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WHAT IS AN  INTERNET CAFE WSF 2015 IN MY CITY? ( = local point of  wsf café tunis 2015)  =

It is an open and lively physical room   in your city, operated  by a group of volunteers, where people who are interested in the WSF can meet  face to face, and meet via the internet with other WSF participants  who are in the internet cafe in Tunis and in the world


to allow contact between people interested in the idea of ​​the WSF and  who do not travel to Tunis

to spread the idea of ​​the WSF in your  neighborhood by give a concrete experience of exchanges that take place in the WSF process


A group of people who want to organize with the support of one or more organization (which provides the room, internet connection, ..)


In a room  lent by an organisation  having internet  connection (yvolunteers and particpants can also bring their personal computer hardware and 3G key )


When you want! between January 25 (WSF Tunis café is OPEN :-) and late April 2015 - you can start early, and integrate into the preparation of the FSM2015, you can make it permanent coffee during the days of the week and just before


A room a connection? tables and chairs, laptops, a small speaker for audio group conversation, audio headsets for inter-personal conversations, possibly a video projector that projects on a white  wall  or screen-

Everyone is welcom to brings his equipment


During the hours of operation of the café, the volunteer group

-welcomes people (warned in advance by invitations Email Networking, flyers, word of mouth etc)

-prpose based on people interest  connections with other people who are also in the cafe in Tunis or elsewhere depending on their area of ​​interest

-gives explanations about  WSF 2015 (based if possible on the experience of people who already  went to a WSF event,


-the volunteers/facilitators  will develop contacts in the languages ​​they speak and can pssibly translate for people in the cafe

there are 4 café rooms  on internet - room Arabic English Spanish French


Facilitators  of  local coffee  can enters the FSM coffee now to explore it participate and understand its operation, and develop contacts 

they can Network with other participants in the coffee  some of who organize some activities FSM2015 Tunis or outside Tunis

Become known by organizers of wsf cafe  Tunis ( i-e extension commission

 facilitators will be more comfortable to discover the WSF and the WSF coffee to meet someone who has their invitation

print A4 A3 sheets kit that inform  about the WSF  and wsf cafe  ( coming   see earlier cafe kit)

facilitators inform in their social networks (facebook local event) and the notice on the existence of coffee


The  local wsf café in my city  is a "activity  outside Tunis" in the WSF 2015, registered on the WSF website  by the association that manages the host  the café or organizes it, as a service  to the community  - topics in the café are everything that the participants want to talk about see the list of  subjects there is no subject imposed by the organizers  of the local cafe     

The only requisite is  filling out a form  to  make visible  facilitators and participants  to other participants in the WSF process


The exchanges are between person , in personal capacity and public  and written text is usable for the documentation of the café  (as a public meeting can be filmed etc)

See coffee Terms Of Reference here: http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfcafefsm-tunis and http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfcafefsm-tunis/wsfcafefsm-tunis-pointcafelocal-fr