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WSF Café


15 -19 October 2014


Espace Afrique ouest et FSM, 

Espace Maghreb et FSM,

Espace forum social congolais 

Nigeria & WSF space 

Espace Afrique Sud-east Africa & WSF  



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chat log and photos of wsf cafe dakar 1-30 october 2014


The World Social Forum (WSF) is an processus permanent  , organizations and individuals liaison 
who believe that "another world is possible" and intend to build in a variety of ways 

The WSF process takes the form of a succession d evenements with a methodology for open space 
where organizations come together and dialogue nt in "activities" self-organized

In short, the FSM Cafe is a place for informal meetings between participants in African Social Forum  in  Dakar and participants online on skype about the WSF process and on a variety of  sujetsMeetings are held without appointment between participants by mutual availability Dakar and the rest of the world, in a group of participants prerecorded


Thanks to the internet, the WSF café is a place where participants who are in Dakar and others who are not there meet 

They exchange on a personal basis, and participate together in the African Social Forum, the formers including the latters with chat  audio and video from Dakar 

Online articipation in wsf cafe, can bring new contacts , ideas, experiences,  when you are available, during 15-19 october, and from where you live and act for another possible world,  


Want to get in WSF cafe ?....

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(  online form with 7 questions required and 7 optional )

Welcome !


What? On what?

WSF Dakar(internet) café is a wsf cafe ( see concept presentation here)  that stands at the African Social Forum where you can discover and discuss the WSF and ask you about the WSF and communicate the initiatives you want to place in the WSF process . 

Participants team of WSF café may  present succession of events and the documents of reference , WSF, websites on the events and processes 


Informally entries and interviews, contact with outside Dakar skype chat verbal or written with laptops in small groups (coffee tables in Dakar) (outsidecontributions and visitors from outside ) 

or also live video streaming  of activities made by alternative media or by café participants themselves  welcoming in their computer comments and interventions by remote participants  


Any interested person or organization to request and discuss the WSF process and likely to be in line with "WSF charter” "(will be presented too ...) 

A group of WSF participants with varying within the WSF (wide variety of events, thematic discussion, etc) processes and experiences that are as u n group of volunteers to provide practical Internet connection, free skype, system sound, interpretation, video coverage 

From where?

The FSM Café is available to direct visitors and participants in Dakar and visitors away making contact with the skype"wsfcafefsm.dakar" account which introduces them in the chat room 


because the process of the WSF, which is a link between thousands of organizations and individuals who believe that another world is possible, is worth being discussed ..... 

              Enter  WSF Café Dakar              

When: During "African Social Forum -    List of workshops is not available yet

the international chat lounge  will be open from october 1st so as to give participants who arrive progressively in it be acquainted  

  The FSM Café will be open as far as possible from October 15 to 19, 2014, from 10 am to 18 pm UTC

(The schedule will be confirmed by the local team - participants  AutoEN can chat in the room overall participation on skype and make conversations Accommodation)

Where? Physically in CICES in dakar  in an  appropriate location with wifi Online in a chat room skype

 coffee is an open place without representation or "issues" 

Area West Africa and FSM ,(AutoEN) Espace Afrique de l'ouest et FSM,


group.fsmextension.africaouest & gmail.com

Skype contact: wsfcafefsm.dakar

Web page: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-dakar2014-en

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