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After the WSF Dakar: info, WSF calendar, invitation, projects, and Forum Extended Directory



• INFORMATION post-Dakar Information on SFEX initiative-  extended social forum 

• CALENDAR / WSF dynamics initiated in 2010 continues with a succession of announced social forum events - WSF Calendar 2011-13

• INVITATION : One can also intercommunicate remotely in the frame of forum process outside forum events, here is an Sfex invitation to that effect

• QUESTIONS If you participated, …or attempted to participate ..., or thought to participate in Dakar extended
you can see and download here  8 QUESTIONS ABOUT YOUR PLANS FOR USE OF REMOTE INTERCOM  in the WSF process forum extended 
4 questions to activate your knowledge and 4 questions about your projects - answering them is useful to take stock and understand the interest of the directory ( below) "You can be several together  so as to reach a more collective view
Send the completed sheet as an attached document  to our contact address facilit.space.wsf.extended + gmail.com, We will contact you

• A  Sfex directory ( social Forum extended)? why? How?

A group participating in WSF process announces  its intentions about  intercommunication unrelated to a forum event, in order to make more permanent the forum process already well assimilated thanks to forum events
This announcement can be found on openfsm by another group in sfex directory space (coming soon)

The two groups exchange together and, if they get along, set up  an extended activity
Distance Encounter via internet
20090308-audition-et-la-mare-062.jpg   or activity in a group "enlarged via Internet" towards the other march-wef-2.JPG 


See and Download here the Sfex directory announcement  if you wish to be included

You can fill out the document in group in order to develop a shared vision
Send the completed document  to our contact address facilit.space.wsf.extended gmail.com, it will be displayed in the Sfex directory space

Consult the sfex directory Summary (to come) to see what other local groups suggest
Contact name and links to anouncements in English or to those that mention English as language for exchange

  • An initial version of the directory will be (bientot. ..) online and will be updated progressively from sfex 2010 actors: example of directory  announcement sfexfrfich> examples of completed form will be posted (soon. .. ..)
  • If your group is interested in an announcement in the directory, contact the group that published it, and also fill out announcement yourself , you can tell us (facilit.space.wsf.extended gmail.com )
  • If your group has published an announcement and is contacted by another group, ask if this group can also make an announcement,
  • If you are going to concretize an extended activity you can notify us here (facilit.space.wsf.extended  gmail.com) and we can advise you on how to make this activity visible activity (creating a page in welcome and Info space  or better in your own space in openfsm, sending information on some mailing lists lists see here information about openfsm)