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Objectives of WEF expanded

  • objective of a wefexpanded  is to foster distance PARTICIPATION  among more people,  thus really exntending the wef process , adn makigng it more active wordwide and extend the "activie participatory and dialogic experencie of the social forum"  values conveyed are -self organzing - horizontalite- autonomous itnercommuniaction between groups 
  • provide occasion of new  encounters beyond limiltation of money and time to travel experienced by many local activists - 
  •   provide  support and popular education about collecive use of internet , offering clearcut distance participation formulas ( such as here distance encoutners , distance participation to activities )  that people can "adopt an adapt"  later in their own practices

  • the result of expanded activities  is also for WEF OC  a greater visibilty and presence  of WEFworldwide and quality of particpation in and out of palestine -this is in line with the wef project and  with the current decision of expanding wsf in dakar 

wefepxanded team

 wef expanded team is including at the start  both palestinian and international volunteers  and people from OC   ( the latter having not to perform task towards wef participants  but to follow and help solve problems and help implement what is decided

Team is peforming a service to the forum , with a compoent of popular education about empowerment on use of TI tools  using wdely used tool  with free access  ( skype  ustream, possibly   bigblue button ( free software) - so the team welcomes people , give infos, talks with them on skype , on phone,  in  person , inmeetings face to face and train them to make what they hace to do

wef expanded team would have

  • its ownworking  mailing list (can be in openfsm or in wefwebsite  )  and shared contact adress and  operate under OC
  • would be present in wef website and on the ground in palestine ( meetings with venue organisers and volunteers  ) and in the various mutual info spaces on itnernt  by language /geography that have been set in support of wef process , adn in the wkype chat rooms corresponding 
  • will include volunteers progressively

More (expanded and palestine based activities appearing  in the six weeks remaining to wef

it is assumed that wiht proper communications  the palestine based activities  can still give birth to other activites in the weeks to come

  • more expanded activities  ( as is the case for morroco and dakar , and canada ( which suprisinglu has no expanded activity to date , (porbably you know coutnry with a high solidarity potential , that need to be stimulated to regsitered expanded activitities
  •  a significant number of distance encounter between paelsitne groups , many coming as new actiities ( interlink in palestine ) , 
  • to local activiies in the contry of origin of non palesintinan coming to palestine, beign registered as new expanded actifities - wiht proper communication many  delegate in palestine could be triggering expanded acticities in their homeland
  • to activites of dsitance participaiton appearing  to participate in  those palestine actiities that will effectively  extend on internet

Work in wef website and in mutual info space and in skype chat rooms  created

for people /gruops willing to participate actigvely  from distance

spanish mutual info space  in mexico     in french speaking area   in  english speaking area

and  in palestine ( including 130 palestinian organisaitions , people having an active role in the first three spaces  )

those spaces are a positive complement to wefwebsite and  are not in  duplication or competition with wef-palestine.org site
  • wef website has been developped very rapidly and no time was given to think about  sophisticated features  for fostering interactions between wef participatns
  • all official  registration data is on the wef website - and  inasmuch relevant the declaration made in the activity forms are the reference  as is seen
  •  www.openfsm.net site is operated and provided by commisison communicatio of IC WSF  it provide interesting feature  of social networking site while being inedepending and free software  - it helps create more or less loose communities  wiht mailing list, blog and collaorative editing , where wef website is the political and logistcal reference but can only provided user to user interaction

Now about the regsitered activity table  - with more columns blue and brown


A B C questions that are in existing wef activity forms
this is what people registering an activity are confronted with

(example of fomr filled in activity  What education we want?

A -Do you wish your activity to be transmitted as live streaming with a chat room on the WEF website: 
B - Do you wish to interlink your expanded activity with a WEF venue: 
1. YES, I am open to interlinking with another activity
C -Will you have a point person at the WEF venue with which you want to interlink, who can set up the interlinking: 
Yes( this is about if they have a delegate in palestine ..)
D - Describe the way you envision the type of communication you wish to set up in your interlink: 
2-hour video conference between groups situated in two locations by skype.


the commented  table gives a good view of the situation  regarding answers to questions  A B C  that are in the foms filled by people registering

  • all the data is copied from the wef site and there are plenty of links directing to the wef webiste -
  • the added value of the table is in giving an overview and highlighting the expanded questions on interlink and extend

Brown table for activities in palestine

day & language
interlink during
interlink apart actvity
extend to allow distance participation
regsitered by (there can be several organisers)
Correspondence between classes as an incitement to creative pedagogical practices FRANCE

distance encounter ( see expaded activities)
No? broadcast to expanded activity in france ?

1 -Current  figures about interlink ( question B)
the notion of interlink has been  annouced in the site  - but not promoted on a ground yet
20 expanded actiivities and more to come - at least 10 of them looking for palestinians partners ( column contact in the blue table ) ( they can start individualy trhough wef website  and then also the common  list ca be used
60 palestine activities and more to come 
many  nearly all  say "yes ( all where i have put a question mark ..) yes we want to interlink,
but probably my assumption is that when filling the form  they did not all necessarily realize the meaning of "internlink as "  a live intercommunication, and are not clearly seeing how tehy will do it

 task of wef expanded team here is  to clarifiy and help people clarify and  concretize  and provide eventually  the necessary equiped room for distance encounters with a public schedule accomodating everyone

  • it is very important to offer the groups in palestine  the option of creating a distance encounter with people they want to interlink with AT ANOTHER MOMENT  than their scheduled activity
  • this is in order to separate difficulties and let them concentrate on their original project of face to face activity
  • and at antoher moment they can concentrate on having a deep interchange with some specifica group in palestine or abroad   INTERLINK APART - it is important to know how many  will want to do this  and schedule tehm in the needed rooms

2 -current figures about answers to  "extend my activity" on internet  ( question A)

  • 12 of the 20 activity outside palestine intend to stream
  •  the question A in the form is not clear since  it does not say that the streaming is self -produced by the organizers of the activity, ( with support of the wef expanded team which will help them train on www;ustream.tv  but not to perform the streaming for the oactivity organizers )
  • 18 of 48 palestine actiity  are saying they want to( be) streamed ( the 10 cutlural have not been asked about it in their cultural activity form)

so wef expanded team would have to  make contact with 30 activities organizers and if they are not, propose to train them on skype  about using ustream  - that is a day by day task that can be done on line or in presence

3 - whole issue of interlink - extend needs of COA activities still to be adressed
the table is showing only SOA, what about COA  organized by organizing committee- what is their need for  intelink and extend

task of wf expanded team here would be

  • to make OC aware of what need to be done to provide the services required

  • and ask organisations made visible in those OC seminars and the alernative media in wef  to  organize to perfom the roles for broadcast and feedback 
  • and to complemtent this with wolunteer support


4 -status of   "epanded activities "  blue table

Blue table for expanded activities 

ACTIVITY TITLE and description
print version
LINK TO linguistic mutual info space showing expanded actfivities

DAY hour

Local time


Time diference with palestine



FORMAT of our activit, can be :

local face to face

local with some connected moments

distance encounter

distance participation


we have delegates in palestine

who can help us for contacts and connections

we are looking for CONTACTs in palestine  to have a distance encounter or a moment of connection

we will

EXTEND on internet to allow distance participation

we give video channel & public skype contact!

registered by  ( there can be other organizers involved) 


this message is visible  here

Hello, Adnan Franck Marjon  Maren Martina  Michel Refaat Soraida and others on that list
Here is  a link to  this space which is about sharing practical info about interlink, extend , and encounter  bteween organisations having activities in palestine  (many of them palestinian )
 Purpose here  is very practical : 
 to have a collective space dealing with issues around
  • interlink during activities ,between places in palestine ( distance encounters between haifa and ramallah for instance
  • extend the activities  on internet ( to allow distance participation from people in other venues or anywhere in the world )
  •  and share contacts abvout  distance encounters  activities with other countries -palestinian organisations may be interested in knowing which are the   distance encounter activities that are being prepared

    all this can only feed the social forum spirit of intercommunicaiton and open dialogue

and  be included in this list
 where they can ask questions, and inform others of their intentions etc..
May be people who are active in taking care of the 5 venues,and providing the internet and distance encounter equipment can be included in this list to see concretely  the surge of need for  inter-communication

Situation of the expanded activities per language area is the following 
  • in francofonia  french speaking countries  -the dynamics is developing 
    • ( there is  nancy who involves refaat ;-)   and other announcements  in france in senegal in morroco - there will be a great need to faciltiate contacts

  • in  anglophonia - including brazil   it is starting 

  • in hispanofonia  - not much  is happening except the prominent activity in mexico (  to date no preparatory  skype conversation has taken place between womens organisation in palesitne and in mexico  -a positivie contact has been made by mail with soraida

this is a public list so please avoid  giving personal  data on it ....rc
you may find useful to  circulate this email to  some organizaiton whom you feel are interested by the idea of interlink for self organized activities , or OC orgainsations that have co-organized acitvities and whish to interlink or extend them on internet