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 logofsm2010.jpg Terms of reference  of the IC working group « IC support to WSF2012 process”

This working group received a generic mandate by IC  in plenary of november 25th 2011 in Dhaka - the groups is continuing its activities after wsf2013 towards wsf 2015


Raise image of 2014 process, included in a wider scenario,  stimulate ownership of process bring together wsf related event organizers - stimulate their intercommunication and exchange of experience

Stress facilitating role of IC and commissions - Explore what can be done in IC to support the wsf2012-15 process and communicate it  Prepare and mobilize for wsf2015

Stimulate on line exchange before and after face to face encounters in IC meetings and commissions and in OE spaces at the pace of wsf 2014 calendar


The group is open to IC members and participants in commissions

Group  facilitating team is composed of  group initiators  (Gus, Jason, Pierre, Samir) and welcomes other IC members. 

What ?

Map the 2012-2015 scenario beyond WSF related events -Cense organizers of  past events and upcoming 2012-15 events of various scale and nature willing to be insered in WSF process /calendar- Clarify in the group and with organizers an explicit vocabulary to name their events ( various cases )

Suggest to them ways to support their event :

    • Publicising their event as part of WSF calendar or agenda
    • Proposing Their participation in “OE spaces” for thematic exchange of experience on organizing events with other past event  organizers, a place where to develop co operations ( in link with Galiza forum ) around guiding principles for organizing events
    • Proposing inclusion and on line participation in IC commissions current existing working spaces in OpenFSM)
    • Suggesting intercommunication / connection with other events ( use suggestion in methcom) -Supporting for possible participation of IC members in their event ( terms of reference of this participation)

When ?

A first version of calendar by end of 2011 - A first status of group work will be contributed before the meeting in Diyarbakir 18 march

Where ?

The working group will publish progress of its work in a space of OpenFSM (this space) and will send the successive versions of 2012-15 WSF calendar to WSF office for inclusion in bulletin –also the group will be active in commission and OE space working spaces on line


Draft and Send an invitation to cense and announce events in context of preparation towards wsf2015

Collaborative work in the group space - Discussion on mailing list, contact by phone and skype with organizers , publication of wiki pages, information in IC list