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Hello to this list of organisations from PNGO,  the composition of the list is visible here  

 We sent  introductory message about occasion of distance inter communication during wef inside and outside palestine

You can find it here  complete with invitations

1 - We are pleased to send updated elements for planning and rooms for distance encounter

This time table  is made with the  data from  35 expanded activities visible here
or here

See what a "distance encounter" can look like
( photo report of 9 distance encounters in mexico in may with video excerpts)


See who are the organizations  participating in wef ?
and here where you can search keywords with your internet browser search feature

 Interested by participating in a distance encounter during WEF?

>> look the tentative program  and tell us which one  writing to :   wef-expanded-team@wef-palestine.org !

Distance encounters are proposed

  •  in ramallah on 28th evening on 29th afternoon and evening
  •  in gaza on 30th
  • in  jenin Tulkarem Nabuz Bethleem hebron  on 30th

Note : You can see the detailed program proposed by Mexican organizations that mobilized greatly  for participating in WEF

2 - We put a special call to palestinian organisations located in Jenin, Tulkarem, Naplouse, Bethlehem and Hébron

On saturday 30th you can have distance encounter with  organizations from
BanglaDesh Brazil  Japan Jordan  Mexico Morocco Portugal
This means interact with them for two hours on saturday 30th by skype video conference
See 30th program here

 Interested to be a reliable counterpart for  an organisation  from those countries proposing distance encounter ?

This means providing them a room wiht internet access and have volunteers from your organizations help setting up the equipment for distance encounter ( laptop with webcam  video projector, loud speakers microphone
> Contact us wef-expanded-team@wef-palestine.org !
it can be a nice experience especially for younger people internet savvy
( see mexican experienc http://openfsm.net/projects/fsmmexx/fotos-comentadas-de-mexx

3 - We put a call to all organisations having activities in the WEFprogram  in palestine

Extending  your activity on internet  is most useful  to develop contacts with rest of the world, and it brings you also a live video memory of your activity

See list of palestine workshops here

Your activity is in Ramallah on 29th ,  and other organizations of west bank Gaza Palestine48, Lebanon, the rest of the world  may want to participate in it !
Your activity is in Gaza or West bank  or Palestine 48 on 30th ,  and other organisations from Ramallah and rest of the world  may want to participate in it !

See what extending a workshop may look like

Willing to extend your activity to your networks to all palestine and  to the world ?

>> Tell your intentions about this  us in  wef-expanded-team@wef-palestine.org

4 -  Distance encounter is not just with organisations abroad !

Interested by proposing in a distance encounter session of two hours withanother organisations/venue in palestine ?,

You may want to reserve a room  for this on afternoon of 29th  or 30th
>> Explain your intentions at   wef-expanded-team@wef-palestine.org !

5 -Willing to contribute to making distance intercommuincation in wef easier ?


  • - have a laptop computer with webcam or  a micropone  or loudspeakers or  video projector
  • - are internet savvy  i-e know a bit  about using www.skype.com  and www.ustream.tv or www.livestream.com, 
  • - wish to help with equipment and technical support  for those who have distance encoutner and /or extend their activity

> Join us writing to  wef-expanded-team@wef-palestine.org

Welcome in WEF dynamics .... and  thanks for your attention !
Wef expanded team