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logofsm2010.jpg  Modes of participation in activities and events linked to wsf process


Question: The general invitation  mentions "direct" "remote"  "local" participation, and "distance encounters".... what is it ?

There can be two possible modes of participation in an autonomous activity,  inasmuch the organizers of the activity are preparing its enlargement ( broadcast video and chatroom with prior notice)

  • direct participation face to face
  • remote participation ,viewing the video broadcast and interacting in the chatroom with a liaising person - this is non intrusive to direct face to face dynamics , and there can be also, if activity organizers plan them, short audio/video exchanges for one person at a time 

There can be four possible modes of participation in an  "extended" event  ( i-e event organizers  stimulate extended participation among participants and prepare logistics accordingly)

  • direct participation face to face in an activity 
  • extended participation, which has three modalities
      • remote participation in an activity inasmuch the organizers of this activity  are preparing its enlargement ( with the help of an extension team that promotes enlargement and publishes an enlarged program in the event website )
        • distance encounter activities - these are activities in their own right allowing interaction between two groups one outside the event venue and one inside usually with a delegate from the remote group ( with the help of an extension team that provides some logistics  and publishes the distance encounter program in the event website 
        • local participation to the event , through the self organisation of an activity outside of the event venue , which is visible in the event website

    Note 0 :  extension of an event is a global concept that requires  communication and preparation

    Note 1 : there can be also broadcast of general moments in the event ( opening march, closure, assemblies, stall area, to convey its atmosphere and interactive walk through proposed by the extension team

    Note 2 : if there are many extended activities on occasion of an event , it is possible to speak about the continuity of dialogues between events

    Note 3: in an event which is not "extended" by its organizers , there can be  remote participation and distance encounters in some activities, on a purely self organized basis, and without organizers support and website common visibility  ( registration and program )