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Early advice of disruptions to public transport schedules, plus scrollable map and overhead view of the official G20 venue, and map of central Brisbane, showing Declared/Venue Restricted areas.   


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Civil society conversations and dialogues are about the giving of, and listening to, voices (6:26).  When Australia took on the role of chair of the Group of Twenty economies (G20), Australian civil society entered into conversations and dialogues across the 12-month tenure, to culminate in a gathering of the political heads of these 20 economies, in Brisbane in November.

In closing the civil society Summit (C20), its Steering Committee chairperson (Rev Tim Costello) pointedly said:

“The messages are pretty clear from civil society. If you [G20 government leaders] want legitimacy, to be able to say that you really are leading in a way that we expect, here are the issues.  Now, over to you – civil society has spoken.”


Far from an empty or hollow plea, and on behalf of the C20 Steering Committee, Rev Costello then commissioned each of the 253 Summit delegates to return to their constituencies, and to mobilise ahead of Brisbane’s G20 Leaders’ Summit, this November; 


The Steering Committee

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Since June 2014, delegates have emulated Tim’s personal example of ‘always speaking truth to power’; eg The Gallery

http://www.c20.org.au/the-summit/?afg0_page_id=153#rfg-0       http://www.c20.org.au/the-summit/?afg0_page_id=154#rfg-0