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  • starting the list

    from pierre on Sep 16, 2010 07:32 AM
    Hello, Adnan Franck Marjon  Maren Martina  Michel Refaat Soraida and others
    > on that list
    > and also Ana, Zarel, Ibrahima Buuba, ( facilitating groups of acctivities
    > in portugal, mexico, senegal  .... )
    > Here is  a link to  this space which is about sharing practical info about
    > *interlink, extend , and encounter*  bteween organisations having
    > activities in palestine  (many of them palestinian )
    > http://openfsm.net/projects/wef-palestine-interlink-extend<http://openfsm.net/projects/wef-palestine-interlink-extend/project-home>
     Purpose here  is very practical :
     to have a collective space dealing with issues around
       - interlink during activities ,between places in palestine ( distance
       encounters between haifa and ramallah for instance
       - extend the activities  on internet ( to allow distance participation
       from people in other venues or anywhere in the world )
       -  and share contacts abvout  distance encounters  activities with other
       countries -palestinian organisations may be interested in knowing which are
       the   distance encounter activities that are being prepared
       all this can only feed  accountable  intercommunicaiton and open dialogue
       dynamics inside WEF socia forum process
    Interested people/organisations can come and subscribe here
    >  http://openfsm.net/projects/wef-palestine-interlink-extend/lists/wef-palestine-interlink-extend-discussion/archive<http://openfsm.net/projects/wef-palestine-interlink-extend/lists/wef-palestine-interlink-extend-discussion/archive>
    and  be included in this list
    > wef-palestine-interlink-extend-discussion@...
     where they can ask questions, and inform others of their intentions etc..
    public archives of the list is here
    if you think it better stays private  public  archiving  will be suppressed
     avoid  giving personal  data on it ....
    > May be people who are active in taking care of the 5 venues,and providing
    > the internet and distance encounter equipment can be included in this list
    > to see concretely  the surge of need for  inter-communication
    >  http://wef-palestine.org/taxonomy/term/18
    *Situation of the 19  expanded
    language area is currently  the following
       - in francofonia  french speaking
       -the dynamics is developing
          - ( there is  nancy who involves refaat ;-)   and other announcements
          in france in senegal in morroco - there will be a great need to
       - in  anglophonia - including
     it is starting
       - in hispanofonia  - not much  is happening except the prominent activity
       in mexico <http://openfsm.net/projects/wefpalestina-mexico/actividades>(
     to date no preparatory  skype conversation has taken place between
       organisation in palesitne and in mexico  -a positivie contact has been made
       by mail with soraida
    many activities will require contacts with palestinian counterparts , which
    may be made throuhg different channels , including this list !
    you may find useful to  circulate this email to  some organizaiton whom you
    feel are interested by the idea of interlink for self organized activities ,
    or OC orgainsations that have co-organized acitvities and whish to interlink
    or extend them on interne
    Looking forward to your feedbacks and inputs , and in a collaborative spirit
    > ( of course the space and list are co-administerable and co editable - if
    > someone can do something about the automated translation arabic in front
    > page of the space /welcome )
    > Best wishes for the WEF
    > Pierre
    > social forum expanded intiative<http://openfsm.net/projects/sfexintercom/project-home>
    > - and wef palestine expanded team in the making :-)