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NOTES Meeting of the WG of the IC in Bogotá. 29 June 19


Video 1 transcription base https://www.facebook.com/CEAAL/videos/2382395638711668/ -

Present: Vittorio Italia (FSMSSS Committee) - Chandan India (CETRI) Rita Brasil (Ciranda + FSM2018 Committee) Fanny Colombia (DAWN + Panamazon Social Forum) - Janneth Colombia (REPEM + Panamazon Social Forum) –Tiburcio Brazil (Ciranda) - Mauri Brazil (Abong + Committee FSM2018 + Committee FSResistencias Porto Alegre) Armando Brasil (Committee FSMSSS) - Pierre France (Caritas) - Rosa Mexico (Ceaal + Collective proFSM XIV)

Present online and with timely participation: Leo and Hamouda

Why a transcript?

In the dialogue progress is made collectively and evolves personally. This is the commitment of the WSF as an intercommunication process: the quality dialogue is the engine, the process reactor and the dignifier of the participants can be said. 
A discussion followed by a whole day about a complex object such as "the FSM process" among people who have some experience in facilitating this process is a very privileged moment, where visions and thoughts and their respective vocabularies and formulations come into contact. It is too early to reach consensus formulations and in the dynamics of the exchanges it is possible to detect attunements, or differences, or misunderstandings or that certain words have different meanings etc. This identification helps clarify to continue supporting together in the next stages of dialogue.

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  • @ T1 / Role of the WSF in the Forum process. The importance of the thematic axes . (Take care of the international role) .T2 / Re-launch the political sense of the WSF . P1 to P8 - @ T1.2 / P21 to P32 - @ T1.3 / P45-46- @ T1.4 / P87)
  • @ T3 / Articulation - collective connections, of the movement. § Connect with living processes. P33 to P35)
  • @ T4 / Communication: dissemination, dynamization of the process, participation, involvement. § Effective communication strategy. (Touched in a scattered manner)
  • @ T5 / Methodology: Facilitation , take care of who assumes it. P36 to P44)
  • @ T6 / How the process continues. Recommendations, regarding Definition of dates. § Calendar of political times . Call, the strategy to build the FSM XIV process (P64 to P78)
    • @ T6 final calendar list of times of co-responsibility
  • @ T7 / Macro event programming (P79)
  • @ T8 / Logistics: Clear communication about physical participation in the event, visa, ( P80-P86) )

C / Dialogue with Hamouda ( P9 to P20)

D / Debate Social Network Project (P47 to P63)

E / Support to secretariat and Tasks CI member entities ( P88 to P94)

F / Next IC Agenda ( P95 to P103 )

  • @F final point list


0mn Mauri: first point presentation of Mexico Rosy point global panorama and we are going for points at this time we have hamouda talk - IC dialogue - in the afternoon communication theme presentation Rita and Tiburcio - 

    globe-logo.png TO


    $ Presentation of Mexico see http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo48


    • % Rosa: what we have done and our perspectives We come from an IC meeting in Salvador, Brazil, Brazil, Portugal, Brazil and Mexico and possibilities are probed. After CI meeting in Mexico in November - the possibility of a non-Mexican context can be favorable for its realization. In March in Mexico a call is launched - this time it was Leo Oscar and Rosa. What have we done? 4 meetings in CDMX, 1 in Guadalajara
    • § Who have participated? Mapping Clarify the type of organizations - 7 members of the IC - editorial Plaza and Valdez are offering to publish the program - 11 unions (also of domestic employees) etc see pictures of input48 - some political analysis or training - Majority in Mexico City and other parts of the country - cleta "llanero solitito" - promoter of social forum in Mexico - a deceased figure - 3 cencos social communication organizations - Adrián Aler. It continues to grow an informative assembly will be held in Chihuahua and Guerrero.



    • 9mn Methodology and facilitation -§ Publication space on openfsm.net pfsm20 http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20 (Collective menu) commission formation, § design of thematic and geographical spaces Facilitators are being identified and we are not registering to open meetings based on topics. Financing projects in progress. Commissions Cultural program, and solidarity economy, very nascent. Waiting for confirmation that: “Mexico Va!”, Because it is necessary to know the event.
    • 13mn Organizational scheme - there is a pushing group, but it is not yet a committee. -% Mauri: don't get your hopes up: at FSM salvador 2018, we were a tough group of 8 people 15mn. Mauri stands up to point out the 4 main commissions -% Rosa: we are forming § web support team- translation online participation youth camping still in diapers.



    • Participation spaces online. http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo64/#tematicos Axis “workers” - Texas partners - 8 people signed up very interesting online. Mexico is a very large country. Informative meetings with group in various parts of the country - We had one in Jalisco, we are going to do in Tijuana. United States - as CEAAL we have contact with national network of day laborers in the US. There is a strong presence in the US. § There is a page of geographical spaces . http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-areas-geograficas We are intentionally that. This is called in the planetary sense
    • 18mn% Pierre: Chandan, leaving this meeting, you will be included in the wsp group which is a ““ South Asia ”geographical area heading to Mexico FSM XIV. The message is “you are included” - C
    • % Rosa: the idea is to go to a planetary scale Let this movement begin to feel part of the construction of the process - There are wsp groups that have been made, also to communicate live what is happening and work in jitsi ( www.jitsi.org ) . This § Reflects the will to be inclusive online. - We are learning We are literating in this logic.
    • $ Notion of digital basis of dialogue and work http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo64/#basedigital
    • There is a list of participants included in the process. § There is a form ready to register to be a facilitator or participants in thematic or geographical spaces here the profiles. http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-participaciones -% Armando: how can we get in with our work on social security? -% Rosa: If we open an axis and you are facilitators and can mobilize. This is the space where there is a form here is where we sign up - to become facilitators or participants. There are the profiles. When we sign up to participate in the forum process -
    • % Chamdan what is this? -% Pierre is a § button "participate form" to be included in the process . % Rita: And "where" is the button? -% Pierre: the button is in www.openfsm.net more precisely the space http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20 and the form is in Google.

    $ The challenge of an invitation / worldwide mobilization http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo64



    • 22mn: Leo appears on Jitsi / Skype, is in Austria. -Pink: This software is Jitsi, it is free and very easy to use. % Mauri: Does Jitsi have the capacity to manage 1000 people? -% Rosa: we go to 50 [it is for committee meetings and for § self-organized meetings in thematic and geographical spaces ], everything is done to “zero budget”.

    $ List of meetings http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-pagina-info-lista-de-encuentros



    • 24mn -% Janneth: is there no proposal from Switzerland, Brazil, Portugal, for FSM XIV? Only Mexico began to prepare? -% Mauri: we are waiting for Mexico to say that it is ready. Only Mexico manifested itself, Mexico goes! In Brazil we defend Mexico. -% Armando: several organizations are preparing, we hope that there will be materiality of the proposals -% Mauri: at the next IC meeting that should be in March, and now in October, the IC would have to decide.



    • 26mn% Rosa: Form to be included in some thematic axis as a participant or facilitator. At the bottom, the profiles appear as a preliminary phase. § Commission for the care of the process formed by who is facilitating the various thematic spaces [process mobilization idea]:http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-ejes-tematicos (listing the facilitators) - Fanny: we get on the feminism axis, DAWN REPEM CEAAL with Ale and Florencia. Rosa: The CEFA GAFA will also come - This Leo as the first facilitator for peace and war space, this Miguel, for environmental challenges, the health issue could have its own axis. -% Mauri will have questions - Janneth: extractivism issue? - trafficking of women?
    • 28mn% Rita is the entrance free? - if there are different facilitators -% Pierre: the “care / process development / mobilization commission”http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-comision-cuidado-del-proceso together with the facilitators of thematic spaces. The idea is to create an online community of facilitators -% Fanny: do we have to sign up then? % Rosa: That's right! Some autonomy is saved and the profiles are anonymized: there is no mail and exposed phones, to take care of us, there is a chronological number identifying with the name. Only a limited group handles this information. We have a mailing list -% Fanny: Is there an axis of solidarity economy? % Rosa: Yes axis 10 transforming economies http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-pagina-info-espa-intercom10 -% Rita: who is in the communication and media space? -% Pierre: Nobody because the space has not yet been opened waiting for him to have a facilitator. You can come with facilitate! -% Rita: Is it international? Yes! http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-pagina-info-espa-intercom3

    $ Inclusion form in the process click on the “PARTICIPATE FORM” button on the page http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20



    • % Rosa 29mn: resuming the presentation; Then management of financing projects, get funds for a team of 5 people, and then give it a name " support team " -% Rita: there are two different points on the sheet - support team - and other budgets for mobilization and event.


    @ M8 TOPICS

    • 31mn% Janneth: back to the axes - extractivism issue , -% Rosa: it is on the territorial axis that the content of a theme can be made explicit. -% Pierre: The denomination of axes will evolve over time, the number of axes cannot be infinite either. % Janneth: it is about feminicide people , how it becomes visible and content that catches more is given. -% Mauri: Are there many sheets yet? Pink is missing 6 sheets. - Mauri: Theme of axes we have to treat it separately –We go point by point later to systematize and that time is productive with quality

    See discussion in P1 to P8 - P21 to P32 - P45-46- P87)

    $ List axes thematic spaces http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-ejes-tematicos



    • Rosa 34mn: relationship with the IC - § we need people who are proactively participating in intercom spaces and commissions



    • Rosa 35mn: These are the physical Spaces considered for the event - city center - all 3 km from each other. The current government created a green corridor in Chapultepec forest. I have here a city map - lifting to show the three places Tlatelolco where FSMM was @@ socket 2 to 3 km between the three places- There is a fluid transport route and you can walk 20mn
    • % Armando: -§ They are in the heart of the city and will be very visible . % Rosa: in this area there are also universities and museums a large space - allows the process to be alive.

    $ http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo48 plates 16 17 - preliminary now in charge of the logistics commission that was formed in the workshop of August http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-comision -Logistics



    • Rosa 36mn: What do we do from here to Morocco? core facilitation and participation of 8 and more. Consolidate commissions and create new (logistics). Build first version of macro programming and macro planning for two years. Compose call text to join.
    • Define the date of the event: at the IC meeting on May 6 with the participation of 22 members of the IC, January 2021 was planned for 20 years of forum http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-reunion-enlinea -ci-6mayo2019 -% Mauri 38mn: Davos data would be the best -% Rosa: in Mexico with some colleagues we have analyzed that in July 2021 § intermediate elections in July 21 : governors and legislator, it is important January 2021 [not very near the date of the elections either].

    $ Consensus formulation August workshop meeting http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-taller-10y11agosto19/#fechafsmXIV

    • % Rosa: being in communication with PPM (bread for the world) - relationship of TTDT 80 organizations, Cencos and others that we are doing is in negotiation.
    • % Rosa: There is a Relationship with Marcelo Ebrard that was supporting the FSMMX in 2008 and 2010, when in CDMX mayor's office to get spaces. Money will not give us: the current government follows a policy of total austerity. § Perhaps we can have access to volunteers through a “Youth building a future ” program: it is a federal government policy that finances youth for one year, and that they support us in everything we need.
    • % Rosa: § Establish contacts with thematic forums - We are already with the health one. Consolidate first group of facilitators of thematic and geographical axes. If Chandan leaves with the entire South Asia region, he would have to think about how intercom is done.
    • Develop the participation of thematic and geographical spaces and meetings online and in relation or not with face-to-face meetings that we are going to do before the WSF XIV event. We are already planning a women's event or transforming economies event.
    • % Rosa 41mn: Carry out in several places § Informative assemblies to get more into participation spaces - Disseminate information on the WSF process its principles its history To foster understanding and appropriation of the WSF, § we made a presentation “history of the WSF ” the we share has been good input http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo38
    • Practice “§ cyber literacy ” with Jitsi (teleconferences) and web whatsapp (interactive groups) so that the self-organization of online meetings [from thematic or geographical spaces] becomes the first option
    • Expand invitation to participate in the process (through inclusion in online intercom spaces) and to facilitate the process (taking facilitation tasks in the proFSM collective and its commissions) - continue mapping organizations

    $ Digital base for online intercommunication in commissions and in self-organized meetings in thematic spaceshttp://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo63

    $ Workshop for FSM to report on fsm http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-taller-10y11agosto19/#fotofinal



    % Rosa 42mn What do we expect from CI? - co-responsibility. Have § active presence of the CI online in participatory thematic and geographical spaces - take on self-organized online meetings to incubate activities and initiatives Something very important. Have a list of the CI to Know who we can communicate with. Last page on the topic of connecting with other social forums - A photo at the end in one of the 20 rooms of the second day at FSMsss where I participated - Pierre between

    43mn (applause) - Rosa: I pass the presentation on wsp and here in the group chat

    $ Presentation of Bogota accessible at http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo48

    globe-logo.png To M13


    Mauri: We should make a list of topics that we are going to talk one by one.

    • Exchange on List of topic to work
    • Mauri- T1 Role of FSM XIV in our international strategies - from this its relationship with thematic axes, the forum is inserted in the international process that occurs, we are not interested in it being a disconnected process but interlinked. With T2 T3 is a suggestion, right? How the forum connects articulation, connection of groups that there are movements, how the forum connects with living processes that are happening - very important the proactive process of which subject we are proposing
    • Armando: make recommendations on how to do it: that in each event occurring in the coming year, people sign up for each occasion to prepare.
    • T4 Mauri: 46mn communication theme § Communication dissemination "there is a forum" and revitalization of the process "for what and how to participate" - Wrap people there and how to participate (Janneth).
    • Chandan - we need a framework to go looking for people (outreach) The format of the social forum should not change.
    • T6 47mn Janneth - we would have to make a recommendation on how this process of § will follow, how the decision is made . "Let's go - we're not going" in October we intend to validate - Ci decision - how sure we are of the October meeting that there is plan B, if there is no quorum.
    • T6 Mauri: it is a premise a calendar issue or somehow political times.
    • Armando: we are going to make a set of recommendations to the IC , we must circulate them to set up a decision line for the next IC meeting - or if it takes a long time to do it online, it cannot continue like this.
    • T7 Rita: for the pontos about the great programs, if big events that come in the history of the forum are planned, for example world assembly of women if this is -% Pierre- macro-programming
    • T8 50mn Chandan: just raising a couple of ideas and interventions, so we are on the same page, since you all have experience in organizing social forums:
      • 1 / the first thing: the place - people who come from so far away, § visa problems, how many visas cost how much logistics hotels cost
      • 2 / Effective communication strategies - as people speak to their own facilitation - § It is a bad idea to give access to everyone and local movements should organize themselves about facilitation, care must be taken to those who are given this ability to facilitate -% Mauri § Topic of "facilitation" is at the service of the methodology -
    • Chandan - two more points that people should own these problems -3 / some of them press for it to be done if there is an effective communication § strong communication strategy facilitation of the secretariat -4 / in the type of world in the that we live I am not sure that so many people understand -We really need to create something, can we debate, § can we have some thematic areas ? Everyone is working on some specific topics. This can generate more interest because people feel that there will be problems that will be heard and made visible. -5 / Finally, § do we have a framework or diagram on how we can connect with other colleagues ? § Asian perspective strategy on how to reach people. Who has the responsibility. In Asia there is no association. Framework for the mobilization section.
    • Rita: reproduce the process in other countries, as is the strategy to § build the process in other parts than Mexico (geographical spaces)
    • $ List of 20 geographical spaces http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-areas-geograficas
    • Mauri: call is a political moment of the process - role of the forum is first point
    • P0 / Armando 56mn - 20 years return to Davos will have a strong symbolic impact, there is no unanimity on neoliberalism we should resume the agenda for another more powerful world - concrete issue, it is a mixed definition for which this forum will serve - I remember that There is a crisis in the forum about its usefulness. This forum will be relaunched to § build a global alternative agenda: “we meet to affirm this ”.
    • Rosa: I put in T2 to relaunch the political sense of the forum, a motto. - Armando: strong symbolic impact 20 years - there is no unanimity on neoliberal globalization - we should resume this strength to say that in Mexico we will meet to consolidate.
    • Mauri: it would be the second point T2 - we are a § working group that agreed on the IC secretariat in Sao Paulo with Hamouda to discuss several points one is the WSF in Mexico -

    § Our suggestions here are addressed to the Mexico group and the IC. It exceeds us .

    • 58mn Chandan: clarifying this thematic process will help in the mobilization and this format that started in Porto Alegre and should not change. You could think of punchline slogan , the message that would attract people's imagination.

    globe-logo.png A final M13

    @ M13 44mn List Points that are raised with the presentation of Mexico: Return to the PLAN

    • T1 / Role of the WSF in the Forum process. The importance of the thematic axes. (Take care of the international role) .T2 / Re-launch the political sense of the WSF. P1 to P8 - P21 to P32 - P45-46- P87)
    • T3 / Articulation - collective connections, of the movement. § Connect with living processes . P32 to P33 to P45
    • T4 / Communication: dissemination, dynamization of the process, participation, involvement. § Effective communication strategy . (played in a scattered manner)
    • T5 / Methodology: Facilitation, take care of who assumes it. (played in a scattered manner)
    • T6 / How the process continues. Recommendations, regarding Definition of dates. § Calendar of political times . Call, the strategy to build the FSM XIV process (P64 to P78)
    • T7 / Macro programming of the event (P79)
    • T8 / Logistics: Clear communication about physical participation in the event, visa, ( P80-P86) )


    Mauri we are going to tempt 20 / 30mn for each point - round on point T1 paper of the forum .. I am going to register.

    globe-logo.png B

    B REFLECTION IN EACH POINTS T1 to T8 with paragraphs P0 to P103 and with differentiated interventions in each paragraph by the sign%:


    globe-logo.png T1 and T2 Return toPLAN

    B / -T1 T2 / 59mn Role of the WSF XIV in the Forum process. The importance of the thematic axes. (Take care of the international role).

    globe-logo.png P1

    @P 1 / Mauri: 1h01mn I think that the forum process has had § two very different moments in the history of the WSF : the first phase 2001-2005 , where there was a very concrete expectation of building an international mobilization, a capacity for dialogue with the owners of the system, the great world powers, so that a dialogue agenda can be set up as an international civil society, with the capacity to demand a change from the political systems. He was very strong in the minds of the "leaders" of the forum, of the possibility of an international force. This did not materialize. Not because of the forum, but because of the incapacity of the situation, and neither did the system have an interest in dialogue. And also because there is a change of governments in Latin America from the left center to the left that were placed in a position to manage the capitalist system, therefore, with many contradictions that contaminated the forum process, the world social agenda. There were many contradictions.

    Post 2005 the social forum begins another process, a process of mobilization of many movements of the base of the society, with little capacity to confront the system, but with some capacity to mobilize new movements in the logic of building protagonism. Now we need both forums, the forum that has the capacity to mobilize the base and that is proposed with some level of confrontation with the system. § The difference is that in the first phase initially this capacity for confrontation was very focused on large traditional organizations such as unions and NGOs, and now it is with more horizontal movements . There is a difficult methodology to have a capacity to mobilize and at the same time § define a minimum agenda that puts us in confrontation with the system . This is why the thematic axes are the backbone of the forum, because we cannot have 30 thematic axes. Nor have an axis for all demands. § Formulate issues that have the ability to add unifying agendas . In this sense, open the debate and have in our calendar a political moment that could be May 2020 , where we can meet to define themes and its dynamics with the face-to-face forum.The process is already started, we are already in the Mexican social forum.

    globe-logo.png P2

    @ P2 / Janneth -Two things:

    1 / This reflection is necessary in the IC in terms that we should propose to specify strategies and perhaps the points are the triggers of this discussion.I am thinking from what Mauri you were saying, which are two scenarios. The national and international changes occur in the countries, it is a very big challenge for the forum and it is like in a space like this § to define thematic axes that manage to summon all of us to be there

    2 / How to generate articulations that can accompany what happens in each country. In the case of Colombia, people go, participate, generate their relationships, and return to their countries and not much happens with those who have met. So, we must § look for strategies that allow us to universalize the movements and we are betting on more global changes. § I believe that it is achieved from finding very precise agendas, facing issues that hurt us in each country and articulate us . It is a challenge- To be able to convene and not to remain as fair an event that we go as another and not much happens. But a small group that is energizing the same process, that this mobilizes and generates more forceful actions at national level and internationally articulated. And also § what are the international scenarios where we want to go , and, as a forum to arrive to propose to influence. We came up with this idea of ​​being a counterpower if we want to WTO, G20. Well, right now we are arriving in some way, I don't know, we would have to revise a bit structurally the bet for where we are going with the forum.

    globe-logo.png P3

    @ P3 / Armando 1h10mn - It is a very dense debate that demands some time to organize and then deepen it. Let's start with the following § I think our problem is to build an alternative totality, an alternative hegemony of totality. The WSF has to deal with a difficulty: § face the fragmentation of the same movements, which are largely resistance. They resist what? to acts, incidence that has the global hegemony model, there are then the various movements are broken in their specificity and are little among them: environmental movement dialogues little with social security, which dialogues little with financial issue etc, logically everything should articulate very articulated less power depending on each one. There is a movement of women who build their potency from identity and there they have input from various spheres of this totality.

    § For me, the WSF role is precisely to be the space for dialogue between the various dimensions of this totality . This is why it is always so difficult to mobilize the convergence / confluence process. Therefore, being a thematic forum (health and social security), my great concern is that the issue is not isolated. It would be very comfortable for us to continue with a health forum, but this does not change, it will not advance. Therefore, § in the FSMSSS we expanded the topics democracy peace development etc in this perspective We cannot escape for myself the challenge that is since it is to find the possibility of § proposing the forum space as the space that articulates and projects, with The idea of ​​an alternative totality .

    § Regarding Mauri's two paths, the two are interdependent , it is of no use merely to formal pressure on decision spaces, if there is no social base.Where we lost the war so far is in civil society that is another power. This is expressed in electoral difficulties, it is expressed in the very weak way of arriving in multi-lateralism spaces, where also those who occupy this space are large northern NGOs that accompany all the time and have money for this. So we have little impact with a more radical agenda. I believe that we must enter to influence the strategic process, § I believe that the SDG objectives must be disputed with a clearly different vision than the one that conservative hegemony projects on the subject. We have to develop our vision of development that is not contained there. They are two tasks. The configuration of the forum as a kind of convergence of several energies, will depend on 1 / type of call, for me it must be a call that allows people to perceive that § there can be built an alternative of totality , and 2 / leave with a global agenda: to say ; § "These are the central points we want to face."

    The reflection I made at the beginning of our FSMSSS forum, (presentation of the first day) the culmination of all these years there -1 / seems to be that we § have to say what the crisis is, it is not capital crisis but our crises . We have a democracy, social, environmental crisis, it would even separate a crisis of war and peace, and a crisis of point of view of the ways in which we understand the same concept of development: it is a very strong issue that may be crossing with others and It must be made explicit since we have to propose an economic and financial alternative to the development system. It is linked to this de-financialization flag.

    So there are 5 things. If I were to think out loud, in axes, I would think of something around these 5 crises and not open in 500,000 axes. § 5 crisis: social democratic, environmental, denial of peace, and the question of economic and financialization relationship .

    globe-logo.png P4

    @ P4 Janneth: for me I do believe that there is a strong crisis that crosses with everyone: § feminicide violence -% Armando: This is in peace, socially, is in all -% Janneth: but it is so big and so fat and so complex! - -% Armando: we will not enter the competition! -% Janneth is not less what women live -% Armando There are 5 crimes affecting people differently, more women, true, disproportionately affects indigenous peoples, migrants, children, older adults, unemployed, all these are the Crises of humanity. There is the point that I wanted to raise § There is a “agenda of humanity” that we have to compose that will reflect all dimensions . If the forum does not provide an integrating agenda of humanity, an attempt to give visibility to all that, I have no doubt all the struggles indigenous women - all affected human groups can express themselves strongly. This is not against the space of women. Now the issue politically is § how the forum will deal with the organization of the definitions of our crises and how to overcome them with an alternative hegemony , it is a necessary exercise - if we do not do so, we will have 30 axes , the pressure that Each one will claim its axis.

    globe-logo.png P5

    @ P5 / Tiburcio 1h19mn- I believe that the previous interventions were rich and I agree with the line that Mauri placed. I want to talk about 3 special dimensions: 1 / The forum of Mexico as it is a consensus among us, will be special against a new group, has this symbolic force of 20 years. 1 / We have to place very clearly the § ambition that WSF is a progressive global democratic broad anti-systemic reference .

    2 / The process of building the forum in Mexico, as explained by Rosa, can innovate even in relation to points we are discussing. § “ What will be the FSM role that you should have on January 21”. This question I think should be included in the convocation form , and ask all the organizations in the world which central points should characterize the Mexico forum and take into account what Mauri placed for May 2020 we would do. That all organizations respond § present their central points until May 2020 , so that thematic axes or even an updated general slogan in relation to another world - in matto 20 and functions as a very large mobilizing force

    3 / the WSF process bringing news for January 2021 should focus on anti-Davos as the symbolic concentration of 1%, but it should make an innovation by moving to § refocusing on the UN. The WSF has to be placed not as a representation but as a § expression of the force of world civil society that questions and disputes power in the UN , reopening on the “new dialogue” that has to be given in a larger dimension that expresses this ambition of the WSF as a reference for democratic resistance unit and alternative to the system -

    globe-logo.png P6

    @ P6 / Pierre: Three elements -

    1 / on the periodization of the forum process, looking at things from a more methodological point: until 2009 that the financial crisis broke out there was a certain dynamic that was very focused on the WSF event, and that § The IC did not arrive, at the meetings of 2009 2010 in Montreal and Mexico, to think about the WSF process as a whole. The methodology was stagnant in the event and under the level of articulation of facilitators of the different forum processes. Hence we are in the absence of methodological dynamism in the 10 years so far. § That forum in Mexico must be time to resume, and overcome this lack of methodological ambition . § We have been very inactive in methodology compared to the challenges of the times -

    $ Methodology space http://openfsm.net/projects/methodology with inputs: An FSM methodological lexical proposal http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo26

    2 / If you want to § think about the forum as a process against real hegemonic , quantitatively and qualitatively as well. Personally, I have tempted to stimulate this debate and activity methodology. § From the beginning of the forum we are with the notions of “participants” and “activities” I think that § it is important to introduce the notion of “initiatives” [description of struggle campaign project initiative] along with the “activities” [moment of dialogue ] in the formal management of what happens in the process, to give visibility to the actions of the participating movements. There may be dialogue between these activities and initiatives.

    § There is a need for a methodological vehicle that allows intercommunication to also focus on struggles, campaigns, projects, and not just dialogues. Dialogues about initiatives are important and dialogues in general are important at the level of popular education. If it does not lead to strategic articulation ... We are missing this vehicle. And it's starting a little. Here the idea § Introducing the notion of initiative in an important way in the methodology allows to show people that it will not be the forum to “talk” -

    $ Elements on forms of participation Meetings local or central activities, initiatives http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo60

    3 / on the thematic issue: what we see now in Mexico is to raise issues - Here on the screen is a comparison of the axes between 11 axes in Montreal, 19 axes in Salvador and simulation in Mexico under construction. http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo33 . § We easily reach 17 axes, but I say it is not a problem to start the process, people come with their issues. And that there may be (The 8 axes that are initiated to date between the 17. For the moment for example there is an absent topic from Mexico now: international struggles. Then 17 axes very easy, and there is no health that would be included in ' rights")

    We have to welcome participatory energies and at the same time contain the proliferation of the idea that these spaces are not too compartmentalized.There may be discussion in May 2020, with a view to the event, of less themes (macro-axes) - § The topics now are nascent issues with which people approach, and are not necessarily those of the event. There is possible flexibility. It does not mean that, approaching the event, there is no other way to formulate. You have to be pragmatic and keep talking. The thing is to start now and not get lost in discussion that prevent 20,000 people from getting involved gradually, § There is then the possibility of reformulating distinguishing process axes and event axes.

    $ axes / thematic spaces Formulation and http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-ejes-tematicos progressive population

    globe-logo.png P7

    @ P7 / Leo 1h30mn (remotely): greetings from Vienna: I mean what Tiburcio said. We have to watch international content networks. From Mexico I think that the articulation of axes formulation is going well How to correspond these axes in other parts of the world - Two proposals -

    1 / § that in each country there are people who are permanent contact , already knowing that they really collaborate - not only in self-convened events, but to articulate the political environment that exists in the different regions. If we were born of a movement against the civil society sanctions Cuba Venezuela, star in this axis.

    2 / A joint is being prepared to counter Trump's re-election. For this it is important that there were § particular efforts of colleagues who organized the US social forum to influence the social forum of Mexico.

    3 / content that particularly affects Mexico and forums in this region § is the issue of migrants . The objective would be to see link between these movements that already exist and the world social forum. Suddenly, as in Prague a few days ago, 100,000 people against the corrupt president, it would be good to have a relationship with us and that is not done automatically. It takes effort from Mexico as host, but in the International Council, that § there is an organizational task in the IC structuring the political platforms around these axes , to designate concrete responsibilities in the most countries that can be.

    globe-logo.png P8

    @ P8 / Rita –1h35mn: 1 / Armando's proposal of the 5 crises: democracy, financial-economy- development, social, environmental, war-peace.Development / Finance There are 5 § The idea of ​​having few “macro axes” is very good and that these axes could be divided into other points to work in a transversal way : something related to social crisis is discussed at one point, which is also connected with development crisis. Then I can organize my activities within a macro axis and also connect the points of the others. § It would be a methodology for organizing the axes, so that we had everything that affects each axis and not be limited by transversality . If Rita can clarify) But it meant that the 5 may not encompass two things, perhaps they are: I would like to discuss this, § civilizational crisis and crisis of humanity's own sense . That we no longer feel the other human being as a human being, this is more subtle and deeper than compartmentalizing in 5 crises perhaps the civilizational crisis could cover this issue.

    2 / Another thing I don't know how we are doing. It is going through development, it is connected with human relations, it is the speed of the event, with technologist empowerment, it is the question “§ total change of human relations with technology ”, where is that? Is it transverse axis? How are we going to deal with this issue? How do you sub part of the other things? It is very fundamental of everything that happens in the world, Everything that has to do with the fourth industrial revolution is at this point, but also when democratization is discussed. It's below I don't know if we could call it "crises"!

    The technological issue, but it is a very big change that we have to face. And is it not shared? How are we going, in this proposal, to include this in the proposal of 5 crises, which I find good? § I do not get to include the technological issue. It appears as transversal. There are debates that are specific I think. Everything that has to do with communication that there is even a forum for this free media communication. § There is another forum that is being built on the Internet from India. How are we going to place this on these other axes? I think it has its own place. In a macro axis. It's a problem for Armando.

    $ see elements on internet forum http://openfsm.net/projects/atsfi and http://internetsocialforum.net/isf/

    Discussion stops for dialogue with hamouda

    globe-logo.png C

    C / Dialogue with Hamouda regarding the INTERNATIONAL COUNCIL in Morocco in October. Return to the PLAN

    globe-logo.png P9

    @ P9 / Hamouda 1h40mn - Some health problems, but not important - Mauri: we need you to give us an IC meeting table and secretaries - Hamouda 1 CI / § Two years ago we decided to have a meeting with all thematic social movements and forums to have political discussion for the future of the WSF council . $ when exactly? Porto Alegre 2017? http://openfsm.net/projects/ic-extended/ci-portoalegre-201701-notas-21tarde ] We want to have this discussion in Morocco. The expanded CI open to all who are not, movements that are not, that do not come. The discussion is "What to do for the 20-year forum"? what topics (technical interruption) this discussion 20 years of new thematic WSF how to work? The proposal of this expanded IC meeting is for Africans, Asians, Europeans to come. At the same time, § have two days FSMSSS Mediterranean in October . We are looking to have money to invite more people-

    globe-logo.png P10

    @ P10 Mauri: Some date -% Hamouda: from silver, let's decide on the date § between October 10 and 20 . -% Pierre: Is there a plan B? Because you are describing a very ambitious environment. But is there a less ambitious plan B? You can make a modest CI, with a minimum of legitimacy and that can allow you to have a meeting to advance the process of Mexico, even if you don't have much money to pull people from all over the world -% Hamouda: § The ambition is to have advice open, no CI with 30 40 people from the IC of the last 5 years . The goal is to have a meeting with all the movements to discuss the future of the WSF, not to discuss how the IC works, to have a meeting 30 people for CI is easy - you cannot build fsm Mexico because the world is now says something in French ... .§ It will be an open Council .

    globe-logo.png P11

    @ P11 / Armando - Hamouda I think we have temporary difficulty: § it is less than 3 months from here to October and extending will not have much immediate effect on what we can mobilize. We can preserve focus on an IC of 40 people in less than 3 months and then make an expanded consultation organized in the regions to reflect interests of movements -% Rita: I agree with Armando about the difficulty of making such an ambitious meeting itself if It is possible 1 / s § necessary, apart from everything, to have a CI meeting apart from that, because we had many experiences where everyone spoke and no fundamental questions of process and advice were discussed. If there is money, I ask you a concern in reserving the moment of the IC meeting and also prioritizing with the silver the participation of members of the international council, and also of important organizations for the Mexico process. So having the forum is the time to meet, this is a very important thing so that it is not another meeting, for this meeting there is the WSF as an event . -% Pierre: do not repeat Monastir 2012-% Rita: The council is a facilitator 2 / § The agenda of the meeting of Morocco as it will be built? We have a support group for the CI secretariat in Brazil to participate. The agenda must be minimally participatory so that priority issues are defined. And also do not forget that we are reindicating that the IC debates a matter of communication and platform.

    globe-logo.png P12 P13 P14

    @ P12 / Hamouda: I agree with everyone. The problem is how to gather, 20 40 people who are from the movements, cannot continue the same way of working. For the communication platform there is a group: the platform. There is the "platform committee" with pierre rita tiburico etc. It is not the October council that has the money - everyone agrees with the platform - I do not agree that fsm Mexico with good international mobilization with good themes, that is the priority. let's keep going

    @ P13 / Armando: - § the question is how many% of the CI can be self-financing ? - we are not talking about platform, we are talking about “silver”. -% Rita I don't talk about silver for mobilization. To make the meeting of confirmed members of the IC there is a part that can be self-financed% Hamouda - find movements to work methodology of Mexico

    @P 14 / Rosy, a reflection that can be done on the one hand several things. I agree that we should try to prioritize the IC meeting: the 50 that we are now, in Morocco to work preparations, fsm everything that is pending, and at the same time strategic that if this space summons or relapses the forum with the social movements for January 2021. The call to the Social Movements, take it in the face of 2021, invite them to this meeting. But § Prioritize that we are as CI - Ask who can self-finance the ticket or a part and know what is the section of financing that is needed. I would see it like this, here we have reflection on the axes and I think there are tasks

    globe-logo.png P15 P16

    @ P15 / Vittorio - two things 1 / very important to organize CI near FSMSSS Mediterranean date 20th October ok not before in summer in Europe nothing can be done 2 / I very much agree with your extended CI proposal, I think § no There is a contradiction between CI meeting and extended meeting with strong movements representative. We need a new history of FSM - involving large organizations that are outside or on the edge of the forum - is not in contradiction; Some people of IC are important for memory, but not associated with strong movements. Open to representatives of strong organizations.

    @ P16 / Pierre: Many voices have expressed themselves to say that there is a process in Mexico that is being developed, and that § the process is where a decentralized invitation to many networks can be made , and that it is important that the facilitation capacity of the process is in a meeting

    and give the green light to the process of Mexico, because if there is not that, any great meeting will not lead to many things. We have to secure the process to Mexico. Do you work on a “B” plan, where it is limited to the reduced IC, but what if it is insured? Or are they just working something else? I remember the meeting of Monastir in 2012 or Salvador in October 2017, where § the IC is immersed in a group of people who did not necessarily know the IC process, or even the WSF, and could not work as such [giving time from quality discussion to points to evaluate] , I prefer a classic CI that knows its tasks. My question is: § Logistically, are you in Morocco able to host a classic IC meeting? Yes or no? The other comes in complement.

    $ [Maybe http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-reunion-enlinea-ci-6mayo2019 
    possible to organize an online meeting in the light of May 6] ,

    globe-logo.png P17 P18

    @ P17 / Hamouda - I have said that the meeting organized in Morocco is to go to the Mexico forum, for that we must gather, more, more, that are outside, but the objective of the CI meeting in Morocco is to go to Mexico for 20 years is. § If we do not have enough money to gather this whole world we will meet, but with the movements, not the IC. This is the objective . [j'ai dit that the rencontre organize au Maroc est pour aller au social forum of mexico i faut meet plus plus plus -mais l'objectif de la rencontré CI du Maroc c'est pour aller à mexico c'est ça that nous organisons , if nous n 'avons pas assez d'argent nous ferons the rencontre avec les mouvements pas le CI] -% Rita: What movements; Hamouda, where from? % Hamouda: from all over the world! -% Rita: But with what money?

    @ P 18 / Mauri: Nobody is against a movement meeting, but § this meeting cannot make an IC meeting unfeasible. The important thing is we need an October date to meet, and so I find the CI and the movements. % Pierre - but separated in two moments but nothing comes out -% Mauri May Hamouda give us a date. § On July 15 Hamouda will give us the date for the meeting in Morocco. Two moments - October is tomorrow. -% Hamouda: Do you guys have plan B? -% Mauri - we don't have: There is a dialogue process with national movements, we have a resistance forum in January in Porto Alegre. Together with other movements there Idea of ​​a process, we do not necessarily have all together at the same time. -% Hamouda: We all agree. Good Morocco and Porto Alegre. Continuation.

    globe-logo.png P19

    @ P19 / Pierre: Hamouda, can you say if there is a condition now to make a modest efficient IC, legitimate silver for plan B minor plan? In March you told us that there was a meeting in Morocco and there was no apprehension that wanting to make it too big don't do anything -% Mauri: Hamouda says big meeting or doesn't -% Hamouda: Morocco's meeting of 30 40 50 stp depends de la plata - we don't know the size ... Discussion of Salvador de Bahia we say “there is a CI in Mexico, in November” and nobody comes -% Rita - but we are going to make a forum -% Mauri: hamouda What time to define the date? -% Hamouda July 15 -% Mauri we are ready -% Pierre ready to what?

    globe-logo.png P20

    @ P20 / Rosa: I am uncertain if your perspective is that Mexico is going or not -% Hamouda: I am the first person to fight to have WSF in Mexico - in 2009 CI Morocco and 2010 CI in Mexico -% Tiburcio: a clarification when You say "a major event", does this include a very representative CI meeting?% Hamouda - first is CI more movements that can be invited -% Pierre: §the principle is that there are also two separate moments (CI and CI + movements) -% All: yes! % Mauri - § after July 15 to confirm dates -% Hamouda: Armando we talk tomorrow about FSMSSS Mediterranean

    globe-logo.png T1.2

    B2 T1 / 2h15mn - Mauri we return to the previous point- theme of the axes Return to thePLAN

    globe-logo.png P21

    @ P21 / Fanny: axes the FSM process is evaluated a bit 20 years of FSM, and the axes, I think looking at the process -: the process has fundamentally gained a lot in making visible the demands of all populations, and less in action. Many initiatives are generated, but there are no such important changes in these 20 years, be attributed to all the context conditions. Tiburcio with United Nations asked me, too - social movements also get a lot on the UN agenda and how we permeate this agenda that speaks of Human Rights Transparency, of indigenous peoples. But this institution full of silver can do these things and society does not participate, § how we permeate the agenda of the United Nations , how we advocate for this agenda to be transformed, and there is a better chance of achieving some changes. It is a good thing that the UN agency is getting governments to sign a commitment, and more or less follow up and control.

    globe-logo.png P22

    @ P22 / Rosa - is linked to social movements that we dialogue for a while. Share that I have contacted some colleagues in Latin America who are in wider movements. For example - “alba movements” I met the coordinator in Havana in January as part of an “emancipatory paradigms” event that is Away from Argentina and I wrote to him. Of course I know that there is a "particular" relationship but I said "We are in the process of Mexico, we would like you to join", he said "Thank you for inviting us, we evaluate it and we are talking here". § We are taking the steps in terms of movements . On women's movement, well there are these 5 main axes that were mentioned § yes that I would like to add everything that has to do with confrontation with the patriarchal, colonialist, racist capitalist system that a whole scheme that is structuring. Something that has worked a lot that has to do with what Rita said, with the § domination of subjectivities . It is in the line that Rita says, maybe it is transversal, but we have to retake it.

    globe-logo.png P23

    P23 / Vittorio 2h20 - in Itagnol - taking back what Mauri says about the stages of the forum - at the beginning the forum represented an alternative horizon to the system, a worldwide symbol. It was very important that in the first editions § contrast with the Davos meeting in a society of socks . It is very important to show the contrast "this Davos" and "this Porto Alegre". The situation has changed. I think I am realistic. When we organize a forum, nobody talks about our forum. In the world, only the averages of the country where the forum is. The forum does not become a worldwide symbol. I have done all the forums from 2001 to 2016 in Canada and there I told myself that the story was over. The forum speaks to Canada. Now I say the things that I think are true. § The forum serves the country where it is done -80% is like that, and it is going well . Because if we organize a forum in Mexico, § for Mexican organizations it is a great opportunity for Mexicans to learn about other experiences . But the Mexico forum does not speak anything to Kazakhstan or Nigeria 2 / § The forum is an opportunity to exchange information, but less than before because of the internet where it is exchanged so much.

    $: If a procedural vision of the forum is taken, and a network of interactive groups is created in a “same FSM facilitator environment” thematic and geographical spaces, new possibilities open up - http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20 -I consume 64 s

    Mexico Forum is important for Mexico and Latin America. I think we should add another dimension, we should play with today's instruments, not 20 years ago. Very important perhaps that when the forum is organized and also the international council, § dates of a meeting of neoliberalism are sought 2 / § organize [in the event itself] 2 or 3 sessions with names of men and women known in the world that challenge the representatives of neo liberalism . This is news and after 20 years, we must decide if it survives or if it is relaunched. This is the contrast: debate Naomi Klein and president of the world bank. Debate between Assange networks and neoliberal media power. Everyone looks in this way, people in India and Nigeria cannot be in Mexico, but all newspapers talk about this, and § we must use this instrument to circulate our opinions . The world is going to destruction.

    If we are not able to pull everyone, our activity is low. Another thing 3 / § is very important the preparation phase, now how to use social networks, with a logo and 5 very clear words and translate this phrase of struggle, in all the languages ​​of the world –ok? We must make us understand that § we are the alternative to neoliberal power .

    Last thing: in my experience, the forums have become few useful worldwide, because neoliberal power is organized globally: Trump speaks with Bolsonaro who speaks with Salvini - a financial fund of Seychelles speaks with Wall Street. In what way to become visible, at the end from the forum § we must indicate 3 or 4 no more global campaigns , each with a logo and name and that is done around the world in a different way. In this way everyone recognizes that § this is the campaign of the world social forum . Discuss exchanging can not make 150 campaigns. § We choose 3 or 4 campaigns, but there is the logo of the forum, and the logo of the campaign with 3 or 4 people who make the contrast, and this can be a new life of the forum.

    globe-logo.png P24

    @ P24 / Armando 2h29mn - We are collecting elements to organize and provide discussion paper. It is clear that there is a certain agreement that the forum must be relaunched with a centralized message strength. According to vitorio. § That “FSM” be a brand that can circulate . We have to connect to other initiatives, mentioning Naomi Klein or Ricardo Petrella and her collective, they are intellectuals, who are not social movements, have an impact and drag media and visibility. It is important § we need spokespersons to come to the forum and help us impact what we want to do. § There is an idea of ​​a totality that can be translated, perhaps, within a large framework of the mobilization agenda , to have it as centrality in an alternative hegemony. Make visible Today the model denies - pulls people out. And we will be in-§ In 2021 there will be complicated "days after" .Go win Sanders, Trump re-election is possible. The forum in Mexico has a direct impact on Central America. Hall where things are expressed. It has dramatic, environmental, labor cases as Andrés Barreda already mentioned . This can be enhanced and § the alternative project that is more understandable, that people may believe can be transmitted in global communication . A lot of preparatory work, § we should arrive at this forum with structured theses and challenge movements for a convergence proposal , not to have thousands of parallel workshops, but for a convergence proposal for an integrative agenda. To participate in this construction. § Central theme of the forum must define what

    globe-logo.png P25

    @ P25 / 2h32mn Mauri: I do not disagree with what was said. My concern is the methodology. I have participated in many such moments, but § the social movements outside continue on their way . § They also don't want to know “what the forum thinks”. We have § the ability to place ourselves as an international actor and this means having a correct reading of reality. Now the situation is very different from 2001. There is a § feeling of emergency , we do not have to train ourselves to dialogue with the system and we have to § place the forum as facing the system , not to dialogue with it. The forum is the only globalizing process that, despite our difficulty in mobilizing, all international movements are thematic, they are segmented. trade unionists, environmentalists, women, Indigenous, black, they are thematic.

    § It is the only process that seeks to involve everyone as actors, not as guests , it is a 20-year forum process - horizontal and democratic process - We have a background and an authority, a credibility, to propose to make a space I think § the forum It is the building space of the unit. It is a space. We must not provide unity, we must provide space, unity must be the reflection of the will to move . -% Rosa there is a thin line -% Mauri: There is a reading of reality about the imminence of a collapse, about the idea that the system does not care about life. At the head of that, how do we do collectively? - The best route would be this: § It is necessary to put the forum as an international actor. Do not?

    globe-logo.png P26

    @ P26 / Pierre: 2h36 § The forum is not a subject for me, it is a space and a process - collectively built -% Mauri: §si! As a space, it is a subject.Do you understand -% Rita § E is space or is subject! -% Pierre: § There is a lot of “cuts paths” in verbal expression, and then this ambiguity nurtures behaviors that people expect “from the forum” as a subject -% Mauri: Do you agree with international campaigns? -% Pierre I agree that there are § international campaigns IN the forum and that they are not the campaigns of the forum that are built from (by alliances of) movements -% Mauri: they are not campaigns of the forum ¡% Pierre. It is important to say, If you listen to Vitorio ( @ P23 ) you think it is the forum campaign. We are talking - If the campaign wants to put the fsm logo it puts it at the same time it has its own logo. § Each campaign is autonomous, with its group of promoting entities and has its own identity -

    % Mauri: there is no divergence from the point of view - neither political nor methodological. You have as a precaution that there is no one to speak on behalf of the forum . %Light pink! -% Mauri: Now, if ALL the movements go to Mexico and agree on an international campaign, it is not the forum's campaign but everyone's -% Pierre: it is a forum in the forum -% Mauri § is a semantic difference . -% Armando It bears the mark of the forum -% Pierre: it is not semantic - § the campaign can be claimed from the forum; that is to say it can be communicated: "this campaign was potentialized in the forum", can you put the fsm logo if you want and also have your own logo first - -% Mauri: § "who" points to the need for "another possible world"? % Pierre - the campaigns? - % Mauri § The motto is the world social forum, the motto of a subject who pointed to a need . -% Pierre: § Subject or space forum? It's another debate - it's a debate we can follow

    $ Forum Space or Political Subject Forum is a related debate but somewhat different from Forum space or Forum organizationhttp://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/salvador17-input18/#ES

    globe-logo.png P27

    @ P27 / Mauri- We are not going to define that here - § I would like to agree here a process until May 2020, that we, from invitation to the movements for the need of the role of the Mexico forum § need to have spotlights, unit points, that are not a sum of all the points of all the movie --so Pierre - this is built [from below] -% Mauri… § That we propose to elaborate texts proposed moments , - in Colombia you can meet and propose, women, the Ceaal can propose. That we arrived in May 2020 when we try to unify . And in this sense the fsm will be contributing to the unit. Unity will not occur in January 2021

    $ Timeline “Bogota”: http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo58/#lineatiempomx

    globe-logo.png P28 P29

    @ P28 / Chandan: 2h40 My association with the FSM is limited. The opportunity of the WSF is important. The WSF is created to counter the hegemonic policy of the Davos Economic Forum. Having said that there is a historical context. The world has changed and we cannot exclude the fact that § digital capitalism has taken control of many rolls we used to have . You list a series of challenges, from trade agreements in several hemispheres. For example, RCEP (largest economic agreement in the world). The same is the Speech of the Silk Road “one belt one road”, China will take control of all the economic discourse in the world, and that is why the US is afraid. The political and economic paradigm of the world has changed.Hence I propose two things 1) create a dedicated group that would do holistic research to locate and search for various intellectuals , such as Amartya Sen, Naomi Klein throughout the world who speak of a new form of economic slavery that will replace the conventional debate about neoliberalism. I perceive that WEF Davos has become aggressive and that § the WSF would have to think about assaulting Davos with its own image .

    @ P29 / 2h43mn Mauri: the idea of ​​routing on this first point. This idea of ​​opening a process, until May 2020, the idea is that we could constitute ourselves in a small group to elaborate / systematize our proposal in a document, as a methodology - not proposing the macro-axes, but the questions we need . A document to convene the dialogue process .

    globe-logo.png P30

    @ P30 / Armando: This document would be the § base for the Tiburcio consultation . Just a fix I think the meaning of this document, § this idea that the forum is more space for alliances rather than unity. - (todxs: siii) - But unity is a much more complicated commitment. Then alliances. But the central thing to remember is that in 2001 when we started, we raised our hand "we don't agree", but today in 2021 what we have is the evidence that this situation is terrible, § there is a neo-liberal devastation and make it visible . The world is in permanent seizure, § but it is not related to the neoliberal model . Saying “It is the crisis that you created, the consequence of what you imposed on us. We are proposing something else, so you proposed failure, of course democracy, social, environmental failure. § Be clear about that, and then say “those are our alternatives,” or. Gather all the creative energy that there are many, and even § give way to debate from certain governments trying to survive . This is worth getting close to.It is no less being in Mexico for this forum. § I hope that the anti-neo-liberal political intention will survive in Mexico.

    Mauri - let's eat and we choose dishes to advance the lunch.

    globe-logo.png P31 P32

    @ P31 / Marui 2h47mn Other points? Point 2 we are also facing- and point 3 ... - Armando: - Let's assume that the Mexico forum is going to leave. For me, the meeting in Morocco is to see how we are going to promote it, to state that it is, there is no other alternative.

    (2h48mn-2h57mn choosing plate of food)

    We had to see practical measures, which we can do to make it happen.

    @ P32 / Pierre: § The routings of the meeting will be formulated in writing more calmly as the first point .- % Mauri: We are suggesting a process, the need for unification of the process, and the date of May 2020. -% Pierre:… as facilitators, trying to formulate a document that invites, without transforming us into politburo. -% Mauri: § we elaborate a text and circulate among us, before circulating more widely-

    globe-logo.png T3

    B / T3. Articulation - Connections . Return to thePLAN

    2h57mn –Mauri: let's go to point 3, the articulation issue. I think we started the point.

    globe-logo.png P33

    @ P33 / 2h58mn Point 3 - Mauri § Since Porto Alegre 2017, there is great concern of the IC that seeks to add live movements . Today, there are those who joined since 2001, mostly in Europe, most of them that do not exist so much - but today many movements that are very important because of that - Hamouda has instituted says "we are not interested in the old IC, we need a current CI" . Rosa Claro - There is a § routing that lists the 100 most important movements now, there is an effort in the process of the IC to be listened-% Rita cartography Damián, Hamouda, Gus -% Pierre: this was within the framework of the group of work on assembly of struggles

    The link to the list drafted by the GTde reflection on Assembly of struggles is on this page http://openfsm.net/projects/transitionci/transicionci-aml-input-consultation-dec17 ]

    % Mauri: there is effort that the movements are. What interests us is the map. a light from mapping makes a rune letter to invite them, § make an invitation letter, articulate meetings . I don't think it's virtual contact, it's a political process. He would have to have physical contact. § I have spoken with the Women's March . Division of who talks to whom . The World March of Women has decided to be outside the forum like everything else, but participate in forum meetings because there is a living process that has just been affirmed. We maintain permanent dialogue with the world march, called to the movements and division of "who speaks with whom" , dialogue with each movement

    globe-logo.png P34

    @ P34 / Armando: Listening to this [movement mapping] initiative § it would be interesting to map thematic and regional forums . Know what is happening, what organizations are there. I get the impression They have vitality that is not perceived from the IC, because people cannot arrive. Interesting if there is a possibility of mapping a pan-Amazonian forum, it has a growing vitality, an education forum that is not endorsed, Barcelona forum, - mining forum. They are regional thematic articulations that must be better understood. Address them to mobilize in the direction of Mexico's central effort. §Admas or better use this capillarity, communication. What Vittorio said, the sense that the forums that were generated from FSM 2001 are very vital. The world fsm, in its original form, the great forum, is a grandfather a little tired and generated so many grandchildren, § Know what is happening and be able to generate narrative .

    Some trajectories could identify them. Know why they lost strength. -% Tiburcio: the WSF is a political capital that is diffuse. -% Armando we are unable to show that I want to take this initiative-% Pierre § I can work with you for this mapping but also write to the facilitator committee because § since March CI 2018, it was decided that facilitating committees would be “members of law” of the IC, and to date it did not materialize -% Rita: Who is mapping the movements? -% Mauri: Gus Damien Hamouda -% Pierre: but this was within the framework of the WG reflection on the fight assembly -% Mauri: an issue that is always present at the IC meeting. What interests us is the mapping of movements to contact and present the process - -% Armando will help us a lot the axes -% Rosa: Pierre and Armando -% Mauri we can divide the task -% Armando: we organize and we are open to who want to collaborate to map thematic and regional forums to complement movement mapping

    see space on thematic social forums: http://openfsm.net/projects/fstvisions ] -

    globe-logo.png P35

    Rosa: shows on the screen the § Dynamic automatic translation in English of her notes in Spanish made for Chandan and that allows a better linguistic inclusion in the meeting. This woman who has here writes the notes in Spanish and automatically translates into English n (applause)

    @ P35 / Janneth 3h06mn: About the mapping, it makes me ask. How to do it? § The emerging social movements in the countries are not necessarily articulated in regional initiatives , but which are important in the countries. How to generate these bridges so that these voices reachthere worldwide -% Pierre: can you give an example? -% Janeth § I put it as a concern for us to think about it § how to generate links with these national movements that are not in the international arena that are not networked with Latin American initiatives - - finally in the international we arrived a few and those with certain possibilities

    globe-logo.png T4

    B / Marui3h08mn T4- communication: left for the afternoon,

    In fact not touched

    globe-logo.png T5

    B / next point T5 - Methodology: facilitation who takes care of it Back toPLAN

    globe-logo.png P36

    @ P36 / Mauri: is there any idea, I accumulate on the dynamic methodology of the 5-day forum? -% Rosa: We have shared in a general way, to share the structure of the WSF in Salvador Bahía macro-programming. We have not advanced in concrete. It is under construction . -% Pierre: § The event is far away. The priority is to build the process that goes to the event -% Rosa In the event as such, Opening moment march, broadcast press conference, I really liked how the convergences self-managed activities took place, it was very good, the assemblies of women of movements, the agora of futures that perhaps should be seen as a more organic life and more movements . But we don't have something definite -% Pierre: maybe for Morocco? as written in the presentation of mexico

    $ See input on initial construction of the FSM XIV intercom process in the next 6 months: http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo64

    globe-logo.png P37

    @ P37 / Rita: 3h09mn Some methodology has been discussed at other points, when it is proposed that many decisions and conformations are made in a participatory manner, § how an “area” is opened to participate. But a methodologist of how this is going to be transformed into an effective contribution to the function of the commission is necessary , -% Pierre: commission that -% Rita: thematic commissions ...% Rosa: each commission must have its dynamics. -% Rita: As Mauri says, the people of the facilitator group who are going to work really are going to be few; it is necessary to think how this participatory process is legitimized , as an effective work process for the forum.

    There will be many commissions that are structural of the forum, that need to be in a skeleton, the main structure of the forum, the-Operational functioning of the forum. And there are § other commissions that will arise by the themes [ are not considered thematic commissions at the moment, but "thematic spaces by axis", open to participants and with the presence of facilitators of the proFSMXIV collective ] Many will arise because someone proposed it To do your activity. Then it is also necessary to define what are the commissions that will account for the operation of the entire forum . For example, a mobilization commission [$ is under construction and is called "intercom process care / development commission" ] and methodology for the entire forum process. It has to have a separation between the two, but there is a problem. To talk about the participatory thing.

    $ See input on ongoing discussions on collective organization: http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo49 see commission mobilization care process http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-comision-cuidado- of process

    As we are going to see in the communication discussion, it should be very clear that § the construction process has to be a product of participation, and not of a very overturned project for the use of market tools and it is coming soon (the comison is discussing that) (referring to the communication commission) or if it is going to be done - by formation of groups for each task - So it is very important that all methodologies value, many things do not come because people participated, and it is necessary to decide. But all activities must have a prioritization for participation. That is what I saw in the process of Mexico that perhaps needs. because § Many people come who do not yet have a sense of the history of the forum, and because the forum is against hegemonic, because we are going to try other things, in every way, not just communication. So this is important § place it as a methodological part .

    $ See stories meetings commission http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20index/#commissions in particular commissions communication and methodology

    globe-logo.png P36

    @ P38 / Mauri -3h14mn Like to think out loud, as Armando says, with this diagnosis that the WSF currently has a strong national dimension, which is good. And that there is very great difficulty that is being able to promote the international articulation process. § It would perhaps be a good experience, we imagine a methodology where national process is separated from international process . True? Because We § set up a dynamic as if everything were the same thing. We have 1200 activities in the 2018 fsm as if it were the same thing and § we also failed to accumulate processes. In this sense, thinking aloud eh, the self-managed activities proper we are concerned that they were more national, more local. If it can be from other countries, but we don't have so much need for convergence to build up,

    § But that the convergences are fundamentally international processes, § with previous criteria: that in order to instigate a convergence ( on the website preparing the forum event) , a process prior to the forum would be necessary . A convergence could not be registered directly in ( the website preparing ) forum. It would be necessary to prepare a “basic document” of this convergence -% Rita a basic document of convergence ¿-% Piero: Yes, and international convergences can be self-organized the same–% Mauri: It is self-organized! % Pierre Ah well -% Mauri Claro! We have a convergence on communication, it is self managed. But to register convergence we have to have an earlier process. In other words, we cannot register the plan "in the forum", We have to have one or two meetings -% Rosa: Previous! -

    % Pierre: This is what we are putting here in, because in the thematic spaces FSM XIV, the idea is that people make “meetings” ( online meetings with several sessions located in thematic spaces, self-organized meetings that prepare activities and initiatives see below paragraph ) -% Mauri: But we are talking about the forum methodology -% Pierre: What do you mean about the event? -.Mauri: Yes No .-% Pierre: § Are you talking about the event? Because we are already in the process. I am trying to understand, I am not criticizing-% Mauri: historically the face-to-face forum process is self-managed. In practice, we place a website and people propose what they want even from convergences-% Pierre: if the only criterion for announcing convergence assemblies is formal that they are more than 5 organizations -% Mauri: That! and this process does not contribute to a dynamic accumulation of the forum process, there are processes that are isolated and do not dialogue with each other. We would be proposing a methodology that remains self-managed, right? and § contribute to accumulation dynamics. It would be with the previous process something previous that has a previous basic document § so that, at the face of the convergence, there would be a possibility of dialogues between built accumulations and changes.

    A bit like in the health forum, which was more idea than effective, because Armando's proposals and the other tables on the first day were dispersed.But The idea is good The accumulation ... -% Pierre: what do you call accumulation? What do you mean.-% Mauri - If we have water, we will not start from scratch. Is there an accumulation about the fight a document that says what is the role of movements at this time are the proposals the agenda that is proposed -% Pierre - a document that passes from the past to the future that is made by a group of organizations / movements for the process to develop -% Mauri § It is what we tempted in Bogotá was to do the FSMSSS process in three days, the accumulation (first day ) group work (second day) routing (third day) and was not possible . The convergences would all be international, right? They had to have several countries -% Tiburcio: Now you refer to §the organization that takes the initiatives -% Several organizations always in one set -% Mauri is a criterion always more than one organization -% Rita Fanny is written

    globe-logo.png P39

    @ P39 / Fanny 3h19mn: § There is an example with the women of Salvador. There was a previous process The state of the art was shown, which are the women's issues. a base document was made, and then the assembly was reached, issues were discussed. -% Rita - § The call was signed by 80 organizations, only the call, after the points were discussed. -% Fanny We're going to meet. % Rita Where? assembly document: How many organizations signed the ten principles)

    globe-logo.png P40

    @ P40 / Pierre 3h19mn: At the methodology level, as I said earlier, I am in favor of clearly having in the methodology that notion of self-organized initiative (struggle, campaign, project with public action dates) , that people, in addition to preparing their activities, formulate an initiative description (campaign projects struggles) § that already exist or are being built in the forum. The conduct of an initiative also means expressing analysis goals, defining organizational tasks, and preparing public actions, and these actions can be scheduled with tentative dates [ in a calendar of future FSMXIV ] -% Armando Pierre Pierre! -% Rita: it is a possibility . -

    % Pierre: Claro is voluntary, but let's say an initiative that doesn't have a “public action date”, and wants to be visible in the WSF doesn't have much content. You can describe an initiative in 5 lines huh, you don't need to write a thesis! The idea is that with a public action-date “there is no place to hold on”, the participants see that “these who promote the initiative on behalf of a group of entities , are wanting to do this and have a proposed date of public action within the framework of his project, fight, campaign ”( This notion of public action date - one to three per initiative - allows the constitution“ from below ”of a futures calendar, without the intervention of the facilitator committee in the content. It also stimulates pedagogically the planning of the same initiative ) -

    globe-logo.png P41

    @ P41 / Armando: 3h21mn - I would add the following, because all this that Mauri Pierre said, § we have to challenge this to culminate in the idea of ​​an agenda that we politically construct and place as a "forum agenda" -% Pierre: There is discussion ( about this notion of “forum agenda” and who is “we who would build it ) % Armando: but it is important! -% Piero: the discussion is also important! -% Armando: how do we get there, because that is going to be a list of interventions, and this does not give us powers -% Pierre: because “interventions?” % Armando: §these saying are initiatives, which are interventions -% Rosa: they are a list of ( dates?) - actions -% Pierre: yes ( interventions that) affect reality

      % Rita: is that Pierre § always seeks horizontality -% Mauri: I am also horizontal -% Armando here there is no horizontal and political conflict -% Rosa is political agenda-% Armandao is like notosos we compose an agenda, which can have several focuses, but that it has to be comnicable and credible and that it has power for people to stand up. Look This is fine I would like it to happen, how can I participate in this? § The communicative political effort that has to be more forceful, § I agree that we must have more capillarity in the preparation process, to create real convegence . Let's be clear § The articulation / convergence is not built in an hour in an event, it needs time I come from below or it does not work. And when it arrives with more capillarity, there we can create alliances . If I arrive strongly from my focus of intervention and say let's get together, we will expand to sustain a common agenda, this begins to gain body [ be included in the promoter group of an initiative or merge two initiatives ]. Then we have to work in the methodological sense to give it an incentive - Surely there are movements that have structures such as dynamics and can contribute more, and others that do not work in seals, say parallel - and the forum is an incentive to join.

    globe-logo.png P42

    @ P42 / Rita 3h24mn Complementing Mauri's proposal. Remember that organizations raise their previous work , produce documents , organize a convergence. § But that convergence also incorporates organizations and people who did not participate in the preparation . There is also the idea that a convergence is built and can accommodate others that did not participate in the preparatory process. This must also be in the methodology.There is no behavior "Do not come! This is our convergence “% several No-% Rosa And we have done it. [$ Pierre: Since the "initiative-promoting groups" are autonomous in the forum space, it is logical to consider a principle of progressive co-optation, and a right to challenge the entry of such or such an organization and movement]

    Mauri: Second point that what Armando ... -% Rita §Processing what is coming so that it is not a sea of ​​things, have subsidies to build the agenda -% Pierre: it is a deep question that we have to discuss ($ I think there may be several agendas, promoted by several alliances of participating entities that may come to interpret the same “ FSM XIV event futures calendar ”, proposing their vision prioritization selection of large campaigns s. Each promoter group of an Agenda can use the form of an “initiative ”)

    globe-logo.png P43

    @ P43 / Mauri. The idea of ​​a "world social agenda", where we have all the struggles and that people, in a self-managed way, are included in one or the other, wherever they want, is good, right? Now this is not contradictory of: "the agenda of all struggles" We agree that four to five struggles unify us more and we are all about these "Right? -% Pierre: This is seen. § The strength of these “great campaign struggles” is seen through the number of organizations that support them [ through face-to-face signatures or online forms, such as initiatives in the forum and face-to-face dynamics on agora of future final moments of the WSF XIV event ] - % Mauri: yes § nothing is imposed! [% Pierre: I would not call it " world social agenda " but calendar of future WSF XIV that collects initiatives, to distinguish from an "agenda" that is supported by a discourse, and prioritizes and filters initiatives according to a particular strategic vision ]

    globe-logo.png P44

    @ P44 / Armando -§ There is a problem of "political statement", § we agree that we are a nticapitalist, anti-neoliberal, anti-racist forum . We have our agreements -% Fanny Janneth Antipatriarca !, -% Armando We will not forget antipatriarchal,. That is, All these elements that unify us. §P Ororically, those in the forum agree [% Pierre: We have the textual agreement of the letter of principles, beyond that we don't know J ] § That would be translated into this political manifestation, which is "these are elements of our political agenda" , now we will show the materiality of this, see what are the "initiatives" that materialize this. In Economic what is our proposal right what is our proposal What is the proposal ¿of women, of water, among others. To the extent that this wins a concrete manifestation, and from there we can § Highlight some reactions that mobilize us more intensely in the process with more symbolic power . The meaning of this expression is not clear ) That will give us an interesting identity. There is even a book by Naomi Klein, from the "Leap Manifesto" they made for the electoral poltical dispute in Canada. It's interesting, it's an attempt at this: They made an agenda. It is an attempt to make the various struggles have as a statement that welcomes them, that the power

    globe-logo.png P45

    @ P45 / P ierre: § The question is the procedure for stating a speech ... who enunciates it? As? % Pierre: An Agenda Construction can be considered as an initiative that has its entity promoting group. Several agenda proposals can coexist reporting to the same FSM XIV futures calendar ] - I understand you but -% Rosa I think it is being built--% Armando - it's not the problem they are they did it with a set of organizations in Canada, Lo Petrella group present in several sheets ( in FSMSSS Bogota first day) with more intellectural mobilization nucleus The fact of seeking to state, something that I can read in a compact way, and say hey that what I want and we will jointly support this has a power Big politician -% Pierre: I agree but you just have to be very attentive with the way to make an agenda- % Rosa this is being built with the % Armando methodology : have political quality of the process to sustain it.-% Mauri we agree ?

    globe-logo.png S1.3

    B / T1 return to Axes Return to thePLAN

    globe-logo.png P46

    Arming the axes are I want to talk more @ P46 / 3h27mn -% Janet propose, work more axes. Give the axes a vueltica Fill them with content I think then-% Fanny there is more or less% Mauri: the idea is not proportional §aca we agree on a process, each of us has our own opinion on axes, - but we agree on a process

    % Pierre - To be clear there they will see axes that are going to come out right now, but they are not the integrating macro axes of May 2020 But to start the process there will be seeing axes name -% Mauri: they are suggestions ¡% Fanny are thick lines! -% Pierre No, § will already have existence as thematic spaces ( see page http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-ejes-tematicos ) - People specifically will come in linked groups or to this formulation [with the inclusion form below the image] and at the same time the idea is expressed that they are not definitive for the event -

    % Mauri: in the process that will be horizontal, a person who proposes text of ten pages that proposes an axis, is a good contribution thing, but the processes of “unit axes” are agreed with the movements there is a dialogical process -% Pierre: that you mentioned from a consultation in May on the entire planet, this is fine. ( In the FSM XIV timeline this would be in the second quarter of 2020 http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo58/#lineatiempomx - )

    But §the process (of mobilization population in thematic spaces FSM XIV) is going to start now, with axes coming from the people of Mexico that says “I am interested in facilitating the theme space of such axis” . Then if other people come, who give it a nuance, the better. § There will not be a single facilitator on each axis, there will be incentives for several for each thematic space , and § maybe, in these months, the name and semantic field of each thematic space will be slightly qualified, such Once with a cloud of keywords As in Montreal:https://fsm2016.org/es/sinformer/axes-thematiques-2016/ and therefore the spaces are identified with numbers and their names are not hard titles in space intercommunications - the same as the wsp groups that implement them can be renamed ]

    This start-up ( of several months, taking advantage of each day to “invite / mobilize. Inform new participants in the FSM XIV process) , is without prejudice of what will happen in the consultation of May c 2020 and the decision in Mexico City of relevance and formulation of macro axes (see P6) -% Rosa - the axes will be grouped together -% Pierre: § the Mexican and international population of thematic and geographical spaces begins now, is what I am saying-% Rita - integration of people in the collective contributing its axis that will be the axis of the forum -

    % Pierre - § the commission of care of the development of the process, of mobilization is this: it is the community of facilitators of the various axes / thematic spaces -% Rita: collective takes decisions that compete with Mexico - [% Pierre: a community that can be methodologically trained through regular exchanges of online meetings - there can be a significant international and CI component in this communityhttp://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-comision-cuidado-del-proceso

    $ Start FSM XIV process with spaces and meetings in these spaces http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo64 ]

    3h30Mn end of the morning

    globe-logo.png D

    After lunch Return toPLAN

    Video 2 transcription base https://www.facebook.com/CEAAL/videos/924088147922783/

    D- Communication.

    globe-logo.png P47

    @ P47 / Tiburcio, 0mn the task is to present something more executive, because some of you have already read the proposal. in Mexico last November and they were answered http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/mexico18-input20/#ES3 . This is the document we send. Our objective is in this meeting that is not conclusive, is to go one step further, - § clarify deepening to create necessary conditions for the formulation of an executive pre-project - to be presented to the IC in October in Morocco Then we will discuss the structure of the proposal, the general drawing that explains functionalities but - § it is necessary according to the technical team to make an executive project that clarifies in detail what the first module means as to its completeness and budget, in how much time.

    If we agree, I mean with the people we speak in Brazil, and outside, there is a point of awareness that it is necessary that the democratic progressive forces of the world have their own network, to make their debates and articulations . The idea is that everything that is seen in the world today, in a way that is consistent with what we discussed in the morning, only the WSF process would have the condition of giving social base to make viable, many say that previous attempts failed because they did not have This process as broad and capillary as FSM had the conditions to provide a basis for an alternative like this. This was largely because there was no support like the WSF.

    I wanted to conclude if they saw a recent interview in May Ziegler vice president consultant DDHH ONU. The last question of the interview is “Where is the hope? “Ziegler responds , he is in the Planetary Civil Society, in the mysterious fraternity of the night. they fight against the cannibal order each, in their area, they do not obey a central committee and work with autonomy - this awareness in political terms create an aprcticar solidarity and reciprocity Civil society is invisible, it has no seat, it is visible only 5 days by year at the WSF organized by Brazilians in Porto Alegre. - in May now a citizen gives a testimony like this

    I think that in our challenge is to make § that these 5 days become a permanent and growing process - This social network can help us

    We believe that there is a very deep need and opportunity because private networks are gaining more and more distrust, § it is not about stopping using them , but about § creating tools over which we have control and control with the principles of the WSF .

    globe-logo.png P48

    @ P48 / Rita 7mn I want to talk a little bit about this network being proposed from the point of view of its construction process at the WSF. I want to be objective, § in the WSF process we always say that the WSF is a communicative process and its nature among organizations movements struggles is the fundamental proposal of the WSF implies relations between organizations and movements between struggles. Attempts are made to connect people and it has never been possible to offer the WSF, prioritize the tools so that this process is empowered, communication always put human work, people, volunteers, with the idea of ​​shared communication in the forum, to reaffirm the communicative process, but § without the conditions that allow it to flow so as to empower itself to be essentially political and allow inter-coordination between movements .

    We always had and have many initiatives that use this effort, but when they are well taken care of, they have funding behind them . In Brazil There is a very good initiative of many young people who have good communication strategies and influence reality. % Pierre - are you talking about Midia Ninja? % Rita Yes There always has to come money from the foundations. § The others bring people together, energy, but they have no way of sustaining these platforms . We think that the forum organizations should seriously consider providing the necessary technology for the forum, the forum organizations to work with their political specificity, to propose another world. May I work for the improvement of the world. It cannot be done only if we can use everything that exists, but as a guerrilla. Appropriate to distubar the system. But we need to consider what instruments we need.

    So this discussion in the WSF process has allowed, on the part of the human forces of the communication struggle, to get together a lot, to elaborate a lot, to propose a lot. § But on the part of technology, support and prioritization, this has not been, from the beginning. Then § in the last WSF in Salvador, we had a lot of work in communication, but we didn't have how to make it more international . Because neither we nor the other organizations set up one, they had no commitment to prepare the forum. So that for less in the communication the forum must also exist in the digital dimension. Therefore, the forum must exist in the digital dimension.

    That is why after Salvador, we had a strong discussion on the political issue of communication , there are even proposals. But there was a specific one where we want to help us move forward, to help the forum process move forward. § In the IC There was a demand made by Oded in the CI of March 2018 ) - § it is necessary to use technology to make the forum more known - our concern that technology be used to facilitate the network connections of the forum - but also the concern of making it more accessible, for people who do not know the WSF and its proposal. From there, we begin to listen to people who are from the world of technology in Brazil, inviting them to dialogue and exchange with people who are part of the history of the IC and the WSF forum . To know what there is in common, it was a process that has many parties people struggles. Now we are in another moment of the ways of communication.

    We listen to more people than are now in charge of the synthesis of this proposal . Then § a minor technology team, which participated in the whole process, listened to elaborated and reworked, and then we went to Mexico and the CI ) asked questions. And this group gives us feedback with a proposal, which is not the proposal to replace the websites, the things that the forums have, but to focus on the network function, but not a network function for people to enter and do what they want § But that the mechanism be created so that the thematic circles are formed, so that debates can be organized diffused and allow interactions and can be transformed into documentaries and everything and that is something modular. Because it is very expensive - a global network .

    We want nothing less A network that can be used in different continents and countries. A network that allows a modular growth, both for technology, we have an initial central module, that others are made, for example, in India, if you have the resources and equipment. That independent circles of the technologies that can help in this process are also created . That is the general lines proposed by the technicians. And this with more details Tiburcio can enter into functionalities. We want to have in this group, the possibility of progress, knowing how we can continue with this. Since it has involved a lot of work. Add A historical concern of the WSF, not to make a project that is one, we are a continuous process of consultations - consultationscan come § but how to add the network with other communicative initiatives and other technological and functionalities. Tiburcio can better detail and also think about how this process can be used, already looking at what will happen in Mexico.

    globe-logo.png P49

    @ P49 / Tiburcio 21mn I can talk about the functionalities that specifically characterize the structures - this is an illustration (projected) objectives ( see document http://openfsm.net/projects/wsfic_fsmci/mexico18-input20/#ES3 ) - functionalities - equipment ). % Tiburcio what is important to focus the discussion with everything we have talked about regardless of going into detail. § The reaction of the movements is that " something new is emerging" in the environment of the WSF process - this has stimulated us a lot, It is a novelty that they are interested in. It is interesting for the dialogue to know which forum process is debating something new and great, which could be an important contribution to the process. Second point: from the beginning. When you thought about this proposal,

    § The idea is to serve in a concrete way to help the process of building the forum process, especially the FSM planetary editions, such as Mexico , not necessarily with payment registration modules, which can be developed locally, and then included or Not in the network structure. But construction assistance is given by the opportunity of organizations around the world, starting from the beginning in something that is common in the forum process, and that would be focused on building local and main events. What functionalities the - To incorporate into the structure of the Network. Interact from the beginning in the dynamics of the WSF. The proposed § speaks of a public facet. Home dl planet - is a terfaz with artificial intelligence articulation interrelation algorithm that would help the contents, be widely disseminated, to learn with the postagem advances message discussions.

    Faceta publishes "home of the planet" and § behind there is a functionality called "circle of action". These circles is the heart. It is there that groups, for the same autonomy that it does in the events of the forum, register their activities, proposals and debates, their contributions.And even § by decision of the IC authorize, Many "circles of action" could go to "home of the planet" and become a public thing. Because the network presupposes security levels. It means that an organization can open a circle of debate restricted to the participations that it determines.Just as you can do closed activity in the forum (¿) it would be possible in the network as well. note The activities scheduled at a forum event are in the “open” beginning)

    Then we talk about functionalities, which are more linked to the ease of user having access to the history of which it was discussed. We know on Facebook ... Functionalities that allow organizations to circles appropriately and directly appropriate everything that is of interest to them - it is a tool that personalizes user topics of interest calendar of events - That is transformed into an open network, with a security level limited to the participation of the people that the facilitators determine. Think of possibilities that enable. Everything the WSF plans to share. Audios, calendars. - make it clear, the technicians insisted a lot, that this § is not a network of individual profiles . It is a network, like the fsm, in which individuals participate, but where the center of the thing is the circus organizations. network for this public, it will be necessary to establish as an individual register your organization, as is done within the network the technical way as described. It is not a network of individual profiles. It is a network in which individuals participate, but from their identity as an organization. The individual participates on behalf of a collective. It has to represent something more collective . How is it done )

    Through what is presented by Rita e Mi The set is more or less presented. It's open § We want questioning . Remember that our main objective is to get out of here, with a deeper understanding of the proposal. And above all with agreement to create the necessary condition to formulate the executive project , to submit it to the IC of Morocco. The team will have three intensive months of work to produce the executive project that translates these functionalities into concrete things. § The first module serves as references for other parts of the world to build other modules [P1] that are integrated technological protocols so that the uniqueness of the network was constituted. The IC must decide that despite not being a network of individual profiles one in this regard. Each participant will have or may have to define an ID in this application . A Unique identity For participation in all forum processes around the world

    • $ There has been no discussion in Bogota about the “ conceptual structure / model ” of this RDS proposal and it remains to be done, in the light of experiences and modeling and with the details included in the executive project.
    • This discussion can be documented in the IRSD Exchange Space http://openfsm.net/projects/irsd/irsdindex , created in April between Rita and Tiburcio et Pierre, to host work on Social Debate Network by the RSD GT in the CI

    globe-logo.png P50 P51

    @ P50 / Armando: 30mn What does it take to get started? .-% / Rita: Approval and Money-% / Armando: In what order is there any intention and structure to cover what is necessary, the question is whether the executive project needs to be materialized. How much would it be worth? -% Tiburcio: 31mn We ask for a number that does not cause removal. 15 thousand euros are needed and for presentation in Morocco. Includes one or two technicians going to Morocco to Morocco. I work for three months.

    @ P51 / Pierre: § What is the content of the executive project? Blades or demonstrator? -% Tiburcio 1 / The EP will define what is necessary to build the initial module. Computers, physical basis. His capacity. Your field (abrangence). Define technical protocols, with other modules. That will be defined by the executive project. The detailed budget Each phase requires a technical specification: how the initial page will work, the same for timeline circles. § And political definition so that the IC is determined . There is already a technical team that has been working since 2018. They worked voluntarily. To advance the executive project and to produce the technical document, these funds are needed. Continue political interaction - -% Pierre - I understand that this EP is paper, not a prototype. It is not a criticism.

    globe-logo.png P52

    @ P52 / Mauri: § It is necessary to know what the dynamics of this platform will be. The problem is not technological . The social forum has developed many initiatives. Millions of dollars were invested in Brazil in 2005, but could not be used by the WSF. At the hour H No arrancao -% Rita is the official forum at the same time in 2005 we had a great center of midias. In some of the experiences the media have been articulated, press collaboratively for the WSF. IPS Carta Mayor in the same space there is the need for this political effort to have another concept of communication

    -% Vittorio: I do not understand this of 2005 million dollars -% Pierre: we do not know this project of 2005 ( will it be the Nomad project?) - % Mauri: 40 days before the WSF of 2005, it was found that this is not feasible possible. We did, bought radios. The problem This methodology can contribute to the WSF communication process. § Failure because the focus of the people who led it was technology . They were people of non-process technology. § Then we don't have to hurry . For any situation we have technology, the most important is the use -% Chamdan: what does political approval mean? -% Rosa political approval,% think the functionalities that it is important not% Mauri: " if a proposal has validation" is a very important issue because the right can "pollute" the network by providing proposals. A group who validates as ¿§ What is needed in this effort that is part of a political bet, that is validated, must have a “validation collective” and that agrees. It is not politically simple . Make filters -% Chamdan is now clearer

    globe-logo.png P53

    @ P53 / Rita: Hamouda said everything is approved, but it is important that he go to the IC. The political agenda of the IC must be a definite part.Technicians must be involved, to know how it will workdeve is on the agenda -% Janeth this means 15000 euro to go to the CI -% Mauri 42mn I think we agree with the proposal. We are not going to say this is changed. This is included. The idea is simple or sufficient to meet the need of the forum, executive project. We are discussing a project to accompany the dynamics of the forum, we agree with PPM that the topic of communication be separated. Adjustments can be made along the way. § From ABONG you have a relationship with Bread for the World and you can request 15 thousand euros .

    globe-logo.png P54

    @ P54 Armando, 43mn: I have prepared three projects with 9 million dollars, but § it is very heavy, it is “a swamp”. Executive project needed. It implies the initial design, the theme is a project of many millions. Then you have to think about the cost of maintenance. There are functionalities, the problem is "people ware". -% Tiburcio, 45mn: let's say they approve. When and where the first module can be implemented in Brazil. After many technical comings and goings they said: § It takes 350 thousand dollars to work in Brazil. A worldwide network will cost millions with contributions in India, Canada ... -% Chandan: I'm on average, § there are people in India who could do it voluntarily, little money would be requested . They are professionals who feed companies in the US. They will charge little money -% Armando 46mn: find where to do because there is a cost problem, where to do it, installation, development, and main cost is going to be maintenance. The idea is good to interface with existing modules

    globe-logo.png P55

    @ P55 / Pierre 47mn Three comments:

    1 / the name of the project: § With Rita and Tiburcio, last April, we agreed on the name “Social Network of Debates FSM” - RSD. ( And a space with this name was created in opnfsm to house documentation of the CI working group on RSD http://openfsm.net/projects/irsd/summary) From there I listen to FSM Platform, FSM Platform, FSM Platform, and I wonder what is added value of this name, what does it mean?Questioning about the name, all the discourse we hear today from Rita and Tibuercio is consistent with “social network of debates”, and “FSM platform” is a bureaucratic name that would be like a big thing where “modules” are articulated .

    Who pushes the idea of ​​“FSM Platform”? If we were to have a module that will work as a Social Network for Debates, it would already be a huge thing.The rest for me, knowing what the WSF is, is out of reach. In 2010 we tried to do things, ( from the IC communication commission) I remember at one time there were 18 thousand euros planned to make a “website of the WSF process”, which were captured by bureaucratic decision to do, in Brazil, the FSM Dakar 2011 Website, ( a site without design quality and) that ended in nothing.

    2 / The other comment is silver, we are talking about raising millions and millions that last several years, "a swamp", as Armando says. § Minimum of 1 million dollars is the figure that was given in the discussion of CI Mexico. Beside this, the Mexico FSM XIV process is going to be penalized to find 100,000-dollars . I remember the “FSM memory” project, a white elephant of 300,000 euros in 2013-14, which has disappeared from the map. There is no online site that allows access to thousands of digitized documents from the years 2000-2011 of the WSF Secretariat in Sao Paulo ) Alert of the difficulty of having money. Perhaps this silver could be used in other things for the FSM process. The reality of the figures. Where do we put the silver? And what political price to pay to have it?

    3 / The third comment, on the experiences that can be made with the "tools of the empire". That is, what was presented this morning, for participatory spaces. We talk about WhatsApp and Jitsi. Jitisi.org exists that has half the look of being free, free and freely accessible software. § There is a problem of political logistics, "cyber literacy": in the process of Mexico, to have inclusive meetings, it is proposed to use WhatsApp groups combined with free software tools like jitsi and etherpad. (“Digital basis for dialogue and work” http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo64/#basedigital ). The reality is that almost everyone uses this tool daily on their cell phone.

    And the purpose is to use those tools of the empire, (whatsapp served for the election of Bolsonaro), in a counter-hegemonic way . The experience of the WSF Migrations2018 in Mexico exists, where, modestly, at the scale of a thematic social forum 1,200 people were registered, (85% used wsp), they put themselves in dozens of WhatsApp groups for thematic interest. 120 activities were done, for which each one had its wsp group where people could come talk to the promoters of the activity [ http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsmm/pfsmm18-quiosco ]. That is to say, more or less, § it is trying to make interactive intercommunication with the available tools , to do something not so different (from the proposal of “social network of debates” ), only that it does not have the security, it does not have the built-in translation etc. But at the level of the intercom process we are in the same area, as Rita spoke, and it will tell those experiences that are ongoing. (The process in Mexico will start like this.)

    § It would be very important to observe them, help them, experiment and learn lessons for an eventual phase 1 of module "A" or "B" of RSD.Because there you can experience the articulation between the poltioco and the mediatic and logistic technology and see what happens. § Personal and collective literacy: explore what can be done with a wsp group dedicated to each self-organized “encounter” in thematic spaces FSM XIV - with a political goal: § How to live an online community of FSM participants, to advance debate? , all this can be done now .

    This is not to criticize the Social Network discussions project. But I don't hear anything about it in what was said. Take out the experiences that could be informative about the same RDS project. I suggest that these experiences be taken into account. Now it seems as if there is nothing. In fact, § from the IC, we have never talked about this, how the methodology can be put into practice in the different “devices”, which are technological and human , I agree that the main element is the “peopleware. You can work, What to do to facilitate online spaces, protocols ?, All this can be experienced - My suggestion is that you take into account the experiments with existing tools that we have already used, and it is worth taking them in cceunto for guidance of the draft.

    • see Accumulated experience on intercommunications http://openfsm.net/projects/irsd/irsdindex/#experiences between participants and device development with counterhegemonic use of corporate social networks
    • Note Pierre: There has not yet been a discussion in the CI-RSD group about the same “conceptual notions ” in the RSD proposal with the technical team. This discussion can be made from current experiences on event websites, which are stimulating methodological reflection See RDS space in openfsm http://openfsm.net/projects/irsd/irsdindex where there are some inputs and it will be enriched in relation to Mexican experience on layer1 and on strategies to stimulate “how to communicate the forum” and of “Communicate about participant participation” from the forum space )

    globe-logo.png P56

    @ P56 / Rita 55mn In the last IC of Mexico, § commented that it was not interesting to do what already exists. "No more of the same ." Pierre, You are entering a broader discussion of a forum network, § you are entering the discussion of the communication strategy of the entire process. What do we do with the fact that the majority of the people who participate in the forum use WhatsApp and Facebook, Twitter. We must not say "do not use them!" We should know what to say to these people in Brazil what to do. There are groups that leave Telegram and wsp because there are other tools to protect themselves. Many people are joining other networks.

    Make a social network plan, an idea that integrates the political orientations of the IC . Who can create another module? How are we going to manage this? Relationship with entrepreneurs. § Corporate social networks can be a space for propagation, mobilization and dispute. They cannot be inside FSM communication spaces . What a protected network that Google analytics has all the data. Discussion that the forum does not do: How to deal with the corporate is a very important debate . We are talking about the WSF communication of the forum; for the forum, within the WSF.

    The question of India, § people of the Free Software Foundation are already raising their hands “we are here”. The pre-project is presented to the IC. The group says that some things can be lowered. What is possible to do in shared mode? Some things can be addressed eventually - Without the project it is not possible to evaluate what is possible to do in a shared way. The best idea is that proposals will come that social network will have other connections, these can be developed by other groups, and if we are going to connect this or not, it is a political decision. § If we put in this package everything we need, online conference, payment, we put it in this package, we will make a portal and not a Social Network of Debates . He is speaking I always defend the name of the social network of debate -% Pierre: so are the technologists who want this name?

    Mauri 1h01mn we move forward

    globe-logo.png P57

    @ P57 / Vittorio 1h02mn The project presented is very interesting, linked to what Pierre points out. I will get in touch with an Italian who is an expert in network protection, the system . Fake news robots etc. Also include the Focuspuller group that has the video memory of the forum. Another thing, this effort costs. If we make this effort that costs, in today's reality we have to load the name FSM. My name is Vittorio- I am not called “the one who was in Genoa”. You must speak from the WSF, not lose this identity. The network and the WSF platform. What is this social network is different from the WSF ?. The name must be a worldwide logo -% Pierre: to answer Vittorio this by saying “FSM Social Network Debates”, not “FSM Platform” -% Vittoro: Do ​​you agree that the important thing is to have the logo FSM? -% Pierre: § You can call FSM no problem calling it that, because it is a common tool, it is not a political content .

    globe-logo.png P58

    @ P58 / Chandan, 1h04mn we have to think very broadly, take the movements that work those movements. I know a group called technology for change in India ”IT for change”. I do not use Microsoft. We are part of the Free Software movement . Involve people in the WSF to be part. They can help us to work this point, spaces of political education, challenge the system platforms. Install this network. This group already fight for political rights in defy Uber Microsoft digital capitalism. § Let's include these people for the project, they will help and they can do it for little money .

    globe-logo.png P59

    @ P59 / Janneth 1h07mn - the proposal could map a bit of alternative networks as a possibility of sources that can be linked, contribute, learn from good practices to map what exists -% Mauri: § or things that stayed or failed . -% Janneth Map these things should also be proposed § how to make this appropriate . Many times there are two three people who put things and the rest says "it's fine" and nothing more, that there is movement.

    globe-logo.png P60

    @ P60 / Rita 1h08mn. Paco de focuspuller is part of the conversation. § The idea is not to replace, but to improve it to make the memory of all the videos, so it is necessary to speak with Paco how will that be, also in the execution of the project § money is needed to modernize the wsftv.net site . (Vittorio -Paco, said he calls you tomorrow will talk to Rita). § The idea is that the social network of debate can be on the site of Mexico, with a window to connect. But do not stifle the WSF project in Mexico, on the contrary. Having on the public interface a thing marked the call to the WSF in Mexico to empower what exists.

    Many movements there is experience When they think that the WSF has a history, imaginary the forum has history has the themes, it has ramifications, § it is different to think of a network that has this FSM identity . Who has already participated wants to be part of the connection. History debates must also be present, but without obscuring the spaces of each process

    About the mapping we started talking in Brazil with those of technology, there are other more international meetings. We are talking with many movements: Article 19, this permanent process. Michel from Canada who is also with APC is consulting other networks, is making the consultation so far what exists. § We could be part of a network that exists and then it is no more fsm, which would give us a space (% Pierre: At what political price will silver be obtained for this RSD project? - “The IC” is not going to give money, and those who will give money will accept that the IC has effective political responsibility over the RSD functionalities? )

    globe-logo.png P61 P62

    @ P61 / Armando: justify a network architecture, a health network. § You will have a performance problem. If you add functionalities collapses .Many servers collapse. The problem a network of this size is not just any network. There is a cumulative memory that must be backed up and cannot be on one server, but on several with backup. It implies having protection, artificial intelligence.

    @ P62 / Mauri 1h14mn The § ABONG network of 90 countries has developed a closed application for meetings that does automatic audio translation and works well , but closed. Technology exists and can be replicated.

    As a routing , I think there are many contributions that adjust the project: the name, the relationship with corporate applications, completeness, various ideas, focusing on debates that are a Social Network of WSF Debates. § I keep the idea that we incorporated the first 15 thousand euros in the project to talk with PPM from Abong . We have no difficulty. The initial idea is a project agreed upon by Brazil and Morocco for Support for the CI Secretariat. § Our idea was to talk together, but the PPM does not like to dialogue with several countries together. Then one thing Mexico, another go separate. The budget is the same. Remember that one proposal does not compete with the others

    globe-logo.png P63

    @ P63 / Rita1h16mn: You could talk to PPM to start the work, because the Council's time is one, and the PPM's time to decide is another. Maybe a commitment to start work immediately. -% Chandan “Bread for the world” ah ok Formulate -% Pierre: we will write a written route

    globe-logo.png T6

    B / T6 POINT 6 as follows PFSM XIV process B- T6 1h27mn T6- Preparation schedule FSM XIV - Return toPLAN

    globe-logo.png P64 P65

    @ P64 / Mauri recommendation on § As the process continues 6 and 7 are the same idea no -% Rosa are we in process construction -% Armando Tiburcio has its memory? -% Pierre will be more mature in Ci marrocco @ P65 / Rita 1h 17mn - Propose to Mexico, create on the WSF 2018 site, a call “heading to the WSF in Mexico”. To do the process - % Mauri We are still in the process of dialogue about Mexico. At what time was it defined that Mexico Va ? We won nothing to disturb the process . There is an agreement that collectively in Mexico sets the conditions and there is collective commitment. There is a suggestion by Armando that the validation be by web - Pierre: case that Morocco fails

    globe-logo.png P66

    @ P66 / Armando 1h20mn there were 4 proposals only one advance from Mexico, prepare a formal document pre-project- file "here are the conditions", to get to the IC , and give us an answer. What is that important for ?: 1 / Mexico's local commission begins to work with greater certainty.There is only one proposal to do the online consultation to approve Mexico - before Morocco - in the end PPM will lose a month -2 / for us also in our contacts since Mexico is clear. § It seems that there is time but not so much: every month that passes is wasted time as it is in January 2021 this § has to enter 2020 budget, and we have to present before September October 2019 , that is, you are already dead - Rita: Armando § routing that the group we prepare a consultation note - file - This has to be in this month of July and close in August, and look carefully at financing dates -% Mauri - this is a “considering”: considering financing networks this case - and CI Morocco's own agenda would change its function , ja we are in the process of conducting the forum, are points of the IC meeting will be of higher quality.

    globe-logo.png P67

    @ P67 / Armando: The United Nations point in Mexico can be put on the agenda. When they set their agenda, it makes it easier for them to support the arrival of people. Bachelet planned to come to FSMSSS in Bogotá. In the end, not because many tensions on the case of Venezuela . § Earlier, more chances of having interest from international organizations. I am sure there are more spaces where they are interested and that they support people on a trip. He is part of being an international player: the earlier we decide the more, -% Piero 1h24mn explaining to Chadam.Since we decide that it will be fsm in Mexico, we will circulate and, then, we have the possibility to arrive on time to request foundations entering next year. The budget will need this money next year. UN, since we consider inviting people to the UN to be present, we would need time for this. official process, as soon as we can decide -% Chandan§ we can - invite the ILO as Vittorio suggested to make some counterparts that preside over the UN system . They can help us.

    globe-logo.png P68 P69

    P68 / Mauri Regarding the Calendar: time for Mexico to present the proposal. Send communication to the IC in July (13) and with deadline in August (20). That the approval of the IC be by electronic means. -% Janneth with deadline for the IC to respond -% Mauri give a period of 20 days -% Rosa The meeting in Mexico is July 13 - Mauri: deadline of August 15 - begin to prepare dossier document - we end of July 21 .

    P69 / Mauri: § On the Calendar, we have the CI BR plenary on August 21 in Salvador , it is important to connect. A seminar (replacing the planned northeast forum P78) until August 20 -% Armando: make communication from the secretariat - % Mauri: 1h28mn this communication is sent to all CI - “we are ready we want the forum we want approval considering October is away for funding etc. ”- approval is online but CI plays for October.

    globe-logo.png P70 P71

    P70 Pierre: § I would put on the calendar a date now is the beginning of thematic spaces for participation - start now if you want to enter as Rita . % Mauri September 1 -% Pierre: why wait, is it heading to what? The people of Mexico have to stand and wait for August 15? -% Rosa: that's going to walk. Internationals can also come and nobody can stop you from coming. -% h30mn Mauri: This moment is open for a proposal, as of September 1st we are official -% Pierre: people can enter informally since July can be included


    P71 Chandan: § Will the Mexican government agree ? Must be fully embarked - Montreal was a disaster - Pierre: The visa issue is not simple in Mexico - Rosa: In principle if we are in dialogue to facilitate visas.

    globe-logo.png P72 P73

    P72 Mauri: 1h31mn After October we have two dates that we can agree on 1/21 to January 25, 2020 in Porto Alegre, in the WSF of the Resistances, we can complete a stage of the process, it does not need the whole forum, but that is a accumulation moment -% Pierre: Also the health forum the IC Meeting in October in Morocco, and the WSF Health between October 10 and 20. They are two different things, they can be mentioned in the calendar -.% Rita: two different things% Rosa - we already added it -% Pierre: Then there is Pan-Amazonian WSF, March 21 to 25 in Colombia in March, FSM Transforming Economies, May 2020 in Barcelona. -% Mauri: § I think that in these other forums we do not fear much incidence or do we? -% Rosa: You have to look for it, build it . -% Pierre: Jason is in Barcelona, ​​I went to Barcelona, the contact is built .-% Rosa 1h31mn: I know about economies the most international Barcelona Forum. The most enclosed pan-Amazonian forum -% Rita: § open the calendar for people to set their agenda .

    P73 / Chamdam: § One question, can preparatory thematic social forums be made for Mexico? Pierre: For a thematic social forum, no permission from the IC is needed. You just have to respect the letter of principles- Chamdam Then § also consider a social protection forum in Asia - Armando: let's plan this - March or April 2020 . - %% Pierre: FSM Asia for 2020, with date to be defined

    globe-logo.png P74

    P74 / Mauri 1h33mn: suggest which Barcelona forum is in May ( was postponed to June ) ,? Then I wanted to propose that in Mexico there is aMethodology and Programming Seminar in Mexico, the deadline of the axes in May - It would have to be in June 2020, where it would be time to refine . % Chamdam: who organizes this economy forum ¿- %% Pierre: organizations and fair trade solidarity economy that also tempt to be reinforced with common feminist economics and agroecology


    P75 / Armando: Another thing: § if we want some characters, we must invite them Invitation to international personalities (define who invites and when - May 2020) - Mauri 1h33Mn: Pope Francis can be invited. In the Brazilian forum, there was a representation of the Vatican. - Pierre in FSM migrations there was a person from the migrant dicastery and a video message from the Pope in the introduction. Janneth Fanny: § One thing is Francisco, another thing is a delegation of the Vatican. We don't want dad!

    globe-logo.png P76 P77

    P76 / Vitorio 1h36mn § maybe a few days before the forum there would be a strong impact that a delegation of the IC then not only Mexicans take initiative to the wall with the US and it would be a strong initiative, and on the occasion of this initiative, the Pope could be asked for a message from the Pope on the subject of immigration where he has worked hard. A week before the forum a part of the council, on the subject of immigration on the would be an impact to send message.

    P77 / Pierre: § here always with the comment that there is no agreement in the IC to make “IC” delegations: If there are IC organizations that want to do it in their names, do so . It's a nuance -% Armando: this CI is a riot! -% several yes! -% several Noooooo! ...% Vitorio seen that the pope and the cardinal Tucson who is in charge of social movements on the wall of Mexico have spoken very clearly, - I think it is an easier time to ask for a message. § It is not a problem if it is a CI delegation or it is not a problem we have solved that. As an initiative it can be very strong -% Mauri: the pan-Amazonian forum in March in Colombia ¿ -% Rita; agreement that even if it is not from CI, we had a mission in the Arab and Palestinian spring and that it has been proposed in CI and several signed -% Pierre - it is not a problem, but it is not from CI. -% Mauri - § The IC does not exist politically, cannot speak, cannot position, can only approve the forum .

    globe-logo.png P78

    P78 / Pierre: maybe we can mention a social forum in Asia in 2020, Asia is important -% Armando: Africa § Hamouda is talking about Mali .- Pierre: I don't know I won't tell them -% Mauri: antinuclear forum -% Pierre already passed it was at the beginning of July -% Rosa: in Salvador de Bahia? - Mauri 1h40mn: it is not a forum it is (international seminar with countries that have governments like Bolsonaro - now we don't have -% Pierre: to understand yesterday with Rita and Tiburcio § we talked about a possible Northeast forum other than this Salvador seminar . Conversation thinking that there could be a forum Now no more? -% Mauri: § there won't be -% Rosa: then the calendar is ready


    T6 Co-Responsibility Calendar Collective CI (updated) - timeline Back toPLAN

    • Informal startup process FSM XIV
    • File sent to CI list proposing acceptance online or in Morocco (orientation date http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-taller-10y11agosto19/#fechafsmXIV October 2020 in the August workshop does not correspond to the hypothesis of meeting May 6 and Bogota)
    • Formal start-up inclusion in the FSM XIV process with process axes (after CI acceptance)
    • IC Morocco meeting on October 20 (to be confirmed) or search online meeting if it is not done
    • Meetings retro feedings presentations on the occasion of thematic forums and nations (FSMSSS Mediterranean - FST Porto Alegre - FOSPA Mocoa - FSMSSS Asia - FSMET Barcelona and others
    • Query about macro axes event
    • Methodological seminar and CI Mexico after June 2020 to finish macro axes and refine the methodology and preparation of the event (to be after the Barcelona forum in June 2020) - This is no longer possible with an FSM XIV event date in October)

    globe-logo.png P79

    B / T7 1h42 T7 Macroprogramming Return to thePLAN

    P79 / Mauri: the methodological seminar in June is the time to define -% Pierre § which could also be an IC meeting -% Mauri: it should be § the task of the IC is to organize the fsm event

    $ On the occasion of the August Workshop there are informative inputs on the notions of macrrogramming and macroplanning http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo58


    B / T8 1h43mn T8 Logistics. Return to thePLAN

    globe-logo.png P80

    P80 / Rosa: Could you say that they are negotiations with the federal government we are requesting visa and infrastructure support that people from far away can bring - Mauri: § What are the visa limitations for Mexico? Same as the US? -% Rosa: It depends. Government policy changes. I have had to negotiate Cuba Ecuador Salvador Haiti visa invitation letter in original, organization statement that invites with an amount -% Chamdan: Africa and Asia very difficult -% Rosa: let's investigate - § Concern about obtaining visas. Investigate the conditions and negotiate their obtaining . -% Pierre: This would involve case-by-case monitoring very seriously and with the capacity to influence the government process itself , in Montreal they treated it administratively https://fsm2016.org/en/participer/soutien-visa/ with the government, and not There was someone who said “these people already made the application three weeks ago and nothing happens?” To monitor: “why so much time?” proactive in visa management?They left the thing loose. Curiously, they received a visa denial a few days before traveling and lost the flight. -% Chamdam: the only country where you can easily make a world social forum is Nepal with Maoist government - § all flights from Africa and Asia to Mexico pass through the US and need a transit visa -% Mauri: connection Costa Rica? I73 /

    % Rosa: § I wanted to share the experience we had recently with a colleague from Cuba that we delegated to Nepal and had to go through the US France Spain at first sight. We had 4 days to get the ticket. I am looking for a flight from Cuba going through countries of the South. We managed to send it from Cuba to Italy, where he left the airport with a suitcase of 10 kilos and went to Dakar, from there to Nepal. The ticket went cheap with 39 hours of killer travel. We did not have to wait three months for a visa! -% Janneth § Does this work maybe for 10 people and for more ? … -% Chamdan - Shenghen visa Europe and US difficult to have this visa -% Rosa: we should see it with SRE directly to authorize us

    globe-logo.png P81 P82

    P81 / Mauri § Build the Solidarity Fund: (for Mobility of people of Mexico ). Salvador 100,000 euros for national mobilization of Brazil 30,000indigenous people , quilombolas, basically people from Brazil bay and northeast was PPM and Misereor government of Bahia did not support the caravans and also that groups mobilize resources to come,

    P82 / § that the Mexico forum has interlocutors § That international groups mobilize their delegates to come to Mexico. Build communication bridges. - We should do so in such a way that the international groups mobilize resources for their delegation to guarantee is a contribution to the process, which agencies in their countries are looking for . A dynamic and some logistic support structure with whom - § A Mexican Structure is concerned with building these communication bridges - Rita: regional solidarity funds -% Mauri: in logistics the passages would be obligations of the participants

    $ In these first months of the FSM XIV process The geographical spaces of the 20 regions can be facilitated by Mexicans who know the region and the language and the people of the WSF participating community, located from the IC and national or thematic forums -http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-areas-geograficas

    globe-logo.png P83

    Logistics Space management.

    P83 / Mauri: Now § Very important lodging and food take care of prices negotiate places, caravans, camp. -% Rosa: solidarity lodgings: we know some places like “friends house” very supportive are the quakers that house refugees. There are also hotels churches -% Pierre: § if there are caravans in Mexico [to come to the event], people from the caravans will have to be accommodated -% Mauri: In Brazil the whole structure of solidarity lodging was for the caravans : caravans are group of people who organize, rent a bus to go to the forum -% Rosa: we are thinking-% Mauri: and the youth camp is open to everyone - Rosa: in January Mexico City is somewhat cold and rainy, we have to see . "Caravans and camp."

    $ The climate issue is to be investigated- this source gives an annual rainfall profile in CDMX https://es.climate-data.org/america-del-norte/mexico/distrito-federal/ciudad-de-mexico- 1093 / # climate-graph

    globe-logo.png P84

    P84 / 1h54mn Pierre: Always important is § Interpretation / translation: look for volunteers, train them, that there is a logistics organization, that can prepare interpretation schemes for activities according to the program , it is a complex logistics and it is a strong job. -% Mauri: Translation is very important and very expensive -% Rosa: For example in the assembly of the Caribbean in Dominican Republic 2016 § it is the same companions of the movements who were the volunteer interpreters three Creole FR ES languages ​​in multiplicity of languages ​​and combinations. % Tiburcio look for mobile interpretation application? % Pierre: FSMET experience April meeting recent Barcelona there are two Spanish-speaking groups that provide this service at solidarity prices and they need a lot of anticipation - https://coati.pimienta.org/index.es.html ]

    globe-logo.png P85 P86

    P85 / Rosa: § in food we have a relationship with a large collective Group promoting solidarity economy . There are many ESS groupsAssemble space like in Porto Alegre where there is food at affordable prices for everyone. Anything more logistics that is escaping us?

    P86 / Mauri: It would be important that there is a support group in some European, Asian places because it is very important of the IC ( -------)% Rosa The thing is to find a support group in different countries There is a girl From Japan volunteer at CEAAL one year, youth groups in Japan very interesting as she managed fund to come to Ceaal and contribute . In alliance with Europe with Asia Africa% Armando from several regions to shore up the economic -% Mauri: contact opening three 3 Mexicans are looking for someone -% Pierre: § some Mexicans in the facilitating geographical spaces would have this contact function here people can come . Geographical spaces will open from now on http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-areas-geograficas -% Chandam is preinvited can come as a facilitator with a Mexican speaking English § for example it would have space in South Asia A Mexican counterpart speaking English. % chamdan § I verified the flights all pass through the USA - % Pierre: support groups can take the form of online meetings in geographical spaces.

    1h59mn Mauri we return CI and secretary, but before a little on axes

    globe-logo.png S1.4 P87

    B / T1 MORE ON AXES Return to thePLAN

    P87 / Armando 2h00: a question about axes defining how best to enter : we would be interested§ to create an Axis “Social Justice and fight for universal social security systems” - % Rita: question § is the anti-patriarchal axis, anti-racist ? -% Rosa: this women and feminisms, this other one we have to put together -% Pierre Vénganse fill out the form [inclusion in the fsm XIV process] http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-participaciones . Rosa is waiting for you. -% Mauri important racism. % Pierre In the simulation of axes, this something similar no one has raised it in Mexico, there is a comparison Montreal Salvador Mexico http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-insumo33% Janneth so far all axes fit-% Mauri : movements that are mobilized for the forum, of course guarantor that their topics are for the process -% Janneth we will make a document.Mauri for the process - 2h05mn% Pierre: to visualize the current list of axes - some in yellow some initiated with facilitators, others simulated

    http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-ejes-tematicos% Rosa: reading the simulation axes, the yellows have already started leaving Mexico, it is very general -% Pierre: there are 17– Rights this very general -% Mauri: § for those of us who have agreed here [in today's conversation] we are interested in having 100 axes, it cannot seem that we are already conducting the axes. -% Pierre you can create up to 20/30 process axes FSM XIV (to differentiate them from future event axes) % Rosa: these are first proposals and give them names with more senses as they appear -% Pierre: they are built “from below” there are some simulated to collect, “ discrimination and fundamentalism ”. Rosa can enter " racism " -% Janneth: and the "trafficking in human beings"? -% Pierre- the idea is not to multiply many axes so that there are more people in the spaces afterwards you can particularize an axis from an initial axis if there is a lot of demand. In the end, axes are “boxes”, alliances are made between organizations through meetings, then through articulations of specific activities and initiatives. Alliances are not made between or in “axis ”% Armando Axis suggestion: “ For a global citizenship ”

    globe-logo.png AND

    E / 2h06mn we go one round - TB / CI and Secretary Support: what are we going to say ? Back to the PLAN

    globe-logo.png P88

    P88 / Rita § In the last CI in Salvador, the possibility of a job was discussed, to solve the dynamics of the Secretariat , which has difficulties of all kinds, also the secretary has no resources, to make it more proactive. There is a problem of appropriation of the historical process of operational operation and to be more proactive . All documents that the powers of the secretary. They are the attributions of the secretary that is a reference for people who need information that are official of the WSF, "who said that was the secretary . " Have this process more active.Communication § All IC members have the secretary's WhatsApp . § Hamouda does a good political job, but for the operational he needs help.

    At the International Council in Salvador on March 18, there was discussion that could be done as sub secretaries or that would be more decentralized.But § we discuss that it is more appropriate to think that the secretary is there , until CI thinks that the one in Maghreb should be changed, but § it could create support groups for the secretary, that are not just to be in the process, but groups that are responsible for activities that the secretary needs , § is not a voluntary thing, but to be integrated into the work .

    In Brazil we discussed several times, and § we proposed that the people who are in the IC constitute a support group . We begin to discuss jointly with Hamouda, it is a support - which is built, § a support group making stories, a forum account for the IC - translation activities, he does not have a forum office, § In Brazil there was always an office of the forum, even with professionals . It doesn't have When there is a silver, it goes to the forum. The idea is to move forward in this process, § it cannot be a voluntary group , or a group that wants to do theirs on the secretary, § but a group to do what the secretary demands . We are in that Brazil and have begun to work. In Canada Michel was starting with hamouda -% Pierre: do you have a document describing what a support group does? -% Rita: There is a story from CI Mexico - For example, with memory. Hamouda does not have an office. Brazil started working in Canada. Michel worked.

    globe-logo.png P89

    P89 / 2h13mn Mauri. § Hamouda is supported, by demand. Hamouda needs IC rapporteurship, hamouda needs translation. Etc Hair deus love, is on demand. -% Rita: It seems to me that provisionally it is a good road -% Mauri : § It is dialoguing with PPM for a support in Brazil to support the WSF process. There is a money for one person for 20 hours , an idea that is Damian, but is professionalized in Africa. He is a person who has knowledge and has a good relationship with Hamouda. We are concerned, § in Canada Alternative has said that it will have another person for 40 hours to support the Secretariat , in Canada.-% Rita: § needs paid work of a person but also voluntary political work. It is a group that supports not one person .

    globe-logo.png P90 P91

    P90 / Mauri:% on CI there is a process of validation of representations that has been concluded. A task of the secretariat would be to organize the list and socialize it. Abong has changed his representation. I understand that Brazilian collective has named Damián . It is necessary to know who they are for the October IC call.

    P91 / Pierre: 2h17mn Here we have talked about the secretariat, but §If the IC , ”which is a riot“ ..-% Mauri / Armando: but our riot, we are part of it! -% Pierre: If the IC really acts as a facilitator of the process, to lift a finger, you do not need the secretariat . The secretariat is useful for certain things. To do other things: for example, what we are going to do about the thematic forums , we are going to do two more three as a working group of the IC and we do not need the secretariat. In Porto Alegre § in 2017(Dynamics of IC discusion 2017 and some proposals) I suggested that several IC working groups will be formed that do not depend on the secretariat, which they contribute as facilitating entities. That they are not support groups for the secretary.

    (Since 2012 I have been holding an FSM calendar of events, if two more people come, we could even have more antennas and collect more events [and socialize more the WSF]. People who know the process, It is not much work. Not to pay a student, it is much more effective with people who know the process ).

    What I am going to remember is that from practical examples, you can discuss a list of topics (calendar, activities) that could be addressed by IC groups . Whoever wants to come, showing that, if you can, there is no need for a bureaucratic structure. Not everything, but some things. I suggest proposing a list of things. For example, if there are people who want to come on calendar of events. welcome About thematic forums welcome more And so other ideas - Many people when speaking "CI" says "CI secretariat" - I think it is wrong. ¡¡

    It is necessary to give space to groups that use the contributive energy that is in the IC membership . They are from organizations, many say, "I am a representative of my organization in the IC, (or" I am a CI member "). I am on the airplanes, very busy, and I have no time to do anything." It may be, but there are other people in their organizations who can and want to contribute - [ the commitment to contribute to the facilitation of the process is of an entire organization, not of a person ] It is not a taboo, you can have a routing, that there is to speak it in the IC. Talking about the IC, on the way that it is worth considering a renewed facilitating role, is not the same as talking about the CI Secretariat .

    globe-logo.png P92

    P92 / Mauri: I think Our problem is "dynamic." If we have 4 IC working groups: methodology, finances, agenda, struggles, I think that one person from each group should meet - at some point for this to have a unity - not depending on the % Mauri online meeting as I had a long time ago the "link group" system. -% Pierre - This group from 2008 to 2011 did nothing -% Mauri There was an executive secretary. Only executive what the political group oriented. Today we have hamouda who is the same advisor. -% Pierre we can open the discussion–% Mauri I don't see that there is an ideal structure. There is a necessary structure. It would be important,

    It is ideal that the IC will accompany the Thematic Forums in an organized way . Than us. It is necessary that there is an organization and an organized strategy. That a balance be made on each forum . Join forums - There must be a type of articulation, a management report.Create an accumulation, but nothing accumulates -% Pierre: it can be done -% Mauri: it is lost -% Armando - there is no discipline, because there is no organization -% Mauri: - Tomorrow I will prepare balance sheet on health forum - I just . There is no cumulative process. For example, in October it should have a balance -

    % Mauri, yes but this cannot be voluntary, it has to be a proposal with foot and cabaz -% Pierre: I'm talking about, I'm not talking about decision, I say it can be raised at the IC meeting - the discussion about CI to the secretariat - "CI" and "secretariat" are not associated, period. There is another dimension that are the "working groups in the CI" that at the moment is empty - it is a strategic need -% Armando: we have a "working group of the RSD platform network" is an example, this is a task, and we are going to do “work group on thematic forums mapping”. Mauri says he can't stay like this, these groups are moons without planets . Some kind of archiving - For me, serious role of the secretary - where it is centralized if we work results - there is no pressure, if you do not work no matter there is no kind of concern there is no memory -% Mauri dynamic for work -

    globe-logo.png P93

    P93 / Pierre: for me the discussion is not exhausted like this - what Mauri calls "dynamic CI", we must speak politically at an IC meeting - pose it as a problem of the IC ( I made proposals elaborated on this in 2017 in Porto Alegre see below paragraph ) -% Mauri: Okay. I think one difference is that there were before § some organizations that have been with a lot of time, beyond the time in the secretariat, before they had a lot of time for the forum process . The IBASE PHASE and Educational Action had full-time people beyond the WSF secretary of Sao Paulo. There was a group that their work was the forum process . Today we don't have that and this decision is political [ in organizations ] is not financial -

    This is a political agreement. §Caritas international, has Pierre that the forum is his main theme -% Pierre Claro, being a volunteer . § Even Hamouda does not have time for his organization Alternatives to the forum, it is his free time. Political agreement between some organizations so they have time -% Pierre: of course, some level of commitment. § In ABONG we made this debate in our assembly. If the WSF process is important, we have to have a budget and not improvise . Funds must be managed in the projects we have.

    $ Here is a list of 17 proposals http://openfsm.net/projects/transitionci/transicionci-porto-alegre-agenda-3-groups-of-proposal-for-dinamics-of-ic/#ES on IC dynamics. Excerpts from http://openfsm.net/projects/transitionci/transicionci-porto-alegre-agenda-input-on-dynamics-of-ic/#EStoc the presentation made in Porto Alegre 2017 just about IC dynamics ) -

    globe-logo.png P94

    P94 / Janeth: 2h 27mn We must understand the logics - with which we are the same REPEM - more and more precarious resources and high levels of work have no time for anything and there may be political will, but health problem. Many organizations, have economic problems before financial cuts, there is fatigue for militancy. § Where do we do this balance ? - Also, we work in the meantime, we get sick, we run out. § Then it does not only go through political decisions, but there are other things that need to be taken into account . We are at levels in Colombia that do not imagine: I should right now be taking out a woman who can kill her tomorrow, we are in a horrific dynamic, and also financial cooperation increasingly precarious at least in Colombia. We can't go to Morocco we don't have for this

    globe-logo.png F

    F / 2h28mn TC / preparing proposal for the Moroccan Agenda in the IC: Return to thePLAN

    globe-logo.png P95 P96

    P95 / Pierre: for example, the simple fact of talking about "this" at a meeting of the IC seems relevant to me, because it is taboo, we never speak [ this = the ability of each member organization of the IC to look for their employees or volunteers energy to facilitate the forum process ]. Mauri IC agenda -% pierre § It would be good to mention points to put on the Moroccan agenda. but who is going to be this - Imagining Morocco with electronic decision on Mexico , what would be the agenda, how many days? on what topics? Mention points to put on the IC agenda -

    P96 / Mauri: I think that 1 Mapping of the struggles, movements and debate of the situation from the struggles and another important one: 2 / the issues that could be of unity, of political debate -% Pierre - of strong alliances, of FSM Thematic. % Rita at what time? -% Mauri What is the role of the IC meeting in our process - 1 / Mapping of struggles -. 2 / I imagined “What common enemies do we have and what is the common strategy ?build to attack them together. "What is the theme that does not unite"? No, better! What are the enemies that unite us? -% Rita: -a good topic of § think about the IC, a way that the answers to these questions fall from the forum event itself- get a problem but…,% Pierre: Yes! That the IC is not transformed into a kind of addressing% Mauri The other that can be done fighting agenda from October 2019 to January 2021 -

    globe-logo.png P97 P98

    P97 / Rita: also the social network we are going to present and discuss -% Mauri from here what we do We do communication policy, we mobilize silver. Combine presences in our events , with the events of the System, as Vittorio says. We could now be in Osaka, our meeting must be in Osaja% Rosa Claro! -% Mauri could be COP 25 which will be in Chile.- There is an international agenda that we can take advantage of so that (who is “notorious” the IC or activities from local participants in the WSF and with IC participants )

    P98 / 2h31mn Pierre: for example, the tasks of the IC, I who participated in all the CI since 2004, the only time where I have seen a group of 30 people in the IC, think and make a discussion conference on the tasks of the IC This was in Casablanca 2013, and it lasted half an hour. It was the only moment since 2004 where the IC has thought "who we are and what their tasks are" . It seems to me that another agenda item would be to tour a discussion, to reactivate that about the tasks of the IC.

    Rita discuss the role of CI? -% Pierre Not the role edl CI, but discuss the tasks of the IC to land a little more And the task comes the question "how do you do", "who does" to land - and give it a time that is discussion that We have just had groups on tax energy, etc., Give it a bit of “facilitating organization”, if the IC is not just a place to do “international situation analysis”, in the name of “I don't know who” and for what practical purpose .

    • Pierre Note: On the analysis of the situation Remember CI Porto Alegre 2017: a document brought from Canada, which did not receive consensus because the political diversity in the IC is very large. It can be limited to a diction with inputs. However, time is lacking in these meetings. The main mission of the IC is to “facilitate the process”, doing “tasks”, it is not to produce analysis that several groups of organizations can also produce in their activities the fsm process

    globe-logo.png P99

    P99 / Rosa 2h33mn: I think § another agenda item is how we strengthen the secretariat , how we put together these groups in these different world spaces, and put it into practice. Because I remember Salvador, I think it was very loose, I do not know if by the same dynamic we said “we must create a financial support team we will meet in May 2018” And this did not happen. So § How not to let loose? How to support Hamouda? Lately I recognize myself as a persecutor of the secretariat IC . I did it because we were here like crazy in Mexico organizing the forum, and nobody answers, let's call it, and it was good answers there were 22 people in virtual meeting, http://openfsm.net/projects/pfsm20/pfsm20-reunion-enlinea- ci-6mayo2019 but I imply a persecution, - I think we have co-responsibility. What are we part of to say “hamouda that is missing? ' . Hamouda sent a signed message "Hamouda and Rosy", because he pressed it. It has to do with this proactivity. We want this space (CI and WSF) important for the world, and we have to spread this concern , to do this, so that it does not fall, it gives us life, because it strengthens us.

    globe-logo.png P100 P101 P102

    P100 / Pierre: 2h34mn Having a paragraph is this suggestion that in the next IC time is reserved for “Tasks and who does it”. Because analysis of the situation very well, but, if afterwards nothing ...

    P101 / Rita: Vittorio proposes that they think about a mission Who in the IC will participate Who will organize it? the CI agree? Yes! Who organizes it raise your hand ¿-% Rosa 2h35mn: in ceaal, we recently discussed " think about Geography, times, territories s". This implies who is there in this space that can be close to the wall, who of the IC host can go, without wearing out, because it is also not possible as we can dislocate -

    P102 / Rita to go to the wall has to have a visa: (laughs% Chamdan Translate please-% Pierre Translating for chamdan: how they terrorize in concrete tasks between CI member entities and not be left in abstraction, -In this case he said the example of Vittorio that there could be a group wanting to make a visible mediatic action in his name on the wall of the US, Mexico, and to do this he needs a visa -

    globe-logo.png P103

    P103 / 2h361mn Armando: Do ​​not forget the mapping of thematic forums -% Pierre And also what are the tasks How CI member entities can contribute to these tasks Specifically If abong says “we have a people and affect such tasks to work groups -% Mauri: § If even [ contributing] would be a condition to be in CI for some time It is not representative task% Pierre Claro! It cannot be repressive. -% Mauri. It is better to have a CI of 20 people who work than 120 who do not -% Pierre: For this reason, the meeting in Morocco is important that we have it as a CI - and not mix with dialogues with guests I remember Monastir 2012, you can not To do nothing, there were a lot of people who had no idea what the forum is, roll it can't do anything and they talked and there was no time for anything for the IC - people have traveled, say a thousand kiomeors have paid airplanes and nothing -% Rosa: § Take care that the proposals are realistic, with responsible and co-responsible % Mauri something else? -% Rita: we are going to propose CI meetings with only 10 people, we are a task (laughs) -% Rosa: I think there are all the points.

    globe-logo.png Final F

    Agenda Topics proposed for CI Morocco (order to be finalized) Back toPLAN

    (according to online discussions up to date CI meeting)

    1. Advance Discussion date FSM XIV (October 2020 or January 2021) -
    2. Progress process Mexico FSM XIV presentation file (October version and January version)
    3. Advance mapping of thematic forums your relationship with the IC and FSM XIV
    4. Advance mapping of struggles / movements and their relationship to the FSM XIV process
    5. A fights from Morocco to Mexico 2021 - Topics of possible joint attack?
    6. Consolidate the FSM Collective timeline with a CI in Mexico in 2020. Tasks of CI member entities in this process
    7. Update of list of generic tasks CI of Casablanca.
    8. What energy member entities can you find in your membership to contribute to these tasks, through CI Working Groups or another way - How do these groups relate to a dynamic CI, including the secretariat?
    9. Advances of Support Groups to the CI Secretariat
    10. IC tasks to facilitate the WSF process in a pre-WSF XIV context - What and Who - Secretariat tasks and their support groups
    11. Presentation of the Executive Project Social Network of Debates and Discussion powered by the group GT RSD of the CI


    globe-logo.png P104

    104 // 2h37mn Rita: shares that the rapporteurship of the WSF of Salvador Bahía is ending . That is very schematic, a bit of history. So that they know how the process was, how we try to organize how we get through the difficulties, we learn with the process . It is a longer and more qualitative report for those who want to enter. - %Pink: In a methodology meeting I told Sheila that Ceaal could translate it into Spanish voluntarily to search and divide. -% Rita: We are finishing the Rapporteurship of FSM Salvador that is from history - We must translate - volunteer in French - we need translation into English; because it's a book, someone I know -% Pierre: The people of Montreal have made something of 80 pages in Spanish French @ -% Rita is a bit more schematic, very good, I like it a lot, it extracts the main things . We Brazilians tell history, dramatizing a little, so it's different, it's a different contribution

    globe-logo.png P105

    105 / 2h41mn Mauri: are we done? Well it's 5 hours. Rosa: Well we're finishing, right? Applause. Thanks to Rosa who is multifaceted, she takes notes and video, and puts the video to end - J