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 Soon photos  from Dhakka  here!  

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 In your city early february     local face to face activty -  local activity  in public space - distance encounter  with group in dakar - distance participation to activities in dakar


status as of december 22th

 yes we participate announced/sent
 activity prep skype chat room running/active
 prep meeting with dakar scheduled/ completed
WSF site organization/acitvity registered
 finalized partner contacts/activity completed
 memory /documentation comitted /uploaded


 yes we will stream/ + chat   streaming test performed/+ chat invitation to enlarged activity sent/chatroom set up stream completed/+ chat
 chat documentation committed/ uploaded

 others possibilities you can create new pages from this one and add documentation - you can also create a specific openfsm space for your activity 

 activity in Germany description  Legend-local.1.jpg


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