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tunis-logo-no-skype.jpg Enter the cafe FSM Tunis logo-tunis2015.jpg

a mode of Extension WSF 2015  

You want to come in the WSF Café Tunis, and you're welcome

The WSF Café is a temporary ad hoc and informal gathering of participants FSM located online before 24 March 28, also during the 24 March 28th in Tunis (in the telecentre WSF on the El Manar campus) or locally (in "points WSF Café "organized as activities)

Participants are encouraged to register in advance and to be active for some time before and after 24 March 28th.

WSF CaféTunis opened December 20, 2014 and will close around the end of April 2015

You see the registered participants to the coffee in this table here: http://openfsm.net/projects/extensionfsm2015/tunex-3qform-participants -

It is those who have a "P" in column E (answer to question Q1 "What is your type of participation?") And "2 / CAFE" in Column G (Q3 answer to the question: "What to do now. ")

Participants in the WSF cafe are invited to  intercommunicate in  INDIVIDUAL capacity on topics they choose (we see in column L, on the WSF and activities in the host event. (link subjects)

To enter the WSF café Tunis, I register with the form here

>>> 3 questions sur WSF participation  <<<

  • When you give preliminary information: thank you for being precise (e) on your skype name "accurate" than your "profile" (not the one we see displayed) Give also, if you wish, your Facebook name ( there is a facebook  group  of french speaking café participants)
  • Be specific enough on topic(s) you would like to discuss in the café (see column L of the table of participants) - it will be displayed on the page of the topics here
  • Preliminary indications and selection of the language, you meet at least the "P" option in Question 1 (the type of participatory planning you?), And you select at least the "2 / CAFE" to the question 3 (now what? Obviously you can select alternative options to match your intentions   X facilitate eXtension O my area, organize an activity, FI Facilitate Internet, N meeting via internet, P participate.


    see table of participants 


Waiting for your response form, and acceptance of the contact skype with "fsm2015comextension" account:

These two elements are required to enter the Café


WSF café  Tunis has 4 common rooms on Skype, one per language EN ES FR AR, where you will be placed (e) "fsm2015comextension" and welcomed (e) by skype accounts "wsfcafefsm"

The discussions in these rooms are interpersonal and public, it will be published in the newspaper coffee WSF

Complementing 4 groups facebook "group WSF café  participants one per language EN ES FR AR    allow more informal exchanges, next to WSF café. If you speak more of these 4 languages, you will be asked a priori (e) or included (e) in several rooms

See you soon!

Volunteers from the commission in the WSF extension -Tunis Café team