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  • M1 to M13

B REFLECTION IN EACH POINT T1 to T8 with paragraphs P0 to P105 and with interventions differentiated by the% sign :

  • @ T1 / Role of the WSF in the Forum process. The importance of the thematic axes . (Take care of the international role) .T2 / Re-launch the political sense of the WSF . P1 to P8 - @ T1.2 / P21 to P32 - @ T1.3 / P45-46- @ T1.4 / P87)
  • @ T3 / Articulation - connections,of collectives  of  movement.s § Connect with living processes. P33 to P35)
  • @ T4 / Communication: dissemination, dynamization of the process, participation, involvement. § Effective communication strategy. (Touched in a scattered manner)
  • @ T5 / Methodology: Facilitation , take care of who takes charge it. P36 to P44)
  • @ T6 / How the process continues. Recommendations, regarding Definition of dates. § Calendar of political times . Call,  strategy to build the WSF XIV process (P64 to P78)
    • @ T6 final calendar list of times of co-responsibility  IC & Mexican collective
  • @ T7 / Macro event programming (P79)
  • @ T8 / Logistics: Clear communication about physical participation in the event, visa, ( P80-P86) )

C / Dialogue with Hamouda about next ic meeting in morroco( P9 to P20)

D / about Debate Social Network Project (P47 to P63)

E / Support to IC secretariat and Tasks of IC member entities ( P88 to P94)

F / Next IC Agenda proposal ( P95 to P103 )

  • @F final point list for the agenda

    globe-logo.png 1 WSF XIV ( Parts of the index: @ WSFXIV -   @ WSF general -   @ DSN/RSD -   @IC -   @Recommendations - PLAN )

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    • WSF XIV Media action of IC organizations before the event P76 P77 P101 -
    • FSM XIV Actor or not P25 P26 - Political Subject or not P26
    • FSM XIV Agendas of the / in the forum P0 P2 P3 P41 P42 P44 - Platforms P7 agenda building P41-Political statement P44 P45- Talk on behalf of the forum P26 - Futures calendar in WSF XIV P41 P42
    • FSM XIV Alliances P30 - Unity P25 unifying unit points P27 Criteria convergences P38 P41- From below P41- alliance methodology P41-Basic Document P38 Accumulate P38- opening P42-  Women Assembly P39- Co-optation P43- Global campaigns P23 P26 P43
    • FSM XIV Futures calendar FSM XIV P41 P42 -  initiatives struggles, campaigns, projects with public actions dates P6 P40 P41 P44
    • FSM XIV Calendar collective timeline WSF XIV in co-responsibility CI & Collective P27 P45-P46 Call invitation Consultation P5 P29 P30 P46
    • WSF XIV Decision IC Mexico Goes! P65 –P66 - P68 (past dates) P69-
    • FSM XIV Thematic spaces/ axes - M6 M8 ( P1 to P8 - P21 to P32 - P45-46- P87) processes P37 axes and thematic spaces process - semantic field P6 P46 P87- Integrator event axes - P46 - macro axes P3 P6 P8 P29 - facilitate thematic spaces P46 - start of spaces P70 - comparative Montreal Salvador Mexico  about axes P87- subjectivities P8 P22
    • FSM XIV "encounters" as a paticipation format in WSF XIV process M2 M4 M11 M12 P6 P33 P34 P41 P46 P85 P87
    • FSM XIV "online" ( participation on line)  M3 M4 M6 M11 M12 M13 P15 P36 P43 P46 P55 P56 P66 P68 P92 T6
    • FSM XIV F event date M11 see report of workshop workshop - assembly 10 August 11
    • WSF XIV Mexican Government  M11 P71
    • WSF XIV National impact P23 P38 -
    • FSM XIV Inclusion in the process M3 M6 M11 P35 P41 P43 P45 P55 P58 P70 P87 F
    • FSM XIV International M13 P7 P38 –P82 - Geographical spaces M6 Support groups P86
    • FSM XIV Logistics event M10 caravans - accommodation P81 P83 climate in CDMX P83 interpretation P84
    • FSM XIV Methodology  of event WSF XIV P36 P38- Seminar CI P74 - process FSM XIV P6- Initiatives struggles, campaigns, projects with public actions P6 P40 P41 P44-- Interventions ¿P41- Alliances P41- event P6 - Collective P37 - Calendar of futures WSF XIV P41 P42 
    • FSM XIV Mobilization intercom process care & development M6 P22- facilitator community M6, P46 commission P47
    • FSM XIV Pro WSF Collective Organization  M2 M7 - commissions P37
    • FSM XIV participation contribution from  IC M6 - M9 M12
    • FSM XIV Intellectual personalities P23 P28 P67 P75
    • FSM XIV process P36 - online meetings in spaces P38-- capillarity preparation P41
    • FSM XIV Visas P71 P72 P80

    globe-logo.png 2 GENERAL ( Parts of the index: @ WSFXIV -   @ WSF general -   @ DSN/RSD   @IC -   @Recommendations - PLAN


    • Find the term/entry that interests you in this part of the INDEX and note the corresponding paragraph number
    • Find the number nearest to  the paragraph you are looking for (eg if you are looking for P34 you go to P35, if you are looking for P92 you go to P90)

    @M1 - @M5 - @M11 - @P1 - @P5 - @P10 - @P15- @P20 - @P25 - @P30 - @P35 - @P40 - @P45 - @P50 - @P55 - @P60 - @P65 - @P70 - @P75 - @P80 - @P85 - @P90 - @P95 - @P100 - @P105

    FSM general methodology

    • Hypothetical background agreements among all participants in the forum P44 
    • Say  M12 P48
    • Articulation  P2 P3 P6 P7 P33 P34 P35 P36 P41 P47 P52 P55 P87 P92
    • Attack P3 UNO   P5 P21 P28 P47 P67
    • Davos M11 P0 P2 P5 P23 P28 
    • FSM brand P23
    • Communicate the forum M11 M13 P37 - lack of commitment to communicate P48 - strong strategy T8 P48 global P56
    • P3 crisis
    • Digital - Digital capitalism P28 - subjectivities P8 P22 - corporate social media technology P48
    • Scenarios: ONU P3 P5 P21 P67- Davos M11 P0 P2 P5 P23 P28 - Neoliberalism P0 P23 P28 P30 P44
    • Emergency (feeling of) P25
    • Thematic spaces> axes
    • Geographical intercommunication spaces M2 M3 M4 M11 P23 P46 P81 P85 P100
    • Intercom experiences with corporate social networks P55
    • facilitacion M2 M3 M6 M11 M12  P6 P11 P15 P23 P31 P34 P37 P40 P45 P46 P48 P49 P55 P67 P70 P81 P85 P87 P90 P91 P95 P97
    • Public action date on initiatives - Futures Calendar P40 P41
    • Thematic forums M11 P3 P8 P72 P73 Mapping P34 Narrative P34 - FSMSSS P3 P9 P15 P20 Methodology P38 - Forum in Brazil P78
    • P30 Governments
    • Horizontality  P1 P25 P41 P46
    • Initiatives (struggles, campaigns, project) with public actions dates P6 P40 P41 P44
    • Youth M11 P48 P83 P86
    • Media M6 P8 P23 P24 P52 P54 P55 P102
    • methodology ambition P6 M2 M13 P1 P6 P8 P12 P25 P26 P28 P36 P37 P38 P40 P41 P42 P45 P46 P52 P55 P74  T6 P79 P90 P92 P104
    • Movements - universalize P2  living  M13 P22 P33 P36 Who speaks with whom Mapping of struggles P33 - World March of Women P33 - Invitation letter who speaks with whom P33 - National movements P35
    • M11 online participation
    • WSF Process  P6 periodization P1 P6 P16 Facilitation P16
    • Alternative totality P3 P23 P24 Structured thesis P24
    • Translation of notes P34
    • UNO  P3 P5 P21 P67
    • women M6 M11 M13 P3 P4 P21 P22 P23 P25 P27 P33 P35 P39 P44 P87

    globe-logo.png 3 RSD ( 

    Parts of the index: @ WSFXIV -   @ WSF general -   @ DSN/RSD -   @IC -   @Recommendations - PLAN)

    • Find the term/entry that interests you in this part of the INDEX and note the corresponding paragraph number
    • Find the  nearest number of the paragraph you are looking for   (eg if you are looking for P34 you go to P35, if you are looking for P92 you go to P90)

    @M1 - @M5 - @M11 - @P1 - @P5 - @P10 - @P15- @P20 - @P25 - @P30 - @P35 - @P40 - @P45 - @P50 - @P55 - @P60 - @P65 - @P70 - @P75 - @P80 - @P85 - @P90 - @P95 - @P100 - @P105

    DSN  dialogue social network  RSD Project - FSM platform

    • RSD FSM political name P55 P57 Request CI P48 executive project P47 P49 P51– resources P51 P54 P55 Indian P56 P58 operating dynamics P52 Decisions in the IC P49-P56 Validation collective P52 P56 – WSF Identity P60 - PPM financing Executive project P53 P62 P63 -
    • RSD FSM Functionalities Home of the planet P49 Circles of action P49 restricted circles - Individual / entity P49 - - Forum participant ID P49 Conceptual structure P49 P55 – Modules P55- Experiences Devices with corporate networks P55 P56 Network mapping alternatives P59 Use in WSF XIV P60 - performance P61

    globe-logo.png 4 IC  

    Parts of the index: @ WSFXIV -   @ WSF general -   @ DSN/RSD -   @IC -   @Recommendations - PLAN)

    • Find the term/entry that interests you in this part of the INDEX and note the paragraph number   that corresponds
    • Find the nearest number  to the paragraph number  you are looking for  (eg if you are looking for P34 you go to P35, if you are looking for P92 you go to P90)

    @M1 - @M5 - @M11 - @P1 - @P5 - @P10 - @P15- @P20 - @P25 - @P30 - @P35 - @P40 - @P45 - @P50 - @P55 - @P60 - @P65 - @P70 - @P75 - @P80 - @P85 - @P90 - @P95 - @P100 - @P105

    International council

    • IC Mexico 2020 date and paper half 2020 May P27 P29 seminar and IC P74
    • IC  Dynamics of CI P92 P93 accompany forums P92
    • IC Morocco October format and date P9 date P18 Open council option P10 P15 P16 P17 Classic IC option P11 P14 P19 P20 - separated moments  P11 P17 P20
    • IC Next Meeting Agenda meeting P11 proposed agenda P95-- mapping struggles and forums P96-RSD P97-  Casablanca IC Tasks list Update and contributory capacity P91 P93 P98 - Secretariat support P99- Media actions in IC P101
    • IC Secretariat - M13 P9 P11 P55 P61 P68 P88 P89 P90 P91 P92 P3 P99  tasksP90 and secretariat support groupsP88  -  money supportP89  agendaP99
    • IC Tasks of IC member entities  P98 facilitating organization P98 working group P91  IC as  facilitator P91 and notion of dynamics CI P92 Accompany forums P92- Contributive energy of entities CI P93 P95  Casablanca IC Tasks list update P98



    globe-logo.png 5 recomendations

    ( Parts of the index: @ WSFXIV -   @ WSF general -   @ DSN/RSD -   @IC -   @Recommendations - PLAN )

    • Find the term/entry  that interests you in this part of the INDEX and note the corresponding paragraph number
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    @M1 - @M5 - @M11 - @P1 - @P5 - @P10 - @P15- @P20 - @P25 - @P30 - @P35 - @P40 - @P45 - @P50 - @P55 - @P60 - @P65 - @P70 - @P75 - @P80 - @P85 - @P90 - @P95 - @P100 - @P105

    Routing  way forward  Recomendations

    • acting forum (without consensus P25 - process until May 2020 point T1 P29 P32 P33 - mapping struggles (memory) P33 - 15,000 euros executive project RSD P62 - propose agenda  for IC Morocco Morocco In addition to Mexico talk about mapping struggles and forums P103 CI tasks and IC  work groups and support IC  secretariat P91 P93 P95
    • Document texts notes
    • unit points contributions from several actors P27 methodological note T1 P29- = query base P30 we circulate this text T1 T2 P32 Basic convergence document P38 P42 query note file P66 -Mexico file P68 - Call text M11