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Accompaniment on line of "Fearless cities" summit in Barcelona : 
act355  9-11
th june 



With the placing of this activity in WSF 2016/17 extension dynamics,  answering the  2017 invitation,  Bel'M team   and COOPERATION JACKSON   confirm to be participating instances in the world social forum process, as both described in the  Charter of principles of world social forum  

Earlier activities placed by same organization  in the dynamics : act274  and  346  and   354 



HOW IS REMOTE PARTICIPATION INCLUDED  this is basically  a  intercommunication room between x participants elsewhere who are interested in those workshops and in the fearlesscities event  and some   participants in bcn who are interested in extension if any  

  • choice 1 follow the link to get in the whatsapp accompaniment room  for sharing info about things happening in left forum ( access this link through your cellphone)  https://chat.whatsapp.com/AXowJWJdE7uJmQe7Y16ajB
  • choice 2 follow the link to get in the skype accompaniement room  https://join.skype.com/p0l9OfE6Ffad
  •  link to the general skype acompaniment room for fearless cities - for sharing info about things happening there :join the  permanent skype chat room  with your sype account  ( you will be given a24h account if you do not have an account) 






the list of streamed event is not clear yet  big sessions or also policy roundtables

updated  according to  availablility of streaming in fearless citiies event  

and to Cooperation Jackson real time streaming contiribtin in Barcelona  

https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/spain/barcelona   time in barcelona 


videos fearlesscities in youtube 


19 - 21h    fearless cities: global networks of refuge and hope  video 2h  -  speech of ada colau 3/2015 with english subtitles 4mn

ada colau, mayor of barcelona   - manuela carmena, mayor of madrid  -éric piolle, mayor of grenoble (france) - rena dourou, regional governor of attica (greece) - jorge sharp, mayor of valparaíso (chile) -dolors sabater, mayor of badalona -jesse arreguin, mayor of berkeley, california (usa) -dejla hamo, co-mayor of derik, rojava -gerardo pisarello, deputy mayor of barcelona -xulio ferreiro, mayor of a coruña -pedro santisteve, mayor of zaragoza -martiño noriega, mayor of santiago de compostela -caren tepp, councilor of rosario (argentina) -andrea reimer, councilor of vancouver (canada) -helen gym, councilor of philadelphia (usa) -áurea carolina de freitas, councilor of belo horizonte (brazil)

mayors and local leaders come together to share their vision of what it means to be a “fearless city”, from resisting state authoritarianism and combatting the far right to fighting speculation and guaranteeing the right to the city.


opening plenary: municipalism and the feminization of politics

9 10   http://fearlesscities.com/opening-plenary-municipalism-and-the-feminization-of-politics/

 https://www.facebook.com/100004522357433/videos/vb.100004522357433/784301598397245/?type=2&theater 12mns



public panel debate: democracy from the bottom up: municipalism and other stories

19:00 - 20:00  EN ES  

wsf extended act355 fearless cities democracy from the bottom up notes en  


VIDEO 1h40mn 

Around the world, movements and organizations are working, against the odds, to build a better democracy from the bottom up. They’re working in neighbourhoods, territories, urban peripheries and rural areas to set up new economic models, feminize politics and put care at the centre of the debate, and to protect the commons. They are the foundation of any cultural, political and economic transformation that seeks to be sustainable. In this panel we’ll discuss how municipalist and other grassroots movements work, their unique characteristics as compared to other strategies, and what relationship they should seek with state and transnational projects.

Gala Pin
, Councilor for Participation, Barcelona City Council  Luigi Demagistris, Mayor of Naples 
Hazna Youssef, Co-Chair of the Committee of Municipalities of Cizîre, Rojava Ritchie Torres, Deputy Leader, New York City Council 
Debbie Bookchin, Journalist and Writer Iago Martínez, Chief of Staff, Mayor’s Office, A Coruña City Council 
Chloe Eudaly, Commissioner, Portland City Council 


closing plenary: international municipalism 12 30  14h 

We’ll close the Fearless Cities international municipalist summit by presenting a map of municipalist movements around the world and outlining how we can work as a network to support one another organizationally and politically over the coming months and years.


video excerpt : https://www.facebook.com/100004522357433/videos/784950241665714/  7mn 

wsfextended act355 fearlesscities final plenary en  

18:00 - 20:00  public panel debate: between neoliberalism and the far right: wtf?!

We’re living in times of crisis, times of breakdown. Inequalities are on the rise thanks to an economic system designed by and for the 1%. Citizens are questioning the ability of traditional parties and state institutions to respond to the demand for more and better democracy. Unfortunately, in many countries it’s the authoritarian right – the Trumps, Erdogans and Le Pens – that is best taking advantage of this desire for change, putting human rights, especially those of women and migrants, at risk. We need brave, transformative ideas that can offer an alternative to the politics of fear and to unchecked speculation. In this panel we’ll debate what these ideas might be. 

Keynote address:  
Vandana Shiva, Philosopher and Activist 
Speakers Laura Pérez, Councilor for Feminisms and LGBTI, Barcelona City Council Valery Alzaga, Labour organizer and migrant rights activist Rachel Heaton, Co-founder, Seattle NoDAPL Coalition Fatima Taleb, Councilor for Participation, Badalona City Council Ivan Lam Long-Yin, Standing Committee of Demosisto, Founding Convener of Scholarism, Hong KonYayo Herrero, Anthropologist and Ecofeminist 

AND TWO WORKSHOPS  (simultaneous unfortunately)


WHEN  JUNE 10TH 12.30 14.30  ROOM 1  This workshop will discuss how to create non-state institutions (schools, kindergartens, cultural centres, alternative economy networks, health projects, universities, etc) as part of the construction of municipal commons.

Speakers Sacajawea Hall, Cooperation Jackson, Jackson, Mississippi  Mauro Pinto, Massa Crítica, Naples  Halide Turkoglu, Women’s Assembly, Kurdistan 



WHEN  JUNE 10TH 12.30 14.30   ROOM 3  This workshop will focus on how to build a strong organization with effective, democratic decision-making. It will focus on organizational structures, information flows and on how to integrate people from parties and social movements.

Speakers Yolanda Sánchez, Barcelona en Comú, Barcelona  Emine Özmen, Vice Co-Chair of the Democratic Regions Party, Kurdistan  Adriana Manzoni, Massa Critica, Naples  Kali Akuno, Cooperation Jackson, Mississippi


video except  kali intervention 

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video facebook  https://www.facebook.com/CooperationJackson/videos

video youtube  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC5eg9hDatnmc34be9Hv1cEQ 

WHERE   http://fearlesscities.com