• wsfcafefsm brisbane welcome message

last modified October 27, 2014 by facilitfsm

Welcome in wsf cafe brisbane

you are here because you have filled a participation form  remember !        Get in WSF Café Brisbane   

if you only are in contact with wsfcafefsm.brisbane on skype you are semi participant until you fill the form 

you are expected to have sympathy or benevolent curiosity for wsf process and values  explicited  in wsf charter it fhis is not the case better leave the café

as such you understand that this café is not a mediatic place where to make statement in the name of collectives 

you participate as a person : you are not representing any organisation, but you can mention organisation you are participating in

you have announced topics of interest when filling the form and you can try to develop them in a conversation either in a common room or in a pad which also has a chat facility  

discussion in the cafe is free wheeling , there is no obliged topics,  of course some relevant topics are those related to G20 connected events /activities that you will find in the schedule and also commenting about world social forum experience of participants etc..

there is no expected output of conversation in the café 

discussion in the café can take various form  written chat  audio chat  pad drafting  video producing and video viewing

you have a right to privacy only your first name is mentionned in the  participants page, and take into account that  the journal  of your written conversation in the chatlog will be published 

as participant in the cafe  you are not obliged to answer sollicitation from any media person that you would meet in the cafe or outside