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draft version - invitation to be  circulated  through the network of people outreached throuhg oe censing and  personal invitation

logofsm2010.jpg   Invitation 2012  ( continued in the following years !)

Dear participants in WSF process


South asia social forum event was held successfully in Dhaka, Bangladesh, bringing impetum to social forum process in the South Asia region (afghanistan pakistan india srilanka nepal bangladesh). Follow up will take place throughout 2012.

Just after South Asia social forum event,  an  International council meeting of WSF was held in Bangladesh. Organizers of Porto Alegre thematic forum 2012 (january) , Maghreb mashrek forum 2012 (July), and Forum of forum 2012 in Galicia ( September) were present.

In this council, a wsf2012 support working group was started to establish and maintain contact with past and upcoming social forum related events organizers throughout the world and make visible, participatory,  and inclusive to new actors, a  WSf2012-15 calendar, with perspective of WSF2013 event, to be held in Egypt in Maghreb mashrek region in January 2013

This is why we are writing to you.

WSF process is our common tool , and can be described as a  "common good" for civil society worldwide , helping to face the challenges of the multidimensionnal crises that affect the planet, through participatory democracy, solidarity economy, struggle for rights , environmental justice,  new political culture, tolerance and peace, promotion and development of alternatives of “buen vivir”,  and  facing  neoliberal agenda of ecological waste, social indifference and exploitation,  monitoring of people throughcredit and debt,  and  facing also other domination  discrimination mechanisms 

Organizing wsf related events or participating in them is a way to assert and exert collective capacity to build another possible world and to live it somehow when sharing social political organisational and cultural experience and initiatives together


1 - We are inviting you to participate in wsf2012-15 process, according to your interest and the possibilities at hand, and the state of the wsf process 2012 in your town or area, or country , or region

It can be direct or remote participation( through internet)  to  bigger scale forums already announced in WSF12 calendar

It can be organizing or direct participation to lower scale forums or events linked to social forum process

These can be included in wsf2012-15 calendar, thus becoming visible to many more people,  and raising the issue of their extension on internet to allow remote participation, and contacts with participants in other related events

Kindly Make contact with us “ fsmwsf.calendar at gmail.comif you are thinking in co-organizing an event in 2012, or know of something being prepared and know some of the organizers.  We will get In contact with you


2 - We are inviting you to think about your future mode of participation to wsf2013 world event  held in Arab countries as a support to democratic civil society actors promoting values of alter globalization.

It can be direct participation , or remote ( through internet ), or distance encounters (through internet)  

it can be also  local participation, through local activities, that you can organize at home with other local actors, and  make visible on the wsf13 website

Kindly Make contact with us “ fsm2012.apoyo at gmail.comif you are thinking in organizing a local activity in wsf13  or know of something being prepared and know some of the organizers.  We will get In contact with you

3 - We invite you to help us strenghthen our common wsf process

As a  working group, our task is to make more visible the overall wsf2012-15 process and to stimulate self gathering of past social forum event organizers for experience interchange and cooperation for success of upcoming 2012 events and WSf13 world event , in contact with  International council commissions

Kindly Make contact with us “ fsmwsf.calendar at gmail.com if you have been among the organizers of a social forum event since 2001 inception of wsf process, and are willing to get in the loop and share experience and mobilize for upcoming wsf12 events around you.   We will get In contact with you

4 - We invite you to help us outreach to actors and events not yet involved in wsf process

As a  working group, our task is also to map the global scenario of events and actors new or established who are not involved in wsf process

, in order to develop communication with them

Kindly Make contact with us “ fsmwsf.calendar at gmail.comif you have contact with those non wsf actors and events .   We will get In contact with you


In solidarity

WSF2012-15 support working group by IC WSF