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The intention is  to follow up and operationalize on what was discussed

Here is an overview  drafted hastily expressing things that  we exchanged upon

We said that organizing an inclusive wefexpanded team

We agreed that this last month up to wef is convenient to give more emphases in the expanded aspects and it is also much needed seen from outside palestine

A mailing list for this wef expanded team can be created, either in wef-palestine.org, or in the palestine interlink extend space , at your convenience , with Omar, Mohanad, Refaat as listening members)

The wef expanded  team would be caring about

1-informing  palestine participants about options of interlinking and extending their activities inside palestine , and also  with participants worldwide especially those that are mobilized in expanded activities, giviing rooms support and training for those who want to participate

we have defined that priority was sending a OC message to palestinian organisations  ( Ronza as per request of Refaat sent me the Pngo list . which is ready to be used  inside a space designed to promote interlink  and extension of activities - i can forward a pre draft for this message if you wish

a palestine interlink and extend space has been proposed to be a place where people can interact collectively inside a mailing list  about those aspects and find documentation in easily edited pages

2-staying in contact with 25 expanded activity participants gathered in three mailing lists ( a mexican  one , and english speaking one , and a french one ) , making a sucess of all 25 + expanded actiivities in their relation to palestine (i-e  boosting contacts with groups in palestine  , finding adequate rooms, and organizing technical support in palestine

a working table is prepared , focusing on expanded aspects of activities in and out of palestine
a draft schedule of rooms is started

 Mexican participants who have made a great input in WEF expanded , have asked for a meeting next saturday  to cover their needs of comunication and logistics

 french speaking , spanish speakingenglish speaking  and a palestine interlink and extend  spaces have been prepared in the last two months with regular information to WEF team and are proposed as a complement to wef site fostering collective interactions between participants , that is not duplicating efforts with wef site which is the political and logistical reference of wef process  and allows person to person interactions only