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WSF café initiative in short 

  1. WSF cafe initiative  http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm  is an ongoing initiative,  ( see  information about broader social forum extension initiative). It consists of preparing and setting up temporary schemes called WSF cafés on occasion of events listed in wsf calendar,  cafés are prepared along specific terms of reference summarized in this presentation
  2. After a first active experience, participants in a WSF cafe, with established interest for wsf process, can propose to be involved in the wsf café initiative group,  and are thus committing to be active participants in future cafes, or involved in on line support teams, or in center teams for these future cafés
  3. WSF café initiative group is not an organisation and is not expressing collectively on  issue, except its own initiative and evolution of wsf process 


WSF cafés In short 

  1. WSF café is a  modality of extension developed since 2014 -  it can be organized stand alone, as a space in the hosting event, or inserted in a more complete extension scheme of this event
  2. WSF cafés are adhoc temporary and informal , both direct ( i-e in the place of the event)  and online  gatherings of people,, invited to register in advance, or during the event, and to be active some time around the event dates.
  3. Participants in the café are invited to  practice  PERSONAL intercommunication about topics of their own choice, about wsf and about activities in the hosting event.
  4. WSF cafes are thus not adding "activities" in the hosting event program, as is the case for other dimensions of extension .  
  5. WSF cafés exist through chatrooms, topic pads, audio calls, and tele participation in activities held in the event and livestreamed by media or other café  direct participants, who also host remote participants. Also they exist through a physical place allocated in the event, hopefully by  organizing committee, with connectivity, and visibilty in the event program
  6. WSF cafés are self organized with zero budget, by teams formed and backed up in WSF café initiative  with center and on line support components taking up typical tasks- Starting a café requires having - as a recomended minimum  team - 2 people present in the event location (and 1 with livestreaming ability if possible) and 2 people in on line support  - the zero budget and interpersonal scale of WSF cafés contribute to making them relevant with what the motivation of direct and online participants will allow to achieve .
  7. WSF cafés be co organized with event organisation committee if hosting event is a social forum (category 1 in wsf calendar, category 2 3 4 indicate growing distance with Charter of principles of WSF  and Guiding principles for organizing a WSF event as basis for event methodology and ideological positioning, while showing willingness of event organizers to be listed in the  WSF process calendar); If numerous local activies  (see what it is are developing on an area  on occasion of an event , a WSF cafe linked to this set of local acivities can be orgnaized  with a linkage to the WSF cafe located at the center of the event 
  8. WSF cafés bring following benefits: international information andcontacts, exchange about wsf, and training on intercommunication tools to their participants, experience to their organizers, and greater visibility of event in wsf context at zero budget to hosting event organizing committee

    ( version agreed 23rd september 2014 by WSF café initiative group)