• montreal16 motion of IC on visas

last modified September 10, 2017 by pierre

The IC meeting at the end of  XII edition of the World Social Forum held in Montreal from 9 to 14 august of 2016 express its most vivid congratulations to the local organizing committee for the success of this edition of the WSF.

It however acknowledges the fact that the success was mitigated by some factors that affected negatively the international character of the WSF. Among there was the refusal by the Canadian Government of granting visas to many participants from the Global South.

It is not the first time that visas have been refused to participants in the WSF but it assumed in this case an unprecedented dimension.

The IC of the WSF denounces in the strongest terms the Canadian government for the repressive policy in this regard against the global south.

this policy is all the more shocking when contrasted with the access granted to the Canadian companies to exploit the natural resources of the global South always supported by the economic diplomacy of the Canadian government.