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The XXXX social forum event you are promoting is listed in a “wsf calendar”, updated on a monthly basis by a working group here



This calendar currently counts with over XXX events between tunis 2013 and next wsf2015


1/ the event category is deemed to be 1 which means you are taking in consideration the guiding principles for organizing a social forum event http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-methodology/metcom-pgoex

See descriptions of categories of event on the calendar page

If the category 1 is inappropriate, please tell


2/ are you ok to be mentioned as organizers and included in the OE list of Organizers of Events, gathering organizers with hands-on knowledge of event and initiative organizing across time and geography – Your presence in the list is of course without any commitment on your side –


The traffic on the OE list is not heavy and it is a place where you can direct your self to other organizers - the list is over 100 people wide

The list can help develop exchanges between organizers with a highlight on social forum events . Please indicate two or three other interested and contributive people names/email ok to be included – This is in order to widen the connection with event organizers community beyond your person.

3/ Feel free to send  us some documentation invitation document / or link , and also to mention whether  during you evnet  the organizing committee will provide internet  infrastructure and stimulation  for remote participation : ( “extension” of your event )  through video streaming or extended activities via video chat,  as was done in tunis wsf recently http://openfsm.net/projects/memotunex .

Also a report document on how your event proceeded will be very welcome after it is being held- any creative scheme to stimulate participants in your event to document their activities will be of great interest 

Looking forward to a prompt answer as we would like to publish a version before end of XXX

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