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70 activities announced in dakar extended

from SF Extended Team on Jan 04, 2011 05:32 PM

Happy New Year and success in your WSF activities! 

ordered by region / country and place (see also simulated version per day) 

This release includes about 70 activities announced 
-Local activity or remote encounters  (*) from 10 countries (Mexico, Colombia USA, Portugal, Guinea, Senegal, Mali, Togo, Spain, France, Palestine, Ukraine, Zambia, Taiwan, Australia) - the proportion between local and remote meeting will become clearer over the next two weeks 

-Activities "enlarged " from  Dakar (*) (partially registered to date) 

Here is what was done here in terms of preparation meetings, and will be continued

The French share is high because of the specific dynamics in France CRID member of IC and local social forum participant Network FFSL and promotional efforts done lately in West Africa. Caravans 

 (*) The format options are : local, meeting, participation, broadening are described here 
They point to the technical details "Skype" and "ustream.tv" http://openfsm.net/projects/tecnointercomfsm/project-home visible here (in english column with links) 

And now? 

A custom email list is established for EACH activity the number of the latter necessary until ENxx of 1 to 10+ en1 en2 etc etc. .. –first messages  in these lists are in progress - 

The priority is to schedule a day and time to these activities and the planning of rooms in Dakar - We need a greater number of rooms in the evening because the forum is on weekdays and  because time zone in  America and Europe part of Africa lead  to apply for slots in the evening in Dakar 

The priority is also to solicit you for bringing the equipment (PC and video projector) and volunteers in Dakar 

Of course, it also continues to welcome new activities , and enlargement of activities in Dakar 

We are expecting  on this  general list "WSF  extended exchanges" to read and answer questions of general interest that you ask 

English speaking WSF extended facilitation and Dakar extended  teams

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