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WSF café 




August 21-24 2014

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 Word social forum ( WSF) is a permanent process, linking organisations and people,
who think "another world is possible" and intend to build it in a variety of ways

WSF process takes the form of a succession of events  with an open space methodology
where organizations meet and dialogue during self organized "activities"

Basically wsf cafe is a place for informal encounters between people in Ottawa and people abroad through skype, on a variety of topics. encounters are not by appointment but based on mutual availability, in ottawa, and around the word,  within a group of preregistered participants  

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What ?  About What ? WSF cafe Ottawa held on occasion of people social forum  is a place where to discover and exchange about WSF and ask Questions you have about WSF and communicate initiatives you want to locate inside WSFprocess.

Contributors will answer questions and present the wsf calendar and WSF reference documents, websites about events and processes

How? in an informal way around a drink , some inputs and interviews, some contact with outside Ottawa through skype verbal or written chat with laptops in small groups  ( tables of the cafe)  ( outside contributions and outside visitors ) 


Who ? Any person or organization interested to ask and exchange about WSF process and likely to be in agreement with “WSF charter”( will be presented too…)

A group of  contributors, WSF participants having varied experiences inside WSF process ( various events   scale , thematic focus etc) A group of supporters helping with practicalities  internet connection, skype connection , sound system, interpretation,  video coverage

From where? WSF cafe is accessible to those direct visitors ,or contributors dropping in  cafe in Ottawa, or  those distance visitors  or contributors contacting  skype user  " wsfcafefsm.ottawa" and ushered in chat rooms by "skype hosts" 

Why? Because WSF process, which is linking thousands of organizations and people who think another world is possible, is worth explaining about …..

             "PARTICIPATE in WSF Café Ottawa"               

When?  During "People social forum"    http://www.peoplessocialforum.org/

Café will be open ,inasmuch possible, on 21 22 23 24  August 2014,  from 10 am  to 18 pm UTC -4

 check time difference here  http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-hours-ottawa

 (schedule to be confirmed by local team -  remote participants can chat in the general participation room on skype )

Where? Physically  in  ottawa university   WSF Café will be located next to Media Center UCU301 or on People 's square next to FSS


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On line in skype : An  open discussion places without representation nor "stakes"

Canada and WSF space,candaandwsf.jpg


Both are accessible through WSF cafe home page  ( see address below):

Mail Contact :

group.fsmwsfextension.canada  chez gmail.com

Skype contact : wsfcafefsm.ottawa

Web page :   http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa

On line Form  "Visit WSF Café FSM Ottawa" 






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