate rights. We ask you to be our free voice in your countries, and in front of your parliaments and governments to support international legitimacy resolutions, and equity values between all nations of the world.
We ask you to sign the petition “United For Peace: A “Million Educator's Signature” Campaign for Recognition of the State of Palestine”, and spread it to all friends, acquaintances, and colleagues by pressing think link: http://www.teachercc.org/index.php?action=pals&lang=ar

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Hello to my friends all over the world, like the Palestinian people and supported
I Mahmoud jarrar  from Palestine to remember
We need your help to you and you love the Palestinian people to support the Palestinian people and Palestinian people Bjajh urgently supported in all popular and tolerate the attempt to declare a Palestinian state in the United Nations and the state becomes 194 and ending the Israeli occupation
We are in the popular movement, we have created pages on Facebook to announce all moves to pressure on governments that refuse to vote for the Palestinian State, and I ask you my name and the name of the Palestinian people support us and support in order that we might receive our legal rights and end the occupation you the page titles to join and deployment
1 - Page Arabic http://www.facebook.com/Pal194
2 - English Page http://www.facebook.com/PAL194EN
3 - Page Alospanbh http://www.facebook.com/PAL194SP
4 - Page Hebrew http://www.facebook.com/Pal194HEB