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Dear Friends, I am writing to you in an explicit marketing effort to get you to read my book and to spread the word. The Age of Unproductive Capital: New Architectures of Power has had strong impact in Brazil, and the present edition in English by Cambridge Scholars is an opportunity to place our own dramas in the general context. Americans have their Trump, we have elected a Trumpinho in Brazil, but if we look around, politics has become a slippery arena everywhere. I invite you to have a look at the book: it is not one more book on economics, it is a tool for non-economists to understand not only how the system got screwed up, but who did it. Even Chomsky read it, why shouldn’t you? He wrote to me: it’s “a great book”, who am I to disagree? More seriously, we sorely need this debate. Please find below a formal release, which I invite you to share with friends.
(Caros, como se trata da edição inglesa de A Era do Capital Improdutivo, esta mensagem vem em inglês, mas toda ajuda no sentido de comunicar a edição, usando o release abaixo, é bem-vinda, inclusive para que os nossos dramas brasileiros possam ser melhor entendidos lá fora.)
Ladislau Dowbor - The Age of Unproductive Capital: New Architectures of Power – Cambridge Scholars, UK, 2019

This book offers a very direct and readable analysis of the main challenges facing our societies today, such as reducing inequality, protecting the planet, and in particular mobilizing our financial resources which linger in tax havens and feed speculation, instead of funding the sustainable development we need. It precisely considers the most important factors, including corporate governance, financialization, capturing political power, and the limits to adequate national economic policies in a world dominated by global finance. The Brazilian experience has been highlighted. The book’s presentation of how sensible and productive policies are dismantled will be highly interesting for the international community, whether in the academic, corporate or government spheres.  
“Ladislau Dowbor's work on unproductive capital [ is ] a revealing and deeply informed study of the enormous power that has accrued to financial institutions and the deleterious impact on the global economy as financial transactions drain the economy and undercut productive investment.  Dowbor's focus is on the Brazilian experience, analyzed with care and insight, but the implications, as he clearly shows, are global in scope.  A very important contribution.”
Noam Chomsky – Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA