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South Asian Dialogues on Ecological Democracy (SADED-Nepal) 
Dear Madam/sir

Some of the members of Nepal Social Forum process, after a great success of Nepal Social Forum which was held in March this year, have been discussing how to reactivate the process at the regional level--South Asia and Asia level. There are a couple of proposals by various groups and individuals on the same. 
Since most of our like-minded institutions and individuals will be in Kathmandu to attend National Human Rights Magna Meet-2018 next week, we wish to cash this opportunity to organise a Consultation on Social Process too. The details of the Consultation meeting is as follows: 

Date: 8th December 2018
Time: 3.00 PM

Venue: Hotel Hardik, Bagbazaar, Kathmandu 


Dear  Uddhab 

This announcement is in line with the earlier one in  the agora of of futures in WSF salvador last march : http://openfsm.net/projects/sobre-agora-dos-futuros-fsm2018/agorafsm18-fotos/#inisa13

Would you broadcast the consultation meeting as has been the case in sept 2017?



Dear Uddhab,

This is good news coming from Nepal!

I take the opportunity to communicate two other points:

1) the social justice cluster of the Asia Europe People's Forum is preparing a conference on labour in Nepal, it probably will take place end of March 2019. It might also be an opportunity for further consultations.

2) as you probably know, we had a meeting of the international council in Mexico City, just a few weeks ago, after the Migration Forum. It was very interesting in that we decided to kind of break with the past and our 'intellectual masturbations'. In these times of growing fascism, in all con tinents, we cannot allow ourselves anymore to be apolitical, and, if we organise another WSF, it will have to bring a very clear and strong political message. This obviously has consequences for the way the forum is organised. Our Mexican friends are trying to find out whether they can organise such a forum since, as you know, Mexico has since 1 Dec a new progressive president.

I just wanted to communicate these points, so that you can take them into account and possibly contact the Mexican friends. Please give the message to yr friends in Nepal on 8 Dec.

All the best,



Dear Francine and all,

I am currently in Delhi and will join the Kathmandu WSF meeting 
tomorrow. All inputs are most welcome - Uddhab and I are happy to share 
the messages with colleagues joining the event.

Would the official report of the Mexico IC be coming out soon? Would be 
great to know, for example, who all were there.

In Delhi a memorial meeting was organised on 5th December for comrade 
Amit Sengupta. Many references were made to his important contribution 
to the WSF along with the global health movement. Prabir Purkayastha has 
received the condolence messages from the IC members and shared them 
with Amit's family, comrades and colleagues. Please find attached a 
photo from the event that paid tribute to Amit's exceptional work and 

With best regards,


Vasuhdaiva Kutumbakm Network 


We had an opportunity to meet at least four NIGDs (Marko, Vijay Pratap, Indra and myself) in Kathmandu last month. We could hold two major events (Social Forum consultation and discussion on Systematic Alternatives) of NIGD's interest during the occasion. A note prepared by Marko and myself about the first event is available here: 

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