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Dear participants in the “wsf2012supportgroup”




This group has been started in Dhaka IC November 2011. It was proposed and agreed at the very end of this unduly poorly attended IC, and was a contributive output from this dim meeting  

Tasks of the group are 1/ collection of data about  social forum and other events, to be gathered in a  “wsf calendar”, giving a concrete face to the notion of “wsf process”,  and  2/ stimulation of dialogues on “OE list”  (i-e  list of organizers of events) – For the moment only main OE list is active whereas more focused thematic exchange list are not – see terms of reference http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2012-support-group-tor


In Tunis IC, there was a proposal to continue this “calendar and OE group”  (see intervention 152 at the very end    http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/icextended-tunis-2013 )

 Ole from Norway has joined the working team in Tunis  and Laura who is member as secretariat staff are welcome!


The purpose of this message is to give the group an update info, and an opportunity for each of us  to stay in the working team or opt out of the group or porpose other people to join


What was done in 2012 in this group

1- several versions of the 2012 WSF calendar were edited( see the various versions in the “history button of the page, or in the successive attached documents http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2012-calendar . These versions were circulated on the OE list and beyond  http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe  Messages are visible in the the OE mailing lists  ( list of organizers of events)   :  http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/lists/espaciosoe-tema1

2-this tema1 list, which is the  Agora list ,  has been used mainly to spread the calendar  - so far no significant exchange have taken place between organizers on various themes about  event organizing - Check the various themes suggested here : http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/ or here http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/espaciosoe-tema1-temas


Current 2013 updates about this group

1/ the name of the space has been changed to “2013:14  IC calendar and OE group” – meaning this is a working group facilitated by IC participants and inclusive to other people and focused on maintaining a calendar and fostering exchange of experience among organizers of events throughout 2013-2014, up to next WSF

2/   a new page has been created to host the 2013 -14 calendar  editions–

http://openfsm.net/projects/wsf2012-support/wsf2013-calendar  leaving the 2012 calendar page for archive 

3/ a start draft version of the 2013-14 calendar is published and needs updates  from anyone knowledgeable about upcoming events in 2013 2014

4/ OE Agora  list is being enlarged with names of convergence assembly contacts, i-e persons who, through their involvement in a thematic aspect of wsf process  are liable to be interested in news about upcoming events linked to  WSF process

5/ Laura has been included  for the WSF secretariat in replacement of Helio


Post wsf Tunis context

A series of three working groups have been launched in Tunis   http://openfsm.net/projects/cifutur

Group G2 is focused on ic future and intends to circulate consultations  to IC members and to convergence assembly organizers, and to event organizers  ( which level of social forum events is considered?   ( see  IC transcript with intervention 129 & 132 )  - 

So the OE  Agora  list presented in point 1 above can be a place where to make some “consultation” for G2 tasks

Group G3 is focused on wsf context  and maybe also the calendar will be of relevance


Tentative list of Upcoming tasks in the group

1/See who is staying in the group

2/Collect emails linked to upcoming event organizers  and collect email of convergence assemblies  organizers  http://openfsm.net/projects/memotunex/memotunex-assemb -and include those emails in the OE list

3/Send a message to the OE Agora  list  with the first draft of 2013-14 calendar and ask for corrections and complements

4/Inform Groups G1 G2 G3 about existence of  this group “wsf2013 14  calendar and OE”, and propose inside G2 group to a/ use OE list as  a vehicle for consultation and exchange with event Organizers, and b/propose G2 participants to come in OE Agora list-

5/Update the calendar 2013 with corrections received in3 – and ask organizers about complements

6/Send an invitation on IC list to participate in the group or send info to fsmwsf.calendar email

7/Inform the OE Agora list about the CI future context and perspectives with G2 work, depending of G2 answer

8/Suggest some themes for discussion in the OE list and start the corresponding mail list   eg extension – memory ( which is in line with task of group G1) see a proposed list here  http://openfsm.net/projects/espacios-oe/espaciosoe-tema1-temas

9/and more tasks stemming from those above