• Time diference with palestine

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 the hour change date in every countryu  is   http://www.timeanddate.com/time/dst2010.html


palestine and israel and brasil and latin america  will be  in winter time already in winter time 

for europe  and mexico  winter time change date  is 31st october  in the morning  !!

usa and canada winter time change date  is november 7th

 So time difference  on 27 28 29 30 october ( please correct  if  wrong !! ) will be

  • -7 hours to mexico and chicago  GMT-5
  • -6 hours to usa east coast GMT -4
  • -4 hours to brasil and south america ( brazil now GMT-3  then changes to summer time on october 17th)  to GMT-2 (?)
  • -2 hours to senegal GMT
  • -2 hours to morrocco GMT
  • -1 hour to  portugal uk  GMT+1
  • 0 hours to western europe GMT+2
  • +4 hours to dakka Bangladesh GMT +6
  • +7 hours to japan GMT+9
  • +8h30 hours to adelaide australia  GMT +10h30