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Day 4: 24 August

WSFCafe Ottawa General Discussion (ctd)

TheIndependent.ca @IndependentNL  23m Dispatches from Peoples Social Forum (Day 2) with Indy correspondent Jon Parsons [VIDEO] theindependent.ca/?p=38907 #PSF2014

[12:15:57 AM] Chris, Australia: Additional links added to the PSF Day 1 Narrative page here, http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-narrative  Are these links helpful for WSFCafe and PSF-Extended people to understand what happened last Thursday, at the commencement of Ottawa's Peoples' Social Forum?

[12:19:33 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Thank you - merci Said - good luck in Alexandria !!!!

[12:20:05 AM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: Thank you Sylvie....et a bientot :)

[12:20:16 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Oui à bientôt

[12:20:50 AM] Uddhab, Nepal: yes

[12:21:00 AM] Eric, Benin: bonsoir

[12:21:53 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Eric bonsoir - tu veux m'appeler sur la ligne swfcafefsm.ottawa2?

[12:22:44 AM] Eric, Benin: ok


[12:31:54 AM] *** wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2 added Juan Carlos ***

[12:32:02 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: binevendia Juan Carlos, en la sala de conversation general

[12:37:02 AM] Juan Carlos: gracias

[12:37:54 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: si Juan esperabamos que nos acceptaras como contacten skype para poderte incluir en esta sala que funcciona por escrito y permite relaciones entres participantes et informaciones practicas.  La puedes registrar en tu contacto como "Ottawa café fsm"

[12:43:21 AM] Juan Carlos: ok

[12:45:17 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-narrative  aqui esta un recuento por Chris en Australia de que paso ayer. El perfil de los particpantes esta aqui

[12:46:10 AM] Juan Carlos: merci

[12:46:23 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list tu nos hay lleando el formulario de participacion? No te encontramos en la lista https://docs.google.com/forms/d/16CWRrCsnjC_ugftEoHfDItaQB0vdaP-ZUJA94hf02GQ/viewform

esto es el formulario para dar su perfil

[12:49:00 AM] Juan Carlos: no lo he rellenado todavia

[12:49:13 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: pues si.

[1:22:13 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: hello, anyone here? y a t'il quelqu'un dans la salle?

[1:22:35 AM] Maher, Egypt: Yes

[1:22:43 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: aaahhh, finally

[1:27:21 AM] Hassan, Maroc: hello

[1:36:20 AM] katehaoua1: salut les amis je catherine du maroc comment va Ottawa?

[1:36:50 AM] Catherine, Maroc: hello

[1:36:56 AM] Hassan, Maroc: hello

[1:37:04 AM] Catherine, Maroc: i am ready

[1:37:13 AM] Hassan, Maroc: ok

[1:37:33 AM] Eric, Benin: Slt Catherine

[1:37:59 AM] Catherine, Maroc: i want anyone from Ottawa

[1:38:24 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: hello everyone

[1:39:03 AM] Hassan, Maroc: What is the theme of the day? I want to see friends who discuss the topic

[1:44:49 AM] Eric, Benin: Can you speak French?

[1:45:49 AM] Hassan, Maroc: ok. Je ne peux pas parler français. De n'importe quel pays vous parlez. Je peux parler Français. De n'importe quel pays vous parlez

[1:47:39 AM] Maher, Egypt: can someone tell me ‘what is the time there now’? in Ottawa

[1:48:00 AM] Sylvie, Canada: In Ottawa it is 12:17. Today in Ottawa there were about 20 various workshops and the afternoon is mostly focused on Assemblies

[1:49:05 AM] Hassan, Maroc: Je ne sais pas la date exacte

[1:49:20 AM] Eric, Benin: Je suis du Benin

[1:49:24 AM] Maher, Egypt: Thank You

[1:49:27 AM] Eric, Benin: Afrique de l'ouest

[1:49:55 AM] Hassan, Maroc: heureux de vous rencontrer

[1:50:11 AM] Eric, Benin: Enchanté

[1:50:49 AM] Sylvie, Canada: I will attend an assembly on the US Social Forum at 13:00 as I'm curious on the willingness and readiness of Americans to change the world; and at 4:00 - one assembly on the future of social forums.  So we continue to support the building of World Social Forums in Tunis and in Montreal and if we can, to support the building of the national and regional of social forums

[1:52:38 AM] Maher, Egypt: any links of livestream?

[1:53:18 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Not now, but we should have few livestreams this afternoon

[1:53:46 AM] Maher, Egypt: That would be nice

[1:53:52 AM] Hassan, Maroc: Vous savez, mes amis que lorsque l'empire Roumanie a battu plusieurs empires, et n'a pas trouvé de la concurrence a commencé à s'effriter sur sa propre

[1:53:54 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Gustavo - do you have a link of what what filmed this morning?

[1:55:01 AM] Eric, Benin: Chers amis j'ai une proposition à vous faire

[1:55:13 AM] Maher, Egypt: who is keeping the list of all live stream/videos links in the forum? Because i would like to have it

[1:56:11 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: a good question Maher. Chris is censing it and also editing it here

[1:56:52 AM] Eric, Benin: Vu l'importance que chacun de nous attache à ce groupe et à l'intérêt des sans voix, je propose que nous continuons de discuter sur ce groupe même après le forum

[1:57:26 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Y

[1:57:32 AM] Maher, Egypt: I think it’s better to have all in website link with menu/nav bar that show the categories/type of these videos

[1:57:34 AM] Hassan, Maroc: bien

[1:57:54 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Oui c cet une bronne IEEE

[1:58:08 AM] Maher, Egypt: we can use Wordpress sytem to have it there and it’s easy to be managed

[1:58:34 AM] Hassan, Maroc: Choose the topic we are discussing

[1:58:37 AM] Eric, Benin: Pour conserver les liens de solidarité voire créer un réseau de défense pouvant nous permettre de partager nos infos et de savoir comment mener une lutte d'une autre façon

[2:03:17 AM] Maher, Egypt: Hello, i am not following you all. Can anyone tell me what is the theme of today?

[2:05:56 AM] Chris, Australia: It is a collection of Movement Assemblies, final day of Convergences tomorrow (Ottawa time).  This format is known to most World Social Forum attendees, and I expect will be similar in Tunis 2015?

 [2:07:43 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: Chris is editing the links here:

[2:08:21 AM] Maher, Egypt: Thank u and thanks to Chris :) Chris, any groups/movement from Egypt?

[2:09:11 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-medialivestreaming Maher, this is the place where the list of videos can be edited.  Chris is working in the narrative page

[2:12:38 AM] Maher, Egypt: let me help if you needed any with online matters as i have good skills in web design/php developing

[2:12:43 AM] Chris, Australia: Maher, as there are 17 independent themes running throughout PSF Ottawa (over 500 activities), can expect many Movement Assemblies.  They are all listed here, http://static.squarespace.com/static/52faa83fe4b00ea56bbb527a/t/53f4ad5ae4b02de8411c3719/1408544090885/PSF_eprogNnn.pdf  p46-47.  Mohamed is from Egypt

[2:14:48 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-medialivestreaming

http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-narrative  Eric and Maher and … who wants? You can watch some videos and comment them freely on the pad here

[2:15:56 AM] Chris, Australia: There are other Egypt participants listed among the 33; here http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list

[2:16:00 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: https://pad.riseup.net/p/comments-psf-livestreams-in-wsfcafe-ottawa this is the pad that anyone can edit

[2:23:59 AM] Chris, Australia: The PSF-Extended group now commences Livestreaming of Movement Assemblies listed here, http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities , Lines 2, 4 and 9, and their corresponding interactions (if you have already registered) are at public Skypes  fnmipedago &  seizethedata.extension, and Facebook chat PFSaltmedia respectively

[2:36:11 AM] Hassan, Maroc: Are you on the line?

[2:36:11 AM] Sylvie, Canada: I will be chatting while listening into the US sonically forum 3 - waiting for some participants

[2:37:25 AM] Hassan, Maroc: That's how I was admitted to the hall via Skype to participate in thread

[2:37:30 AM] Maher, Egypt: at rabbles, when it will start?

[2:37:57 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: now 1pm Canada time is the second slot.  Start for Assemblies

[2:38:18 AM] Maher, Egypt: now started:)

[2:40:36 AM] Hassan, Maroc: I am watching people social of rabble

[2:43:00 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Walda and Jerome will be our host for this forum.  Jay Sen is in the room too...he is well-known author on the Social Forums ... I'm already looking forward to our discussion :)

[2:43:28 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: ah yes. Is there any streaming available?

 [2:44:58 AM] Sylvie, Canada: sadly no.  But I have a computer is anyone is available....

[2:45:15 AM] Hassan, Maroc: www.rabble.ca

[2:45:30 AM] Maher, Egypt: http://rabble.ca/rabbletv u can stream for us if u can. Any translation in http://rabble.ca/rabbletv it’s French now

[2:46:56 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Maher what is this streaming about?

[2:47:37 AM] Gustavo, Canada: Here is the link to the Movement Assembly on Solidarity with Indigenous Peoples: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/9527600/events/3319225

[2:48:45 AM] Maher, Egypt: now it’s in English. Gabrial an author is talking

[2:53:23 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: what it is about?

[2:54:27 AM] Maher, Egypt: The changes of everything.  She’s sharing some ideas from her book and how it affects Gobal issues like Captalism

[2:55:26 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: there is also a live stream here: http://www.ustream.tv/channel/www-99media-org-live but they do not announce what it is

[2:59:22 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Hope to start my livestream once the participants have finished their introduction for the US Social Forum - stay tuned

[2:59:46 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: also received from Iraq today. ‘Dear colleagues, Hope this e mail finds you well. the following link is the life streaming of the Symposium held by Tammuz Org. within the frame work of the ISF activities to preserve Peaceful coexistence, under the title "Hatred Pyramid and ways of achieving Social Justice Tolerance" held in Tammuz Org headquarters.. Broadcasting will start at 10.30am Baghdad time.  Hope you join us https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K3Zjuh6eGAc

[3:01:41 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Live streaming now

[3:02:45 AM] Maher, Egypt: anyone is present in the room where Naomi Klein speaking?

[3:05:06 AM] Hassan, Maroc: Peace linked to stay away from religious conflicts and ethnic and racial

[3:05:41 AM] Sylvie, Canada: New.livestream.com/accounts/9724383/events/3319933  Another world is possible, a different US is necessary

[3:08:56 AM] Gustavo, Canada: Sylvie, I accessed the link. The video has not started yet

[3:09:19 AM] Hassan, Maroc: America wants to govern alone, but must understand the world is made up of several countries. Must share in the ideas and Altmanip and the economy and not wars

[3:09:36 AM] Sylvie, Canada: The next US Social Forum will be "polycentric" social forum, gathering people in critical locations around the country, connecting us in person and via the web to deepen our political analyses and build alliances and strategies for social transformation.  Www.ussocialforum.net

[3:10:53 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: thanks Sylvie for the notes :) and the streaming

[3:11:17 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Get a copy of the PMA -People Movement Assembly- toolkit at http://abc.ussf2010.org/assemblies

[3:13:49 AM] Gustavo, Canada: I can see http://new.livestream.com/accounts/9724383/events/3319160 (Gustavo here) I'll tweet about it, Sylvie -

[3:14:41 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: :)

[3:15:05 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Thanks - very interesting - bring more people here - very friendly space ...The People Movement Assembly process will be used - 2104 movement school - 2015 - polycentric forum in Philadelphia, Jackson and San Jose 24-30 June - will offer 60% people assembly and 40% workshops and 2016 Assembly of Assemblies.  A lot of strategic thinking going on. Movement school - strategic and tactic thinking and thoughts of politically unity. Must have a global movement - think about what do we start? US, Canada and Mexico and a first unity to move towards global unity

[3:33:32 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: i cannot see because i cannot join the livestream http://new.livestream.com/accounts/9724383/events/3319160 i do not receive the mail subscription

[3:34:30 AM] Gustavo, Canada: did you check the junk mail folder? or spam folder?

[3:36:23 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: thanks

[3:37:44 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Will me know if it is working ...otherwise I might need help in changing the settings

[3:53:45 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: now watching Sylvie’s stream. Anyone here? Hello bonsoir

[4:05:00 AM] Maher, Egypt: Yes

[4:08:04 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: :)

[4:14:02 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Now with Sylvie in the US Social Forum assembly.

[4:14:24 AM] Maher, Egypt: watching

[4:15:37 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Sylvie is now a certified streamer ....

[4:18:18 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: that me saying it :)

[4:18:43 AM] Maher, Egypt: can i have the notes if anyone have of what u talked about i just joined

[4:19:09 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Sylvie has put in the room serial notes. So just scroll up, Maher

[4:19:43 AM] Maher, Egypt: thank you

[4:19:54 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: do you see Sylvie notes? Maher, is there anything you want to say? in this assembly, we can voice it for you :)

[4:20:52 AM] Maher, Egypt: yes i saw it

[4:21:01 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: it can be a plain testimony. Also that you are watching this from Egypt and any comment it may trigger, it would be great. What do you think?

[4:22:43 AM] Maher, Egypt: yes for sure. Being united always comes from the country.  Then it can be Globaled and i can talk about Activista an International Network for activists

[4:24:36 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: can you make your statement clearer? :)

[4:25:12 AM] Maher, Egypt: i can join by Skype as vioce but cannot stream right now. My connection won’t make a good stream

[4:25:52 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: am not speaking of voice  - am speaking of a three five line written text!

[4:26:26 AM] Maher, Egypt: Sure

[4:26:36 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: that we will read in the room in your name

[4:28:37 AM] Sylvie, Canada: There are 150 million poor people living in USA. There is an alignment of issues and there is a willingness to come together to construct a better world. Better world vision - basic income, promote human rights, becoming human right defender

[4:32:37 AM] Maher, Egypt: i would like to talk about being united and in active groups in Egypt. As we know, most of us in Egypt faced many changes in the past years - even before 2011 revolution. And that made an open way for making lots of movement and Political Parties and Social Groups. But that always go down most of the time, as they end facing the government.  So what i think is as there is corruption, there is always fight back from government against all movements or groups that want to make changes

[4:32:46 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Affordable ecologically-sound housing. Accessible and sustainable energy. Get rid of banking institutions -death trap

[4:34:44 AM] Maher, Egypt: so we tried to make it Globaled and get support from all activists around the world. But in same time, we forgot about people inside the country, because the media and Police are owned by the government

[4:35:09 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: (Maher this statement is focused about Egypt -  it would be good to focus on the theme of this Assemblies and how the US- Canada forum organizing can be useful to people in Egypt somehow ....) What do you think?

[4:38:28 AM] Maher, Egypt: people in USA and Canada have more ways to show up their cases (as TV and Radio) comparing to Egypt, and for us as Egyptians that will be a wonderful help for our Egyptian cases as they can take our cases more wider. So what i suggest is making or join Global networks like "Activista" network around the world in 35+ countries, as i am a member in activista Egypt, to share and help each other for supporting cases

[4:40:51 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: thanks Maher

[4:42:39 AM] Maher, Egypt: PS: TV and Radios in Egypt and most of the arab country are owned by Government or people with Power. So normal people won’t be able to make it. u are welcome

[4:54:20 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: we just read it

[4:54:50 AM] Maher, Egypt: Yap Activista :) Thank you http://www.actionaid.org/activista

[4:57:11 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: so now it is in the notes of this Assembly

[4:57:57 AM] Maher, Egypt: Can u put the Camera a lil bit down. Anyone there

[5:17:07 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Yes, we are ready for your questions. For your information, we will be moving in a new building to attend the Assembly of Social Forums at about 4:00pm

[5:18:30 AM] Maher, Egypt: how can people involve Police or Military into action by talking as they are in many countries repressed by the ruling regime?

 [5:20:13 AM] Sylvie, Canada: A very good question ...sadly we will not have time to ask our participants for their input as we need to move

[5:20:26 AM] Maher, Egypt: It’s Okay. Thank you for that great talk

[5:35:51 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: allo no vox togo

[5:36:26 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: OK

[5:36:41 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: salut Toussaint

[5:38:41 AM] *** wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2 added live:mdl2907 ***

[5:41:23 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: oui comment se deroule le forum?

[5:41:39 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Rendez-vous Tabaret salle 70

[5:41:54 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: maintenant no vox Togo a renommé la salle de convefstion dans son ordinateur " ottawa café fsm".  Sylvie dès que tu peux donne le ien video. Toussaint du Togo va assiiter pendant au moins deu heres

[5:47:04 AM] Sylvie, Canada: New.livestream.com/accounts/9724383/events/3319160 Just need to remember how to start the video. Session will be in French

[5:50:35 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: http://New.livestream.com/accounts/9724383/events/3319160

[5:51:01 AM] Maher, Egypt: Voice is really hard, is it only me? Thank you

[5:54:17 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Had some conflicts with the translators... Is it better? We are doing the introduction of participants now

[5:55:48 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: je ne vois pas ta video

[5:55:52 AM] Sylvie, Canada: The question on the board is ‘How did social forum help you in moving your causes forward?’  La question est comment les forum sociaux peuvent vous aider dans vos luttes respectives?

[5:57:01 AM] Maher, Egypt: Yes, it’s much better, thank you

[5:57:58 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: Sylvie ta video ne marche pas

[5:58:27 AM] Maher, Egypt: if u have any translator, i think u can take a mic-in wire into ur laptop mic and then u can take voice as translation in English

[5:59:32 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Pierre will be joining us soon.  So better he can help with the translation

[6:01:20 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: hello everyone

[6:01:26 AM] Maher, Egypt: Hello, do u have translators with spiders? I can provide you a radio channel where you just need to plugin a mic-input and i can get the translation

 [6:04:52 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: the sound is very good

[6:05:33 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: alo Pierre la video n'est pas clair

[6:05:46 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: elle est tres bonne pour le son

[6:06:18 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: le son oui. Mais pas clair

[6:07:07 AM] Eric, Benin: salut

[6:07:21 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: salut Eric

[6:07:38 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: Eric voici le lien video

[6:07:59 AM] Eric, Benin: Toussaint ça va?

[6:08:04 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: http://New.livestream.com/accounts/9724383/events/3319160

[6:08:26 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: oui

[6:08:29 AM] Maher, Egypt: Pierre

[6:08:33 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: yes

[6:08:39 AM] Maher, Egypt: do you have any spiders? for translation

[6:09:11 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: this is an assembly in French about connections in social forums. Especially in Quebec and in view of World Social Forum 2016 mondial in Montréal.  No i do not have

[6:10:11 AM] Maher, Egypt: okay i see

[6:10:31 AM] Eric, Benin: je télécharge

[6:10:56 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: telécharge ou regarde?

[6:11:07 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: oh lala, je rate beaucoup d'informations

[6:11:12 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Maher, if you stay online I can revise some translations as we get into the discussions -would you be interested?

[6:11:14 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: et ceci ne dépend de moi. Ma connexion est très faible.  Je reçois les notifications mais je ne parviens pas a les lire. Bonsoir chers tous

[6:11:56 AM] Maher, Egypt: sure, would be great, thank you

[6:12:41 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: eric sa marche pour toi le video?

[6:12:42 AM] Eric, Benin: mon poste demande un téléchargement je ne sais si c'est à cause de la connexion

[6:13:36 AM] Maher, Egypt: no download is required if you use Chrome as a browser

[6:13:51 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: thanks Maher. Pour moi il n'y a rien a télécharger  just a s'incrire

[6:13:53 AM] Maher, Egypt: but some other browsers might need Flash player by Adobe

 [6:14:21 AM] Eric, Benin: ça me demande encore de me joindre au facebook

[6:14:39 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: OUI pareille que moi. Eric

[6:15:09 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: est ce que c'est par ce que vous utilisez chrome? Comme di Maher

[6:15:16 AM] Maher, Egypt: Eric, you will need an account for Livestream website to see it clear and it’s free

[6:15:16 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Raphael Canet is our facilitator he is professor in Ottawa on Globalization and International Development. He has encouraged Collectives to attend World Social Forums.

[6:15:31 AM] Eric, Benin: je vais relancer pour voir

[6:15:41 AM] Sylvie, Canada: He is also involved in the planning for the WSF Montreal in 2016

[6:15:49 AM] Eric, Benin: autrement je telecharge chrome

[6:16:49 AM] Maher, Egypt: Eric, just sign up with the website so u can see the video because the broadcaster is using a free account

[6:16:56 AM] Sylvie, Canada: He's providing information on the process of presenting a candidature for Montreal - as a first forum in the North

[6:17:01 AM] Maher, Egypt: just make an account and it’s free

[6:17:22 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: comme sa demande de se joinddre a facebook on fair comment Pierre

[6:18:01 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: tu peux créer un compte avec ton mail sans passer par Facebook

[6:18:11 AM] Maher, Egypt: u can sign up with ur Facebook account also

[6:18:13 AM] Sylvie, Canada: As a way to have the South coming to help the North ...

[6:18:26 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: comment?

[6:19:07 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: vous puvez psser par facebook aussi http://New.livestream.com/accounts/9724383/events/3319160

[6:19:42 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: OK je vais esaiyer

[6:19:58 AM] Maher, Egypt: thank you Sylvie.  i am still following what u say

[6:20:06 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: l'image et e son sont très bons

[6:20:24 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: image pas bien

[6:21:28 AM] Sylvie, Canada: The South has many lessons to share ... We need help to change our government. We need Canadians to realize that we have a South in our north. We need Canadians to realize that we have many alignments in our issues so. Let invite the South so maybe you can have the social forums in the large Media

[6:23:40 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: Sylvie ta video demande de ce joindre à facebook

[6:24:09 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: bonsoir chers tous

[6:24:18 AM] Sylvie, Canada: We can have more exposure of the role of the North in the creation of the struggles in the South so that Civil society (at large) can unite

[6:24:22 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: beinvenue lopsiwa :) Maintenant tu peux chercher a vir la video ici. Merci, ok, je m'y mets de suite http://New.livestream.com/accounts/9724383/events/3319160 voici le lien. il faut s'inscrire pour voir la video. est ce que tout le monde a pu se connecter?

[6:27:03 AM] Sylvie, Canada: He's sharing the process of the International Committee for the selection of the site for the WSF at Casablanca in 2013.

[6:27:41 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: comment l'inscription?

[6:28:08 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Montreal would have liked 2015 just before the election but, after collaborative discussions with everyone, the site for 2015 is Tunis and for 2016 in Montreal

[6:28:34 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: "join with email"

[6:28:41 AM] Maher, Egypt: i see

[6:28:42 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: tu ecris ton mail. et ensuite tu recois un message dans ta boite aux lettre et tu confirmes ne cliquant sur un lien

[6:30:27 AM] Sylvie, Canada: There might be an occasion for India to also join in 2016 - in discussions ...

[6:31:20 AM] Eric, Benin: sur mon portable ça marche

[6:32:27 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: ca va?

[6:33:10 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: non pas du tout

[6:33:16 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Of importance is the process of WSF, overall. So we must already start thinking about Tunis 2015, first to continue building and attracting more groups at more levels

[6:33:32 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: qu'est ce qui te bloque toussaint?

[6:33:48 AM] Eric, Benin: ça marche très bien sur une version Android

[6:34:03 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: eric lopsiwa ça va?

[6:34:56 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: ca demande se joindre a facebok jai fai l'inscription sa ne pas toujour

[6:37:46 AM] Sylvie, Canada: The question was related to the cost of the WSF and the fear about the police. The question is therefore about the access of the South to Montreal

[6:38:50 AM] Maher, Egypt: Cost - as money - or which cost he mean, and Police!!!

[6:40:07 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: si vous avez des remarques - et des questions ecrivez les ici et dans la meure du possible Sylvie et moi on va les lire dans la sale.  Eric ca va?  lopsiwa ça va? Eric m'a dit qu'il entendait le son c'est l'essentiel

[6:41:18 AM] Sylvie, Canada: A forum cost about $1M for the host... The police did block students during the printemps Erable so it is expected that the same could happen again...

[6:41:49 AM] Maher, Egypt: i see

[6:41:55 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: someone raised theissue of the difficulty of people to get visas to Canada

[6:42:19 AM] Maher, Egypt: Good point i was thinking about that :)

[6:43:13 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: c'est pourquoi on fait l'extnsion :) pour rendre plus facile l'acc-s et la participation

[6:43:43 AM] Maher, Egypt: yes, extension is good for that :) but being there is more effective, i think

[6:44:43 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: yes of course, but streaming and participation is 60% as being there

[6:45:08 AM] Maher, Egypt: True

[6:45:41 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: comment penser vous mobilisé les africain au fsm de 2016 au Quebec? car le problem de se pose en Afrique. Probleme de visa se pose en Afrique

[6:46:48 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: oui bien sur Toussaint - on pense que des colectifs comme celui que tu as crée peuvent aider

[6:47:10 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: oui mais comment?

[6:47:20 AM] Maher, Egypt: how is it difficult to have a place like universities or campus which have good internet.  And rooms for hosting the forum in the hosted country because, as an IT, it was hard to make it in Egypt 2013.  But we survived after all, with help from many people but there was a better way to make it?

[6:47:32 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: et pour le visa et le cout bine sur ce sont des obstacles - et il faut profiter de montréal pour faire des activités du forum 2016 EN AFIRQUE. Sylvie explique comment elle a organisée une conference de paix avec l'iran. En s'appyant sur la diasora Arabe et moyen orient a Montréal. Maher it is a learning process .... now here people are speaking pros and cons and possibilities

[6:50:03 AM] Maher, Egypt: i see

[6:50:09 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: oui nous avaons trouvé des partenaire pour organisé ses forum sociaux?

[6:50:15 AM] Maher, Egypt: u can write in French, i can use translator

[6:50:18 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: quelqu'un parle de l'effort fait a Ottawa pour l'extension

[6:50:22 AM] Maher, Egypt: French

[6:50:26 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: ok Maher

[6:51:13 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: Pierre je disai ou trouvé des partenaire pour organisé ses forum sociaux?

[6:51:48 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: dans les organisations et mouvements africains

[6:52:51 AM] Maher, Egypt: but i do not think that it’s allowed for companies as sponsers, right?

[6:53:23 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: no, not really :)

[6:54:16 AM] Maher, Egypt: for example, Pepsi can make its own advertisments and make branding in order to support the forum with money

[6:55:20 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: no. This is ruled out by the guiding principles

[6:55:44 AM] Maher, Egypt: i thought that, too

[6:57:56 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: avant le forum de Tunisie il ya le forum de Dakar du 15 au 19 octobre

[6:58:40 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Pierre is making a point that the social forum is a process - so we need to think about how we support the other forums at the same time. A combined participation for our local event and the global event...

[7:00:26 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: je suis tout a fait d'acord de votre intervention

[7:01:17 AM] Sylvie, Canada: He is encouraging the holding long-distance video-conference to reduce fees

[7:01:31 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: vous devez aidez les Africain pour l'obtention du visa pour le forum de 2016. oui

[7:01:52 AM] Sylvie, Canada: C'est tout compris...

[7:02:57 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: merci Toussaint :) j'ai pris l'exemple du Togo

[7:03:35 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Our participant is comparing the access for soccer games ...our forum should be as easy

[7:03:49 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: il fau que le mouvement social mondial reagise sur les questiondes visa pour l'afrique

[7:03:56 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2:  pour parler de la participation combine entre quelques délégués au forum central et une large activité local dan s tous les pays

[7:05:41 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Caterina is suggesting that we think in terms of challenges... Not problems... We need to plan now how we communicate with Canadians about the access for visa... Make it an issue of communications with Canadians...

[7:06:17 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: Toussaint Catherine a parlé de la façon d'affronter le défi des visas

[7:06:33 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: ok merci Catherine

[7:06:52 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: Catherine jdepuis que je participe au forum j'avance plus vite avec des réseaux ui sont exponentiels. Maintenant c'est Mouhieddine qui parle  -un organisateur du fourm a tunis en 2015

[7:08:39 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: nous avons constatez il ya pas une forte mobilisation autour du forum de tunis pourquoi?

[7:08:53 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Mouhieddine is an organizer for Tunis 2015 and he's sharing his concerns and issues about his planning process.

[7:09:53 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: il reste a chaque organisation a sn niveau d'expliquer l'importance des forums et comment elle a contribuer a sa réussite (en prenant une conception "étendue").  Mouhieddine explique le manque de financement central actuel pour tunis 2015. il explique comment l'image du pays est importante pour peser sur l'attitude du grouvenement du pays organisateur

[7:14:24 AM] Sylvie, Canada: He is encouraging us to engage the government now...

[7:15:33 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: cava Eric et Toussaint?

[7:15:51 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: oui

[7:17:14 AM] Maher, Egypt: i would like to share, when Egypt went to Tunis 2013, we took a list of participants to the embassy and had an approval.  But that would make a problem for other persons who are not belong to any organization, and also would put many under some organization’s Authority

[7:17:48 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Dominance of power and money is the only problem we all face and it is an issue for WSF Montreal in 2016 too....

[7:18:16 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: Raphael - le pouvoir et l'argent ne dovent pas nous intimider- alros que nous sommes dans une pays ou la société civile a plus de pouvoir pour surmonter ces défis

[7:19:29 AM] Maher, Egypt: that was easy but if Canadian NGOs who have a good link with the Government would do the same

[7:20:13 AM] Sylvie, Canada: People become aware of their own power to influence the success of social forums here and elsewhere

[7:23:05 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: pas organiser un evènement mais créer les conditions de se parler entre mouvements

[7:24:11 AM] Sylvie, Canada: We were encouraged to start financing now and the visa process now. We are encouraged to consolidate the lessons of the present forum to build the right foundations for WSF 2016

[7:27:47 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: quel est le chemin à prendre pour les problem de visa? c sa qui nous préocupe nous les Africain. Sylvie je t'invite au forum social Africain à Dakar du 15 au 19 octobre

[7:31:22 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Jay Sen is encouraging us to think of the power of movements in social transformation - to leverage their resources, tools and experiences. Movements provide for political legitimacy. Forums need transnational solidarity -a meeting that matters to us....

[7:36:04 AM] Chris, Australia: My preference is for Convergences - they focus the minds of the many to accommodate the 'other's' right to exist, to have opinions, and to be correct when we are not.  Convergences are expansive, without being belittling. It is Sunday, 7:30am.  Where are all the Convergences I was promised? :^)

[7:38:22 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: Eric tu es là?

[7:38:23 AM] Sylvie, Canada: We are streamlining now and we streamlined the US forums; check the links...

[7:39:18 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: la premiere etape est de reconnaitre le defi, maintenant qu on le voit venir il faudra reflechir collectivement a ce que l on peut faire. Je veux dire d une part ici en commencant les demarches avec les autorites responsables des visas et de votre cote en demandant des maintenant aux ambassades canadiennes quels sont les criteres d evaluation des dossiers en vue d obtenir un visa pour le Canada. Cela dit il n y aura pas de solution miracles ou meme facile mais je crois qu il faut avant tout y croire et y travailler. J ai un jour apris dans un FSM que l on peut essayer de tout nous enlevermais l on ne pourra nous enlever nos reves...tant qu ils existent... courage mon ami!

[7:39:36 AM] Chris, Australia: When I went to bed it was Livestreaming, now we are Streamlining.  Did I miss something? (worry)

[7:41:00 AM] Eric, Benin: débat très intéressants

[7:41:21 AM] Sylvie, Canada: We are still in great mood and high motivation to learn from this forum and establish stronger foundations for future forums. I'm personally looking forward to the People Assembly tomorrow... While still learning for this session

[7:42:05 AM] Eric, Benin: la pression sur les autorités doit faire d'une grande mobilisation pour leur démontrer le forum est plus solidaire plus organisé que le sommet de G20

[7:43:30 AM] wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2: Toussaint la personne qui a répondu sur les visas c'est Catharina qui est très impliquée dans l'organisation de Montréal

[7:43:45 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: ok

[7:44:18 AM] Chris, Australia: It seems like our Line 14 workshop person (Gabrielle) had a productive day too, over on Twittersphere, ‘Followed by Gusțavo Frederic.  Gabrielle V Fayant @GabrielleFayant  25m Thank you to Laura Leonard Originals for providing rattles for our performance today! Check out her fb page: http://www.facebook.com/LauraLeonardOriginals  … #psf2014’

[7:45:16 AM] Eric, Benin: il va falloir avoir ou mettre à la disposition des organisation des contacts mails avec un message collectif. toutes les organisations vont envoyer le message dans le lequel nous allons nous exprimer circonstanciellement pour demander les visas

[7:45:34 AM] Maher, Egypt: well it’s 1:15AM and i can carry On :)

[7:45:45 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: :)

[7:46:31 AM] Chris, Australia: It seems like our Zapatista friends struck a resonant Ottawan chord on Twitter; ‘Ushnish Sengupta @ultush  23m #psf2014 #zapatista principles came from ancient #indigenous knowledge and is a reclamation of a way of life pic.twitter.com/OWP1T1euXV’

[7:49:35 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: Pierre j'entent la voie de carminda je pense?

[7:51:18 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Thérèse parlait

[7:52:18 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: Sylvie tu sera au forum de Dakar en octobre?

[7:52:26 AM] Sylvie, Canada: We must inform as quickly as possible about the 3 months timeline for acceptance

[7:53:20 AM] Maher, Egypt: for Tunis or Canada or both?!!

[7:53:52 AM] Chris, Australia: Tunis first

[7:54:08 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Je débute mon doctorat en septembre alors Dakar en personne n'est pas à on programme. Mais j'espère me brancher via le café

[7:54:27 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: super

[7:54:37 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Pour le Canada ...

[7:54:50 AM] Maher, Egypt: ok

[7:56:37 AM] Chris, Australia: Sylvie, je suis en congé sabbatique à long terme de mes études de doctorat. Après 4 ans d'études, si difficile, mais seulement une année sabbatique. Je suis toujours enthousiaste et motivé.

[7:58:32 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Je suis motivée maintenant et on verra pour le futur :)

[8:00:24 AM] Chris, Australia: Avez-vous réglé sur une question de recherche?

[8:00:45 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: vous PENSEZ envoyer les invitation combien de temp avant le forum?

[8:01:49 AM] Sylvie, Canada: J'ai une bonne idée - bâtir le discours du droit et pouvoir décisionnel de la société civile dans la gouvernance mondiale

[8:06:35 AM] Chris, Australia: J'aime déjà. Est votre fond plus dans la loi ou dans la gouvernance?

[8:08:41 AM] Eric, Benin: pas mal comme proposition Sylvie

[8:12:13 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Dans la gouvernance avec un angle important et critique pour les nations Unies

[8:13:43 AM] Chris, Australia: Are you coming to Katherine's WSF event, organised for the G99% as a post-G20 event in Brisbane, Australia in November? http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2014-calendar, line 37.5. [See Attachment, page 3, Serial 24]  J'aime la recherche à faire sur une très large toile aussi. Que pensez-vous de l'appel du Secrétaire Général des Nations Unies à tous les dirigeants du monde entier de se réunir à New York le 23 Septembre, pour essayer d'obtenir de Paris 2015 sur les changements climatiques processus sur les rails?

[8:18:35 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Malheureusement je reste sceptique que cette exercice demeure a un niveau trop artificiel mais j'aime ne pas avoir raison... J'aimerais bien être à Brisbane en Novembre mais je serai sûrement en pleine rédaction de travaux mais j'espère être connectée

[8:20:57 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: qui est encore avec nous? :)

[8:21:34 AM] Chris, Australia: Si vous avez un travail écrit qui est publié ici là, s'il vous plaît laissez-nous savoir. Si ce n'est pas publiée, ne nous dites pas. Parce que je suis en Asie, le cœur si le plagiat ...

[8:23:55 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: salut Chris il y a eu beaucoup de commentaires en suivant l'asseblée ici à ottawa

[8:24:24 AM] Chris, Australia: 7pm in Ottawa.  Is everyone eating a meal? (d) (pi)

[8:25:42 AM] Eric, Benin: moi

[8:25:44 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: not yet

[8:26:00 AM] Maher, Egypt: i had coffee:)

[8:26:26 AM] Chris, Australia: Les commentaires étaient favorables au concept de WSFCafe, ou des efforts stoïques et productifs de Sylvie, Gustavo, Pierre et l'équipe?

[8:26:29 AM] Maher, Egypt: that’s my food for the past 5 hours :)

[8:26:31 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Not yet.  We are preparing some proposals for the larger assembly tomorrow. My battery is dead.  So sorry for the end of livestream

[8:27:03 AM] Maher, Egypt: Thank you so much for your help Sylvie and thank you everyone

[8:27:18 AM] Chris, Australia: If it is only your battery, easily fixed.  One of the trials of a PhD candidate! Thanks for joining us, Maher, and for your full and frank contributions.  Keep up the good work, in solidarity ...

[8:29:11 AM] Maher, Egypt: :)

[8:29:26 AM] Chris, Australia: :)

[8:29:56 AM] Maher, Egypt: i will try to be in Tunis and hope to see u all there

[8:30:10 AM] Chris, Australia: Yes, me too.

[8:33:30 AM] Sylvie, Canada: We will be back tomorrow for the People Assembly.. A good way to pave the steps for the UN people assembly...

[8:34:39 AM] Chris, Australia: … and for Brisbane's G99%, where we might see Rabble and 99%Media attending. I think Canada and France are still in the G99% (rofl)

[8:36:12 AM] Eric, Benin: hello

[8:36:24 AM] Chris, Australia: Hello Eric

[8:41:27 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: THANK YOU MAHER MERCI TOUSSAINT errc tu peux revoir la discsusion sur le livestream. We are closing for today - on arrete pour ce soir On se retrouve demain matin 9h ehurre Canada

[8:43:51 AM] Eric, Benin: YES, a demain

Conclusion of Covergence Assembly, Concluding activities, Aftermath - final activity for PSF Ottawa

[12:05:25 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: climate change assemblée

[12:06:30 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: Assemblée sur les changement climatiques. Assemblée de convergence sur les migrants et la justice

[12:09:43 AM] Chris, Australia: I wonder why the despair about Migrant Justice.  It is strong in FSM thematic forums, and is gaining strength across Europe.

[12:09:52 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: il dit que c'est ce groupe qui a demandé le changement de nom "forum social des peuples"

[12:11:49 AM] Chris, Australia: For Palestine, we have had serious pushback in Australia against BDS campaign.  We need to think/ plan again

[12:12:03 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: Assemblée de convergence sur la palestine et le peuples

[12:15:21 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Any questions from our participants? Agriculture and food safety and security. Food justice..

[12:17:01 AM] Chris, Australia: We are keen to see Canada's pickup on food and agriculture.  Food security is a big issue in Asia right now, led by the new BJP leadership in India.  In Australia, NGOs are starting to use 'smallscale farmers' languages; something would not have been topical 5-10 years ago.  In solidarity with our Asian neighbours ...

[12:18:49 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: pollenate our mouvements ..... bonjour Mercilius, Haitit  et Eric. C'est Sylvie qui parle!  Sylvie at the mike

[12:23:41 AM] Eric, Benin: Bonjour

[12:23:56 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: Eric sa va?

[12:24:29 AM] Eric, Benin: Oui Toussaint j'étais au repos

[12:24:43 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: ok, je suis endirect depui otawa

[12:25:26 AM] Eric, Benin: OK

[12:26:11 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: http://rabble.ca  voici le lien eric

[12:28:06 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: :) assemblée sur les relations avec l'Afrique

[12:29:00 AM] Chris, Australia: targetting offending companies

[12:33:05 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: les personnes avec handicap

 [12:40:56 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Our First Nations representatives

[12:41:00 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: caucus des peuple indigènes

[12:41:59 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Tass bouché has invited us to connect on Facebook. Clayton Thomas an organiser of Idle No More.  Will provide a ceremony to bring us all together - this will be a blanket dance for people to contribute to the families in support of travel...

[12:51:29 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: ils ont demandé a ce que la danse de la couerture ne soit pas filmée. l'image revient

[12:57:32 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Now the indigenous assembly report

[12:58:31 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: c'est dur d'etre sur les lignes de front; nous avons tous nos familles

[12:58:46 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Shannon is reminding us that we all have the same heart and mind and our duty to protect the land.

[12:59:36 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: $1600 Canadian dollars ont été recoltés pour financer le retour du groupe dans leurs territories. Elle lit la premiere déclaration du caucaus indigyne et ensuite la derniere faite ici

[1:07:27 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: c'est tres bien ca bon boulot

[1:08:02 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: salut en Haiti :) Turtle Island veut dire le continent Américain

[1:09:56 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: ok nous en Haiti nous avons une 40 organisation qui se rassemble pour aider les enfants vulnerables et les personnes handicapé et les femmes vulnerables

[1:10:16 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: demande une participation actve des peples indigenes dans le proessus du fsp http://rabble.ca

[1:11:40 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: ok alors nous aimerions que les organisations qui sont au Canada nous rejoindre pour trouver plus de possibilité pour aider ses gens

[1:12:07 AM] Sylvie, Canada: National committee structure was recommended for educational and awareness to bring the people together for their participation and attend endanger at the PSF -a very good advice for the planning for the WSF in Montreal

[1:13:04 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: moi je plus comprend francais que anglais qu'est ce que cette organisation faisait

[1:13:17 AM] Sylvie, Canada: The declaration was modified during the forum so Will is providing the new updated declaration. Create a circle of unity of all nations in peace

[1:14:33 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: c'est l'assemblée des peuples indigènes d'amérique au canada (les indiens d'Amérique) qu se sont activés récemment dans un mouvement appelé idle no more (nous ne sommes plus inertes)

[1:15:02 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: ok

[1:16:38 AM] Chris, Australia: Similar sentiments as the theme that emerged in Sarajevo in June

[1:17:35 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: notre responsabiité en tant que peupe original c'st de protéger la terre

[1:17:40 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: mais comment vous pouvez nous unifier  comme des organisations qui font le social en Haiti avec les organisations au canada pour faire une main forte pour sauver des gens vulnerables dans le monde specialement nous qui sont en Haiti

[1:19:08 AM] Chris, Australia: It is drawing to a close, I am already 1.5 hours into Monday, so I must say "Adieu, bon voyage'

[1:20:06 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: ceci peut etre discuté dans un forum social mondial

[1:21:52 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Bonsoir Chris -talk to your during the next forum

[1:21:57 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: ah ok parce que si nous faisions cette unification l'un supporte l'autre nous faisons une merveil dans le monde

[1:22:23 AM] Sylvie, Canada: I would like to know who are still listening /participating in the cafe?

[1:22:50 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: il s'agit d'abord de compréhension mutuelle puis ensuite de cooperations et alliances

[1:22:51 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Just to know how much information to continue to share...

[1:23:48 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: ce forum est vraiment formidable cela rendre tout les organisation partage les idée et partage les experiences selon leurs experience dans le pays qu'ils fonctionne

[1:24:29 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: un document a circulé entre "stuctures du fsp" - le document a beaucoup évolué

[1:24:36 AM] Sylvie, Canada: A declaration has been prepared as a closing note to this assembly... It was built over time just before the forum, through participation of some participants...A call for action on behalf of the gathering of the social movements

[1:27:45 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: csq ftq Council of Canadians ffdu Quebec  et .... " appel a l'action lancé par la covnegence des mouvements sociaux ..." Le mouvement social inédit que nous construisons .... (chacun lit un morceau de cette déclaration)

[1:29:45 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: est ce que les autres pays de l'exterieur peut participer dans ce movement, sociaux

[1:31:32 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: nous nous engageons a réutiser les structures que nous a donné le forum ocial des peuples

[1:32:58 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Yes it is a collective response

[1:32:59 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: le gouvernement doit sentir le poids de notre convergence

[1:33:13 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: ah ok parce que nous en Haiti a l'organisation UJDHRD, Union Des Jeunes Pour Le Developpement Humain Reel Et Durable nous aimerions l'antene de ce mouvement en Haiti

[1:33:39 AM] Sylvie, Canada: We will try to ensure the collection of contacts and continue to create and nourish sharing

[1:34:02 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: when i say Idle you say No More

[1:34:06 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: ah ok comment nous en Haiti peut faire sentir ce convergence

[1:34:07 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Power you say People.  Mother you say Earth; yeah, etes vous prets a vous engager? .....

[1:35:40 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: oui

[1:35:46 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: une assemblée est un espace souverain ...

[1:36:02 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: oui, mais il faut me dire ca en francais parce que je parle un peut anglais c'est pas bcp

[1:37:46 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: forumconvergence@gmail.com

[1:40:52 AM] Eric, Benin: Apparemment ma connexion s'impose à moi ce jour

[1:41:06 AM] Sylvie, Canada: The assembly has been invited to make comments & suggestions to the forum declaration (facepalm)  Equestrian we made for a fair vote, to include capitalism, we don't want a state to support military rule and military coup in Middle East and particularly Egypt

[1:42:40 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: ah ok sur ce email que dois je faire je dois t'ecrire

[1:42:49 AM] Sylvie, Canada: A request..

[1:42:56 AM] Eric, Benin: Le mail sert à quoi?

[1:43:50 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: c'est pour envoyer les déclarations des différent asemblées qui ont eu lieu a ce forum

[1:44:10 AM] Eric, Benin: Ok

[1:44:12 AM] Mercilius, Haiti: ah ok. Comment dois je faire pour avoir les contacts des organisateurs de ce forum

[1:45:14 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Fight to keep our postal services, for an inquiry into the deaths of aboriginal ladies/ sisters and fighting against the pipelines across our land... Nous avons tous les contacts..To add ... To have solidarity with all forums. To add .... Accessibility to translation device to have a driver license which is not available to all

[1:47:52 AM] Eric, Benin: Qu'en est-il de ma proposition de maintenir ce groupe même après ce forum ?

[1:49:21 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Le cafe sera maintenu. Nous devons s'organiser et communiquer notre vision.  Et faire du recrutement ...  To add... Support freeing Cubans in prisons in USA

[1:51:26 AM] Eric, Benin: Oui mais il faut qu'on se retrouve périodiquement sur CR groupe pour prendre en compte les infos de chaque pays membre et voire quel moyen de solidarité pouvons nous nous apporter pour mener une lutte bcp pacifique

[1:53:04 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Parfait oui - nous proposerons une rencontre Skype dans un futur rapproché

[1:53:21 AM] Eric, Benin: Oui

[1:53:32 AM] Sylvie, Canada: To add...  A process to legally bind the declaration. To add.. A 50/50 government on behalf of all Canadians

[1:55:09 AM] Eric, Benin: Très intéressant avec le mail il faut un coordonnateur pour créer un mailing liste pouvant partager les infos en un seul tenant et revenir sur le groupe pour des propositions alternatives

 [1:55:58 AM] Sylvie, Canada: To include Acadians ... A reminder for WSF for Montreal.  To add... Equality for feeding my family... Example of cost for milk in Iqaluit is over $10. - go to feeding my family to feed in a letter to MP... Help help :) To send a letter to MP

[1:58:33 AM] Eric, Benin: Allô. Il y a qui d'autre en ligne? Nous devons parfaire ce projet

[2:06:49 AM] Sylvie, Canada: To add... A real strategy around building unity. To add... Support to Frack back...campaign to defend human rights and laws of nature for the children.  To add... The liberty to create our own money.  To add .. A process for social movements to sign the final declaration.  A suggestion from Pierre... A group picture will be taking in solidarity for Ferguson. Eric tu as déjà recu des mails sur la liste des participants et tu Peux ecrire dessus

[2:19:52 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: on reparle de tout cela ... dans ls prochains jours

[2:28:02 AM] Sylvie, Canada: The session is now officially closed :) Just need to gather the chairs...Chat to you all soon. Roger out...

[3:05:32 AM] Eric, Benin: Non pas en core


WSF Café Ottawa – Coordination activities, including PSF-Extension streaming

[12:28:12 AM] Chris, Australia: This tweet from Gabrielle Fayant might explain outcome of PSF-Extended, Line 14 workshop, scheduled on Thursday/Friday?  ‘Gabrielle V Fayant @GabrielleFayant  11m @will0447 @wsfextensiocana there was a big mix up. We were supposed to be on Friday :( didn't know that there was 2 different dates posted’

[12:28:57 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: ??

[12:29:19 AM] Chris, Australia: I responded sympathetically, here:  ‘Chris @will0447  30s @GabrielleFayant @wsfextensiocana What a shame.  Trusting today went better. #psf2014’ http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities , Line 14.  I guess we didn't spot all the scheduling differences between the original 48-page program, and the final 50-page program with the smaller font.  We spotted one variation and alerted all parties, but not Line 14 workshop by Gabrielle.  :(

[12:35:16 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: well, we do what we can really, and the workshop organizers could check and alert

[12:35:43 AM] Chris, Australia: Agreed.  And we move on.

[12:36:39 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: what is being streamed on rabble? http://rabble.ca/rabbletv  i find this is not very documented ....

[12:40:09 AM] Chris, Australia: (waiting) let me check, and get back to you.

[12:41:08 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: :)

[1:54:53 AM] Chris, Australia: about rabble.ca question (above), I have updated OpenFSM narrative with lots of expansion/detail - hopefully self-explanatory, if a little untidy; here http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-narrative I know it is still early in the Ottowan Saturday, but it's just ticked over to 2am Sunday, here is Australia.  I wish you well with this afternoon's Movement Assemblies, and will join the late-stayers after a little sleep.  |-)  (hug) OK?

[2:29:06 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: thanks Chris. I hope i can find the links in the narrative page

[2:34:08 AM] Chris, Australia: Back in about 4 hours

[2:34:32 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: short sleep

Day 3: 23 August

General Tweets from Twittersphere 


WSFCafe General Discussion space (ctd)

[12:00:25 AM] Julie V-C, Canada: hi! I think we can continue multilingual as language is part of how we perceive and transform our worlds

[12:01:06 AM] Chris, Australia: Maybe we need to revert to Babel translation to preserve the context and nuance ...

[12:01:07 AM] Sylvie, Canada: And we have some translators to act as bridges to help the process :)

[12:01:12 AM] Eric, Benin: Mais les résultats ne seront pas dans l'immédiat que d'espérer former une génération à partir de cet instant pour espérer un monde nouveau plus juste dans 20 25 voire 30ans

[12:02:05 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Je suis plus optimiste car nous avons de nouveaux outils pour appuyer une éducation populaire plus participative

[12:03:24 AM] Janneth, Colombia: educación publica? la tendencia es a privatizar...

[12:03:30 AM] Eric, Benin: Je pense que la question concerne beaucoup plus la population

[12:03:58 AM] Janneth, Colombia: por lo menos en el caso de Colombia.... es un asunto también de la lucha por que la educación sea universal, pública... y por supuesto de calidad...

[12:04:09 AM] Eric, Benin: Et cette même population qui a le pouvoir d'élire ou de désigner leur représentant à divers niveaux.  Si on exclut la mauvaise volonté politique des dirigeants,  ce monde connaitra un regain de vitalité

[12:06:22 AM] Maher, Egypt: in Egypt even private education is not good. Because the money for the country that helps to improve the education is always low and have many corruption, that makes also the teachers make other ways - like private lessons which cost most families extra money and that makes the free education that the government offer to its people in nonsense at all (i think in most of developing countries that happens). So i think one of the best ways to improve the education is to prepare a good teacher who can make good students and that includes: (Way of teaching, Salary and Good Housing). So they will live well from their work in school and won’t think of another way to help themselves to live.  The 2nd thing is the Schools and Universities are not well prepared and, if so, it will be expensive for most of the people to learn

[12:09:31 AM] Eric, Benin: Je prends un exemple de mon pays où depuis 14ans que le système éducatif a été modifié par un nouveau programme c'est pas la joie.  Impossible de voir un élève ou un étudiant de passer une question de réflexion par excellence

[12:10:23 AM] Janneth, Colombia: presupuestos para educación, menos para la guerra.... menos para la "seguridad" y erradicar la corrupción,

[12:10:59 AM] Eric, Benin: Je pense que l'éducation dont il s'agit est celle qui prendra en compte les réalités de chaque pays et chaque milieu

[12:11:46 AM] Janneth, Colombia: por supuesto

[12:12:04 AM] Maher, Egypt: i knew some people who made a good education for their kids by using he home school option and i think in that case u will need to make extra work hours to teach ur kids

[12:12:19 AM] Eric, Benin: On nous a trop fait copier un système coloniale qui fait que l'Afrique doit tout le temps se référer à l'Occident pour son éducation alors qu'on n'a pas les mêmes réalités

[12:12:21 AM] Maher, Egypt: and that is a good way to have good educated people

[12:13:42 AM] Eric, Benin: Beaucoup de pays perdent leurs réalités endogènes pour une qui n'est pas les leurs.  Un peule sans histoire est un arbre sans racine car la culture ne se vend pas...

[12:20:25 AM] Chris, Australia: Has anyone determined whether the new PSF-Extended workshop is successfully streaming on YouTube, http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities , Line 5.  This should be the YouTube channel, https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCUgiAbfDcJ_O0x1MgGJiX_w

[12:23:03 AM] Sylvie, Canada: C'est la vision qu'en partage. Que je partage...

[12:25:35 AM] Gustavo, Canada: Greetings  - Gustavo here from Ottawa

[12:27:07 AM] Chris, Australia: I think you interrupted Sylvie's train of thought ...

[12:27:21 AM] Gustavo, Canada: désolé

[12:27:40 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Is Peace possible? A question to the participants in a workshop of a potential Department of Peace in a machinery of government.  No apologies required... As long as we can continue to dialogue :)

[12:28:46 AM] Chris, Australia: See, Sylvie is a forgiving soul.  We should welcome Gustavo's return after a successful Livestreamed workshop

[12:31:05 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Gustavo - what were some questions from your participants?

[12:32:50 AM] Gustavo, Canada: :) well, one interesting question, about how much privacy is people willing to give up, assuming that there are 'bad people' out there, and assuming that one thing excludes the other.  So that was a good discussion. One person pointed out that it is in fact the 'Big Brother' state that causes more harm.  Many others advocated for oversight and accountability of 'Big Brother' in the existing institutions, *public institutions, like Parliament.

[12:35:21 AM] Chris, Australia: Gustavo, Do you have any pointers for Sylvie, who conducts her own workshop, after lunch at 2:45pm; here http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities , Line 3?

[12:35:37 AM] Gustavo, Canada: Does she want advice?

[12:35:58 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Thanks Chris- I can use all the help for a successful workshop

[12:36:04 AM] Chris, Australia: [Sylvie is then silent.]

[12:36:15 AM] Gustavo, Canada: I would recommend that you allocate a good amount of time for discussion

[12:36:30 AM] Sylvie, Canada: I'm taping Paul's presentation using Hangout+ will publish the link on You tube later

[12:36:34 AM] Gustavo, Canada: I had the last 35 minutes just for discussion, and it went well

[12:36:54 AM] Chris, Australia: That is great news

[12:36:59 AM] Gustavo, Canada: it was a good balance between core presentation and discussion, I guess.  I also divided in groups for discussion and asked 1 person to summarize the discussion. That went well too - it gave diversity of voices and allowed discussions in parallel.

[12:37:47 AM] Chris, Australia: I was masquerading as Ethel on your Livestream feed.  You probably noticed ... (cool)

[12:37:53 AM] Gustavo, Canada: and I didn't let too many questions on the same topic... or else people go on circles :) Thanks, Chris - I noticed the user, but I didn't know it was you:). The video is now available: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/9527600/events/3257381 The same link.  I'll probably tweet the link with #PSF2014

[12:39:10 AM] Chris, Australia: Does Sylvie want the WSF Cafe people to think of questions-in-advance, to keep her on her toes?

[12:39:48 AM] Gustavo, Canada: What's the title of the presentation again, Sylvie?

[12:40:58 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Hangout + title is Department of Peace but still being taped now

[12:41:06 AM] Chris, Australia: [Silence from Sylvie.  She is contemplating the task ahead] http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities , Line 3

[12:42:08 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Yes I would like to have people questions so maybe we can find participants or facilitators to answer questions :) we are here for the next 3 days

[12:43:29 AM] Uddhab, Nepal: yes

[12:43:37 AM] Chris, Australia: (worry), 3 whole days.  Today is going well, so far.  Do you think so?

[12:44:38 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Yes quite a lot of people on the site. A lot of motivation following the March and art activities yesterday. Really I feel a lot of love and concerns in the air...

[12:44:48 AM] Chris, Australia: As it is already Saturday here in Australia, I seek your permission to depart to slumber.

[12:45:48 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Permission granted - chat with you tomorrow - sweet dreams over abetter world

[12:46:19 AM] Chris, Australia: I will ask you to hold that thought until I return later today (Ottawa time).(wave)

[12:46:28 AM] Gustavo, Canada: take care, Chris

[12:51:37 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Gustavo - let me know where I could meet you on the site - maybe around 12:15?

[12:55:19 AM] Gustavo, Canada: good idea. I'll be in front of the FSS building. At that time and walk to the chicken curry food truck to eat. What if I call you at 12:15?

[12:56:30 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Ok perfect! Please share your questions and if …like the idea of extended forum please join this group officially -we intend to "follow" the forums around the world. I will be back on line to chat at 12:15 - I was to participate in discussions on peace now :)

[1:31:58 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: alo les amis

[1:34:26 AM] Roger, Kinshasa, DRCongo: Oui l'ami; parles on t'écoute

[1:35:09 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: comment se deroule le forum en ce moment. Les de l'atelier.  Les theme de l'atelier

[1:53:43 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Gustavo - je te cherche je vois le truck Relish?

[1:54:44 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: sylvie le forum se pase bien?

[1:55:50 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Oui ça se passe très bien. Les gens a de la difficulté a quitter leurs ateliers alors il faut croire que l'intérêt est très bonne

[1:56:18 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: quelle le theme de l'atelier?

[1:57:01 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Mon prochain atelier est une discussion sur le forum de la paix à Sarajevo -dans 30 minutes. Les organisateurs one choisi 17 thèmes pour les ateliers alors beaucoup de choix

[1:58:09 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: si je comprent bien une restitution du forum de sarajevo

[1:58:23 AM] Sylvie, Canada: ...excuse les fautes... iPad ...

[1:58:35 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: ok, tu me dire un des themes?

[1:59:13 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Oui - plusieurs de participants du Clémentin du YMCA-UNIAlter ont décidé de contribuer leurs experiences. Collectif

[2:00:14 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: quel colectif?

[2:01:21 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Les thèmes - alimentation climat communauté communications économie genre gouvernance et démocratie international migration mouvements avoir et connaissance services publics terre travail. Savoir et connaissance..

[2:02:56 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: super. Kel est letheme de ton ateleir?

[2:20:04 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Une réforme de la gouvernance mondiale

[2:21:07 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: que pensez vous de la gouvernance mondiale?

[2:31:31 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Que c'est le temps que la société civile prenne sa place

[2:31:51 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: oui c vrais

[2:33:12 AM] Eric, Benin: Société civile. Prendre sa place

[2:33:20 AM] Sylvie, Canada: C'est le sujet de ma thèse de doctorat que je débute a temps plein des sept,être .. Septembre..

[2:33:43 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: ok felicitation

[2:34:05 AM] Eric, Benin: La gouvernance mondiale doit faire l'État de ce que la population prenne en compte son droit et devoir

[2:37:51 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: eric tu sair que 80pour cent de la population mondiale sont non scolarisé?

[2:39:52 AM] Eric, Benin: 80%? Toussaint tu as eu le statistique?

[2:40:08 AM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: oui

[2:44:36 AM] Sylvie, Canada: J'aimerais moi aussi avoir la source de tes statistiques

[2:45:10 AM] Eric, Benin: C'est mieux tousda

[3:50:58 AM] Gustavo, Canada: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/9527600/events/3257381  Mining in El Salvador by Canadian companies - live streaming now - https://new.livestream.com/accounts/9527600/events/3257381 Rushing from workshop to workshop! I'll catch up soon!

[4:46:17 AM] Hassan, Laayoune, Morocco: hello

[5:55:30 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Hello from Ottawa. Now in the workshop to chat about Tunis 2015

[7:36:00 AM] Chris, Australia: Hello Ottawans

[7:58:17 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Did you sleep? We has a great day !

[7:59:19 AM] Chris, Australia: Extremely well slept.  I dreamed of lullaby-singers in Ottawa.  Worked a dream!  I am pleased for you and for the whole team.  What a marvellous operation you have there at PSF-Ottawa.  The twittersphere is abuzz, too

[8:00:43 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Hello Chris this is Pierre.  He finally made it..

[8:07:27 AM] Chris, Australia: Hello Pierre & Sylvie, what a team! Are you going to rock&roll, as Pierre suggested, or does PSF-Extended party in other ways? (music) (pie).  There is a support need, if WSFCafe remains open for business for a while. [Hint. Hint. Send more photos]


[8:24:27 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: i want to join to that workshop

[8:38:24 AM] Chris, Australia: There are three PSF-Extended livestreamed Assemblies on Saturday (Ottawa time), http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities ; Lines 2, 4 and 9.  There are still more than 60 workshop-type activities to go, commencing on p41 of the Program; http://static.squarespace.com/static/52faa83fe4b00ea56bbb527a/t/53f4ad5ae4b02de8411c3719/1408544090885/PSF_eprogNnn.pdf , all available to people in Ottawa if they want to start at 9am.  And for the Day of Assemblies, we have 33 participants registered in the WSF Cafe, http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list  including visitors to Ottawa including Abdul (maybe a Canadian resident), Maryce (from Managua, Nicaragua), Rachid (Maroc), Joseph (Kinshasa, DR Congo), Fred (Lusaka, Zambia) and others. Hello Mohamed, what time in Mansoura?

[8:50:36 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: the time about 2.18am - in Mansoura

[8:51:09 AM] Chris, Australia: ... and Trotsky never sleeps  :x

[8:51:49 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: ya  i am  trotsky  not  sleep at all :)  I have a problem about the different time betwen Egypt and Canada

[8:53:18 AM] Chris, Australia: You may sleep for 17.5 hours and still not miss the streamed Assembly.  WSFCafe might do wakeup calls ... (coffee)

[8:54:37 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: i need the timetable for workshop

[8:57:23 AM] Chris, Australia: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list , 3 Assemblies at Lines 2, 4 and 9 (you may need to scroll down)

[8:58:13 AM] Eric, Benin: Hi

[8:59:01 AM] Chris, Australia: Many of the World Social Forum people in Ottawa will be attending Line 9 Assembly, conducted by rabble.ca; Media Action Research Group; CWA Canada Associate Members; Upping the Anti: A Journal of Theory and Action; Talking Radical; Organizing For Justice; EquitableEducation.ca  & more. WSFCafe Ottawa is physically located next door to the Media Centre in Ottawa, and there has been some synergy over the last 2 days.  Perhaps some of our local Ottawa volunteers will also attend the Alternative Media Movement Assembly, commencing at 1pm, Ottawa time.  Hello Eric in Ottawa?

[9:02:15 AM] Eric, Benin: No in Bénin (west africain)

[9:02:20 AM] Chris, Australia: or Benin?  What time in Benin?

[9:03:31 AM] Eric, Benin: 12:33am

[9:03:57 AM] Chris, Australia: Still early!

[9:04:19 AM] Eric, Benin: Please can you speak French?

[9:04:28 AM] Chris, Australia: too early, |-)

[9:04:57 AM] Eric, Benin: I try to speak English

[9:05:12 AM] Chris, Australia: only Google Translate, and all the French-speakers in Canada are partying or asleep.  I am in Australia

[9:07:59 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: i want to suggest some of topics to attend for discussion in the community.  I want to discuss about Sustainable development in third world countries and development relationship with national liberation.  And Control of capitalism

[9:17:48 AM] Chris, Australia: I will add these to the Discussion Themes list for you http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-topics  and I am sure that the discussion later on today (Mansoura time) will be stimulating and lively - with people in Ottawa

[9:18:43 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: :) thanks a lot Chris for your help

[9:19:40 AM] Chris, Australia: :)

[9:20:47 AM] Sylvie, Canada: Hello, we are now ready for a drink in a well-known restaurant in Ottawa

[9:41:39 AM] Chris, Australia: Cake is offered over Twitter, but only to people in Ottawa; by @Inter_Pares: “There will be cake tonight at the THE CORPORATION screening tonight #psf2014 - join us at 8:30pm! pic.twitter.com/x7wzdh1bA9  (^)”  but you will have to be quick; screening starts in 15mins

[10:32:37 AM] Sylvie, Canada: We have a connection problem


[10:33:05 AM] *** wsfcafefsm ottawa added gasstan1, kori_bob1 ***

[10:33:37 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: salut Hello, anyone here?  ya quelq'u.  On est a attawa et on vous parle "demain"

[10:37:44 AM] Chris, Australia: yeeeees?

[10:45:04 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: salut mohamed

[10:49:39 AM] Chris, Australia: He went to bed couple of hours ago (see above).

[10:51:16 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: vous etes encore la  :) On vousvoit ecrire

[10:51:40 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: hi i am still here.  Do you need anything from me? :)

[10:52:44 AM] Chris, Australia: Can't you sleep?  Next Assembly is only 15.5 hours away

[10:53:06 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: no. We just want you to know that we will try our best tomorrow to create occasions of conversation with people in Ottawa

[10:53:45 AM] Chris, Australia: Mohamed got in early and amended the Theme list

[10:54:13 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: ah

[10:55:54 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: when the first workshop starts?

[11:01:28 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities.  Check here

[11:04:11 AM] Chris, Australia: 9am (Ottawa time), http://static.squarespace.com/static/52faa83fe4b00ea56bbb527a/t/53f4ad9ee4b02de8411c3790/1408544158351/EProg_FSPnnn.pdf  starting at p41, but ... PSF-Extended Livestreaming only starts with the 3 Assemblies, after lunch (see wsfcafefsm.ottawa above)

[12:53:10 PM] Gustavo, Canada: Greetings - Gustavo F. here from Ottawa - today was a very productive and busy day here for many.  Great workshops, very good turnout, very good discussions.  Pièrre arrived from France here and hopefully we'll have more interaction here on the PSF WSF Ottawa Café.  In the program tomorrow there will be mainly movement assemblies by theme. For those interested, see the link the Chris wrote here and search for live Livestream video. gotta go - good night -

[12:55:38 PM] Eric, Benin: Good night

more Twittersphere tweets

MEDIA INDIGENA @mediaINDIGENA  5m  “Birds of a feather Foruming together,” a piece by @Shmohawk_ca about #PSF2014 bit.ly/1nky96E #PSF

The Leveller @leveller_ottawa  2m Check out the second issue of Gaggle, the Peoples' Social Forum's daily broadsheet, project of the Leveller #psf2014 leveller.ca/2014/08/gaggle

[23/08/2014 7:04:22 PM] Toussaint, Lome, Togo: salut lemonde du fsp depeui otawa

[23/08/2014 7:09:30 PM] Chris, Australia: Good morning Toussaint.  You are still early.  It is 5:40am in Ottawa, so the WSFCafe is not yet open

[23/08/2014 7:09:45 PM] Eric, Benin: Hello, 10:39am in Benin

[23/08/2014 7:10:27 PM] Chris, Australia: Hello Eric, did you sleep well after yesterday's activities?

[23/08/2014 7:10:56 PM] Eric, Benin: Yes

[23/08/2014 7:11:36 PM] Chris, Australia: Are you ready for a busy round of Francophile discussions today?

[23/08/2014 7:14:31 PM] Eric, Benin: I'm not busy

[23/08/2014 7:17:01 PM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: Hello everyone, from Alexandria, Egypt

[23/08/2014 7:17:48 PM] Chris, Australia: Hello Said, Mohamed has been awake; hadn't sleep

[23/08/2014 7:18:10 PM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: اهلا Hope it is going well for the FSP :)

[23/08/2014 7:22:04 PM] Chris, Australia: We will be joined by many people today; http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list .  Some you may recall from yesterday, but others will be new.  Someone keeps adding names to this list ... now up to 33 participants.  Some are already in Ottawa, but most are scattered around the world.

[23/08/2014 8:50:56 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: hello  bonjour

[23/08/2014 8:51:26 PM] Eric, Benin: bonjour

[23/08/2014 8:51:38 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: a partir de la page topics / form the topic page; http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-topics Vous pouvez accéder a un pad ou vous pouvez comenter les différent livestreaming que vous avez regardés a prppos du forum des peoples https://pad.riseup.net/p/comments-psf-livestreams-in-wsfcafe-ottawa. You can access the pad where you can comment the different livestreaming that you have watched on occasion of people forum. Les commentaires écrits sont libre et chacun a une couleur. Written comments are easy to mae and each of us can take a colour and a name

[23/08/2014 8:56:51 PM] Mercilus, Haiti: bonjou comment-allez vous?

[23/08/2014 8:57:21 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: ça va bien - le cafe commence dans 2heures officiellement.  Mais vous pouvez commencer. Vous avez vu des videos?

[23/08/2014 8:58:54 PM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: Pas encore

[23/08/2014 8:59:00 PM] Mercilus, Haiti: ah ok je suis Joseph Mercilus le vice-president de l'organisation UJDHRD, UNION DES JEUNES POUR LE DEVELOPPEMENT HUMAIN REEL ET DURABLE

[23/08/2014 8:59:27 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: https://pad.riseup.net/p/comments-psf-livestreams-in-wsfcafe-ottawa. Cherchez les videos explorez et donnez vos commentaires sur ce qui y est dit ici https://pad.riseup.net/p/comments-psf-livestreams-in-wsfcafe-ottawa .

[23/08/2014 9:02:08 PM] Mercilus, Haiti: Nous travaillons dans plusieurs domaine Droits Humain, Education, sante, construction, culturelle nous aidons les femmes les enfants les jeunes ainsi que les viellard. Je vais regarder le site pour que suis par or du sujet

[23/08/2014 9:03:27 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: il n'y a pas de hors sujet - vous pouvez trouver dans les atelier des sujets proche de votre theme.  Mais evidemment la pluspart des ateleirs ne sont pas transmis mémorisé en video. Donc on vous propose (a coté des convesation du café) de prendr edu temps pour regarder ce qui est accessbile en video et le commenter ici https://pad.riseup.net/p/comments-psf-livestreams-in-wsfcafe-ottawa

[23/08/2014 9:05:15 PM] Mercilus, Haiti: ah ok est ce que dans ce forum je peux trouver des organisations qui peuvent travailler deconcers avec nous en Haiti dans le domaine que nous intervenons

[23/08/2014 9:06:18 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: il y a des centains d'organisationdans ce forum et vous pouvez prendre des contacts dans la liste d'organisteur qui est acessible ici :

[23/08/2014 9:07:31 PM] Mercilus, Haiti: ou je peux trouver ca dans quel liens je peux trouver les contacts svp

[23/08/2014 9:07:42 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: En telechargeant numeros description mail & telephone ici  contacter à l'avance les organisateurs des ateliers ci dessous   et leur dire que vous voudriez etre participants étendu dans leur atelier. FR les numeros des ateliers mail et telephone de contact organisateurs  proviennent de la liste ici https://peoplessocialforum.wufoo.com/reports/zi77mlu0elqlmk/



[23/08/2014 9:59:42 PM] Gustavo, Canada: Good morning everyone - bonjour tout le monde. Gustavo here from Ottawa at the PSF

[23/08/2014 10:00:13 PM] Chris, Australia: Good morning Gustavo

[23/08/2014 10:00:20 PM] Eric, Benin: bonjour Gustave

[23/08/2014 10:00:47 PM] Chris, Australia: thank you for last evening's kind words.  How was the meal and the company?

[23/08/2014 10:01:15 PM] Gustavo, Canada: that went very well - all conversation in French, and that is always fun :)  Pièrre and Sylvie and many others from Montreal went out for dinner.  I got to know a lot more about the World Social Forum

[23/08/2014 10:01:43 PM] Chris, Australia: Any more news from Heather and her 1pm Assembly in the Alumni Auditorium?

[23/08/2014 10:01:49 PM] Gustavo, Canada: and that was very interesting. I got to know more about the plans for Montreal 2016. Heather didn't reply to me, yet

[23/08/2014 10:02:42 PM] Chris, Australia: ... or Derek?

[23/08/2014 10:02:51 PM] Gustavo, Canada: not either

[23/08/2014 10:04:30 PM] Chris, Australia: Maybe Heather will pop into WSFCafe for a good coffee (coffee); probably no cake available as it was all eaten at the 8:30pm screening of THE CORPORATION last night. (^)

[23/08/2014 10:04:52 PM] Gustavo, Canada: :)

[23/08/2014 10:05:14 PM] Julie V-C, Canada: Bonjour! Boozhoo! Looking forward to chat today during my workshop on Inclusive Pedagogy.  Je vous invite à la conversation FNMI pedago; selon le nombre de participants, je vais essayer de vous contacter en conférence vidéo skype si cela vous intéresse. I was thinking that through a skype video conference call people might be able to take part. See you there! 

Bonjour ! Boozhoo ! Here is an updated version of my prez #fnmipedago : https://prezi.com/pg57pr2h85do/  which we can discuss on saturday@1:00pm. Ps. La présentation est bilingue. If you want to join live, join the chat room fnmipedago and I will try a video conference call from the room. Also Livestreaming: http://new.livestream.com/accounts/9694896 . Of course this is all experimental so hope it works! I am looking forward to meet you.

[23/08/2014 10:06:42 PM] Chris, Australia: Great news, Julie.  I wish you well with 1pm discussions today.  Do you need any last-minute assistance; eg crowd-sourcing?

[23/08/2014 10:22:42 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Hello. Sylvie here by the green wall in the Faculty of Social Sciences in Ottawa, watching people coming for registration this morning. We hope for great sun inside and out.

[23/08/2014 10:22:48 PM] Julie V-C, Canada: Yes!

[23/08/2014 10:23:17 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Gustavo will be joining me in a moment. Here he is

[23/08/2014 10:23:24 PM] Julie V-C, Canada: I am wondering if the turn out will be more or less since it is Saturday

[23/08/2014 10:25:06 PM] Sylvie, Canada: The assemblies are starting at 9 so it's a bit early to make an assessment

[23/08/2014 10:26:09 PM] Eric, Benin: je peux savoir l'heure de l'atelier de Miloud

[23/08/2014 10:27:46 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Je croyais que Miloud était au Maroc? Alors je en suis pas certaine

[23/08/2014 10:28:32 PM] Eric, Benin: il devait avoir une atelier ce samedi le concernant non?

[23/08/2014 10:37:12 PM] Sylvie, Canada: J'ai cherché le programme et je n'ai pas trouvé désolée

[23/08/2014 10:39:02 PM] Eric, Benin: ok

[23/08/2014 10:44:30 PM] Chris, Australia: Hello WSFCafe Ottawa, you certainly have a gathering.  The list of 33 PSF-Extended participants includes Abdul (Canada), Maryce (Managua/Nicaragua), Rachid (Maroc), Joseph (Kinshasa, DRC), Fred (Lusaka, Zambia); all of whom declared their intent to be in Ottawa this w/e.  Have they appeared yet at WSFCafe? http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list

[23/08/2014 10:57:11 PM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: Hello friends :) Hope u r all enjoying the PSF. I'm Said from Alexandria, Egypt

[23/08/2014 11:00:05 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Hello Said hope you are well

[23/08/2014 11:01:05 PM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: I'm fine, thanks Sylvie

 [23/08/2014 11:03:02 PM] Sylvie, Canada: What is your focus of engagement?

[23/08/2014 11:04:57 PM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: We are a group called the Popular Committee for Defending the Revolution in Alexandria...and we were always trying to preserve social peace. We always stood between any two or more conflicting groups in the streets, in order to stop violence

[23/08/2014 11:06:40 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: we are trying to call you, Said

[23/08/2014 11:13:27 PM] Chris, Australia: Anyone still struggling with the broad scope of PSF Ottawa's 17 themes can find a detailed explanation here; http://www.peoplessocialforum.org/themes#.U_iZ_cWSybM

[23/08/2014 11:19:26 PM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: Thank you for the call, and i'll try to come again to Tunisia next March :) This video is telling our story... http://youtu.be/pWKddybtsWI

[23/08/2014 11:21:35 PM] Sylvie, Canada: We will hope to meet there :) the full team

[23/08/2014 11:21:47 PM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: :)

[23/08/2014 11:22:34 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: welcome said was a pleasure talking to you again. We can call any time today knowing you are on line

[23/08/2014 11:24:02 PM] Said, Alexandria, Egypt: Thanks.... It was my pleasure. This is a documentary by Aljazeera talking about popular committees in Cairo, Suez, and Alexandria....we were the group representing Alexandria in the documentary... :) http://youtu.be/u3Fg1bGCb8U . After two hours from now, I hope if we can contact you with sound and image to the transfer of the deliberations and the Arab Center for Human Rights and International Peace about the protection of drugs in our communities and deterring.

عبدالعزيزالنجيب: بعد ساعتين من الان اتمنى لو نستطيع الاتصال بكم بالصوت والصورة لنقل مداولات و المركز العربي لحقوق الانسان والسلم الدولي حول  الحماية من المخدرات واضرارها في مجتمعاتنا

And if there is any unprecedented preparations required of us, wish that you let me know

[23/08/2014 11:29:03 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Don't be shy to share :)

[23/08/2014 11:31:59 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: bonjour, hello. Who is available for calls? qui est dispinible pour des appels audio/vdeo

[23/08/2014 11:34:32 PM] عبدالعزيزالنجيب: Mhadhartna will be in Arabic that you wish Tamno translator by you. Will we communicate across this room, or is it there another arrangement through the second program?

[23/08/2014 11:36:13 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: you can give a video link in this room, if there is one

[23/08/2014 11:37:24 PM] عبدالعزيزالنجيب: Very sorry if we wish to be broadcast deliberations j be the best

[23/08/2014 11:37:42 PM] Sylvie, Canada: If you give us a link we can share with our community here

[23/08/2014 11:38:38 PM] عبدالعزيزالنجيب: If this is difficult, I can contact you and Madam Becky Tnkulain Hsopky of what is going on in the hall of the Arab Center for Human Rights

[23/08/2014 11:39:30 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Perfect - keep us informed

[23/08/2014 11:53:13 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: at the moment, Juan Carlos is conversing with Sylvie about global governance (to be continued)


Day 2: 22 August

WSFCafé Ottawa coordinates 10 workshops where Livestreaming is underway, for PSF-Extended viewing worldwide

[10:47:36 AM] Chris, Australia: Hello. Seeking URGENT confirmation of a timetable change, affecting a PSF-Extended activity for Friday, 22 August.  For Activity #457 http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities  (Line 7) ... Organiser P. Maillet intends using public Skype canadop.extension for an afternoon session.  However, page 27 of the newly-released Official Program, http://static.squarespace.com/static/52faa83fe4b00ea56bbb527a/t/53f4ad5ae4b02de8411c3719/1408544090885/PSF_eprogNnn.pdf  shows the workshop is scheduled EARLIER, at 10:45am in Room Fauteux 136.  Before making this change to PSFExtension-List, seeking confirmation that the workshop organiser is 1/ aware of the program change, and 2/ prepared to conduct the Livestreamed PSF-Extended activity at the earlier timeslot. (yn)

[12:44:47 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: ok, he should be on the list here:

[12:45:49 PM] Chris, Australia: (yn?)

[12:46:33 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/lists/psf-extending-activities-fsp/manage_membership.   You can see his email, pmaillet@magma.ca

[12:47:54 PM] Chris, Australia: Yes.  I'll try and catch him before bedtime.  Gustavo has just retired after a fullsome day

[12:50:39 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: yes, but he did not mention any news about the cafe

[12:58:25 PM] Chris, Australia: On OpenFSM and Twitter, here, “Gusțavo @gcsfred 39m @will0447 Hi, Chris, sorry, I missed your tweets today - I was back-to-back on workshops and the rally”.  The Go fmml! project promotes WSFCafe on OpenFSM, so there must have been some visits/ conversations there.

[1:06:15 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: well, i tried to call him but the phone did not answer

[1:06:17 PM] Chris, Australia: I was just about to upload Day 1 Skype chatlogs to OpenFSM.  V. raw data, amendments only protect the innocent, voluminous. I just emailed him.

[1:08:25 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: We can also use the team list for this, depending the content of course

[1:09:25 PM] Chris, Australia: To cleanse/purge the chatlog?  Oops, I mean 'Edit' ;)

[1:10:07 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: well, just keeping the pedagogic and relevant part, so people can understand the general scheme and see the starting of some exchange. And making the name look as those of the participants list

[1:11:40 PM] Chris, Australia: Sure.

 [1:12:27 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list

[1:12:32 PM] Chris, Australia: I'm onto it; maybe 20 mins or so.

[1:12:47 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: thanks :) Am packing

[1:13:45 PM] Chris, Australia: Safe & speedy travels.  It rained heavily on y'days marchers, so they were drenched through and through.  Pack a brolly!

[1:14:12 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: thanks for the info.  Hello Chris. The chat log gives out the Skype name of some people and needs to be changed

[2:34:25 PM] Chris, Australia: hello rock 'n roller :D  OK.  Will fix pronto

[2:34:53 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Better not publish the raw log. Compact the inputs that are in several chunks - anonymize names and structure is with headers

[2:36:22 PM] Chris, Australia: OK.  The privacy of Skype names is a priority, tho?

[2:36:30 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: yes

[2:36:41 PM] Chris, Australia: Onto it.

[2:41:44 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: My advice is to make a text processing document where you can replace all occurances of Janneth, Colombia and replace by "Janneth Colombia",  and the same for others except those that are public, and then you can also compact it  - i-e put in one input what has been written in several chuncks

[2:43:34 PM] Chris, Australia: A skill that comes with practice.  I'll not dilly-dally.

[2:43:51 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: of course :)

[Pierre departs, to join the WSFCafe team in Ottawa]


WSFCafe General Discussion Session (ctd)

[12:00:03 AM] Chris, Australia: Maybe Line 11 & 14?

[12:00:55 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: L'économie sociale et solidaire avec perspective genre Quartier du Monde?  Ah that one is nearly over, yes? But line 11 has not given any participation channel, Skype or video

[12:11:23 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: ok

[12:15:02 AM] Chris, Australia: Should be commencing now in Morisset 212 and Fauteux 147A rooms respectively, if people ask

[12:20:00 AM] cssqfsm.extension: if you are on Facebook you can enlist in the Facebook group for the alternative media assembly, https://www.facebook.com/groups/PSFaltmedia/

http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities,  line 9.  Facebook group is a luxury alternative to Skype

[12:21:33 AM] Uddhab, Nepal: yes

[12:21:45 AM] cssqfsm.extension: hello Uddhab

[12:21:54 AM] Uddhab, Nepal: yes, how are you?

[12:22:54 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: we are alive and well :)

[12:23:10 AM] Uddhab, Nepal: grt

[12:23:13 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: please tell us about the upcoming Nepal Social Forum. How many activities, how many organisations involved?

[12:23:30 AM] Uddhab, Nepal: that is what is must

[12:23:39 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: thanks

[12:26:20 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: merci

[12:26:46 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Maraima, benvenue.

[12:28:06 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: je viens d'envoyer ma demande via Facebook pour etre ajoutée au groupe du forum social des peoples. Merci,je suis ravie

[12:29:01 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: c'est juste l'assemblée des media alternatifs et c'est une form de participation il y a 17 assemblées dans ce forum

[12:29:25 AM] Eric, Benin: j viens aussi d'envoyer ma demande via facebook

[12:29:34 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: ok. Je vois

[12:29:48 AM] Eric, Benin: super

[12:30:09 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: Eric tu es sur Facebook en quel nom?je t'envoie ma demande dami tout a leur

[12:30:38 AM] Eric, Benin: Eric Stanislas AHOUMENOU

[12:30:40 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: (clap) les 17 themes http://www.peoplessocialforum.org/themes

[12:33:22 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: eric je viens de t'envoyer ma demande

[12:34:00 AM] Eric, Benin: c'est confirmé Lapsiwa

[12:34:10 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: http://www.peoplessocialforum.org/les-assembles-de-convergence/  est ce que vous voulez vous inscrire a l'atelier de julie samedi?

[12:36:12 AM] Eric, Benin: avec plaisir

[12:36:21 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: ligne 2 de la liste http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities  très bien alors je vous invite dans la salle ou vous pourrez echanger avec Julie, Eric et Maraima

[12:37:08 AM] Eric, Benin: (y)

[12:38:28 AM] Chris, Australia: After current workshops in-progress, another 11 workshops are scheduled to commence in 45mins+, but most attention goes to Peoples Square, where Opening Ceremony - Parliament march etc start at 12 midday (in 45 mins).  Telecast on rabble.ca

[12:40:15 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: yes .. but this can be replayed in the live video

[4:03:27 AM] عبدالعزيزالنجيب: Do you have a channel which broadcast live follow what is happening in Ottawa?

[4:07:25 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: ok

[4:17:28 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities  99% media - 99%Media's stream is visible here www.99media.org. Here is our tentative schedule (about 12 workshop livestreamed and 3 assemblies) https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/16jYM7jOY5TVnnqpYS2-eIW37jt5pXMQS4_KFuD1yYv4/edit?usp=sharing.  Rabble.ca live video will appear http://rabble.ca/rabbletvThe PSF asked rabble to videostream the major plenaries and some of the assemblies, so we are focusing on that. Our website is rabble.ca.   ON Thursday we'll be livestreaming, opening remarks at 12:30 and Naomi Klein's speech. The beginning of the rally.  The rally as it arrives on Parliament Hill at 4PM on the 21st, and then the speakers on Parliament Hill.

[4:18:15 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: (*) voici des indications sur les "télévisions" au fsp.  Je viens d'avoir une conversation avec miloud du maroc

[4:29:34 AM] Miloud, Rabat, Maroc: Bonsoir tout le monde.  Je suis miloud chaouch du maroc

[4:32:21 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: bienvenue miloud! Dans lae salle de partcipation gnééral

[4:33:10 AM] Miloud, Rabat, Maroc: Est c on peut discuter le théme du déplacement forcé des peuples

[4:33:21 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: un peu au dessus vous avez des indciations pour la télévision du forum des peoples.  Ce theme a été  inscrit dans la liste des themes ici : http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-topics et vous pouvez l'aborder avec des personnes qui vous apellent depuis Ottawa. Ou vous pouvez créer un pad (une page internet acessibble a tous ou vous developpez votre idée et d'autres personnes peuven aussi le faire https://pad.riseup.net/ le lien pour créer un pad specifique


[4:37:02 AM] *** wsfcafefsm ottawa added humaniteunie.extension ***

[4:37:04 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: bonjour Martin. Binvenue dans la salle de conversation du café internt ottawa

[5:42:07 AM] Julie V-C, Canada: Salut, en attendant d'être avec vous, voici ma présentation #fnmipedago en virtuel https://prezi.com/pg57pr2h85do/

[5:53:11 AM] عبدالعزيزالنجيب: i am sorry but i can’t see anything about form

[5:56:08 AM] Roger, RD Congo: Je propose que nous parlions aussi des enfants maltraités dont ceux accusés de sorcellerie

[6:28:36 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: bonsoir Roger

[7:05:38 AM] Eric, Benin: Bonsoir

[7:06:08 AM] عبدالعزيزالنجيب: hi

[7:07:49 AM] Julie V-C, Canada: Bonsoir, je serai au rd demain, et voici un icône fort présent ds les forêts du Québec (heidy)

[7:08:27 AM] Eric, Benin: (y)

[7:11:37 AM] Mairama, Yaounde, Cameroun: lol, ok

[7:17:13 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: salut Julie


[7:21:00 AM] *** wsfcafefsm ottawa added Hassan, Laayoune, Maroc ***

[7:21:16 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: bienvenue Hassan du Maroc Laayoune. On vçous attend dans la sale. Salut mes amis, bonjour :) http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list  Hassan particpant N° 26

[7:27:10 AM] Hassan, Laayoune, Maroc: merci

[7:28:08 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: pour voir des videos du fsp : http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities  La télévision voir la partie en jaune.  Les ateliers voir le tableau

[7:29:11 AM] Hassan, Laayoune, Maroc: Je veux entrer dans la salle, mais je ne sais pas comment entrer

[7:29:27 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: vous etes dans la salle!  vous pouvez demander le contact des autres particpants dans la salle ici et tchatter ou parler avec eux. Vous pouvez donner un nom a cette salle ( cliquer n haut de la fenetre a gauche et écrire par exemple : ottawa salle generale

[7:30:10 AM] *** jucamai has left ***


[7:30:25 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: et enregistrer cela dans vos contacts en cliquant en haut a droite. Ainsi vous retrouverez facilemetn cette sale http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list

www.peoplessocialforum.org/ le site du forum.  Le calendrier des évenements du processus du forum est ici http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2014-calendar  Le forum du Canada coorrespond au niméro 22 dans la liste

[8:05:47 AM] Chris, Australia: Hello

[8:06:16 AM] Roger, RD Congo: Bonjour

[8:06:19 AM] Hassan, Laayoune, Maroc: hello. Bonjour les amis

[8:09:28 AM] Chris, Australia: Bonjour. C'est un matin lumineux et gai à l'extérieur, le soleil a augmenté, chœur d'oiseaux est la célébration du monde dans lequel nous vivons. Comment est-il avec vous? Lancer d'un jour nouveau. Maintenant ce qui est sur ​​le menu pour aujourd'hui?

[8:11:16 AM] Hassan, Laayoune, Maroc: Nous avons maintenant la nuit au Maroc

[8:14:51 AM] Chris, Australia: Hello Hassan, La nuit est pour dormir, la recharge des niveaux d'énergie, peut-être un peu la fête ... (doh) (rain)

The Leveller @leveller_ottawa  53m Check out the first issue of Gaggle, the Peoples' Social Forum's daily broadsheet, a project of the Leveller #psf2014 leveller.ca/2014/08/gaggle

[8:19:13 AM] Roger, RD Congo: Nous sommes aussi la nuit en RDCongo. Mais cela ne m'empêche pas de savoir que les amis sont au matin. Tout est calme ici!

[8:25:28 AM] Hassan, Laayoune, Maroc: Nous sommes habitués à assurer le Sahara marocain. Je suis le Président de l'Assemblée de l'économie sociale et solidaire au Maroc et membre du réseau national et de l'économie sociale et la solidarité africaines, a participé au forum de l'économie africaine et la solidarité sociale à Marrakech, au Maroc en 2014, et a également participé forum de l'économie sociale à Tunis en 2013

[8:30:27 AM] Roger, RD Congo: Moi je suis Président de l'association Espace Vital et membre de plusieurs plate formes sociale dont le forum social congolais .A Tunis j'avais manqué le rendez vous

[8:30:58 AM] Chris, Australia: Je comprends que preprations sont déjà en cours pour Tunis 2015 Il s'agit d'un atelier sur le FSM 2015 cet après-midi (heure d'Ottawa), à compter de 16h30. Avec Raphaël. Il sera diffusé ici

[8:34:28 AM] Roger, RD Congo: Je compte rester en ligne pour suivre tout en ligne ... Pourvu que la connexion internet ne trahisse pas

[8:35:15 AM] Chris, Australia: http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities  Line 13.  Roger, C'est OK, vous n'avez pas manqué. Il est encore 21 + heures de route.

[8:40:08 AM] Roger, RD Congo: OK bonne chose

[8:40:18 AM] Hassan, Laayoune, Maroc: merci

[8:41:02 AM] Chris, Australia: Bon nombre des 33 personnes dans cet espace voudront participer à cet atelier interactif sur la FSM 2015 Tunis. Serez-vous des nôtres? http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list  Pour participer, inscrivez-vous sur Skype unialter.extension publique de la Ligne 13 l'activité. Il suffit de taper que dans vos Contacts maintenant, et l'atelier va se connecter à vous, et vous pouvez voir tous les autres participants. peut-être 10 +

[8:57:14 AM] Roger, RD Congo: Je serais de vôtre je vous le promet

[11:55:46 AM] Gustavo, Canada: Hello, this is Gustavo from Ottawa. It was a very good day here. The schedule was very rushed, going from one place to the next, and I had little time to turn on my notebook, and connect here. I participated in a workshop about our tar sands and the military industry in the US. It was a very good presentation, with important facts. The 2nd workshop I attended was about the Cuban 5, presented by the Cuban 5 solidarity network of Canada and one union leader (Postal Workers). It was very good too. Naomi Klein's speech was excellent. The Unity March went very well and was beautiful. I closed the night at the 'closed-doors' meeting of the First Nations Elders with other First Nations participants. For those interested, here is a link to my workshop's livestream (on Internet Security): http://tinyurl.com/PSFSecurityVideoStream.  It's Friday 9am EST, and I'll end here for today :)

[9:39:23 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Hello.  Sylvie here, by the green wall of the Facility of Social Sciences. People are trickling slowly this morning. There are many choices in the program. I was told yesterday that they are expecting 10,000 participants so hopefully the forecasted rain will not detract them anyone.   Bonjour tout le monde. J'espère que tout le monde est en forme. Le programme du forum social des peuples est super intéressant pour la journée aujourd'hui. Alors n'hésitez pas si vous avez des questions. Je suis en ligne jusqu'à 10:30

[9:40:34 PM] Chris, Australia: Hello Sylvie.  Have you intercepted Gustavo yet?

[9:41:14 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Not yet

[9:41:23 PM] Toussaint, Togo: salut; c Toussaint du Togo

[9:42:15 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Bonjour - comment ca va au Tongo ce matin? Plus chaud que chez nous j'en suis certaine

[9:44:39 PM] Toussaint, Togo: sa va mais il fait froid au togo tu es dans kel pays?

[9:46:45 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Je suis a Ottawa sur place pour le forum

[9:46:45 PM] Toussaint, Togo: OK, comment se deroule le forum en ce moment?

[9:48:23 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Les ateliers commencent à 9:00 alors les gens arrivent lentement pour prendre un café, rencontrer leurs collègues et revoir le programme ou revoir leurs présentations :)

[9:48:57 PM] Toussaint, Togo: SUPER, tu dirige quelle organisation?

[9:57:03 PM] *** Toussaint, Togo added Carminda Mac Lorin ***

[10:02:36 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Bonjour, j'étais en ligne avec Miloud du Maroc pour discuter du forum des droits de la personne qui aura lieu en novembre.  Je suis avec plusieurs organisations principalement avec les mouvements sociaux, le dossier de la paix et les droits de la société civile.

[10:07:21 PM] Toussaint, Togo: super, au Canada? Moi je suis le coodornateur de novox au Togo

[10:08:26 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Oui mais je retourne aux études en septembre pour travailler le dossier de la gouvernance mondiale alors disons que j'élargis mon focus...

[10:09:58 PM] Toussaint, Togo: que penser vous de la gouvernance mondiale?

[10:10:15 PM] Julie V-C, Canada: Gustavo dis-nous ds quelle salle est ton atelier! Merci

[10:10:17 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Qu'il faut l'améliorer naturellement...

[10:10:24 PM] Toussaint, Togo:  عبدالعزيزالنجيب: السيدات والسادة نحن في المركز العربي لحقوق الانسان والسلام الدولي نتمنى لو يكون تواصل حي بالكمرا غدا  الساعة السابعة مساءا بتوقيت الاردن  حول ندوتنا المخدرات واضرارها في المجتمع المدني والحماية من انتشارها

[10:10:27 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Que la société civile prenne sa place. En priorité, Désolée je ne parle pas l'Arabe - sorry i don’t speak Arabic

[10:12:13 PM] Toussaint, Togo: oui je suis de meme avis que toi aujourd'hui la societé civile ne connais pas place. Il faut toujour renforcé les capacité de la societé civile sur c'est droit et de voir

[10:14:13 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Le marché s'est accaparé un langage qui ne fait aucune place a la société civiel

[10:14:48 PM] Toussaint, Togo: oui

[10:14:56 PM] Abas, Jordan (formerly of Syria): Ladies and Gentlemen, we are at the Arab Center for Human Rights and International Peace. To be continued, if we wish neighborhood Balkamra tomorrow at seven pm GMT Jordan about our seminar and deterring drug in civil society and the protection of its spread

[10:15:33 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Bonjour je me nomme sofie je participe au forum en tant que bénévole. Je suis présentement avec Mme Lemieux

[10:17:54 PM] Toussaint, Togo: madame Lemieux est diférent de Sylvie, Canada?

[10:26:09 PM] Gustavo, Canada: Workshop about to start: Safer Internet Tools for the Engaged Citizen, Simard room 227. Livestream link: https://new.livestream.com/accounts/9527600/events/3257381

[10:27:03 PM] Abas, Jordan (formerly of Syria): Seven o'clock pm Time Jordan is twelve noon GMT Canada

[10:27:44 PM] *** gasstan1 has left ***


[10:27:55 PM] Sylvie, Canada: C'est la même personne Sylvie, Canada

[10:28:20 PM] Toussaint, Togo: OK

[10:29:04 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Is 9am in Canada

[10:35:09 PM] Gustavo, Canada: Tune in now:  Safer Internet Tools for the Engaged Citizen.  https://new.livestream.com/accounts/9527600/events/3257381   Questions will be taken via Skype a bit later on ...

[10:43:47 PM] Sylvie, Canada: I have Paul Maillet here with me who will be presenting a workshop on the Bill presented to create a Department of Peace in Canada. Anyone has questions for him?

[10:47:22 PM] Chris, Australia: For Paul, Is the reschedule a surprise to him?

[10:47:57 PM] Sylvie, Canada: What reschedule? Can you revise details please

[10:48:54 PM] Julie V-C, Canada: here at Reconciliating Canada Session outside FSS, about to start !

[10:49:32 PM] Sylvie, Canada: I'm not sure that ww will post Paul's session. This is Paul.  My email is pmaillet@magma.ca  for questions. The Department of Peace web is departmentofpeace.ca. And mine is paulmailletpeacemaker.wordpress.com and paulmailletethics.wordpress.com

... Ok we are on the move towards the Fauteux building so stay tuned and don't be shy to share your questions and comments

[11:15:36 PM] Chris, Australia: When the 50-page Program came out, Paul's workshop was the only one affected, http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities , line 7. The Skype logs from yesterday's happenings at WSF Cafe are here, http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-chatlog for those who participated, and newcomers who wonder how it all went.

[22/08/2014 11:29:53 PM] Janneth, Colombia: Gracias por la información, estoy siguiendo las comunicaciones, pero en realidad estamos en un evento nacional de mujeres indígenas y esto me ha absorbido mucho, lo siento

[22/08/2014 11:33:39 PM] Gustavo, Canada: LIVE: Safer Internet Tools for the Engaged Citizen: Are there any questions?

[22/08/2014 11:37:45 PM] Chris, Australia: No se preocupe, Janneth. Deseamos que su actividad bien - tendrá que decirnos al respecto en algún momento

[22/08/2014 11:43:15 PM] Eric, Benin: Bonjour

[22/08/2014 11:43:53 PM] Janneth, Colombia: si me gustaría... el contexto nacional es complejo y muy importante, quizás por eso la gente colombiana no entra tanto en estos espacios internacionales, estamos en las discusiones sobre cómo hacer los acuerdos para paz,

[22/08/2014 11:44:53 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Bonjour Eric ca va bien?

[22/08/2014 11:45:11 PM] Eric, Benin: Super ça ça va

[22/08/2014 11:45:19 PM] Janneth, Colombia: las negociaciones con la guerrilla de la FARC avanza y ahora el tema es de las Víctimas, complejo, quiénes son las víctimas, de quién? cómo reparar... ? en fin muchas cosas que nos copan. Mucha suerte y buenas energías...

[22/08/2014 11:46:22 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Eric tu as des questions en particulier sur le forum d'Ottawa?

[22/08/2014 11:46:25 PM] Julie V-C, Canada: Juana, aqui en Canada trabajamos sobre la integracion de la historia de la oppression de los pueblos indigenos y de la reconciliation trc2014 en la educacion para todos canadienses. Suerte a ti tambien ;)

[22/08/2014 11:47:12 PM] Janneth, Colombia: que bueno, sería súper conocer de ese proceso, tenemos algo de información pero en realidad no conocemos mucho...

[22/08/2014 11:47:41 PM] Eric, Benin: Je pense qu'on se mélange surtout au niveau de différentes langues

[22/08/2014 11:48:32 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Ne t'inquiète pas car c'est normal d'avoir plus qu'une conversation en même temps

[22/08/2014 11:49:15 PM] Eric, Benin: Les sujets sont assez intéressants mais faute de traduction on ne pourra mieux apprécier les efforts consentis pour l'élaboration de ce système qui ne doit en aucun cas disparaître après le forum mais plutôt servira de base pour un forum dans un forum. Raisonnablement tout le monde ne peut effectuer le voyage. Je pense que nous devons nous pencher également sur le droit au foncier, au logement et à l'habitat

[22/08/2014 11:51:34 PM] Maher, Alexandria, Egypt: Hello

[22/08/2014 11:51:50 PM] Julie V-C, Canada: Bonjour Eric, je disais à Juana que nous travaillons sur l'intégration des travaux de la commission de la vérité et réconciliation au curriculum général au Canada. Le changement social passe par la transformation de l'éducation.

[22/08/2014 11:52:08 PM] Eric, Benin: Excellent, Je t'assure

[22/08/2014 11:52:58 PM] Chris, Australia: Nous pourrions peut-être déplacer la conversation française dans Ottawa2 wsfcafe2?

[22/08/2014 11:53:03 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Oui c'est notre intention de maintenir le dialogue longue distance pour s'appuyer mutuellement

[22/08/2014 11:53:51 PM] Maher, Alexandria, Egypt: where can i find an English conversation for The forum

[22/08/2014 11:54:04 PM] Chris, Australia: ... Y mantener la conversación española aquí? Quizás.

[22/08/2014 11:54:13 PM] Eric, Benin: Il ne peut pas y avoir de changement ni de développement si on ne prend pas au sérieux l'éducation à base âge pour espérer un autre monde avec une autre génération sinon vous pouvez me croire la génération actuelle est quasi irrécupérable


[22/08/2014 11:54:48 PM] *** humaniteunie.extension added alexandre.warnet ***

[22/08/2014 11:54:49 PM] Chris, Australia: Maher, we can start English here, or can I invite you to wsfcafe3 ottawa3?

[22/08/2014 11:55:31 PM] Maher, Alexandria, Egypt: i think we can start English so i can follow better as i use Google Translator now as my French is not good

[22/08/2014 11:56:04 PM] Sylvie, Canada: oui l'éducation est essentielle mais je suggère qu'elle doit être créée et maintenue à tous les. Niveaux d'âge

[22/08/2014 11:56:54 PM] Janneth, Colombia: Bueno, creo que es complejo el tema de los idiomas, esa es el reto también de lo educativo, como desarrollar procesos que nos permitan comunicarnos, tenemos las tecnologías...

[22/08/2014 11:57:01 PM] Eric, Benin: Je suis d'avis mais à certains âge c'est du recyclage

[22/08/2014 11:57:47 PM] Sylvie, Canada: Sauf si tu changes le discours et que tu le fais tien...

[22/08/2014 11:57:53 PM] عبدالعزيزالنجيب: اظن انه بامكاننا من هنا وضع حجر الاساس لمجمع تعليمي اقلها في اللغات كون تنوعنا موجودد في هذه الغرفة فاقترح انشاء غرفة تعليمية تعنى باللغات من هنا

[22/08/2014 11:58:15 PM] Chris, Australia: Abas, that was unfair without warning us

[22/08/2014 11:58:54 PM] Eric, Benin: Nous sommes tous conscients qu'un autre monde est possible et si nous voulons être francs envers nous même il ne faut que bâtir ce nouveau monde sur une fondation solide qu'est les enfants qui sont l'avenir de demain

[22/08/2014 11:59:10 PM] Janneth, Colombia: la edad, las diferencias de género, la pertenencia étnica y racial... en fin educación inclusiva y a lo largo de toda la vida

[22/08/2014 11:59:39 PM] عبدالعزيزالنجيب:  I think that we can from here laying the foundation stone for the educational complex languages ​​in the least the fact that our diversity in this room Mugodd suggested the establishment of an educational room dealing with languages ​​from here

[22/08/2014 11:59:50 PM] Eric, Benin: à certains rangs nous pouvons espérer instaurer un nouveau concept de changement de comportement (to be continued)

Launching the day’s first PSF-Extended Workshop #286

[22/08/2014 9:41:16 PM] Gustavo, Canada: Help - I have no wireless internet access in the room and I can’t Livestream here

[22/08/2014 9:52:27 PM] Chris, Australia: I remember that, yesterday, Kelly Carmichael from Fair Vote Canada had a similar problem with wireless. Gary Shaul advised the solution, here http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/lists/psf-extending-activities-fsp/archive/2014/08/1408672758406/forum_view 

[22/08/2014 9:59:11 PM] Gustavo, Canada: oh boy I need a cable

[22/08/2014 10:00:46 PM] Chris, Australia: Volunteers wear green t-shirts & armbands, and make good runners/gophers.  Have you got one?

[22/08/2014 10:06:05 PM] Gustavo, Canada: No. The University IT person is coming here with an ethernet cable apparently. YAY! I’ll Livestream!

[22/08/2014 10:45:25 PM] Chris, Australia: Yay!

[22/08/2014 11:30:08 PM] Gustavo, Canada: Hi, we are in the discussion period. We'll reconvene here in about 10 minutes

[22/08/2014 11:38:19 PM] Chris, Australia: OK

Day 1: 21 August

Pre-opening dialogues between Day 1 Presenters and any WSF Cafe online people who care to assist

[12:37:18 AM] Julie: Hi, just set up my livestream and Youtube Channel, still looking for 2 volunteers for chat+video on Saturday pm. Thx!  (yn) julie vc here

[12:53:09 AM] Gustavo: I created an invitation slide here: http://tinyurl.com/WSFCafeFSMOttawa to the WSF Café Ottawa. I think this one is a bit cleaner. Please tweet the URL with hashtag #PSF2014

[2:59:06 AM] Abas, Syria: hi to anybody. Please what time in Ottawa now?

[3:27:31 AM] Gustavo: Hi, it's 1:57pm [20 August] in Ottawa now

[3:29:12 AM] Abas, Syria: thank you

[3:55:35 AM] Zarel, Mexico: hi, how it goes?

[6:58:22 AM] Chris, Australia: Hello Sylvie

[9:07:50 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: The slide is nice :)

[9:12:52 AM] *** wsfcafefsm ottawa added Miloud (Rabat, Maroc), Mohamed (Mansoura, Egypt) ***

[9:21:02 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities . Bienvenue miloud mohamed olfa http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list.

Hello Bonjour Janneth, Ghassen, Danny , Kashif, Roger, Danny , Imran, Said, Eric, Pauline, Maraima, Maryc , Imtiaz, Charfeddine, Catherine, Rachid, Joseph, Mwadhini, Miloud, Mikael, Abdulazeez , fred, Julian, Hassan, Cheima, Barka, Olfa, Mohamed, Gustavo, Chris Sylvie, Pierre and those who will step in wsf café in Ottawa.

Tomorrow the café is starting - Gustavo and Sylvie will be in Ottawa, Chris in Australia, Pierre in France to facilitate conversation.  Please check the time difference and be connected more than usual, you can be called by Ottawa any time when we have Ottawa participants willing to talk with whoever is available. Also you can chat talk with someone else from the room, Chris showed some of you to find the conversation room where you can contact other participants. You can be called by either wsfcafefsm.ottawa or wsfcafefsm.ottawa2, if necessary wsfcafefsm.ottawa3 or a personal skype of someone in Ottawa.


Demain le café fsm ottawa commence -  Gustavo et sylvie  seront a Ottawa, Chris en Autralie  Pierre  en France  pour faciliter les  conversation. Vérifiez le décalage horaire avec ottawa, et restez connecté plus que d'habitude si possible vous pouvez etre appelés par ottawa quand un participant se présent a ottawa et souhaite parler avec qui est disponible.  Aussi vous pouvez parler entre vous - Chris vous a aidé a trouver la salle de conversation skype ou vous pouvez contacter les autres participants. Vous pouvez etre appelés par wsfcafefsm.ottawa ou wsfcafefsm.ottawa2 si nécessaire wsfcafefsm.ottawa3 ou le skype personnel de quelqu'un a Ottawa.

[10:30:15 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: hello

[10:59 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: <<< Hello..everyone

[10:30:31 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: hello Mohamed welcome

[10:31:41 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: welcome >> I am happy to join your conversation

[10:32:50 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: thank you... in the next four days we hope you will be able to talk with several ottawa participants as well as with several people in this room http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list


[10:34:33 AM] Janneth, Colombia: Hola

[10:34:57 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: hola Janneth. Bienvenida.  Manana comienza el café. Puedes invitar personas que estan interesadas en el fsm (nada mas pulsar el + y agregar mas gente y selectarlas desde tus contactos). Acabamos de enviar un mensaje en la lista de correo de participantes en el café. Somos mas de 30 en la sala de varios continents. Janneth, Ghassen, Danny, Kashif, Roger, Danny, Imran, Said, Eric, Pauline, Maraima, Maryc , Imtiaz, Charfeddine, Catherine, Rachid, Joseph, Mwadhini, Miloud, Mikael, Abdulazeez, Fred, Julian, Hassan, Cheima, Barka, Olfa, Mohamed, Gustavo, Chris, Sylvie, Pierre and those who will step in wsf café in Ottawa http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list  http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/lists/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants/membership  Muchos con presencia activa en el proceso.

[10:41:36 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: i want to know, ‘What are the main topics that will be discussed in the Community?’

[10:41:52 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: There is no preselected topic.  It depends on the people calling you from Ottawa, or the people calling you from this room.  This is in the frame of small group conversations. It is also possible to set up a topic in this room if a lot of people agree or to create a pad to develop a written conversation supported by a audio call around it without being intrusive to this general conversation; many possibilities... Pads are available here: https://pad.riseup.net/. Some participants have already listed topics of interest in their profile: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list and Ottawa participants (coming physically in the cafe place in Ottawa) will add theirs.

[10:47:29 AM] Janneth, Colombia: Gracias voy a estar pendiente, voy a intentar que otras compañeras participen

[10:48:36 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa:  seria muy bien (has recibido la invitation por correo hoy no es cierto? que vino por la lista fsm-extendido?)

 [10:49:40 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: We can suggest some topics that support the economic and social rights

[10:49:56 AM] Janneth, Colombia:  Siiii

[10:50:44 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Mohamed, we can set up a page with the topics you want to talk about;  http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-topics

[10:58:29 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: I have a question about what is the language that we will talk in voice conversation together. I mean we should talk english or we can talk Arabic?

[10:59:23 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: the language can be what is understood by the people participating in the voice or written conversation - so it depends who you are talking with, in the participants list you have indication of who speaks what.  Then most people in Ottawa will speak English or French, and some may be speaking Arabic.

[11:00:41 AM] *** wsfcafefsm ottawa added wsfcafefsm2 ottawa2 *** now introducing a second account wsfcafefsm .ottawa2

[11:01:03 AM] Janneth, Colombia: Me parece bien

[11:01:37 AM] wsfcafefsm.ottawa2: hello!

[11:01:54 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: This will help when there is more than one conversation in the café. Ah we need to change the name .... :)  a bit

[11:03:07 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: yes  that’s  a great  idea >>  that  can  help  all  of  us

[11:04:11 AM] wsfcafefsm.ottawa2: well we have changed the name a bit, now you see wsfcafefsm 2.

[11:04:29 AM] Mohamed, Mansoura, Egypt: :)

[11:10:15 AM] wsfcafefsm.ottawa2: and we are asking contact with each of you with this second account. Would anyone make a gentle input in the mailing list:  wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants@lists.openfsm.net ? So far it is only the organizers writing messages, and participants can also use the list. Now disconnecting for some sleep.

[12:30:23 PM] Gustavo: It's all looking good so far - we begin tomorrow morning here in Ottawa

[12:58:35 PM] Zarel, Mexico: hi there, i’m Zarel from Mexico, is there a schedule for the conversations?

[12:59:23 PM] Gustavo: Hola, Zarel, la conversación es constant aquí

[12:59:25 PM] Zarel, Mexico: there will be one main conversation? or many of them?

[12:59:36 PM] Gustavo: Empezamos manãna el Foro

[12:59:38 PM] Zarel, Mexico: oh, thanks.  Nos gustaría platicar sobre los megaproyectos extractivos, y sobre los grupos de “autodefensa” en Guerrero México.

[1:00:16 PM] Gustavo: si, es un asunto muy importante. Tenemos un taller sobre los Zapatistas.  Aqui, y otros talleres acerca de la industria minera Canadense.

[1:01:37 PM] Zarel, Mexico: de acuerdo, si pudiera conocer los horarios sería fantástico

[1:02:02 PM] Gustavo: en especial, el grupo Mining Watch. A  ver si veo en el programa aquí.

[1:02:37 PM] Zarel, Mexico: y si encuentro/an a alguién que esté interesado en conocer la experiencia de las “autodefensas”, la “policía comunitaria” y el sistema de seguridad y justicia ciudadana, podríamos charlar

[1:02:39 PM] Gustavo: yo no sé si ellos van a transmitir por video streaming, todavía

[1:02:53 PM] Zarel, Mexico: estoy atenta para saberlo

[1:03:30 PM] Gustavo: muy bien - mañana estaré en el Media Centre - y cuando hablar con MiningWatch y otros, les dire para entrar aquí

 [1:10:54 PM] Zarel, Mexico: thanks, and if you know there is somebody interested in talk about civil guards, and Policia comunitaria, i’ll be here

[1:21:13 PM] Gustavo: - Here is a short list of tools for safer use of the Internet. We'll circulate it here at the Peoples' Social Form - feel free to share. http://tinyurl.com/PSFSaferInternet 

As Ottawa slumbers, there is online activity in preparation for the day ahead

[3:54:51 PM] Chris, Australia: Hello Bonjour Hola Ottawa مرحبا,  also on Twitter @wsfextensiocana. Care is needed that the new PSF Ottawa official programs/programmes are now 50 pages EN/FR, here http://static.squarespace.com/static/52faa83fe4b00ea56bbb527a/t/53f4ad5ae4b02de8411c3719/1408544090885/PSF_eprogNnn.pdf  EN  so earlier versions ought be discarded. Today's activities start at 9am, with 37 workshops listed between pages 13-15. All workshops will be available to PSF Ottawa attendees, but only some will be streamed or recorded for PSF-Extended participants. The next group of activities starts promptly at 10:30/10:45am on page 15 of the program.

[4:32:48 PM] Eric, Benin: Hi

[4:44:49 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: salut Eric. Si vous voulez proposer des sujets de conversation donnez les on les mettra dans la page topics: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-topics.  C'est un compléemnt a ce que vous avez déja indiqué dans le formulaire. Après bien sur c'est selon la disponibité de chacun de votre coté et du coté ottawa (les participants qui entreent dans le café..) hi Eric

 [4:51:49 PM] *** wsfcafefsm ottawa added wsfcafefsm3.ottawa3 ***

et voici une possiblilité de 3eme canal. La page des sujets a été mise a jour http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-topics

Calamity Piou ‏@CPiou  8m J'ai hâte de regarder les conférences du @forumsocial2014 via la webdiffusion de @99Media_org http://www.99media.org/en-direct/  #psf2014  I cannot wait to watch @forumsocial2014 conferences via Webcast @99Media_org http://www.99media.org/en-direct/

[21/08/2014 9:39:00 PM] Sylvie: Bonjour journée pluvieuse à Ottawa - mais on annonce beaucoup de soleil pour la fin de semaine alors j'espère que nous aurons beaucoup de participants. The March will be closing three bridges right when workers and many public servants will be leaving for home so it is hoped that many will decide to join the forum and get involved :)

[21/08/2014 9:43:53 PM] Chris, Australia: Voulez-vous vous promenez au Parlement, ou est-il plus dans les coulisses pour faire? Comment Inscription débrouille? Hello Any Ottawans around?  [Silence]

[21/08/2014 10:27:40 PM] Eric, Benin: bonjour, suis-je seul connecté?

[21/08/2014 10:31:48 PM] Chris, Australia: Hello Eric in Benin. Chris from Australia here

[21/08/2014 10:32:14 PM] Eric, Benin: oui or yes, can you speak french? Enchanté Chris. Salut Lopsiwa

[21/08/2014 10:45:31 PM] Chris, Australia: Bonjour Eric. WsfCafe est due à ouvrir à 10h (en 45 minutes), mais déjà les Ateliers de streaming ont commencé. Près de 37 activités ont débuté à 9h.  Pour les résidents d'Ottawa qui ont enregistré avec succès, je pense que beaucoup seront à l'accueil traditionnel des Premiers Peuples à la place du Peuple (commencé il ya 30 minutes), donc je pense que beaucoup de gens vont dans de nombreuses directions.

[21/08/2014 10:47:00 PM] Eric, Benin: ok je suis là

[21/08/2014 11:15:17 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: hello Sylvie

[21/08/2014 11:15:33 PM] Julie: Salut Éric! Julie, en route vers Ottawa. Est-ce que qqu filme l'accueil traditionnel?

[21/08/2014 11:17:45 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: je crois que l'ouverture du forum est filémes ici http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities.Voir 99% media et rabble.ca

[21/08/2014 11:21:58 PM] Eric, Benin: salut Julie

[21/08/2014 11:22:11 PM] Chris, Australia: Live telecast will be from 12 midday, here http://rabble.ca/rabbletv/program-guide/2014/08/features/watch-live-thursday-august-21-psf2014-opening-ceremony-naomi

[21/08/2014 11:22:21 PM] Eric, Benin: je suivrai tout à partir de mon bureau au BENIN

[21/08/2014 11:34:40 PM] Mairama, Cameroun: bonjour Erci, bonjour Sylvie. Bonjour a tous

[21/08/2014 11:35:04 PM] Eric, Benin: elle est présente. Salut Lopsiwa.

[21/08/2014 11:35:13 PM] Mairama, Cameroun: je m'excuse du fait que je ne suis pas très dynamique pour les rétroactions

[21/08/2014 11:35:19 PM] Eric, Benin: en forme?

[21/08/2014 11:35:40 PM] Mairama, Cameroun: cel est du au décalage horaire et aussi a quelques occupations. Trop de choses a faire a la fois. Je vais bien merci et toi Erci?

[21/08/2014 11:36:14 PM] Eric, Benin: Crois moi il est 3:06 pm chez moi. Oui ça va je me défends à la loupe

[21/08/2014 11:38:49 PM] Mairama, Cameroun: ok, c la meme heure chez moi aussi. Alors le café,ca dit koi

[21/08/2014 11:40:00 PM] Chris, Australia: Eric est au Bénin. Mairama est à Ottawa, ou au Cameroun? Je viens tweeté le glissement de Gustavo, ici

[21/08/2014 11:40:27 PM] Eric, Benin: super

[21/08/2014 11:40:44 PM] Mairama, Cameroun: Mairama est au Cameroun, précisément a Yaoundé

[21/08/2014 11:40:53 PM] Chris, Australia: https://onedrive.live.com/view.aspx?resid=A0BE0FC038E84622!120&ithint=file%2cpptx&app=PowerPoint&authkey=!AIDcAaiNNzehPxg

[21/08/2014 11:41:15 PM] Mairama, Cameroun: bien resu, merci et je consulte le lien

[21/08/2014 11:41:58 PM] Eric, Benin: je consulte

[21/08/2014 11:42:00 PM] Chris, Australia: J'espère donc que nous obtenons quelques Skypers d'Ottawa bientôt.

[21/08/2014 11:46:51 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: cela dépend de gustavo mais il n'est pas connecté.  Mais en attendant les personnes peuvent se parler dans la salle ou en conversations particulières  :)

[21/08/2014 11:48:32 PM] Chris, Australia: Sure.

[21/08/2014 11:48:53 PM] *** wsfcafefsm ottawa added laye.camara813 ***

[21/08/2014 11:49:23 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: la page des sujets a été créé pour aider a touver des sujets  The next two PSF-Extended livestreams are due to commence shortly (15 mins; http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities line 10 & 14 (to be continued)


Supporting Ethel, Canada’s Livestream, Workshop #50

 [21/08/2014 8:10:27 PM] Chris, Australia: Good morning

[21/08/2014 9:46:13 PM] Ethel, Canada: Good morning, i am in my room. Do you know if a technique will come? Big Day today

[21/08/2014 9:46:42 PM] Chris, Australia: Good morning. Do you have your umbrella?  Sylvie at Registration says it is rainy.

[21/08/2014 9:48:10 PM] Ethel, Canada: It is, but it is Nice.  Don’t know how many PEOPLE will show up, any registered online?

[21/08/2014 9:48:19 PM] Chris, Australia: Re technique.  Has anyone contacted you about operating the Livestream PC, and you on your Mac?

[21/08/2014 9:48:35 PM] Ethel, Canada: No. I would need someone to start the System as well thé projectif

[21/08/2014 9:49:34 PM] Chris, Australia: You will go directly to Tabaret 325 for setting up?

[21/08/2014 9:50:14 PM] Ethel, Canada: I am here, the System is locked, room was unlocked. I am there. Where are you?

[21/08/2014 9:51:29 PM] Chris, Australia: Great.  I will try to locate someone to visit you there.  Do you have a preference for which Livestream broadcast you want to use?

[21/08/2014 9:51:52 PM] Ethel, Canada: No you are thé expert. Can you suggest?

[21/08/2014 9:52:06 PM] Chris, Australia: I won't be offended if you go with the one you set up, but I guess that's on your Mac? Is there a PC in the room, connected to any projection equipment?

[21/08/2014 9:54:54 PM] Ethel, Canada: It is on a big Desk lock yes Pc. And i have a mac so, on case i will put my ppt on USB

[21/08/2014 9:55:59 PM] Chris, Australia: We need both computers to make interactive streaming.

[21/08/2014 9:56:25 PM] Ethel, Canada: Well I will see with technician. Would he know?

[21/08/2014 9:56:37 PM] Chris, Australia: We have time, and your support is onto it. :).  Good idea about the technician, particularly if something is locked.  It's the price of being 1st presenter for the day.  Good news, though, will be if other presenters encounter difficulties getting started, their audiences will drift your way

[21/08/2014 10:00:12 PM] Ethel, Canada: ;)

[21/08/2014 10:01:42 PM] Chris, Australia: I think it best I go ahead and Publish your Livestream.

[21/08/2014 10:02:13 PM] Ethel, Canada: Thanks

[21/08/2014 10:03:37 PM] Chris, Australia: If anything should go askew, the Livestream I setup for you has Login Ethel, Canada, P/w is [deleted]. Not v original but ... (nerdy)

[21/08/2014 10:04:10 PM] Ethel, Canada: I am on livestream. Where should I enter that info?  [Pause] Got it.

[21/08/2014 10:04:33 PM] Chris, Australia: OK.  [Chris pauses]. These are the two options we have.  Which single Livestream will be watching the presenter (you) and your audience, when you are presenting.  I don't think it can be your Mac hardware, as you intend to operate it yourself ... Yes?  Or will you use the PC in TBT325 to project your Powerpoint, using your USB?  In which case the Mac, loaded with your Livestream, could be operated by a volunteer - I remember some Mac owners are precious about their machine, but that wouldn't be you? :$

[21/08/2014 10:14:12 PM] Ethel, Canada: Well, no one yet is here and no tech as well. It is supposed to be in 15 min. Can I download the ppt? On livestream

[21/08/2014 10:18:57 PM] Chris, Australia: OK. Your Powerpoint is for the physical audience that turns up in your room.  Have confidence, they will arrive

[21/08/2014 10:19:36 PM] Ethel, Canada:  Yes, but I would love to see the tech first to start the system

[21/08/2014 10:20:36 PM] Chris, Australia: Sure. I have tried contacting Sylvie or others on-the-ground in Ottawa, nothing back yet. And WSFCafe with Gustavo doesn't officially open until 10am.  But I have Gustavo's Twitter handle (yn)

[21/08/2014 10:25:40 PM] Ethel, Canada: People are coming, but no tech schnoot

[21/08/2014 10:29:05 PM] Chris, Australia: I have tweeted Gustavo.  He's pretty skilled, if he's on site.  He's the fastest resource I have 2 call on from Australia.

[21/08/2014 10:29:28 PM] Ethel, Canada: Thank you so much

[21/08/2014 10:30:11 PM] Chris, Australia: Are any of your arrivers willing to operate the broadcast livestream PC, like a camera, to film you in action?

[21/08/2014 10:32:00 PM] Ethel, Canada: Not sure [Pause] No one yet. Sorry.

[21/08/2014 10:38:55 PM] Chris, Australia: I have published the Livestream https://new.livestream.com/accounts/9677682/events/3305573 but you need assistance.  Otherwise, do you want to start using Powerpoint, and I will keep trying to obtain Livestreaming assistance for you?  I don't want to chew up your valuable workshop time more than necessary

[21/08/2014 10:41:19 PM] Ethel, Canada: Sorry no tech I am talking with people. Do you have a phone number for a tech ????

[21/08/2014 10:46:06 PM] Chris, Australia: I am looking in the programme ... Any sign of a volunteer with green t-shirt and/or green armband?  Who could act as a runner for you?

[21/08/2014 10:52:50 PM] Ethel, Canada: None

[21/08/2014 10:52:55 PM] Chris, Australia: Plan B, from the program; wait ...

Gusțavo ‏@gcsfred  4m @will0447 I understand Ethel had his/her problem resolved. There were a few problems related to connectivity. Univ tech support is not great  

Preparing for Julie’s Workshop #247 on Saturday

[12:02:43 AM] *** wsfcafefsm ottawa added Chris, Australia ***

[12:02:52 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: hello Chris. This is a participation room for workshop 247. http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities

[12:04:39 AM] Chris, Australia: Julie's base?

[12:04:52 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: according to line 2, you are streaming in http://new.livestream.com/accounts/9694896, yes! Or something close to it

[12:05:19 AM] Chris, Australia: Sure.

[12:05:45 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: The workshop is on Saturday 23rd, but as of now we can say we are interested

[12:06:23 AM] Chris, Australia: Yes.  It starts at 1pm, and I have it flagged.

[12:06:31 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: and we can suggest other wsfcafé participants to note this on their agenda

[12:06:44 AM] Chris, Australia: Yes. Will we rename it as PSF-Extended Line 2?

[12:08:44 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: you can ..the name is just for youIt can be a common reference to have the fnipedago + the 247 number

[12:10:41 AM] Chris, Australia: Is helpful on Saturday, when discussing with others in Café, Cafe 2, Cafe 3, where to find in their list of contacts.  Otherwise different naming for same activity ...

[12:12:14 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: yes

[12:32:07 AM] Julie: Hello! So i need to call the Skype conversation? Glad to hear people might be able to join, i will try to access the room 15 min. prior to workshop

[12:34:22 AM] Chris, Australia: Hello Julie. I am looking forward to Saturday's workshop, Chris from Australia here

[12:37:23 AM] *** wsfcafefsm ottawa added Eric, Benin, Mairama, Cameroun ***

[12:37:45 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: bienvenue eric et maraima

[12:38:22 AM] Eric, Benin: yep

[12:38:47 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities  ligne 2. Contacts our public skype account   "" to get included in the conversation room

[1:33:02 AM] Julie V-C: Vraiment cool!!! Je vous enverrai plus d'info sur l'atelier plus tard aujourd'hui. N'hésitez pas à passer le mot! Merci!

[1:33:19 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: :) vous pouvez aussi inviter dans la salle de conversation generale et on espèr aussi rencontrer des personnes qui sont venues par votre invitation "canadienne"

[3:01:37 AM] Mairama, Cameroun: thanks for adding me

[4:15:31 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: you are welcome

[5:40:41 AM] Julie V-C: Bonjour! Boozhoo! Here is an updated version of my prez #: https://prezi.com/pg57pr2h85do/  which we can discuss on saturday@1:00pm. Ps. La présentation est bilingue

[5:42:29 AM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: merci

[8:10:46 AM] *** Julie V-C has left ***  

Life commences in an (unattended) WSFCafé Ottawa

[21/08/2014 4:20:55 PM] Chris, Australia: Hello

[21/08/2014 4:21:11 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: hello

[21/08/2014 4:22:07 PM] Chris, Australia: 3am, you're keen |-)

[21/08/2014 4:22:34 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: well it is you who decided to be up late :)

[21/08/2014 4:23:16 PM] Chris, Australia: Touche.  Your time header for this page says 8:52AM Ottawa ...

[21/08/2014 4:23:53 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: well, need to adjust this

[21/08/2014 4:24:48 PM] Chris, Australia: I expect there will be an electronic version of the Program Addenda.  We're up from 48-50 pages now, and the font size is smaller.  Must have been a few additions?

[21/08/2014 4:25:29 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Am not aware of the additions - not focused either :) Chris we can collectively take care also of the topics page: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-topics

[21/08/2014 4:25:59 PM] Chris, Australia: I can guard the fort here if you want some more shut-eye ;). I'll look at topics page

[21/08/2014 4:27:37 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: The idea is to write there the topics that people want to talk about, so it can be presented to people in Ottawa and also between themselves

[21/08/2014 4:28:16 PM] Chris, Australia: OK. I saw Zarel's requests, ... and I might be able to locate PSF activities on the program that suit their needs.  Whether they are streamed or recorded will be a question I can ask the Alternative Media people when they visit WSFCafe at 10am today

[21/08/2014 4:32:15 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: I would not rely too much on extension of activities, but rather on ear/mouth communication with people who are coming in the café

[21/08/2014 4:33:14 PM] Chris, Australia: Sure.  Our 10am visitors are with the media organisations, they ought to know?

[21/08/2014 4:33:24 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: The idea being to provide relevant Skype talks as much as possible

[21/08/2014 4:33:36 PM] Chris, Australia: understood

[21/08/2014 4:33:53 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Are you talking of the media? Basically wsf cafe is a place for informal encounters between people in Ottawa and people abroad through skype. Encounters are not by appointment but based on mutual availability, in Ottawa, and around the world, within a group of preregistered participants

[21/08/2014 4:34:51 PM] Chris, Australia: No, the alternate media AMARC, e-joussour, etc that are on OpenFSM under gofmml! project

[21/08/2014 4:35:06 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: We could add "on topics of mutual interest if inasmuch possible". Yes you mean they have an internal meeting today 10am (which item?)

[21/08/2014 4:35:56 PM] Chris, Australia: Yes.  Announced on OpenFSM here ...

[21/08/2014 4:36:07 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: please show the link

[21/08/2014 4:37:27 PM] Chris, Australia: http://openfsm.net/projects/gofmml/lists/fmml-tunis/archive/2014/08/1408457123004/forum_view

[21/08/2014 4:38:40 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Well as i said, it is a bit early

[21/08/2014 4:39:02 PM] Chris, Australia: As well, AMARC is conducting a workshop (#307) so I would expect that to be streamed.  I just don't know what other streaming, etc they intend to conduct, or have the capacity to do.

[21/08/2014 4:39:52 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Have you prepared/ informed Gustavo of this meeting?

[21/08/2014 4:40:01 PM] Chris, Australia: Yes

[21/08/2014 4:40:48 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: He is well involved in the media center - good so he will manage - the idea being that alternate media activist in the media center can come and skype-interview the people who are participating worldwide http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf-cafe-fsm/wsfcafefsm-ottawa-participants-list

[21/08/2014 4:41:26 PM] Chris, Australia: Great idea/initiative.  Way too early for serious business though

[21/08/2014 4:41:42 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: I mean this can be done over the 4 days

[21/08/2014 4:41:57 PM] Chris, Australia: You and Gustavo will be at Registrations for part of the day?

[21/08/2014 4:42:15 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: 10am would be an occasion to present the cafe concept and suggest the interviews. I am landing in Ottawa tomorrow a 16pm local time, so this is a rock and roll wsf café :) built on cooperative energies

[21/08/2014 4:43:58 PM] Chris, Australia: Definitely cooperative energies, we will give competitors short shrift :x. We are live on twitter @wsfextensiocana and the hashtag #PSF2014 is going viral-ish

[21/08/2014 4:46:01 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: The twitter account is sarajevo2014. I guess so you can emit some tweets

[21/08/2014 8:34:22 PM] Chris, Australia: Hello. I have skyped Ethel, Gabrielle Fayant and Raphael about missing information, here http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/psfextension-list-extended-psf-fsp-activities and tweeted Kelly Carmichael @FairVoteCanada about same. These relate to this morning's PSF-Extension activities, so time is of the essence.  Any news your end?

[21/08/2014 11:15:44 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: ok, Let me check

[21/08/2014 11:47:13 PM] Chris, Australia: Ethel is in contact over public Skype

[21/08/2014 11:47:27 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: That was me. Ethel seems unconnected

[21/08/2014 11:49:21 PM] Chris, Australia: from qdm.extension?

[21/08/2014 11:49:28 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: yes. The password is [deleted]  I think i gave this to Ethel earlier

[21/08/2014 11:50:10 PM] Chris, Australia: Oh well, I have been in regular contact on her personal skype

[21/08/2014 11:50:41 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: yes ... you can transmit this password but no one has connected so far

[21/08/2014 11:52:34 PM] Chris, Australia: I outlined Ethel's situation here http://openfsm.net/projects/canada-etand-fsmwsf/lists/psf-extending-activities-fsp/archive/2014/08/1408629449147/forum_view  Even though I tweeted Gustavo, I suspect he's tied up elsewhere. Registrations with Sylvie, maybe?

[21/08/2014 11:54:28 PM] wsfcafefsm ottawa: Registrations, alone (Sylvie arrives tomorrow, and is tied up with workshops good part of the day). You can connect to humaniteunie.extension and tcoc.extension  if not already done ...

[21/08/2014 11:56:15 PM] Chris, Australia: OK.  The next two PSF-Extended livestreams are due to commence shortly (15 mins) ...