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­Multimedia presentation about online games

to approach the Palestinian cause

  Jorge Delmar/GAP

World Education Forum


October 2010


    Computer technology has been developed in an exponential way over the past decades, creating new forms of relationship, communication and creating knowledge, whether in or out of educational institutions.

    However, the use of digital artifacts like computers, mobile phones or Ipods, is under tremendous pressure of consumer society, which promotes the excess and instant entertainment through the picture-show, overshadowing the real world.

    In this context, it is intended to reflect and raise several issues about the use of video games as a mean to inform and contribute to the formulation of an opinion on the Palestinian cause.

    Considering different points of view exposed by several authors on the educational use of video games, we present a critical commentary on some online games available, taking into account the boundaries between pure entertainment and serious game.


Web references:

Video games based on the Israeli-Palestinian conflict:

  • http://www.spg.org.il/  (Created by the Israeli Human Rights group Gisha, that demonstrates just how difficult it is to leave the Gaza strip)


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