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Well thanks to wesam for facilitatingthe room at nabluz
About what was discussed in Nabluz ?
Really they are in nabluz are will organize we discuss many things about the main topic  
Activists & organizations suffer from existent systems and models of donors or NGOs. and about this there was an interesting discussion in the room  those the donor having their own hidden plan that they want to implement  when they give the donation to the palestinian
They discus about two kind of NGOs one is the USAID and EU
USAID was having hidden plane that through some project that he funded like for example the road that he funded ok we are in need in palestine roads to be used but what the usaid done he planed to build other road that to be alternative than the original road that settler used and that road was little bit long and this was to help the settler and that was as disaster to the palestinian .
Other thing to EU give the fund and he some times avoid to fund any project that may having contact with the area surounded the settlement as this couse imperris to the EU like cultivation the land for palestinian beside the settlement .
They discuss also the great job of the forum that was to gather many people in one place and this is good that we can change our thought and plans and ideas and this maybe as the first time 
Yes there is something it may be better in the future to do more activity for them , the connection may be better in many places in west bank ,gaza .
About the  obstacles in development we can must done method and planning for the project that having many ideas and clear vision and alternative development  strategies .
They gave example the education through 2002-2005 there was curfew in nabluz for 360 day in that duration ,so if there was no (plan B)  the popular education in the houses and in the building in the era that the curfew are in then there will be lack in education
 another  thing is to build the project that can  fund the NGOs if the fund is conditioned from the FUNDERS .
They discus that the vision of palestinian authority that did not having a clear vision for  development  the only vision is for here is negotiation with the israeli until infinity even it finish ,without making any plan for development ,salam fayad he saied that he will declare the palestian state at 2011 but he did not work any thing in infrastructure for the palestine.
They have some suggestion to the future that the video confernce must be tested befor the fourum many times and they must be more than one room.
They take us to the historical places in Nabluz and to the old city of it and was very great . thanks for them