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EN network of comcom correspondents
ES red de correspondientes de la comcom 
FR réseau de correspondants de la comcom 
PT rede de correspondentes da comcom

EN practical links
ES lazos practicos
FR liens pratiques
PT linkes praticos

comcom space
espace comcom  espacio de la  comcom  espaço da comcom
guide to basic operations in openfsm
guia a operaciones basicas de openfsm
guide pour les opérations elémentaires
guia para operaciones elementales

to translate text from English, para traducir textos desde el espanol pour traduire des textes depuis le français para traduzir textos desde o portugues

. bannercomrespondents.JPGDear friends from all over the world, participating in WSF process 

we contact you as active protagonists of the WSF GDA 2008 and or Belem WSF 2009

Let's join forces to make the 2010 WSF process  visible and mutually informative - see the communication orientations for 2010

   This self organized mobilization on external and internal communication on the WSF can be faciltiated  by the working groups of the IC Communication commission, that meet online once a week for a common chat.
internal communication is also about sharing information between " com respondents" of respective  organisations

We invite you all to join the online meetings of the Communication Commission every Wednesday on Skype at 19 hrs Paris time (send your skype id to Monica Di Sisto monica.disisto + faircoop.it  and / or the following mailinglists:
- http://openfsm.net/projects/communication-commission/lists/communication-commission-discussion Communication Commission mailinglists, with all emails exchanged among working groups
- http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfcomrespondents/lists/wsfcomrespondents-discussion malinglists of those who can maintain a self organize mutual information and are willing to respond to comcom requests  to  stimulate  various wsf Communication mprocesses


Monica Di Sisto (Fair), Jason Nardi (Social Watch), Marica Di Pierri (ASud), Martina Pignatti M. (Nova) for the IC Communication Commission of the WSF