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This is a draft for a personal invitation letter to people that are in the oecensing list here


Hello dear X

We are Francine Gus Hernan Jason Mohamed Pierre Samir  ............–with help of   Helio from WSF office

In Dhaka, in the last IC ( international council)  held 25th November, we have proposed to initiate an IC working group, with the goal to support the wsf2012 process from the IC , stressing the facilitating role that IC and its commissions have. This has been accepted in plenary

Our main tasks are to cense WSFprocess related events in 2012 ,  dialogue to qualify the various  event inside wsf process and include them in a WSF calendar , stimulate exchanges among community of organizers of past events and upcoming 2012 event  to better prepare those upcoming events, mobilize for participation in them,  and explore suggestions and support from ic commissions (  through documents, and  initiatives)

We are in the starting phase of the group: outreaching to you , among one hundred other people involved In organizing past wsf process events, since you have some experience about organizing event , and know the social forum process situation in your geographical area. Events can be social forum, thematic social forums  or stand alone seminars /activities )

We invite you to be part of the ” Agora of wsf related event organizers”,

Here is concretely what it means to be in that mailing list

1/ Cense and inform around you about the upcoming events that are or can be related to wsf process, (social forum, seminars, activities by wsf participant organizations, or events that are in the international agenda and where a number of wsf participants will take part. This means sharing info and contacts to our collective address fsm2012.apoyo at gmail.com and disseminate info we provide  about wsf2012 process

2/ Participating in thematic exchanges, with upcoming 2012 event organizers about organisation of their event,   visible in the wsf calendar . They are also present in the Agora list.

The list of themes is encompassing dialogic and logistical aspects of organizing a social forum event

General Goals of these decentralized thematic exchanges are to help upcoming event organizers to

·         better locate their event in the WSF process,

·         better organize it, with help of your opinions advice, and possibly your concrete organizing support, contributed on line, or on the spot (there are many areas where online contribution is useful and relevant)

·         better mobilize for the event , possibly with your help in your area of presence, fostering  local participation  ( in case of extended event)  remote participation (  in activities enlarged on internet)  and direct participation  in them

These exchanges  can be done on a self organized basis : you choose a theme of interest and where you have experience or upcoming challenges , and subscribe to the corresponding list .

Exchanges on the themes will be stimulated with facilitation of the 2012 support working group, open to act in cooperation with the organizing committee Galicia "foro de forums", scheduled on September 2012, and which may provide for these dialogues   a concrete frame , presential encounter opportunity

We expect that you will be willing to accept our invitation 1+ 2.

As you see, you are defining the intensity of your participation in this wsf 2012 support initiative (*)

This initiative is aiming at strengthening the community of social forum event organizers , which is a key ressource of wsf process, which appears through a wsf WSF calendar of events

It provides an occasion to contribute to the concrete development of wsf process from where you are , up to your possibilities, in contact with new actors in the forum process, throughout year 2012

Please tell us your intentions by return to our common receiving mail fsm2012.apoyo at gmail.com or to one of us writing to you

Best regards

Hernan Jason Samir Pierre (and those who will join us !)

(*) Indeed if you wish to get more involved,  you can become part of the wsf2012 support team, or be active in IC commissions to support the 2012 process (facilitating OE space dialogue, being part of a pool of IC members willing to make presentation in events, being in initiative groups about extended forum , support to media relation, …)

You can find more information in the wiki space of the group here