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The World Social Forum 2009 in the mainstream media

General coverage of the Forum in Belem was good, with many mainstream newspapers, magazines, radios and television from all over the world. Over 800 newspapers from 30 countries were accredited to the Forum. 4500 journalists, communication professionals and freelances (2500 who worked in Belem and
2000 at distance), have been in touch with the Communication team of the WSF.

In the blog section, a collection of clippings from the main media agencies and press sources worldwide, classified by language.

You can contribute adding new articles or send an email to: pressclips@lists.openfsm.net


Here is an organised collection of clippings divided by continent, thanks to the work by [FAIR].

You can download the reports (pdf):

> Latin America
> Africa and Middle East
> Europe
> Asia
> Australia-Caraibi-Pacific