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This a discussion space aiming at developping  world forum on science and democracy in the USA

What is WFSD : World Forum on Science and Democracy ?


World Forum on Science and Democracy is an emergent process is based on a call : http://fm-sciences.org/appel/index.php?a=appel,

The challenge is having in wsf a wider balanced approach/presence  of issues crossing sciences an democracy  ,  here are some extracts of the call

...That is why we believe that the building of a space of open cooperation, of wide public and democratic debates between scientists, NGOs and social movements at a world level will open new and exciting opportunities.......

......Scientists and social movements need to share their expertise and conceptions to build societies that better respect human rights, cultural diversity and social and ecological needs.

Emergence of this WFSD process was landmarked by an encounter in Belem WSF last january gathering nearly 300 participants from  brasil, india, canada /quebec, Europe... and few people from USA

See information , sign the call and participate here in WFSD website  http://fm-sciences.org/?lang=en

What can be done in USA about WFSD in the coming months?

  • prepare activities related to science and democracy issues  inside USSF2010 in detroit  along with organisations acting insideWFSD process in Brasil, Canada, Europe, India,  ( such  activities have been organized in ESF one year ago ,  Belem WSF in January,  and Quebec SF last october
  • getting on board WFSD process and developping this process in the USA,


Who can participate in this  "WFSD in USA" space ?

it is an open discussion space , where to assess relevancy and modalities of US involveement in WFSD dynamucs and creating a US WFSD dynamics,  targeting

  • persons involved in US based organisations and social movements having  seeking some academic supportive contacts for their actions /struggles 
  • persons involved  in US based ngos interested/active on issue regarding science and democracy
  • persons involved in  the academic world  on issues regarding science and democracy  as collective or as individual

    How to join in this space?

      • click on the green button "join" in the top banner on this page

        follow registration steps if you are newcome , 

        introduce yourself and your interest regarding WFSD in USA
        you may be then included in the space, and into its associated mailing list

        info about this openFSM site

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