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Learning social solidarity economy from the continents - Webinar 1  
act369  Japan 26th

(to be confirmed)  

What is it that comes across between movements in EU, Africa, Latin America, North America, Asia and Japan?


Starting from June 2017, Pacific Asia Resource Center (PARC) which is a member of ASEC/RIPESS-Asia based in Japan, will host a webinar series “Learning SSE from the Continents“.

With the placing of those webinars in WSF 2016/17 extension dynamics,  answering the  2017 invitation,  PARC and RIPESS  confirm being "participating instances" in the world social forum process, as both described in the  Charter of principles of world social forum  

 The first webinar will be  Monday - June 26th 7PM-9PM JST (UTC+9) -https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/japan/tokyo  with the participation of Jason Nardi (General delegate at Ripess Europe and active member at Solidarius Italia). Jason will introduce the Social Solidarity Economy movement not only in Italy but within the EU, highlighting the strengths, the weaknesses but also the the opportunities among topics such as : slow food, fairtrade, cooperative financing, etc

 more information http://www.ripess.org/launch-of-webinar-series-learning-sse-from-the-continents-japan-2017/?lang=en



HOW IS REMOTE PARTICIPATION INCLUDED  this is basically  an intercommunication room between x participants elsewhere who are interested in those webinars  - with possiblity to register in the webinar itself Please contact Shigeru Tanaka (alter at  parc-jp.org) at PARC for registration.


  • those who will have expressed their interest will receive the link to attend the session. We plan to use Adobe connect for this webinar series, since that is one of the infrastructures that we already have in use at RIPESS.At the moment this whole series is exploratory at best to see if a series like this would work and how to figure out logistics as we do it on the fly.  we are making it FREE for the international participants, as they may have extra difficulties in attending the sessions.

    If the interested participants have full knowledge of this and they know that its like a beta test webinar, they are welcome to join in. 

  • JASON will speak to audiences in Japan through video conferencing software, ( Adobe Connect)  and consecutive interpretations will be offered only into Japanese from the speakers’. 
  • In addition, some of the speakers will be speakers from Japan who will be only speaking to those physically present in the venue in Tokyo, Japan.
  • However, international participants are welcome to join the webinars through video conferencing software ( Adobe Connect) 
    to listen into the speakers give their lectures.
     Those attending must keep in mind that Japanese consecutive interpretations will cut in between, but the webinar part will be open to the international community, and any participation fees will not be collected.
  •  to have a reference space for  contact and chat before ( to know where to acces the adobe connect)  during and after the webinar follow the link to get in the skype 369 accompaniement room (enter with your skype account if you have one)  https://join.skype.com/lOoYgQkaL1ay - a place where to share info ideas comment about and around the input made by jason


In spite of the divers socio-economic situations that these places face, there is yet a growing movement of social solidarity economy that has something in common. What exactly is the vision that we all share? What are some of the challenges that are shared, and how can we all work in solidarity; overcoming the contextual differences that we face.

This webinar series is aimed at finding hints to these questions by bringing aboard leading SSE practitioners/activists from EU, North America, Africa, Latin America and Asia and listening to the state of SSE movements in their respective continents, sub-regions, or specific countries. Most of them are working closely for the Ripess continental network they are belonging to.

The aim is to broaden our standing of SSE by understanding better the circumstances of the respective territories and through that to better grasp the Global Vision of SSE that RIPESS has drafted.

We aim at publishing some articles along this webinar series in order to highlight our common visions and the state of SSE movements over the world.

Please see below the schedule of speakers: https://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/japan/tokyo

  • June 26th 7PM-9PM JST (UTC+9), Jason Nardi (RIPESS EU/Solidarius)
  • July 10th 7PM-9PM JST (UTC+9), Elandria Williams (Highlander Center)
  • Sep. 4th 7PM-9PM JST (UTC+9), Madani Koumare (RAESS – RENAPESS)
  • Oct. 23rd 7PM-9PM JST (UTC+9), Euclides Mance (Solidarius)
  • Nov. 6th 7PM-9PM JST (UTC+9), Judith Hitchman (Urgenci)
  • Nov. 20th 7PM-9PM JST (UTC+9), Lawrence Kwark (GSEF)

Since bandwidth is limited, we do ask that participants register at least 1 week in advance.

Please contact Shigeru Tanaka (alter at  parc-jp.org) at PARC for further information and registrations.