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Topics proposed for casual informal talks in the café- Sujets proposés pour des conversations informelles dans le café 

  • possibility to create a "pad" and a specific skype conversation  for some of them https://pad.riseup.net/
  • possibilité de créer un "pad " et une conversation skype spécifique pour certains d'entre eux  https://pad.riseup.net/

Ottawa cafe - participant list


 Some proposals of topics - propositions de themes

  1. we can suggest some topics that support the economic and social rights ( mohamed egypt).  Sustainable development in third world countries. Development relationship with national liberation and Control of capitalism (added overnight, Friday/am Saturday)
  2. nos gustaría platicar sobre los megaproyectos extractivos,y sobre los grupos de “autodefensa” en Guerrero México ( zarel mexico) ( gracias por llenar el formulario de participacion) 
  3. Temática: mujeres, paz, DDHH  ( Janneth colombia
  4. the place of youth ( Imran afghanistan
  5. l'immigration clandestine.( joseph RDC
  6. water ( Mwadhini Tanziania
  7. droits des émigrés ( Miloud maroc)  
  8. "Peace and the internet"  ( Mikael finland)

a cross over comment by participants of the livestreams that they have accessed to : https://pad.riseup.net/p/comments-psf-livestreams-in-wsfcafe-ottawa un commentaire par les participants au cafe des livestreaming auxquels ils ont acces