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WEFP  EXPANDED SEMINAR FIRST DAY – chat room documentation - see  parallel video

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Some considerations. 2

Material collected. 2

Questions  to be documented. 2

Expanded participation Learn how to make it happen. 2

Log from virtual lobby of WEF seminar before lunch. 3

Start – trying to control light and sound. 3

arrival of raffaella. 3

ustream chat registration – meaning. 3

ustream quality. 4

who is speaking  ( good to have indication) 4

ustream chat usage – ustream or skype for summarizing ?. 4

summarizing on ustream.. 4

videocam issue. 5

restart after coffee break – ustream quality. 5

Rita and more  arriving. 6

arrival of florent 6

summarize or not ?. 6

crystal clear sound. 7

arrival of dan. 7

about skype interventions. 7

breaking in small groups. 8

suggestion to suggesting themes. 8

Updating the virtual group with the thems. 8

Pierre suggestion  on theme. 9

Dan on themes. 9

another meeting room created. 9

arrival of Driss. 9

Dan to marion. 9

Pierre input on the remote participation  -thanks to marion hindi ahmad. 10

paralele room content – theme elaboration. 10

paralele room content synthesis group. 10

paralele room content Idea document 10

Virtual lobby log After lunch. 11

after lunch. 11

Discussion on THEMES. 11

commenting themes. 11

Poor ustream.. 12

group session. 12

@ we in the virtual lobby could be a remote working group talking together and considered in the seminar building  12

next skype interventions?. 12

@ spreading IDEA belem axes  -documents. 12

summaring discussion. 13

Arrival of Kathia  - Dan /Rita  input on themes. 13

sub theme discussion- inputs from IDEA and ciranda. 13

Belem – Palestine linkage  -rita. 14

IDEA proposal for number 2. 14

@ the virtual lobby is acting as a working group with an ambassador who is marjon. 14

ustream check. 14




postponing skype  interventions. 15

Feeling confused – mentioning technology as a sub theme. 15

paralele room content Later ….in the virtual room.. 16

paralele room content  videocam issue. 16

ustream chat LOG.. 17

this chat will be then moved to the virtual lobby in skype. 17

who is speaking. 17

summarizing. 17

omar speaking. 18

website. 18

questions. 18

( …….) no notes ramallah break into  group work. 19

marjon sending after Friday evening. 19

Notes meeting March 11. 20

Group 1. 21

Group 2. 21

Group 3. 21

Group 4. 22

WEF THEMES  resulting  ( doc sent by marjon) 22

INPUTS FROM Ciranda   by mail 23

INPUTS FROM idean DAN  by mail 23

ustream memory  a first attempt 23


Some considerations

@This document is assembled to build up experience about organizing a seminar with inclusion of remote participants through a chat room

Material collected

  • The log of the chat virtual lobby , or the expanded seminar room ( gathering people from italyfrance brasil  Canada ..)
  • The log of the chat of ustream
  • The written inputs sent from ramallah to the expanded participants
  • The memory on ustream  - how to

Questions  to be documented

  • What can expanded participants capture ?  what can they contribute? How to take concrete steps to include them the best possible way ?
  • What should the WEFP expanded team  be aware of
  • What is the vocabuluary lexicon for this
  • What are the technical check lists for this ?
  • What will be the same ? what will be new in the real event of WEFP ?
  • How to present the ustream and skype memory
  • Where to have continued interaction before and after the expanded seminar


.. to be developed

Expanded participation Learn how to make it happen

See the @ notes in the text related to this aspect of how to be well organized to maintain inclusion of remote participants

It is a collective work in progress effort of systematization / capture  from WEFP expanded team , that will be spread  to support the growth of the team


Log from virtual lobby of WEF seminar before lunch 

Start – trying to control light and sound of the extended video

[09:14:54] *** Pierre a invité Bert Tulk, Dan , Florent , Martina., Marjon ***

[09:15:00] Pierre: hello people

[09:15:10] *** Bert Tulk est parti ***

[09:15:25] *** Florent  est parti ***

[09:16:01] Martina.: hi, I guess the others are not online now we didn't expect to connect through skype now

[09:16:39] Marjon: they will join us later maybe because of time differences

[09:16:53] Pierre: well now we enter the second part .. the skype virtual lobby waiting room  whatever you call it !

[09:17:31] Marjon: i put everybody in a conference room

[09:17:37] Martina.: but shall we listen through skype?not ustream?

[09:18:02] Pierre: no.. ustream is the main channel

[09:18:26] Martina.: so shall I close the call with Ramallah?

[09:19:19] Pierre: yes let us stay on written chat in this room

[09:20:36] Pierre: marjon?

[09:20:44] Marjon: yes they started now : can you follow it live on ustream?

[09:21:07] Martina.: yes

[09:21:17] Marjon: great! the sound is good?

[09:21:34] Pierre: it is ok

[09:21:35] Martina.: not very good but understandable

[09:21:40] Pierre: exactly

[09:21:46] Marjon: ok

[09:22:16] Pierre: now marjon , are you receiving the ustream image in a computer hooked to the video projector ?

[09:27:56] Marjon: one minute, it takes some time the image is not clear as i see

[09:29:13] Pierre: ciao rafaela

[09:29:57] Marjon: the image is not moving as well the guys want to change the laptops to have a better image

[09:30:42] Pierre: yeswe are hearing the sound but image looks frozen sound is most important

arrival of raffaella

[09:28:02] *** Martina. a invité Raffaella Bolini ***

[09:28:18] Martina.: now Raffaella of ARCI is connected too

[09:28:24] Pierre: great

[09:28:28] Marjon: great!

[09:28:46] Raffaella Bolini: hallo!

ustream chat registration – meaning

[09:43:01] Pierre: there are only 2 viewers  of the ustream show ( it means some of us have not registred in the ustream to be able to give feedback on the chat

[09:43:51] Martina.: raffa, se vuoi partecipare alla chat su ustream ti devi registrare, ma non è essenziale dovremo segnalare qui se volgiamo intervenire, e parleremo via skype

[09:44:19] Pierre: e um modo de mostrar a partecipazzione

 [09:46:24] Raffaella Bolini: yes io sono registrata

ustream quality

[09:46:15] Martina.: video and sound are off

[09:46:20] Pierre: yes

 [09:48:19] Martina.: ok, speriamo che la connessione tenga un po'meglio là


[09:53:29] Marjon: hi its hindi

[09:53:40] Martina.: hey, video is ok now but audio is bad

[09:53:51] Marjon: one sechow is the sound now? is it bad or low?

[09:55:47] Martina.: low

[09:55:50] *** Marjon a invité Hindi Mesleh ***

[09:56:26] Marjon: ok we'll work on it: is the video better?

[09:56:53] Hindi sound?

[09:57:08] Martina.: video is ok, colours better than before

[09:57:16] Hindi just join the chat from another computer perfect martina is sound low or bad?

[09:57:33] Pierre: sound is weaker than before but clear..

[09:57:46] Martina.: sound still too low but we understand something if we make it lounder there is lot of background noise

[09:58:28] Pierre: yes we cannot understand now it is too weak

who is speaking  ( @ good to have indication)

[09:59:53] Marjon: sorry about that we try to fix it...

[10:00:42] Marjon: michael from AIC is speaking about WSF process that needs to be open

[10:01:05] Pierre: yes we hear a bit ..

[10:01:10] Marjon: he's speaking about normalization now

[10:01:34] Hindi sound?any better?

[10:01:54] Martina.: yes a bit

[10:02:29] Hindi i think this is the loudest we can do if we do more then we will have a bad noise

[10:02:43] Martina.: ok, it's good enough

[10:03:18] Pierre: yes ..the sound on the former computer was better though

[10:03:50] Hindi its the same way but i think its teh matter of having more mics

[10:04:15] Marjon: hindi, shouldn't we go back to the first computer, as they said the sound is more important than the image

[10:05:11] Martina.: maybe you can change after the breaklet's follow now, it's ok

[10:06:12] Marjon: ok, yes

[10:06:35] Hindi ok we will install the camera at the first computer then ok

ustream chat usage – ustream or skype for summarizing ?

[10:08:37] Pierre:  it could make sense to mention on the ustream chat  the name of speakers when they speak ...remember that this is recorded so it can help finding who has talked when

[10:09:13] Pierre: so we have a time line text for people willing to rewind some partsi see that the videoprojector has been swtiched off ...

[10:16:05] Marjon: refaat: it is a world education forum, think to make it creative, it will be solidarity with Palestinians -: cairo, amman, haifa, lebanon: choice to do activities in their countries

 people have the eager to come here  multipolar attempt of the wef if we want to shape world of this kind (vinod)

summarizing on ustream

[10:21:35] Marjon: i'll summarize on ustream from now on

[10:37:01] Pierre: coffee break

[10:38:02] Marjon: yallaaah drinks on the house!

[10:38:17] Pierre: thanks!

[10:39:01] Pierre: please switch the computer it is tiresome to listen to very low sound

[10:39:53] Marjon: we are changing it now!

[10:40:24] *** Marjon a invité Hilde Stephansen, Kathita, Mishel Remacka, pibeaudet, Rita Freire ***

videocam issue

[10:47:34] Hindi pierre

[10:47:40] Hindi we are connecting now

[10:47:42] Pierre: ok

[10:47:53] Hindi the 1st computer is conneced with the good camera

[10:48:21] Pierre: so you are able to zoom etc?

[10:48:34] Hindi not zooming but clear image

[10:49:12] Pierre: you mean the video cam is not able to zoom ? or the software to allow this on the computer is not working ..

[10:49:25] Pierre: you are talking of the video cam you bought recently?

[10:49:28] Hindi its a good webcam

[10:49:33] Hindi no

[10:49:36] Pierre: ah  ok ? understood would be great to make the new video cam  accepted by a comptuer .. in parallel o fthe meeting on another ustream channel you are still off air

[10:51:35] Hindi yes

restart after coffee break – ustream quality

 [11:00:52] Marjon: we started again

[11:00:57] Pierre: sound it terrible!!

[11:01:06] Hindi one sec

[11:01:18] Pierre: parasite

[11:01:19] Hindi how is it now?

[11:01:21] Martina.: I can't even see the video

[11:01:24] Pierre: very bad

[11:01:40] Martina.: to be it looks off air

[11:01:41] Pierre: very high level of parasites

[11:01:49] Marjon: hindi, did you get this message?

[11:02:00] Martina.: now on but horrible sound

[11:02:03] Pierre: bad contacts ?: no sound at all

[11:02:56] Hindi now?

[11:03:01] Martina.: no

[11:03:06] Pierre:  nothing

[11:03:10] Hindi one sec

[11:03:24] Pierre: is it the ahmad computer where we had good sound ?connected to mixer: lower the mixer volume: because you probably put is higher with the second computer

[11:04:15] Hindi can u hear or now?

[11:04:26] Martina.: now video is off

[11:04:26] Pierre: we are off air!

[11:05:15] Hindi ok wait  a sec still no sound?

[11:05:32] Pierre:  bad soundand off air again

[11:05:44] Hindi what bad means? low?we are reloading the page again

[11:06:45] Pierre: not low  high with many glitches: much better !

[11:07:17] Marjon: sound and image?

[11:07:22] Pierre: good

[11:07:27] Hindi ok how is the image?

[11:07:44] Pierre: still a bit high sound  and glitches may be lower a bit further: image is finemy sound is at minimum and stiil high

[11:08:28] Hindi if i do more low that means that they will not hear in the room

Rita and more  arriving

[11:09:10] Pierre: hello rita :)

[11:09:29] Hindi sound now?

[11:09:39] Pierre: hindi maybe then you can put the volume a bit higher

[11:09:47] Marjon: hi rita, this is marjon

[11:09:55] Pierre: slightly hindi

[11:10:15] Rita: Hi Marjon, Pierre, Hindi(sun) My sound is not working now

[11:11:14] Hindi sound ?

[11:11:15] Pierre: hindi  - coul you go back to higher volume you have been too far i guess

[11:11:19] Hindi hi rita long time

[11:11:20] Rita: I am going to met Soraya and connect you for the second round

[11:11:37] Rita: Hi Hindi, How are you

[11:11:40] Rita: ?

[11:11:49] Hindi :) hi rita very good :)

[11:11:55] Hindi pierre how is it now?

[11:12:40] Martina.: hey Rita, I'm here as well, so great to be in touch again!!!

[11:12:49] Pierre: it is corect  but when it first was good it was better

[11:13:10] Rita: Hi Martina, I am happy too!

[11:13:36] Hindi pierre this is the max i can do

[11:13:37] Martina.: will you come to palestine in october? (sound is ok now)

[11:13:49] Hindi otherwise echo will kill every one in the room

[11:14:19] Pierre: it is better than in the first round anyway ...:-)

[11:14:32] Martina.: Rita, will you and Ciranda people come to palestine in october?

[11:14:33] Hindi very good :)

[11:14:51] Rita: We hope so!

[11:15:04] Martina.: great

[11:17:19] Rita: Are all of the presencial participants ok  for the meeting?

[11:17:36] Pierre: ?what do you mean rita?the meeting started two hours ago

Yes, I'd like to know if it started well

arrival of florent

[11:16:25] *** Marjon a invité Florent  ***

[11:16:35] Marjon: hello florent

[11:16:42] Marjon: has the video stopped?

[11:16:49] Pierre: no it is fine

 [11:18:40] Florent : ok everything works again

summarize or not ?

[11:19:13] Marjon: super : do i need to continue summarizing on the ustream chat?

[11:20:08] Pierre: i guess you can  say who is speaking  ... it helps

[11:20:22] Florent : not for me but it may be useful for the report afterwards  (@ need to have someone copying – the chat depth is only 20 mn  ( see the log further down in the text )

[11:20:52] Marjon: yes i'll continue

[11:21:15] Martina.: thanks! ciao flo :)

[11:21:32] Hindi hi flo

[11:21:37] Pierre: chukran

[11:21:45] Hindi can i say the other word? :D

[11:22:00] Pierre: jasilan?

[11:22:21] Hindi yes for you but the question is to flo

[11:22:38] Florent : hindi!habibi!

[11:22:45] Hindi flo

[11:22:45] Florent : martina!

[11:22:54] Hindi still in iraq?

[11:23:06] Florent : i came back last week i saw felipe there

[11:23:20] Hindi small world mate

[11:23:38] Martina.: goody

[11:25:54] Pierre: hi dan

[11:29:39] Hindi is sound still good?

[11:29:51] Florent : it's ok

[11:30:04] Pierre: it is a bit blurred but correct now .

crystal clear sound

 [11:32:07] Pierre: the sound has become very clear just now!

 [11:35:26] Pierre: the sound is crystal clear now  :)

[11:35:41] Marjon: juiiii

[11:36:14] Pierre: i do not know what seeting moved or a bad contactremoved but it is ex-cel-lent

[11:38:43] Martina.: video off

[11:38:46] Pierre: off air

[11:38:56] Hindi opa

[11:38:57] Florent : just when vinod was talking:(

[11:38:58] Hindi opsone sec is it still off?

[11:39:12] Martina.: yes

[11:39:15] Hindi maybe we can reload the page?

[11:39:23] Pierre: it is back ..

[11:39:24] Hindi shall we do that pierre

[11:39:31] Pierre: no fine now

[11:39:33] Hindi ok good :D i think its "god's" power   Hindi hahaha

[11:41:40] Pierre: who is speaking ? ...

arrival of dan

[11:45:21] Dan : hi all

[11:45:29] Marjon: hello dan!

[11:45:42] Dan : hi Marjon?

[11:46:20] Marjon: yes

[11:56:36] Dan : Marjon: the reception here is very uneven

[11:58:03] Pierre: (Dan what we have now in sound and image  is the best we have had so far ... the rest is beyond ramalah control ;) )

[12:03:09] Rita: The sound and video are really good now for us in ustream

[12:03:26] Dan : yes, improved here too

[12:04:16] Pierre: hindi marjon can you move the tripod out of the image :) ?

[12:04:37] Hindi we did

[12:04:37] Hindi hahaha

[12:04:38] Hindi ssorry


about skype interventions

[11:43:25] Marjon: any of you, can you tell us if you would like to speak  on skype later on

i will make an order of speaking based on your wishes

. are there people willing to make skype interventions ? hindi marjon can you explain how it will work?

[11:32:06] Marjon: yes you can tell me already, i will see with the moderators about that it will be for a bit later

[11:32:26] Martina.: I think I will speak this evening, in the second connection of today

 [11:46:22] Pierre: how long from now will be the skype intervention window ?

[11:46:44] Rita: Ok, Marjon, we'd like just to say hello and to present some questions, but later, as sorays told you few minutes

[11:47:39] Marjon: don't know exactely, does everybody want to know when they could speak, or are you ok to follow and speak when the moment is there?

[11:48:40] Martina.: let's plan in advance, I'm not sure somebody wants to speak now... I'd rather speak in the afternoon

[11:49:20] Rita: For Soraya-Ciranda, the time is after 3h30 pm in Palestine

[11:49:48] Dan : I've just entered this debate (it's early here in Belem) and will need to work during the day, so it would be helpful to know when the debate becomes open to us.

[11:51:12] Marjon: ok, let me speak with omar

[11:51:28] Pierre: (marjon hindi  beside time are we tecnnically ready for doing this ?   skype image displaed on video projector and  output connected to the public adress microphone )

 may be need some testing at noon break  , then intervention later on

then may be saturday we can be more flexible  and integrate skype people in the intervention list  Pierre: mixing with  presential partiicpant intervention

breaking in small groups

[11:54:35] Dan : Marjon, is the methodology going to continue in plenary?

Can we propose they break into small groups to brainstorm so that everyone participates and the process accelerates?

Marjon, when did this meeting begin? What point is this discussion at?

 [11:58:27] Dan : Ok! At what point can we generate proposed themes?

[12:00:25] Pierre: well i guess people here can  make a suggestion ...and convey this  (that is where the chat of ustream can come into play  )

[12:00:35] Dan : How much of the meeting are we seeing? How many people are present in Ramallah?

[12:01:27] Pierre: i see that the videoprojector is on .....

 our friends in ramallah tell us ...

 [12:04:44] Dan : how many people are present? why don't they break into small groups? any progressive educationalist today knows the small groups generates participation, exchange and diverse proposals

@ marjon (too)  busy with presential seminar tasks... to be the bridging person

[12:04:54] Hindi marjon is busy writing the points so please if you need us write Hindi and marjon if u need anything

[12:05:44] Pierre: hindi  what is displayed in the video projector  the point that people mention right?

[12:05:56] Hindi yes

suggestion to suggesting themes

[12:06:14] Pierre: so maybe some of us can suggest some themes and you convey them to the audience

[12:06:45] Dan : agreed this can and should be much more dialogic (in the room and virtually)!

[12:07:27] Hindi ok marjon is signing in one sec

[12:07:36] Dan : the themes need to be much more daring! finally, small groups! Marjon, can you encourage Vinod in the direction of small groups?

[12:09:53] Dan : who is the present woman speaker?

Updating the virtual group with the thems

[12:10:39] Pierre: marjon can hyou send to skype the list of themes hyou have written so far ??

[12:11:01] Marjon: Education and colonialism - resistance

Education and access to education : includes right to education

The right to education and self determination

Education and environment

Human rights and education

Liberation of education

Formative education versus transformative education

Paternal versus maternal education

Education and gender

Education and identity

Education and citizenship

Education and disabilities

Access to education

Education, religion and secular agenda (secularity in education)


Education for cooperation – positive promotion – international solidarity

Education and emancipation

[12:11:11] Marjon: these are the themes we came up with

Pierre suggestion  on theme

 [12:12:28] Pierre: i would suggest : Education to intercommunication


Dan on themes

[12:11:41] Dan : Marjon, why don't they take up Vinod's suggestion and break into small groups?

 [12:13:02] Dan : These themes are far too general, reflecting the formality of the meeting and format of the meeting

[12:13:21] Pierre: give an exmaple dan  : you are being geenral too ;)

[12:13:55] Dan : Is that Vinod speaking?

[12:14:05] Florent : yes it was

 [12:14:22] Marjon: yes

another meeting room created

[12:15:44] Pierre: marjon you have created another meeting room in parallel of this one .. can we stay in this one ?

arrival of Driss

[12:16:42] *** Marjon a invité driss_elkorchi ***

[12:21:43] Pierre: salut driss

 [12:22:55] driss_elkorchi: Salut les amis and I am happy to be with you (from brussels) in this seminar.

Dan to marion

 [12:16:52] Dan : Marjon, is Iman present in this meeting?

[12:16:59] Marjon: yes she is

[12:17:26] Marjon: the organizers will decide what has to be done to organize the sub-themes

[12:17:35] Dan : Thanks. Was she speaking about the role of culture in education, and about transformational/formational education?Marjon, please let Iman know that I am accompanying the debate and ask her to come to this chat at some point which is convenient

Marjon, is Iman available?Do we now return in an hour/90 minutes?

[12:26:26] Marjon: hello all, we will continue in an hour


Pierre input on the remote participation  -thanks to marion hindi ahmad

[12:26:34] Pierre: Thanks very much marjon hindi ahmad for making possible what we have so far .. it s a great step forward

one consideration while our friends in ramallah spread in working groups .that we cannot be in ..;-)

..... so far the virtual lobby community is not very visible (ustream chat feedback visiblity, skype flexibility to intervene in the flow of the meeting ... i guess this will grow with experience ....

[12:26:42] *** Conférence : durée 10:30 ***

[12:26:46] Rita: Thanks Marjon

[12:48:51] Dan : Thanks Marjon (and everyone)





paralele room content – theme elaboration

@ this is creating confusion  - better stay in the same chat room!  - participants and bridging person need to be advised

[12:08:23] *** Marjon a invité Dan , Florent , Hilde Stephansen, Hindi Mesleh, Kathita, Martina., Mishel Remacka, Pierre Beaudet, Pierre, Raffaella Bolini, Rita ***

[12:10:08] *** Pierre a invité Bert Tulk ***

 [12:08:37] Marjon: hello please tell us your suggestions for the themes we will integrate them in the list that we are making

first one group, we will make 5 or 6 major themes, if this is accepted by the whole group, we will divide in smaller groups to discuss 1 theme we will decide on names now We are making groups

paralel room content synthesis group

[12:20:08] Marjon: Vinod, Refaat, Allam, Connie, Marie will synthesise the themes and make 5 groups to discuss it

[12:20:34] Pierre: (marjon : i had suggested education for intercommunication  ) for into the many (sub)themes you listed

[12:26:04] Rita: Please Marjon, is it still possible to include education for the  communication's rights? (including shared, colaborative, participative communication as practices of resistence)


[12:27:24] Rita: I let this sugestion again:  is it still possible to include education for the  communication's rights? (including shared, colaborative, participative communication as practices of resistence) shared, colaborative, participative and intercommunication too


 [12:54:15] Dan : I am not sure which chat space is now being used, but IDEA and the WFCET (world forum for culture & education for transformation) has prepared themes for discussion

paralele room content Idea document

[13:24:25] Marjon: hello dan, i copied the documents you have sent to me yesterday and i put them on the table so people can read about the world forum for culture and education for transformation

[13:25:34] Dan : Many thanks!

[13:25:44] Marjon: you're welcome

[13:25:46] Dan : Did that include the objectives in the body of the email? I'm closing this chat box now: I'd just like to know if our WEF colleagues also received the aims in the body of the email?

 Virtual lobby log After lunch

after lunch

 [13:57:28] Marjon: hello all!we started again: the broadcasting on ustream will start soon

[13:58:29] Dan : thanks  we are on standby here in Belem

[13:59:26] Marjon: there will be a possibility to intervene through skype at the end of the meeting that will be around 17:00 - 17:30 our time is that ok for you?

[14:01:11] Dan : yesfor how long?

[14:01:58] Marjon: you mean how long you can intervene?

[14:02:07] Dan : yes how long is that interactive period?

[14:02:49] Martina.: good for me too I need only 5 mintues

[14:02:56] Marjon: in total it will be something like a half an hour i guess

[14:03:00] Dan : ok

[14:03:04] Marjon: all interventions

[14:03:13] Dan : sure

[14:03:32] Marjon: the ustream has started again

[14:03:41] Martina.: is the group going to bilin today?

[14:03:41] Marjon: please comment on sound and image

[14:03:55] Dan : sound is quiet for me no visual movement yet

[14:04:22] Martina.: ok now

[14:05:14] Dan : has the ustream restarted?

[14:05:35] Martina.: the audio is working video is not moving

[14:08:49] Hindi yes the guys are working on the video

[14:09:10] Dan : I now have no sound...

[14:10:46] Martina.: I can hear quite well

[14:10:47] Bert Tulk: I have the sound, but no video.

[14:10:54] Martina.: same here  off line

[14:14:26] Dan : I now have no sound or image

[14:15:14] Bert Tulk: The meeting has gone off-air, perhaps to re-set/video??

Discussion on THEMES

[14:16:37] Marjon: 1. CULTURE AND IDENTITY



4. NEO-LIBERALISM : includes right and access to education


6. POPULAR FORMS (community)


Gender and institutions will be cross-cutting themes

Opening events : popular education and Palestine

 [14:16:49] Marjon: these are the themes we came up with so far

commenting themes

[14:20:57] Dan : Would 'teacher education' enter in 3?

Would 'architecture' enter in 7? Where would youth action inside schools enter?

 [14:28:37] Marjon: what do you mean with "architecture" how do you see this?

[14:29:55] Dan : the architecture of schools (and the architectore of syllabuses/evaluation paradigms)are these sub-themes?

[14:25:22] Bert Tulk: Can climate change receive adequate attention under 7 & 8 or should its importance be more explicit?

[14:34:56] Dan : Could Theme 1 be: Arts, Culture and Identity?If not, where do the arts as pedagogical languages enter? This is not the same as 'culture'

[14:36:48] Marjon: we will check this

[14:37:08] Marjon: now we will divide into groups and discuss the sub-themes

[14:37:24] Martina.: when do you have the lunch break?

[14:42:25] Marjon: i spoke about your comments  we will add education, arts, culture and identity

[14:48:43] Dan : excellent, thanks

Poor ustream

… @@@  the seminar architechure need to take into account remote participation- ie there is another "group" out here

[14:30:47] Martina.: sound goes on and off, and we have no video

[14:31:07] Dan : we have a still silent image

[14:33:11] Hindi let me check it now

 [14:35:47] Hindi how is sound?

[14:36:04] Dan : I have no sound

[14:36:12] *** Martina. a invité Stop theWall ***

[14:36:44] Bert Tulk: The sound is coming and going ... difficult to follow.

 [14:36:51] Hindi for the video we have to restart the computer which means that the connection will be lost

[14:36:58] Hindi ok one sec

 [14:49:26] Dan : do I have to restart my computer?

group session

@ we in the virtual lobby could be a remote working group talking together and considered in the seminar building

[14:50:52] Marjon: hi all, everybody started discussing the sub-themes now they will be busy one hour

 [14:51:54] Dan : ok

[14:52:06] Dan : do we have have to restart our computers, marjon?

[14:53:36] Marjon: sorry i didn't answer you, but what do you mean?

[14:54:20] Dan : we have neither sound nor moving image here

[14:55:02] Hindi its a groups session now

[14:55:16] Dan : ok

[14:58:19] Marjon: hi all! the groups are discussing the sub-themes now : they started 15 min ok there will be time around 17:00 or 17:30 if you're not available then, send your ideas to me and I will present it in your name

[14:59:23] Dan : are we then invited to discuss the sub-themes?

[15:00:59] Marjon: yes, i will send you the outcomes of the group discussions while they speak and you can comment through chat, and i will broadcast this skype screen, or you we can try a skype conversation

next skype interventions?

[14:58:01] Rita: Soraya, Ciro and me are here, preparing ourselve for a brief presentation. Does we have 3 minutes?

 [15:01:06] Marjon: does that sound good, please suggest

[15:01:16] Dan : sounds fine  my only concern is the compatability of our systems we may need to speak through you

@ spreading IDEA belem axes  -documents

 [15:01:16] Dan : can you confirm marjon if the objectives of the WFCET (in the body of the email I sent yesterday), were also distributed with the document you copied for everyone?

[15:09:48] Marjon: no i only printed the two documents (the one you sent by email and the one by skype

[15:10:49] Marjon:

1. Carry out a programme of present and virtual roundtables, workshops and exchanges about the relations between artistic languages, education, culture and communication for transformation between 24-26 July, 2010, inBelem, Para, Amazonian Brazil.

2. Create an Invitation to participate in social transformation in the diverse languages present in the Forum.

3. Reveal and strengthen culture and education for transformation as the foundation of the WSF 2011 inDakar, Senegal, Africa.

4. Contribute to the globalization of a paradigm of solidarity, cooperation and sustainability.

[15:10:56] Marjon: you mean these objectives, right?

[15:11:26] Dan : yes

[15:11:46] Marjon: they were not added, dan, i have to go for a min

[15:12:24] Dan : sure

summaring discussion

[15:18:46] Rita: Are you sumarising the mean topics of discussion at the moment?

[15:42:26] Marjon: hello i'm back, we people are still discussing for the moment, let me check with feroz, venod and refaat about the schedule : i will be back in 5 min

[15:51:43] Marjon: the group discussions will finish in about 15 min

[15:52:22] Dan : thanks

Arrival of Kathia  - Dan /Rita  input on themes

[15:53:44] Kathita: hi marjon....  hi dan

[15:53:55] Dan : hi

[15:54:17] Marjon: hello kathia, how are you? did you read the sub-themes the group came up with any comments, suggestions?

[15:54:43] Kathita: fine.... i'm in another meeting in brazil.... but i'm here!!!

[15:57:45] Kathita: i'm reading the previou s debate  in the virtual meeting

sub theme discussion- inputs from IDEA and ciranda


[15:56:32] Dan : where are the sub-themes?

 [15:58:02] Dan : Yes. Sorry, i thought these were themes, and that the small groups are now discussing sub-themes. We suggest 'pedagogies for liberation/emancipation/transformation' for 3 the word 'pedagogy' is important

[16:00:56] Marjon: OK I added it and will suggest it to the group later when everybody is back in the meeting

[16:01:34] Dan : We also suggest 'Institutional, Popular and Community Educational Forms' as each has its own histories, pedagogies and conventions.

[16:03:12] Marjon: ok got that, i will tell them

[16:05:05] Dan : We also suggest 'Decolonisation of Mindful-Body and Power' (or a similar alternative to Mind) to move beyond (colonial) rationalist and logo-centric paradigm which separates mind and body, and overlooks the body as memory, knowledge and resource of transformation.


We don't mean to be so conceptual, but by skype, and being quick, that's the fastest way: and all the people in the room will understand!

[16:05:11] Rita: Hi Marjon, we have just discussed that we´d like to include into the theme  DECOLONISATION OF MIND & POWER3, the item Education for democratization of communication, Education for the right of communication and Education for constructing another possible form of communication

[16:06:01] Dan : We here also support Rita's suggestion (as implied in our objective 1, above)Marjon, did you get that second proposal about decolonisation?

[16:12:55] Marjon: now we'll start the presentations and we'll do the discussions saturday

Belem – Palestine linkage  -rita

[16:12:19] Rita: Hi Dan, and we support the linkage between Belém and Palestine process. Ciranda will be there represented by Vanessa and Shared Lab friends

 [16:13:12] Dan : Excellent Rita! And we have embedded communication into the heart of WFCET

IDEA proposal for number 2

[16:13:52] Dan : Marjon, did you get the proposal for number 2? Above?

[16:14:53] Rita: Marjon, what should we do now?

[16:15:48] Marjon: rita, is it ok that i show these suggestions to the whole group so that they can have a look at it? now they started speaking, the ustream will be on in a few seconds

[16:16:26] Rita: as you wish

[16:16:29] Dan : fine marjon, did you see the slight rewording too of number 2?

[16:20:06] Rita: Do you prefer we send a few writen words suporting the communication process of this fórum?

[16:20:18] Dan : sure it's more precise

[16:27:37] Marjon: yes i copied it and it is projected to the group  we'll keep their reactions after their presentations

[16:27:58] Dan : I'll tell you when we get something. we have the notes from the meeting (thanks marjon)

@ the virtual lobby is acting as a working group with an ambassador / bridging contact person who is marjon whe she is not too busy

ustream check

[16:21:04] Hindi ladies and gents: how is the sound going?

[16:22:58] Dan : Hindi, I have no sound

[16:23:04] Rita: That is fine for us

[16:23:22] Hindi sound now?

[16:24:08] Rita: yes

[16:24:16] Hindi image?

[16:24:30] Rita: yes

[16:25:06] Hindi good

[16:25:26] Dan : Marjon, did yo get:


[16:25:52] Hindi marjon is away from her computer one sec

[16:26:00] Dan : ok we are waiting for sound and image in Belem

[16:26:51] Hindi flo can u hear the sound and how is the image?

[16:27:01] Hindi all is connected from my way Dan

 [16:28:42] Hindi ok if no one is getting the sound or the image i then have to restart the page

[16:29:07] stwoutreach: i am getting a very low sound but without interruption but no video


[16:29:16] Marjon: elana from TCC is typing all what is said

Written or live presentation ?

[16:29:53] Rita: Hi Marjon, would you prefer a writen presentation to a live one?

[16:29:55] Marjon: let me send it to you

[16:30:23] Marjon: these are the notes from feroz, he's explaining it now






Self organized:


Science of climate change

Education for Eco-Socialism

Sustainable development or sustainable communities?

Access to energy


Organized by organizers:


Question of land and water: Lecture, workshop, film (Hydrology group)

Occupation, destruction and pollution: Jamal Juma and Jad Ishaq







Self organized:


Psycho-social needs of children in conflict and occupation

Education under siege and wall

Education and educational right of political prisoners


Organized by organizers:


Education in Jerusalem

Controlling content and process of school education


postponing skype  interventions

 [16:30:44] Marjon: rita, you can choose what you prefer  you're welcome to speak after the presentations

[16:31:25] Hindi sound now?

[16:32:12] Marjon: they are finished now, please tell me if you want to speak

[16:33:37] Dan : Friends, I am going to have lunch and will return in 15-20 minutes. We only have a rotating circle here (symbolic?)

 [16:34:08] Martina.: I actually planned to intervene on another topic, related to the difficulties in bringing internationals to palestine for the forum, so I prefer to postpone the intervention to Saturday

[16:34:22] Marjon: that's fine

[16:34:26] Martina.: we are still at an earlier stage here

[16:34:30] Dan : Bye the way, I am in dialogue with Ngugi Wa Thiong'o who wrote 'Decolonizing the Mind' in 1986 (from exile).

[16:34:34] Marjon: people are very tired here as well :)

[16:34:37] Dan : speaking now...

[16:45:45] Dan : Has there been any improvement in the ustream?

Feeling confused – mentioning technology as a sub theme

 [16:45:31] Rita: We are a bit confused, We dont know if we stay here, if we send some workds to you, if the meeting is finished for now

[16:48:32] Dan : We feel the same way.

[16:50:36] Marjon: ok thanks for your participation

[16:50:56] Dan : Marjon, am I right there is no mention of 'technology' or 'new media' in the themes above?

[16:51:11] Marjon: i hope you have the feeling that you were involved enough

[16:52:00] Dan : Is there any opportunity to hear the present discussion, or is the ustream off-air?

[16:54:08] Rita: Ok, bye, we´ll send something to you

[17:16:45] Dan : Thanks. I too am leaving. I hope it has been possible to include our last proposals and questions in the discussion. Thanks marjon for all you did.

[17:18:20] Marjon: really it's my pleasure, thanks for your enthusiasm and input!speak later, maybe saturday

[17:18:38] Dan : pleasure! Ok was anything included about new technology?


paralele room content Later ….in the virtual room

[23:26:59] Mishel Remacka: hello everybody, marjon are you still there

[23:27:30] Pierre: hello

[23:28:03] Mishel Remacka: hi, it's Lidra Remacka form cnada sustainability frontiers, sorry i meant canada

[23:28:40] Pierre: this is Pierre , from Caritas France ... helping in expanding the seminar, : have you viewed the ustream broadcast of it ?

[23:28:59] Mishel Remacka: what's going on right now

[23:29:09] Pierre: nothing .. people are sleeping

[23:29:18] Hindi and im here as well from my house :) in palestine

[23:29:18] Mishel Remacka: haha

[23:29:27] Hindi not me pierre

[23:29:39] Pierre: ;) so i understand there will be another interactive broadcast session on saturday morning .. is that so hindi?

[23:30:59] Hindi yes and it will be better that today i hope

[23:31:31] Pierre: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/wef-meeting

[23:31:39] Mishel Remacka: yes, I will participate on saturday, could u pls tell me the time difference it's 5:30 pm in toronto

[23:32:11] Pierre: http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/

[23:32:11] Hindi 12.30 AM  Hindi wow

[23:33:10] Pierre: so for you mishel it is a night  story ..if the meeting is 9 to 15pm

 [23:34:47] Mishel Remacka: ok, good night, because i'm on the other line

 [23:35:08] Pierre: (wave) mishel

[23:39:34] Dan : hi guys! just a brief hello...

[23:39:55] Hindi hello dan

[23:40:15] Dan : hi hindi!

[23:40:22] Hindi :)

[23:40:24] Dan : i'm in a meeting, here in Belem, after quite a few hours in palestine

[23:41:21] Mishel Remacka: hello, greetings from canada

[23:41:49] Dan : greetings, whereabouts?

paralele room content  videocam issue 

[23:34:20] Pierre: (hindi.. why would this video cam not work hooked to the computer ?  ) ( normally  we bought it for this  -  be a super webcam that can zoom )

 [23:35:58] Hindi i have no idea pierrie i will get my school camera tomorrow they are a really prof cameras

[23:35:25] Pierre: where you there when it was bought ?

 [23:36:36] Hindi no

[23:37:04] Pierre: i suspect that modern unexpensive videcam 300 euros - have a " hook to usb and be a superwebcam" feature  ( i do not have one myself..) we do not want super images .. we want agile image

[23:37:46] Pierre: i-e be able to zoom on a face , or on the screen light images

[23:38:14] Hindi dont worry saturday u wull get that



ustream chat LOG

this chat will be then moved to the virtual lobby in skype - @@ the reason for not going with the ustream chat is that there is no memory longer than 20 minutes !

8:14 martinapm: hindiiiii

8:15 martinapm: :)

8:16 pierregrg: hello

8:16 martinapm: hey pierre!

8:17 pierregrg: hey

8:17 martinapm: the one you just saw with the headphones there is Hindi who was with us during GDA2008

8:17 pierregrg: of course   i have been recruiting hindi for wef expanded... so we are back on track

8:18 martinapm: bravo

8:22 pierregrg: is the computer hooked to the video projector ?

8:24 pierregrg: the computer seems well placed where it is , now can you rotate it so see how we see the facilitators table and the screen on  the wall without moving it  is the computer with wifi connection or cable connection ? if you have another good computer that has some battery you can walk around in the room and get close to speakers etc it would make the image more interesting: and lively but the problem is the video projector  we ned to have the video projector showing the  chat return

8:30 pierregrg: so we cannot go away from the video project very often and for very long: or we need a third computerone to broadcast - a mobile computer and one to receive the ustream flow and show the chat on the video projector permanently and one for skype  interaction

8:32 pierregrg: light situation is still too much light

8:32 pierregrg: in the room but it is acceptable


b9:18 pierregrg: listening to refaat

9:51 wefpalestine: chat is shown in the projecter in ramalah

who is speaking

10:11 wefpalestine: this was iman aoun now feroz

10:13 wefpalestine: adnan ramadan from opgai

10:13 wefpalestine: refaat

10:17 wefpalestine: from TCC board of directors (forgot his name)

10:18 wefpalestine: Vinod Raina, BGVS

0:11 wefpalestine: this was iman aoun

10:11 wefpalestine: now feroz

10:13 wefpalestine: adnan ramadan from opgai

10:13 wefpalestine: refaat

10:17 wefpalestine: from TCC board of directors (forgot his name)

summarizing @ that can help for the follow up of the video coverage 

see video coverage+ 10:18 wefpalestine: Vinod Raina, BGVS the WSF process is not allowed to have place for IMF, military organizations doesn't have space in the Forum organizations that spread hatred not allowed similar criteria of exclusion in Palestine?  if there is an israeli teacher that has vision as WSF defines, will he/she then exluded? we have to ask these sharp questions today

10:25 wefpalestine: florian allix, Civilian misions to protect the palestinian people

10:28 wefpalestine: ahmad jaradat, AIC

a history of long discussions about normalization in the palestinian committee  all of the members of the pal com are very sensible about this : keep spirit of WSF, but also boycott movement

10:33 wefpalestine: iman ouan

feroz said before who should be exluded?: we should go hand in hand if we exlude ourself from the rest of the world, what are the things that bring us together in the WEF these common grounds will help us to define who will be part

10:35 wefpalestine: now a break for 5 min

10:36 martinapm: do you serve coffee on ustream?

10:36 pierregrg: in version 3

10:36 martinapm: hi hi

11:04 wefpalestine: allam jarrar: WEF is an open space for all, not exluding people, this won't happen, we will exclude institutions, institutions that are the product of apartheid, discrimination: what are the principles that can guide us?WSF offers an alternative to a world that support oppression the issue of boycott: sensitive issue of course there will be political issues discussed

11:08 wefpalestine: it's better to put ramallah/jerusalem, haifa and gaza somebody should work on a document that combines all these thoughts universal call for WEF should be published go deeper is important

omar speaking

11:12 wefpalestine: omar assaf, general coordinator Palestine

: local committee is established, committee in Gaza and one in Haifa, various organizations make up the national committee: activities: a first draft is implemented, we will discuss this, first draft of the budget has been carried out


11:14 wefpalestine: we are working on a website we are in contact with several international organizations , various organizations make up the national committee

: activities: a first draft is implemented, we will discuss this

first draft of the budget has been carried out

titles of the WEF: education and apartheid, democracy, colonialism, education under occupation, edu and gender, poverty, these are some titles

11:18 wefpalestine: second focus, activities related to palestinian context, there will be workshops, videoconferences all over the world, cultural program

11:24 pierregrg: videoconferences ..! : has someone spoken of  the linkage between the 5 venues ?

11:24 wefpalestine: first dimension: centralized activities, second dimension: self-organized act, west bank: all activities at the friends school because it has the facilities for the conferences

11:27 wefpalestine: now omar will talk about the difficulties of the forum

11:28 pierregrg: friends school ? can you explain

11:28 wefpalestine: it is a big private school in ramallah, with two locations


11:29 wefpalestine: ahmad jaradat: some questions about the national committee

: the national committee: stop the wall, pngo, alternatives, opgai, ittijah are the core organizing group, there will be technical, communication commissions

11:31 wefpalestine: ameer (ittijah) tomorrow a field tour in villages, demolished side of haifa

story of how we look at Palestine, interaction is very important

11:32 wefpalestine: connie AIC

day prior to the official opening day activities in Jerusalem

... to include jerusalem and go to eretz junction to have solidarity with gaza

11:34 wefpalestine: iman aoun

all the time you speak about "education",first what is "education"? in arabic "ta'lim" is teaching not education that is "tarbiya", education in it's broader sense: education is broader: it includes also culture: involve people in education part of the forum

11:42 wefpalestine: elana (translating omar's words)

in the next 3 days we will put forward the ideas for the program

11:44 wefpalestine: michael AIC: the discussion of the structure: take into consideration self-organized activities we don't have a rich experience,we give a lot of space to self organize activitiesso we need to offer a minimum of centrally organized activities

11:48 wefpalestine: vinod: the document we have now is to general

lunch break

( …….) no notes ramallah break into  group work

2:12 wefpalestine: Katrin Bergholz (DVV): environment, institutions are also cross-cutting themes

2:13 wefpalestine: vinod: popular forms of education should get a proper space

2:14 wefpalestine: if it's just cross-cutting do they get enough space then

2:14 wefpalestine: popular education a seperate theme,or not?


3:51 wefpalestine: Gender and institutions will be cross-cutting themesOpening events : popular education and Palestine


marjon sending after Friday evening

Dear all,


The first day of our meeting has finished. The discussions were very



In attachment you will find

- the notes of today's meeting. Please note that these notes were written

during the discussions. We will make an updated version of these notes

later on.

- the sub-themes for the WEF (with suggestions made by the people who

participated virtually).

- The list of attendees, with their contact information.


Is everybody included in this mailing list, please check and forward it to

people who are not in the list.


Tomorrow the group will go to Haifa to visit different places and

organizations. Saturday we'll continue the discussions. Please feel free

to join again on Ustream and Skype!


Warm wishes!


Notes meeting March 11

Stress two points: WSF in Education in Palestine: Palestine is a broad concept it is West Bank, Gaza, western side of the green line and this forum should cover all areas even if symbolically. Jerusalem is Palestine too, need to be sue that there are initiatives in all sites. Second, One political problem related to WSF, open process with limited exceptions and a self organized process, core element in the Palestinian ideology and identity against normalization with Israeli organizations. Mosat initiatives building this fake bridge of normality. Palestinian movement and nationalism rejecting. Combine anti normalization and the openness of the forum which could prove the idea of normalization.Another point: Keeping in mind mobilization. No access to Gaza. Discussed in the second session.Katrin: duplicate the separation, likeminded people not involved in the forum.

Mr. X: Issues not Jews and not Jews, it is a political question, occupation. Strong political selection, I do not think Israelis even the leftist who do not support occupation will probably not join anyway. Taking into consideration other arab countries so that they are not part of the process. It not just the Israelis but Arabs are exlucded.

Another: Israel mainstream, anyone who is supporting Israel will not be supporters of the forum anyway or for the open space it holds. The space is open in itself do an alternative presence, if in Israel go to Haifa.

Another: Cant we do it like BDS? It is open call and it is similar to the WSF. Take a BDS approach.

Refat: Its not just to get solidarity.. show our strength that we have something to offer… The idea of organisaing: difficultyies we will face, many idea to be presented, . It’s a world education forum why don’t they do activities at the same time. Creative idea on how to make the event vocal…

Another point: Palestinian can’t build the economic social educational life, if the forum succeeded in building certain activbities then the forum is a great success, so it should be organized in such a light.

Fairuz: forum not follow governments, people to people action to later influence

Government and policies keeping people apart, forum is there to give this opportunity, desired to participate: political solidarity, Ability participate: Practical question. Our call should be to the people of the provide that WSF multi polar to do things if you believe that education should shape the world of this kind. Not normalizations that the government follows. We should not stop anyone from sending a solidarity call. WSF – World Bank, IMF = not allowed to participate (military interventions to solve problems – cannot be part of the space) but Universal call – all individuals as individuals can join. Not allow them space! Short of that, this is a universal appeal, WSF held in Palestine, but activities can be carried out everywhere, physical presence, skype.

Another point: strategical problem: forum nin Palestine organization practice academic boycott. Intersection: Palestinian question and education question?


Selecting points, what we want, disaster excluding ourselves from the world! What are the things that bring us together at WSF (common ground). Set the rules of who.

It should be open space for all, not excluding people, institutions that are a product of apartheid and discrimination and occupation. What are the pribnciples that can guide us, enshrined in dialogue, and new models of the world not just in terms of education and political spheres, it is offering an alternative, because we talk about an education forum in Palestine there are problems that are off political nature, apartheid, discrimination, violation of rights, boycott. BDS presenting a call for all as an open space for all, adhere, one comment the space and place, in Palestine places are not only of logistic places, Ramallah Gaza and Haifa, political places, that the forum in Palestine will take place, Jerusalem and Haifa. The last point: important a document that collates going deeper into organization. 


What has been done together and what we want to do

What has been done?

Religious fundamentalism should not be raised given the political context and the divisions.

Theme 6 institutions should be cross-cutting. Popular forms of education is not cross cutting.


After Lunch

Palestinian put down self events and activities according to the themes


Group 1

Culture and Identity

Creative approaches in education

Arts in education/ education in art

Popular culture identity



Education and empowerment

Cultural streotyping

Palestine as a paradoy of education

Activities: ongoing education – programs starting now

Public art initiatives for example, fake wall express themselves

Creative materials – take destructed material

Lecture – restoration of architecture connected to colonial mentality

Art as a free liberating – glass box – put there keys in

Street Theatre


Group 2

Education for liberation, emancipation and social change

Education as a tool of

Tool of totalitarian and autocratic regime


Emancipation of Palestinian women

Maternal and paternal early childhood education

Reflection of gender relations within education

Non-formal education in prisons as a form of liberation

Radical approaches to social change

Classroom situation project future image of liberation


Education and neo-liberalism

Public and private partnerships in education

Financing of education

Neoliberal changes and palestinian education

Matching education to employment skills


Undermining universal education by neoliberalism

Destructuring of education in

Education as a tool to emancipate colonisation and oppression

Reflecting on the educator and the ones educated


Group 3

Religion and secularism

Social movements from secularism to religion (religious in social movement)

Religious tools of oppression religious tools of liberation

Uses and abuses of religion in international policy

Education as an open faith for religion and secularism (joining between two

Conventional and popular education (state education and other forms of education that exist)

Imposed education of participative education

Alternative social movements and pedagogy

Popular education as a form of civilian


Group 4



Self organized:

Science of climate change
Education for Eco-Socialism
Sustainable development or sustainable communities?
Access to energy

Organized by organizers:

Question of land and water: Lecture, workshop, film (Hydrology group)
Occupation, destruction and pollution: Jamal Juma and Jad Ishaq



Self organized:

Psycho-social needs of children in conflict and occupation
Education under siege and wall
Education and educational right of political prisoners

Organized by organizers:

Education in Jerusalem
Controlling content and process of school education



|group 1

Dear all
below a summary of the discussion of Group 1 on Thursday afternoon session.
I invite all my group mates to correct, integrate and comment my summary if
there is anything inexact or missing.
The themes discussed were 1 (education, culture and identity) and 2
(education, power and mind decolonisation).


For theme 1, we identified the following sub-themes

1. Creative educational strategies

2. Arts in education

3. Arts and education

4. Popular culture and local identities

5. Arts and post-traumatic debriefing in educational programs


For theme 2, we developed the following sub-themes

1. Education and empowerment

2. Education and cultural models and stereotypes

3. Education and cultural identities representation

4. Palestine as a paradigm of education (this last point we did not really

have the time to explore it better...)

5. Education for critical thinking


In terms of activities that could be proposed for the October WEF, we thought of the following things that could be developed:

- Public art events finalised to processes of re-appropriation of spaces and elements of the landscape (such as the wall and check points) that are connected to occupation

- Creative recycling workshops where remains of demolitions are used and transformed in innovative and creative ways

- Art performances of different types (street drama, theatre plays, concerts


- Art installations (such as the displacing of big transparent key-like container in different places, inviting people to fill them with their old keys, and repreenting symbolically the right to return)

- Lectures, Seminars and/or Workshops on the rehabilitation of localtraditional architectural heritage

- Lectutes, seminars and workshop on local traditional and operational knowledge and oral heritage

We also discussed the possibility of organising an art performance involving all the persons actively participating to the WEF. generally speaking, we stressed the importance of building from now an ongoing process, involving local schools; that should not stop after the WEF, but o the contrary should be continued dynamically on the ground.


I am sure I forgot many things (also is very early for my brain to work well!) and I invite you to fill the gaps! thanks for now, enjoy the trip to haifa (unfortunately I can not join you...) and see you Saturday


Claudia Cancellotti


|group 2


Subthemes suggested by Working Group II



Theme 3: Education for liberation, emancipation and social change


-       Education as a tool to liberation from colonization and occupation

-       Education as a tool for liberation from coercive power, totalitarian and

authoritarian regimes

-       Radical approaches to social change

-       Freedom and independence of teachers

-       Maternal and paternal early childhood education

-       Education and power relations within societies/Power relations reflected

in the learning process

-       Education in the Military and its impact on society

-       Non-formal peer to peer education for prisoners

-       Right and access to education under occupation


With a view to the PalestinianTerritories:

-       Education in Palestine as a tool for resilience and resistance

-       Emancipation of Palestinian women in the struggle against occupation



Theme 4: Education and Neoliberalism


-       Public private partnerships in education

-       Financing of education between state and market

-       Education or Employability Skills?

-       Neoliberal restrictions to right and access to education?

-       Neoliberal principles of education: survival of the fittest or

empowerment of the disandvantaged?

-       Freedom and independence of teachers

-       Education through media


With a view to the PalestinianTerritories:

-       Neoliberal changes in education in Palestine




WEF THEMES  resulting  ( doc sent by marjon)




4.      NEO-LIBERALISM : includes right and access to education



'Institutional, Popular and Community Educational Forms'



Gender and institutions will be cross-cutting themes

Opening events : popular education and Palestine


Remarks persons outside the meeting :

We also suggest 'Decolonisation of Mindful-Body and Power' (or a similar alternative to Mind) to move beyond (colonial) rationalist and logo-centric paradigm which separates mind and body, and overlooks the body as memory, knowledge and resource of transformation.

We don't mean to be so conceptual, but by skype, and being quick, that's the fastest way: and all the people in the room will understand!

DECOLONISATION OF MIND & POWER3, the item Education for democratization of communication, Education for the right of communication and Education for constructing another possible form of communication



INPUTS FROM Ciranda   by mail

( to be pasted here )



INPUTS FROM idean DAN  by mail

The World Forum for Culture & Education for Transformation (WFCET) has prepared the following thematic proposals for discussion of the themes of the WEF


- Teacher education/eco-pedagogies for sustainable transformation

- Transforming violence in schools into (gender-aware) pedagogical interventions

- Pupil/student artistic-pedagogical activism for transforming schools into educational communities

- The theatrical and performative/gendered dimensions of pedagogy and education

- Collaboration between pupils/ students and teachers/educators for building eco-pedagogies of sustainable transformation

- The pedagogical necessity of artistic languages in education for transformation and sustainable communities

- Education for building sustainable communities

- Education as cultural production/cultural production as education for transformation

- The pedagogical relevance of architecture and environment

- The relationships between formal education, popular education and community education

- The role of families and communities in nurturing education for transformation


ustream memory  a first attempt

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5355368  44 minutes

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5356000  3h 45 minutes  (sound rotten)

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5356086   45 mn   24mn Friday agenda 

http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5356351   45 mn   collecting  themes   - 35mn education and power

audio in the afternoon


http://www.ustream.tv/recorded/5357709   this is audio only … after lunch 12mn

and so on …..other choped audio recordings

where is the bulk of the afternoon  meeting ….