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Message to Ameer Makhoul


Casablanca, december 17 2013


Dear Ameer, Dear comrade,


All the members of the International Council of the World Social Forum are in meeting in Casablanca, Morocco.

We want to reaffirm our solidarity and support with your ideas and struggle to end illegal occupation and get a just and durable peace in Palestine.

Your support for WSF process is really important to us. Your active participation in the realization of the WSF Education in Palestine in 2010 was very important.

Following that Forum, the first WSF-Free Palestine took place in Brasil, Porto Alegre, in 2012.

Therefore, Palestine becomes an integral part of the WSF process.

We hope to see you free very soon and we can continue to work together for taking the solidarity movement to new heights.

Our Warm regards and in solidarity


ABONG – Associação Brasileira de ONGs, Damien 

Alternative Information Center-Palestine, Ahmed 

Alternative International, Feroz 

Arci, Raffaella 

Articulacion Feminista Marcosur,  Virginia 

Agricultural Work Committees, Palestine, Samah 

ATTAC-France, Geneviève 

CADTM-Maroc, Mimoun 

CGIL Italy, Sergio 

Ciranda,  Rita 

Commission Brésilienne Justice et Paix, Chico 

CUT-Brasil, Leonardo 

ENDA, Taoufiq 

Fédération démocratique internationale des Femmes, FDIM, -Brésil, Liege 

FLARE, Vittorio 

Forum Social Africain,   Diakalia

Forum alternatives Maroc, Hamouda 

Forum des Alternatives Maroc, Kamal 

Frantz Fanon Foundation, Mireille 

Helsinki Citizens’ Assembly international network, Bernard

IPAM France, Gustave

Iraqi Social Forum, Ali 

Marches Européennes contre le chômage, la précarité et l’exclusion sociale, Leo 

Palestinian NGOs Network

Réseau Ouest Africain Dette(ROAD), Issa 

Transform ! Europe, Marc 

Cecilia , Uruguay

Antonio , Focuspuller